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  • Day46


    April 9, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Der Weiße Hai lebt in allen Weltmeeren, ist aber selten und gilt, wie auch einige Arten des Hammerhais, in seinem Bestand als gefährdet. Hier im Golf von Kalifornien scheint es von Haien aber nur so zu wimmeln – hier seht ihr den Tagesertrag eines einzigen kleinen Fischerboots. Der Fang wird direkt am Strand zerlegt, sehr zur Freude der Möwen und Fregattvögel, die sich über die Schlachtabfälle hermachen ...Read more

  • Day53

    Ostern in La Paz

    April 16, 2017 in Mexico ⋅

    Auch in Mexiko ist Ostern das höchste Fest im Kirchenjahr und wird vielerorts mit Prozessionen und groß angelegten Feierlichkeiten begangen. Hier in La Paz aber feiern die Menschen vor allem eines: die arbeitsfreien Tage in der Semana Santa, der Karwoche. An der Playa Tecolote in der Nähe der großen Stadt versammeln sich Tausende, bringen Kind und Kegel, die Oma und den Hund, Zelte und Campingstühle, den Kontrabass und das Akkordeon und Zehntausende Büchsen Dosenbier ...Read more

  • Day225

    Maya Joins The Trip!!

    December 27, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    We so loved the joy that Pedrito gave us in his short time and we were looking forward to the rest of the trip with him, that we decided we should get another doggy companion. We left the RV park and drove back to the beach where we found Pedro, and saw what we think was his aunt and cousin. It didn't seem right to separate them and we didn't want to risk the same thing happening so we contacted an animal shelter and went round to meet the beach puppies that had been abandoned. They were adorable! The litter contained a mixed old bunch, and we never knew that they could have multiple fathers.

    We chose a dog called Pinta, which means paint as her paws and nose have a splash of white. She's a brindle coloured, and has lovely soft short fur. We weren't enamoured with the name, so we decided to change it to Maya which won out narrowly to Paz (as she came from La Paz). The vet reckons she's about 3 and half months old, and is a lot bigger than Pedro although she shouldnt get too big.

    We went to the vets the next day and got her jabs done. She was pretty zonked for the rest of the day so we decided it was a perfect time for the ferry crossing.

    We'd been putting off the ferry, partly as it had been fairly windy but also as it would mean leaving behind the Baja. It was supposed to be an 18 hour journey, and being skinflints we opted for the commercial ferry rather than the more luxurious tourist one. It meant we slept in the van on the top deck, but there were hot meals and showers so it wasn't too shabby. There was a rumour there was another camper on board but you couldn't see it with all the lorries (aka trucks/semis), and they didn't come and hang out with the drivers like we did.

    There was a bit of a roll going on at some points throughout the night but a combination of alcohol and drugs made it plain sailing (sorry, bad pun!). As we woke we were pulling into port so more like 14 hours and certainly not the crossing we were dreading.
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  • Day223

    Feliz Navidad

    December 25, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    It's sad to admit but a trip to Walmart is a bit of a highlight to life at the moment ;) Although the food is gorgeous the little shops are a bit limited and it's nice to stock up on familiar goodies, particularly around Xmas. We bumped into the friends who had invited us to Xmas dinner, and also randomly got chatting to a Kiwi dude who just happened to be in the same campsite.

    We were just having a quick bite as a late lunch when Andrea said not to eat too much. Only then did the penny drop that the Germans, along with most of Europe, have their Xmas meal on Xmas Eve evening!

    We were treated to a full on traditional dinner, with a few unusual extras - the German dumplings were definitely a great addition! Jo's Banoffee Pie went down well, despite it being a bit sloppy as what was labelled as cream was actually sour cream, which doesn't whip, so we all had a good laugh about the "banoffee soup"...

    We had a great Xmas day in the sun, opening an abundance of little presents despite the fact we promised each other low key gifts! Even Walmart couldnt manage the traditional pork pie so we had to make do with pancakes for breakfast :)

    That evening we went round to the Kiwi's Hamish & Lisa's 5th wheel (large caravan) and drunk an inordinate amount of increasingly alcoholic smoothies! It was a fun night, particularly as we rarely meet kiwis or aussies out here.

    We even managed to find Star Wars in english at the local cinema. It was a fancy cinema, and had massive lazy boy recliner seats, yet still cost us only under 4 bucks each!

    Despite missing out on the family Christmas experience it was a great few days, and one festive period we will never forget (a bit like the one in Cambodia 10 years ago).
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  • Day203

    Pedro Joins The Trip!

    December 5, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    After Loretto we drove a couple of hours south, staying in a nice little community camp site just on the edge of Cuidad Concepcion. The next morning we did the last 2 hours to La Paz, the capital of Baja. There was a big bike race going on when we got there and they'd closed off the malecon (beach-side road), so we parked up and wandered along the waterfront. There's no camping in town so we drove 15 miles or so north to a nice beach with a few restaurants.

    About a mile or so out there was this little black thing limping across the road. We slowed down to avoid running it over and realised it was a really tiny puppy. He could barely walk and was having trouble breathing so we had no choice but to pick him up. We thought he wouldn't survive the night but we gave him a little water and food before he passed out. The next day we took him to the vet who said he was severely anemic (his tongue and gums are white), but he dosed his fleas and gave him a shot. He said he was only 5 weeks old and way too young to be separated from his mother.

    The next couple of nights were pretty rough, with him whining every couple of hours, and fearing him peeing/pooping in the van we jumped up to let him out. Over the next few days he started perking up and his personality started to shine through. The name Pedro seemed to suit him perfectly, particularly as perro is dog in spanish.

    To be honest neither Pedro or us were in much of a state to do anything other than a supermarket run to get him kitted out and chilling at the beach.
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  • Day222

    Back to Todos Santos

    December 24, 2016 in Mexico ⋅

    We are pretty behind on the blog after the upset of Pedro so time to catch up...

    After bumping into some German friends on the highway (not literally!) and pausing for some mucho tasty empañadas, we made our way back to Todos Santos - our favourite place on the Baja Sur. It's a sleepy little artist town which has enough tourism but not too much. We watched the baby turtles being released on the beach at sunset, actually slightly later as a bunch more decided to hatch just at the time we were there. We then drove a mile or so down a bumpy road to a surfers beach which was great for camping.

    We spent a couple of days lazying around on the beach, which gets swarmed by surfers at sun rise and sun set. There were humpback whales with their calves not far off the beach, and with the binocs we could watch the youngsters doing all kinds of crazy manoeuvres as they played around.

    After 3 days of roasting weather a shower was much needed so we popped back to the little campground in town, and were delighted our friend Frida was still there. The last time we were there was when Pedrito was the most full of life. She was flying over to mainland the next day so we gave her and her dog Todo a lift to La Paz.
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  • Day66

    Sailing off

    December 22, 2015 in Mexico ⋅

    After a week off the bike in La Paz, the trip continues on the Pantera with Barney and Paula. We are about to leave the Marina and begin the three day sail across the Sea of Cortez to Mazatlan. Oh what wonderful day. Thanks Barney and Paula.

  • Day5

    La Paz

    April 4, 2018 in Mexico ⋅

    Nicht in Bolivien diesmal, sondern weiterhin auf der Baja California natürlich.

    Hier habe ich also unsere Gruppe getroffen und knapp zwei Tage mit den Gästen verbracht, bevor wir sie heute morgen an den Flughafen gebracht haben. Trotz der kurzen Zeit hatte der gestrige Tag aber einiges zu bieten!

    Wir sind morgens mit dem Boot rausgefahren in den Golf vor La Paz zur Isla Espiritu Santo. Dort an der Nordspitze wohnt eine große Kolonie kalifornischer Seelöwen, die es gewohnt sind, dass Touristen zum Schnorcheln vorbei kommen. Und je nachdem wie sie Lust haben, kommen sie näher zum Spielen. Wir haben zum Glück ein paar verspielte getroffen, die gleich ankamen und um uns herum waren - dabei haben sie auch mal geschnappt, aber dank Neopren—Anzug hat das nicht weh getan. Eine unglaubliche Erfahrung! Das was man sonst nur im Tiergarten sieht plötzlich in freier Wildbahn selbst zu erleben (ohne Kunststückchen natürlich) und die Tiere machen das absolut freiwillig und werden auch nicht gefüttert. Absolut begeisternd!
    Den Mittag haben wir dann auf der Insel verbracht und etwas entspannt.
    Und dann begann in der Bucht vor La Paz das zweite Abenteuer des Tages: Schnorcheln mit einem Walhai (der zum Glück Vegetarier ist, bei der Größe wäre man sonst mit einem Happs verschwunden)!
    Das ganze ist allerdings nicht ganz so einfach wie möglich den Seelöwen, ihn muss man suchen und dann ständig dran bleiben - wir sind also in kleinen Gruppen ganz in deiner Nähe vom Boot aus gestartet und dann möglichst schnell an ihn rangeschwommen, bis er wieder weg war. Da musste man schnell sein, aber es war beeindruckend ihn so nah an sich zu haben und den größten Fisch der Welt wirkliche neben sich zu sehen. Bei der letzten Runde war er dann etwas langsamer und wir konnten vom Boot aus und natürlich im Wasser gut beobachten ohne Stress zu haben.
    Ein wirkliches Highlight dieser Tag!
    Abends ging es zweimal ins selbe Restaurant, weil es dort so lecker ist, dass man das Tunfischsteak ruhig zweimal essen kann :-)

    Morgen geht‘s dann Zelten am Strand der Bahia Concepcion
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  • Day153

    Going Our Separate Ways

    January 2, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    After a great couple of days spent together, on January 2 most of the cyclists packed up to leave La Ventana. Esteban, Joaquin and Pablo, three Mexicans from Guadalajara, were heading to Todos Santos then south, Sara and Sean were cycling down the Sea of Cortez coast to San Jose del Cabo, and ourselves, Safia from France (who we had met in San Quintin), Robert from England (who we had met in Big Sur), Mike from Austria (who we had met in Teslin on day 3 of our trip!), Basti from Germany (who we had met just the day before) were headed back to La Paz to take the ferry to Mazatlan the following day. Max, and Hattie from Germany (who we had met the day before also) were both planning to connect with sailboats heading to the mainland and then sail south in the New Year. Finally Antoine, a fellow Canadian, was staying in La Ventana for a while longer to kite surf to his heart's content. What fun to connect with all of them!Read more

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