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    • Day 75

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      December 3, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Das Tongariro Alpine Crossing ist ein Wanderweg im Tongariro-Nationalpark in Neuseeland. Er überwindet bei einer Länge von 19,5 km über tausend Höhenmeter. Ausgangspunkt ist das Mangatepopo Valley, das zunächst bis zu den Soda Springs entlang des Flusses nur leicht ansteigt. Zwischen dem Mt. Tongariro und Mt. Ngauruhoe kommt es zu einem steilen Anstieg, von dort über den Südkrater bis zum höchsten Punkt des Wanderweges, dem 1886 m hohen und immer noch aktiven Red Crater. Hinter den Emerald Lakes mit ihren schwefeligen Uferrändern fällt die Strecke entlang des Blue Lake zur Ketetahi-Hütte ab. Danach gehts bergab und der Weg führt durch einen langen Wald bis zum Car-Park, dem Ziel.Read more

    • Tongariro Crossing

      January 5, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 8 °C

      Yay we did it, we hiked the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The track itself is 19.4 km long but we did 23 km and finished it in just over 5 and a half hours. We had a great day. A lot of the track felt like walking on Mars. We got to see Mount Doom (Mount Ngauruhoe), the Red Crater and the Emerald Lakes.Read more

    • Day 83

      Tongariro Crossing

      January 13, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      Nach zwei Tagen in Neuseelands Hauptstadt, Wellington, sind wir gestern am Fuße des Schicksalsbergs (von Herr der Ringe) angekommen, um heute in aller Früh den Tongariro Crossing Walk zu machen.

      Leider waren die Wetterprognosen sehr bescheiden - starker Regen, Sturm und Gewitter ab Mittag/ Nachmittag. Daher starteten wir direkt um sechs Uhr morgens!!! Die ersten zwei Stunden war das Wetter noch top, dann zogen Nebel und Wind auf und gegen Ende hat es geregnet. Zwischendurch hat man nichts außer Nebel gesehen und wir konnten max. 10 Meter weit sehen. Das Wetter war schon in den vergangenen Tagen ähnlich, sodass Abstecher vom Hauptweg (darunter auch der Aufstieg zum Krater des Schicksalsbergs) geschlossen waren. 😐

      Trotzdem war der Walk super und wir haben auf den knapp 20km des Haupttracks vieles gesehen!
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    • Day 147

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      February 16, 2015 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Wow, New Zealand you ridiculously good looking country!

      While carnival in Röttgen was at its absolute height (D'r Zoch beim Born vor der Tür) we got up at 4.45 local time to catch our bus to the Tongariro National Park. There, we were to undertake one of the worlds most famous and spectacular one day hikes, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Distance: 20km, covered altitude: almost 2000m up and down, hiking time: 7-8 hours.

      We saw some pictures before, so we roughly knew what to expect, but we weren't prepared for these smashing views! The trek starts with 5 km of relatively easy, plain walk. That is followed by a very steep climb for about an hour, which doesn't even cover a full kilometer of distance. But once we were done with that we got our first spectacular views on Mt. Doom (pic 3) from Lord of the Rings. Quite fitting to choose this mountain as Mt. Doom as you walk through a pretty Mordor-y landscape all the time. It is always on your right during the first part of the trek but was covered in clouds at the start. After a short walk through a crater, another steep ascent to the top of the red crater followed. While the first climb was laid out with planks and steps, the second one was mostly gravel and therefore quite slippery. The same is true for the super steep descent from the red crater. But the view from the top is absolutely worth the few scares of falling. After that you see and smell 3 volcanic lakes of stunning blue. And from there it is mostly downhill. After half the descent you start to feel legs and knees shaking and you still got 4 km to go ;).

      At the end we were quite happy to be done but boy was this worth it. After we said goodbye to our fellowship of the ring we treated ourselves to a Good George IPA and pretty much went straight to bed.

      Weather conditions were perfect! Although it was mostly covered we had no rain and only little wind. But the cover also protected us from the sun and kept the temperature down which was a blessing for our stamina.

      You obviously see pictures below but none of them can really capture the beauty of this place.
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    • Day 43

      NZ - Tongariro Alpine Crossing (I)

      March 28, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

      ...oder durch Mordor zum Mount Doom...🤗

      Ein weiteres absolutes Highlight auf meiner bisherigen Reise, das Tongariro Alpine Crossing! Ein Aufstieg auf 1850 Meter, wobei man tatsächlich erst bei 1100 Meter startet und somit nur 750 Meter Aufstieg bewältigen muss! Anstrengend aber absolut machbar. Auch der liebe Wettergott war wieder gnädig und hat uns einen tollen Tag geschenkt! Ok, stellenweise etwas neblig, aber trotzdem zauberwunderschön!Read more

    • Day 109

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      June 7, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ -1 °C

      Up at a creaky 06:30 am we shuffled into 6 layers of clothing and our well worn boots ready for another top class hike to tick off. Parking at the end of the hike we grabbed a shuttle with a driver that kept repeating "sweet as" as his company picked up around 150 willing walkers for the day.

      The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a 19.4km walk starting at 1100m, climbing up to 1765m, and then back down to 750m. In winter its closed except if you have a guide. Luckily a big snowfall had yet to materialize, so the path, in good weather, is still open to everyone. With the sun shining and low winds we were good to go according to the DOC (Department of conservation).

      The whole walk goes through a live volcanic area, starting through frosty gorse we went up a valley with old lava flows coming down from the volcanoes below. The Devil's staircase whilst devlish in their steepness did not beat the steep inclines of South America, and the stunning view of mount Doom above keeps you going. The DOC put less than helpful signs at various points. The first bring if there is an eruption you should run for it....

      After taking a few pictures of Mount Doom we continued through the crater with snow crunching underfoot. The next climb up was a ridge with rope chains to help you up the tricky bits (take note Hellvelyn) and at the top you had a panorama for miles and the beautiful green lakes below.

      Now came the tricky bit... volcanic scree all the way down to the lakes. James ran down whilst I took my time skidding every once in a while. At least if you did fall it was a sift landing onto sand. I felt sorry for the girl behind me on some kind of Duke Of Edinburgh type walk with a heavy backpack, she was petrified and needed two people to coax/drag her down.

      Lunch was quickly eaten at the lakes as staying still to long ment the chilly wind made you feel baltic. A quick up to a blue lake then it was down all the way. The snow melted again into bush land with hot springs gushing steam either side. Down into a forest and finally after 6 hours and a half into the car park.

      Back in the hostel after the most glorious hot shower we ordered a pizza from next door, and then headed out with Katy and Alan (a pair from England that had also done the crossing) to watch the Lions play agaisnt the Blues. Even though they lost, it had been a great day, and James' mastermind plan if turning me into a hiker is working bit by bit.
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    • Day 114

      Tongariro Northern Circuit

      February 3, 2015 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Po proprsenem dni a vetsine noci to v 5:55 rano, kdy zazvonil budik, vypadalo nadejne. Trochu mimo plan jsme nemohly nastartovat, resp. nesel otocit klicek v zapalovani :-/. Pak se ale auto umoudrilo a s lehkym zpozdenim jsme se na konci Mangatepopo Road (trochu nestandardni, ale co by clovek neudelal, aby vysel vstric predpovedi pocasi) postavily na start 3denniho/2nocniho Tongariro Northern Circuitu.
      K chate Mangatepopo i k Soda Springs to slo jeste dobre. Sice mlha jako mliko, takze jsme toho zrovna moc nevidely, ale jak jsme na ni za chvilku v dobrem vzpominaly...
      Jakmile jsme totiz zacaly stoupat na South a nasledne Red Crater, pribyly ke zhorsene viditelnosti dest a vichrice jako blazen. Pokus vystoupat v techto podminkach na vrchol Ngauruhoue (2291 m) jsme cloumany vetrem ze strany na stranu asi po pul hodine vzdaly a obratily to. Stejne tak na summit Tongarira (1968 m) nebylo ani pomysleni. Na hrebenovych partiich jsme mely co delat, abychom se - toho casu uz navlecene do vlnenych cepic, rukavic... - udrzely na nohach (Helce se to pry parkrat nepodarilo a skoncila na zadku v lave, ale tuto vtipnou situaci jsem bohuzel nemohla videt ani zaznamenat na vecnou pamatku, protoze jsem mela s krosnou plnou stanu na zadech co delat sama se sebou - sorac, Helco ;-)).
      A pak se neco prihodilo a u Emerald Lakes jsme najednou spatrily... Emerald Lakes :-)! Mraky se zacaly rozfoukavat, objevila se modra obloha a slunce a my jsme se - KONECNE - mohly zacit kochat tim, za cim jsme sem prijely: majestatnimi vulkany, lavovymi poli, krajinou Pana prstenu.
      A kochaly jsme se a slunily a fotily a svacily a pri tom se kochaly az na Oturere Hut, kde jsme ve stinu Mount Doomu, co se tesne pred zapadem slunce uplne vynoril z poslednich mraku (zasnezena Ruapehu to zvladla o hodne driv), postavily stan a preckaly mrazivou noc.
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    • Day 163

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      February 10, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

      Um 7Uhr in der Früh starten wir unsere heutige Wanderung, doch leider ist das Wetter trotz vorhergesagtem blauen Himmel nicht ganz so gut und für die ersten 10 Kilometer sehen wir keine 3 Meter weit und sind umgeben von einer weißen, milchigen Nebelschicht.. doch wie durch ein Wunder klärt sich mit einem Mal der Himmeln auf, als wir bei den berühmten, türkisgrünen Emerald Lakes ankommen!Read more

    • Day 12

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      November 6, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

      Gestern nach Check von Wetter und Konstitution für die Wanderung entschieden.
      Shuttel um 8:00 uhr vom Ziel zum Start.
      Angeblich sonnig aber kalt und windig.
      Also dick einpacken - Zwiebelprinzip! Und dick Sonnencreme.
      Tzz manche tauchen in kurzer Hose und Muskelshirt auf.
      Nach rasanter Fahrt erreichen wir den Start um 8:30 Uhr. Hier unten behält die kurze Hosen Fraktion recht es ist warm und wird durch den Aufstieg von ca. 700 Höhenmeter auch nicht besser. Der Wind oben rechtfertigt am Ende einen Teil unserer Ausrüstung.
      Wir sammeln mit Marcel einen Gefährten auf und es geht unter anderem zum Tor zu Mordor.
      Und dann auch schon die vulkanseen - tolles blau! Wahnsinn das hier oben zu sehen.
      Nach ewigem Staunen und unendlichen Fotos geht es 1000m runter.
      Mit allen Umwegen sind wir gute 20km gewandert und waren bis 17:00 Uhr unterwegs.
      Alle anderen Details seht ihr auf den Bildern.
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    • Day 28

      Tongariro Alpine Crossing

      March 1, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 52 °F

      This is a hike we'd hoped to do from the earliest stages of planning this trip. Weather can be very changeable in the mountains, as we've discovered, but thankfully Mother Nature was on our side this time. The Crossing is usually done as a one-way, 12-mile hike, using a shuttle bus to get back at the end.

      We caught the first shuttle of the day, and got on the trail at sunrise, with views of Mt Ngauruhoe (Mt Doom). There is a climb of 2,700 feet over the first 5 miles, followed by a descent of 3,500 feet. Because of the wind and cold, we wore multiple jackets, gloves, thermals, and knit caps for most of time we were hiking -- even uphill!

      There are literally thousands of people doing the hike on any given (good-weather) day. It was strange at first, hiking with the hordes, but the scenery was so dramatic that the crowds didn't detract from it. It was kind of like a shared adventure, and the enthusiasm was catching. The trail traverses Mt. Ruapehu, over lava flows as recent as 2007, and steam vents were still visible. Once arriving at the peak, we got a stunning view of the blue-green crater lakes and the other nearby volcanoes, including "Mt. Doom."

      We were glad we took the first shuttle, since it would have been stressful to worry about making the last return shuttle of the day. As it was, we had time to take in the views, take breather stops, and enjoy breakfast by a spring-fed waterfall, and lunch near the summit. A tiring, but rewarding day!
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