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  • Day109


    December 20, 2017 in New Zealand

    Neues Lager. Heute über offenem Feuer gekocht. Kartoffeln, Chiabata mit Käse und Baked Beans. Perfekt geworden. Da ist der Männerinstinkt durchgekommen.
    Einen Staudamm haben spontan in der NACHT auch noch gebaut...was man eben halt so macht wenn man sich am Bach Zähne putzen geht ^^

  • Day132


    February 7, 2017 in New Zealand

    Nach Wanaka besuchten wir den grossen Bruder - Queenstown, selbst ernannte Adventure City von Neuseeland. Und es ist nicht übertrieben. Alles was mit Geschwindigkeit, Fallen, Höhe, Fliehkräfte und Adrenalin zu tun hat, kann man hier betreiben. Dementsprechend hörten wir da und dort Schreie und Jauchzer.
    Wir entschieden uns mangels Zeit und Geld für die "langweilige" Variante des Wanderns.
    Kurz auf den Hausberg hochgekraxelt und wir genossen die atemberaubende Aussicht über Queenstown und den Lake Wakatipu.
    Anschliessend fuhren wir über Te Anau in Richtung Milford Sound. Der heutige Campingplatz lag auf einer Waldlichtung neben dem Lake Gunn.
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  • Day446

    The coolest little worms ever

    May 8 in New Zealand

    I wish, I wish, I wish I could say that the main photo on today's blog is one of my own but unfortunately that would be a lie! No artificial light was allowed during today's experience so that meant no photographs so instead I've downloaded someone else's as a reminder of the spectacular nature display we saw today. We packed up and headed north to Te Anau, a town that sits right on the side of Lake Te Anau, New Zealand's second largest lake. Our tour to the glow worm caves was due to leave at 10:15am and because we arrived early we treated ourselves to a morning coffee to give us a boost after having two early mornings in a row. Soon enough we were collecting our boarding passes and heading to the boat. We sailed for 45 minutes over a very bumpy lake. The lake is so long in length that the waves really can build up when a northern wind hits the area. After a very windy time on board we reached the dock for the caves where we split into two groups. Initially we had a couple of sections where we had to bend over to walk into the cave entrance but after that we could stand quite comfortably. A raging river ran through the whole system carving away to create pretty incredible rock formations and patterns. It was such a shame we couldn't even take photos of this part of the cave. After we headed deeper in we soon reached a part where it was only accessible by boat. This is where we saw our first glow worms. Little tiny blue lights shining down from the ceiling. Our tour guide very much shouted every piece of information to us and at one point I had to move away from him for fear he'd burst my ear drums! We boarded a boat and when all the lights in the cave were switched off we floated down the tunnel and saw the most amazing collection of glow worms hanging on to the ceiling and walls displaying their bright blue colour. We all sat in silence as we moved around the area and at times we were only centimetres away from the insects. When we got very close you could see the silk like strands the worms dangle down from the ceiling. It's these strands that trap any prey that flies in towards the glow worms light and all the worm has to do is real them up on their sticky strands. It's a very clever insect because it was the only light source in the cave and many insects are attracted to light and would be lurred into their trap. We left the twickling insect display behind and headed back out the cave where we had a coffee and a talk about the glow worms. On the boat ride back we were blessed with a perfect rainbow in front of us in the sky. Back in Te Anau and after getting some cream for my annoying sandfly bites we headed to the petrol station where Nick helped a lady used the old fashioned machine to pump up her tyres. A few minutes after she left she returned with a bar of chocolate to thank him for helping her. The photo shows Nick's "appreciation" face which is basically him looking like he's going to cry. We drove some of our journey to Milford Sound this afternoon and are staying in the last department of conservation site on route for the night. After an amazing trip to Doubtful Sound yesterday we're quite excited to see what Milford has to offer tomorrow.Read more

  • Day447

    Milford Sound, keas and chasms

    May 9 in New Zealand

    We've had a pretty awesome day today. We set off early from our campsite to Milford Sound allowing enough time for any delays. We are glad we did because the drive is amazingly spectacular so we were able to enjoy the scenery and there was temporary traffic lights at the 1.2km long tunnel. The tunnel through a mountain has made Milford Sound accessible by road so even though we sat at traffic lights for 5 minutes we didn't mind knowing that without the tunnel and it's maintenance we wouldn't be able to go where we are going today. As we queued we saw our first wild Keas, the world's only alpine parrot. It was so exciting, well at first it was until you realise they are hopping around the cars hoping someone will feed them, a behaviour they'd only be doing if it had been successful for them in the past. We made it to Milford Sound with time to spare but luckily our boat left on time. It was much more commercial than Doubtful Sound with many different competing tour companies and lots of boats and people alike. Despite the different vibe we initially got we still had an amazing cruise. The landscape was more dramatic with the cliffs and mountains being steeper and more sheer. We also got up close and personal with some huge waterfalls which was a particular highlight. Some fur seals had taken up residence on some shallow rocks so we were able to stop there briefly to watch them roll around trying to catch some sun. The complimentary coffee on this boat was much better than our previous cruise because it was an actual coffee machine so we enjoyed quite a few lattes. The whole trip and area felt so different to Doubtful Sound and I'm so pleased we got to experience both. Back at the van we had two Keas come up to us as we unloaded our toilet at the dump station and they followed Nick around to the back of the van wanting food. As sweet as they are it's so sad they have become such beggers, clearly tourists ignore the signs and feed them anyway. They flew off when we didn't offer anything and soon after we heard some backpackers telling off some people for feeding them. On our way out of Milford we stopped at many view points and things to see that we had to drive past this morning to ensure we were not late. One stop was to a place called the Chasm. We didn't really know what we'd be seeing but boy it's the most mind blowing incredible thing I've ever seen, and we've seen a lot on this trip! You walk over a bridge with a raging waterfall and river below and see beautiful craved rocks that resemble Swiss cheese where it's been moulded and shaped by the water. Huge boulders sit on top of each other and there's the odd 40ft tall tree down there as well. Apparently rocks carried in the water will swirl and spiral in small crevasses wearing and rubbing the rock down to create these holes and tunnels. I couldn't get over how this even happens, that something in nature can carve and break rock. It saddened me that people walked by within minutes when we spent ages just adirming the incredible power and ability that this river has. When we finally dragged ourselves away we had a breif stop at another view point where a Kea even landed on our mirror hoping Nick would feed him. He then started trying to eat plastic on the floor so we quickly took that from him before he succeeded. We've gone from seeing no wild Keas to seeing around 10 in one day, all by roads or in car parks which really does say something. I started to develop a pretty bad headache so we made our way back to the same campsite as last night so that we don't have to drive too far with my head not being great. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.Read more

  • Day45

    Cascade Creek, New Zealand

    May 16, 2016 in New Zealand

    The rain is unrelenting. All night long the campervan shook in the wind as the thunder cracked and the sky lit up with lightning. We heard there were winds clocked up to 150km/hr in the area. We watched, comfy and dry in our van, as someone set up their tent in the pouring rain for a wet night. The morning brought much of the same. Not sure what to do with ourselves, we braved the elements for a short 3 hour day hike up to Key Summit. We were covered head to toe in waterproof clothes and remained dry for the most part. The trail was a well-groomed gravel track that took us to the first hut on the Routeburn track, one of the New Zealand’s Great Walks. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see anything with the low lying clouds. The walk became more exercise than anything else. After completing the hike, we headed on to Milford Sound for the night in hope of some good weather on the morrow. Milford Sound is supposed to be a spectacular place but in the current conditions you couldn’t see more than 50 feet. We settled in for another early night of TV and reading.Read more

  • Day18

    Journey to Milford Sound

    February 22 in New Zealand

    We then continued on to Lake Monowai. We took a dirt road down to the lake and then walk about half an hour on a native walk to one of the most amazing lakes. We both loved this lake, you could see into the crystal clear water with the mountains in the far background. We stayed here for a little admiring the view!! We then made our way to Milford sound. Ee decided that we would stay near Milford Sound and try our luck with a cruise tomorrow. The drive along Highway 94 took us several hours as we stopped quite a few times to take some photos. This drive was amazing!!! So many huge mountains and some even had snow still on them. We ended up stopping just before Lake Gunn in a camp site. The view was amazing here as well, we were in a vale with a river running through it. We cooked some potatoes again and ate the remaining chicken. We then watched the end of Miami Vice and then started watching the wedding crushers and went to sleep.Read more

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