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  • Day115

    Lumbini - short stopover

    September 12, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    After yet another tiring 7 hour car ride (for 200 Km) we arrived in Lumbini - where Buddha was born. Only a few Km from the indian boarder, this place is poorer, than all the others, we've stayed in so far. After checking out the most important sights (Birthplace tempel, stone, baby buddha and the eternal peace flame) we took an early night and saw the international tempels today. Even visited the german buddhist tempel! After a 4 hour drive to Chitwan, already saw 3 elephants today...Read more

  • Day217

    Chitwan Nationalpark

    April 3, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We didn’t expect a nationalpark in a poor country like Nepal to be so well maintained (although it is world-famous). It was absolutely amazing (and scary!) to hike through the high elephant grass in this beautiful jungle, knowing that there were dangerous, wild animals (the Bengal tiger as well!) around. But in fact we're looking for them, the two of us with two guides, one in the front, one in the back, armed with bamboo sticks. Our safety procedures were a mixture of running zigzag, climbing a tree and punching the rhino's nose with the bamboo :) When we encountered a rhino mummy with its baby in the high grass, we were overwhelmed and felt that our guides were even more scared than us...

    Canoeing in the smooth, sluggish Rapti river, which is the natural border of the park and full with crocodiles wasn’t that scary but great to watch colorful birds like kingfishers, peacocks, herons, storks and many more.

    A half-day jeep safari gave us the chance to see a larger area of the park and the continuous change of vegetation alone would have been absolutely worth it. But we saw more rhinos (grazing and bathing), a black bear, deers, bisons and monkeys and were so happy to see all this wildlife!

    Some notes on the elephants: There are many wild elephants in the deeper areas of the park. Unfortunately, we didn’t see one. The elephants we saw were all ranger or government elephants, they are treated well and spend their whole day in the park, eating, bathing and playing, doing what they want, accompanied by a ranger who counts animals or takes care of the park (the elephants allow the ranger to get close to the wild animals without scaring them away). Since this measure was established among with others, they say there has been no poaching anymore although still Chinese people come to pay poor Nepalese to hunt rhinos for their horns.
    Back to the elephants: The ranger elephants are taken back into elephant camps around the park at night where they need to be put in chains, at least in the mating season. Recent projects to keep them in fenced enclosures failed because elephants are just too smart. They learned how to switch off the electricity and overcome the fence, wild elephants came to make them pregnant or they rampaged in the villages. We don’t like animals being captivated but in this case it‘s necessary to preserve the park. Good news: Elephant riding tourism is declining, it’s been banned from the park and is only allowed in the bufferzones around. Several projects are doing a great job in training elephant owners and raising awareness for proper treatment. Some are offering alternatives such as accompanying elephants for a couple of hours to watch them while they’re doing what they want and eventually feeding them.

    By the way: The hygienic conditions in general have not been easy from the first day in Nepal and we can feel that it is the poorest country we’ve ever been to. Not surprisingly, Silke got sick.. However, we went back on the road, going slowly after a couple of rest days. And these days we’re even trekking the Annapurna Circuit, impressions will follow, but connections are quite difficult in the remote area we’re in at the moment :)
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  • Day54

    Chitwan National Park

    November 12, 2016 in Nepal ⋅

    De voorbije dagen in Chitwan doorgebracht! We verplaatsten ons door de jungle te voet, met de kano, met de jeep, met de fiets en op de rug van een olifant! Op onze tocht kwamen we herten, aapjes, krokodillen, een neushoorn, .. tegen. Helaas geen tijger, maar die hadden we toch liever niet ontmoet tijdens de jungle walk :).Read more

  • Day113


    September 12, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    Heute Vormittag haben wir uns noch den Rest der Tempel in Lumbini angesehen. Viele Nationen haben hier eigene Tempel oder sogenannte Stupas errichtet. Nepal, China, Indien und Kambodscha natürlich. Aber auch Kanada, Österreich und Deutschland! Das wohl schönste Gebäude unseres Landes steht also hier (erstes Bild). Wer hätte das gedacht!?
    Danach ging es knapp 3,5 Stunden nach Chitwan in bzw. an den Dschungel. Der erste Verkehrsteilnehmer hier? Natürlich ein Elefant 🐘
    Das letzte Bild zeigt einen typischen Kühlschrank hier in Nepal. An jeder Ecke gibt es Tuborg und Carlsberg 🍺🍺
    Warum kein Flens???
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  • Day114

    Chitwan, Tag 2

    September 13, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    Früh hoch, damit wir rechtzeitig um 8 Uhr los konnten zum Kanu fahren. Naja, da haben wir dann noch 50 Minuten auf unser “Boot“ gewartet. Die Fahrt war cool, das Elefant Aufzucht Zentrum hinterließ uns dann eher zwiegespalten. Die Elefanten werden hier gezüchtet, um teilweise gute Sachen zu machen (schützen von Dörfern, Rettung von Leuten aus sonst nicht zu erreichenden Gebieten), aber auch Touri Touren, für mich eher traurig zu sehen, dass diese wilden Tiere in Gefangenschaft leben.
    Nachmittags ging es ins Dorf der Ureinwohner dieses Gebiets, Tharu. Dort steigt gerade​ ein Festival der Frauen des Dorfes. Außerdem haben die Ziegen gerade Junge bekommen, zuckersüß!!!
    Gerade waren wir dann noch zu einer Aufführung der Dorfbewohner. Super coole Tänze und Gesänge. Unsere beiden Guides haben wir im Laufe des Abends kräftig mit Bier abgefüllt 🍺🍺🍺 sehr witzig und sehr interessante Geschichten kamen an die Oberfläche.
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  • Day115

    Chitwan, Tag 3

    September 14, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    Heute stand Natur auf dem Programm. Morgens um 7 Uhr ging es zum “Bird Watching“. Vögel 🐦🐦 haben wir auch gesehen, aber auch Nashörner und Krokodile 🐊.
    Wer ist eigentlich Crocodile Dundee? Crocodile Larsi it is (siehe Foto).
    Nachmittags ging es dann für mich noch auf Jeep Safari. Coole Sache! Krokodil, Adler und Affen 🐵.
    Am Ende wurde es dann noch etwas melancholisch. In zwei Wochen endet unsere Reise 😢. Aber andererseits werden wir euch alle wiedersehen 😊. Das hat uns dann schnell wieder aufgemuntert.
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  • Day9

    Chitwan National Park

    October 11, 2018 in Nepal ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    So .... After hearing that Nepal is the only place where the tiger numbers have doubled we set out to find at least 1 ........ No such luck, all we saw was some tiger paw prints 🤣

    We did see deer, birds, a squirrel, a monitor lizard, monkeys and wild boar.

    The jungle itself is thick and lush with the tallest trees I have ever seen, most in excess of 30m and elephant grass over 4m tall! In most places the vegitation is so thick, you wouldn't be able to see an elephant even if it was 3m away 🙄

    Coming from Africa, where we are spoilt with both many types of animals as well and large numbers of each, I wouldn't call this a safari, but rather a jungle drive 😆
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  • Day19

    Quest For Everest - Day 14

    December 22, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    Early morning start today to fly back to Kathmandu. Unfortunately the weather has delayed us a bit so we just sat and waited for a gap in the clouds.

    The weather has to be clear at both Lukla and Kathmandu airports and we finally took off a couple of hours after schedule.

  • Day21


    December 24, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    Early start this morning! On my way to Chitwan National Park and the bus journey is around 7 hours!

    Very bumpy, noisy and dusty, I was relieved to finally arrive at Chitwan. Immediately I felt relaxed, the weather here is sub tropical so was nice and warm and the sight of elephants just free in the streets was incredible to see.

    Although the lodge I booked was cheap, it was very uncomfortable, the ged was pretty much hard like concrete, not sure how long I’ll stay here!

    As I had arrived by afternoon I decided to rent the most uncomfortable bike ever and took a ride to the elephant sanctuary. Note sure what I expected really but it was quite underwhelming, many elephant just feeding but it was good to see the baby ones.

    That evening I took a trip to the cultural dance hall where the locals show their traditional dance. I was surprised how many were in the audience there but it was a great show, the peacock dance was one to remember.
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  • Day22

    Christmas Day - Part 1

    December 25, 2017 in Nepal ⋅

    After a horrid nights sleep I went for breakfast at KC’s which had gorgeous garden settings at the riverbank, it was nice to see they had decorated for Christmas.

    Afterwards I abandoned the hotel and booked a more comfortable room, I couldn’t bear another night on that concrete bed!!

    At 10:30 it was time to go down to the riverbank and watch the elephants bathe, it’s a daily ritual where tourists join in and help and also climb on top and get soaked, unfortunately I wasn’t dressed appropriately or I would’ve been on top!!Read more

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