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  • Day132

    Inle Lake - Fahrradtour

    February 20 in Myanmar

    Nach unserer Ankunft gestern wurde nur noch geduscht, gegessen und vor allem GESCHLAFEN! 😂 Wir waren mehr als platt und hundemüde. Am nächsten Tag waren wir aber wieder mehr oder weniger fit und haben uns Fahrräder geschnappt, um die Gegend zu erkunden.
    Wir sind dann zu einem kleinen Dorf am Rande des Sees gefahren und haben dort Mittag gegessen und die strahlende Sonne genossen. 😊

  • Day183

    Inle Lake, Myanmar

    December 6, 2015 in Myanmar

    One of the more touristy spots in the country, along with Bagan, but for good reason. The lake is gorgeous, the fishermen paddle with their feet and still use traditional style nets to bring in their catches, and the stilted bamboo communities over the water host lively and eccentric locals who are thrilled about the blooming tourist industry (Myanmar only opened to tourists in 2011). Luckily, I fell in with a group of Frenchmen, a Belgian, and a Mainian, who kept everything entertaining and poignantly sarcastic. A few days around the lake and on the water (and at a hillside winery) was a great way to wrap up my month in Myanmar. My visa expires on December 10th, so I'm setting off toward the Thai border for the next few days.Read more

  • Day8

    Inle See

    November 1, 2017 in Myanmar

    Den letzten Tag am Inle See verbrachten wir auf dem See. Dutzende Fahrer bieten dir ihre Dienste an, am Ende ist es aber immer die selbe Tour. Von Nyaung Shwe geht es den Fluss gen Süden, bis man auf den offenen See gelangt. Dort begrüßen einen dann schon dir ersten Ein-Bein-Ruderer. Eine Technik, die sich die Einheimischen ausgedacht haben, um von ihren schmalen Holzbooten gleichzeitig lenken und Fische fangen zu können.

    Des Weiteren gab es Seetang-Fischer, welche für den Ausbau der schwimmenden Gärten zuständig sind. Dann stand ein Besuch bei der Weberei, dem Gold- und Silber-Schmied, der Tabakfabrik, der Holzschnitzerei und einer Pagode an. Alle Gebäude befanden sich in den sogenannten schwimmenden Dorf, wo die Häuser auf Stelzen im Wasser gebaut sind.

    Nach einer Mittagspause ging es weiter zum Kloster der springenden Katzen, einer Pagode, den Langhalsfrauen (die sich bis zu 14 Ringe um den Hals legen und somit ihren Hals deutlich strecken können) und der Pagode namens Inn Dein. Letzteres besteht aus vielen kleinen Pagoden.

    Es klingt nach Kaffeefahrt, aber es waren wirklich interessante Dinge dabei und die über 1-stündige Fahrt über den See ist wirklich beeindruckend. Hier ist die Natur und die Welt noch in Ordnung.
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  • Day173

    Day 172: Boat Tour on Inle Lake

    December 5, 2016 in Myanmar

    Following our day of rest, we decided to get out on the lake today. It's one of the largest lakes in Myanmar, very long north to south, not particularly wide, and very shallow (only 2-3 metres deep in dry season and 3-5 metres in wet season).

    So we had our hotel breakfast and wandered down to the canal area where the first guy offered us a boat for 15,000 kyat - we'd been expecting 20,000 and he answered our questions fairly well so off we went.

    Although it's a nice environment, the lake tour itself tends to be a bit of a tourist trap. You visit "workshops" where they demonstrate how various products are made - laquerware, silver jewellery, Shan paper, silk, lotus thread, cigars and so on, before you then get ushered into the shop. There are loads of each type of workshop, and the boat guy gets commission from the stores based on what you buy. We didn't buy anything.

    It was interesting to see various products being made, but I'm fairly sure the actual purchasable products are made elsewhere, probably in China, because they're all exactly the same with essentially no variation. The hour or so we spent heading out on the lake was quite cold as it was overcast and still a bit early (8am-ish), but after a couple of hours the clouds cleared and it heated up again.

    I didn't mind the workshops, but the stores bored me to tears, and the prices were pretty high for what the items actually were. Especially considering you have no real guarantee that the craftsman you've just seen has actually made that item, and it wasn't done by someone in Chengdu using imitation materials.

    We also visited a local market where about half the stalls were locals going about their business, buying meat and vegetables and betel nut, and the remaining stalls were people selling the exact same tourist junk. Buddha figurines, fridge magnets, Japanese swords for some reason, pipes, and the same earrings, necklaces, bracelets and scarves we'd seen at every other store. Shandos ending up buying two scarves for 8000 kyat, which originally started as one for 8000! I wonder what the actual cost price was.

    Had lunch at a restaurant on the water next to the cigar "factory". Was expecting another tourist trap but the prices actually weren't too bad, and our cashew nut chicken dish was pretty good!

    After lunch we went through the floating gardens area, which is a huge area of the lake where the gardens are, well, floating. Row after row of what looked like tomato plants, though how they actually grow without soil is beyond me!

    Last stop was then a monastery built out over the lake. Nothing particularly exciting about it that I could see aside from a large collection of teak Buddhas, though there was a large group of kittens in one corner! It used to be the Jumping Cat monastery, where a monk had taught the cats to jump through hoops, but he's since died and nobody has picked up the hoop, so to speak.

    And then it was time to pile back into the boat for the long ride back into town, nearly 45 minutes! Nice day spent on the lake, but it really felt like the biggest tourist trap in Myanmar. We also went past some local fishermen - they have a unique technique where they paddle their boats with their leg wrapped around an oar and balancing one-legged on the prow, leaving both hands free to manipulate nets and fishing line. It looked quite beautiful, though there were more of them standing around posing for photos (and demanding tips) than actually fishing.

    Back to the hotel where we chilled out for a bit, then headed off for dinner around 6pm. Decided on a cheap local place for dinner, where we both had bowls of Shan noodle for dinner. 3500 kyat including a longneck of beer; good price but not the best example of the cuisine we've had!

    Last full day at Inle tomorrow, before our long bus ride back to Yangon!
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