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    • Day 168

      Tag 3: Diebstahl

      January 19, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Am nächsten Morgen dann der nächste Schock: Lenes Tasche, inklusive Geldbeutel, Pass und der relativ neu erworbenen Kamera sind weg!
      Wir geben den Verlust zwar noch im Fundbüro an, machen uns aber nicht allzu große Hoffnungen auf ein Wiedersehen.
      Die gute Nachricht: Mein Auge ist bereits deutlich abgeschwollen und somit kann ich heute auch wieder Autofahren. Der Autoschlüssel war glücklicherweise nicht in Lenes Tasche.

      Wir packen etwas betrübt zusammen und stellen uns in die Schlange für den Shuttlebus. Nach einer halben Ewigkeit in der prallen Sonne sitzen wir schließlich im Bus und brauchen aufgrund einer einspürigen Brücke beinahe eine ganze Stunde, für die sonst 5minütige Fahrt.

      Nachdem wir endlich alles im Auto verstaut haben fahren wir noch zur Polizei und geben den Verlust auf. Nachdem wir uns dann noch einen Trostkaffee geholt haben passiert schließlich das Wunder:

      Das Fundbüro vom Soundsplash Festival ruft an und sagt, dass sie Lenes Tasche inklusive Geldbeutel und Kamera gefunden haben. Wir können unser Glück kaum glauben, fahren zurück zum Festivalgelände und holen die Tasche ab.
      Es fehlt tatsächlich nur das Bargeld, ihre Trinkflasche und die Sonnencreme. Pass, Bankkarten und die Kamera sind alles noch drin!!

      Mit top Stimmung machen wir uns bei bestem Wetter damit wieder zurück auf den Heimweg.
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    • Day 6

      Arrival in Raglan

      October 9, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

      Kia Ora and good evening from Auckland (23:03),

      So just that you know, I'm going to write a lot more, and more often in here than I thought I would. At least now in the beginning its really helping me organizing my feelings and sharing my impressions to just cope with everything because it really is a LOT😅 so i decided to do kind of like blog entries on this app, don't feel the need to read everything please.

      Anyways, well, this was an interesting day... I'm having mixed feelings because raglan is a cozy little village and looks amazing, the cost is breathtaking!!! And the people here are very nice buuut the room where I'm staying is not very clean and it smells like weed everywhere here and I just hate smoke☹️ also I only may stay if I stay for half a year minimum so that's definitely nothing for me. But even if it was super flat today the waves still look amazing! They are super long and super clean and one surfschool seems to be looking for teachers so I guess I'll try to search for a better place to live and stay here a bit but of course I don't know if that's gonna happen.

      The biggest adrenaline highlight for the next few years will be this busride today from Hamilton to raglan (Or so I thought) Actually amazing how this busdriver managed to drive us up and down on this very small alpine like road, in a long bus, at neck breaking spread, without getting all of us three people killed💪😂! So I just accepted my fate, grabbed a handle and tried to enjoy the mountains, endless green hills and everything in between. Sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that you have to let go of control over some things in order to achieve your goals, little wisdom to go👆👩‍🦳🧶

      But what was even more scary was the ride I got later from Wade, one of the other people staying here at lazy stays raglan. He absolutely topped the bus speed, went mostly single handedly, and just flew through these 90 degree curves😀 guess he must be a pretty good driver couse I'm preeetty sure he was stoned and maybe even had something to drink so yeah that was really scary...

      This crazy drive was going to some swimming pool with water of hot volcano springs, most relaxing thing ever, was super chill! Where we (Wade, Shannon and me) met up with Mel (from lazy stays) and this other raglan guy Max (former lazy stays stayer).

      Oh and yesterday I had an amazing and funny day with Sanu, an Indian guy that loves to travel and lives in New Zealand for some time now. He's the one I had such a great talk with and we met up later that day. He showed me Indian food (so delicious🤯 I learned that spicey isnt always hot spicey but just means that the food has a lot of taste) , we talked a lot and listened to Indian music at this indian festival that was going on. Was pretty great!

      Well, that's that, now I'm very tired so I'm gonna sleep but I had to share all of this in order to not go crazy, sooo goodnight<3
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    • Day 10

      First time SURFIIIING (in Raglan)

      October 13, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

      So today was awesome!
      Oh yeah, hi and Kia Ora and everything. I actually learned that it's pronounced ki-ora, so it's like one word and the first a is silent, just a fun fact.

      Today was the first day I went surfing and I loved it! I don't have any Fotos from today and the foto's I have are hideous but whatever. The waves in the back look amazing, some of them really clean, I'd say around 2 meters high. But I just went in the white wash with a hardtop 7.2 board, which is still quite short for what I'm used to but it went really well, even in the white water! Because even if the wave is kind of broken it carrys on until it hits the beach so you can surf on the white wash, with a short hard top board for about 7 to 12 seconds. And that may not sound long but it reeeaally is, believe me! So lots of surf details but I'm just so amazed by it. I wanna try paddling out to bigger waves but there are rips (strong currents back to the ocean), currents to the sides and rocks on the side of the beach so I really want to have a local by my side if I go in further, just to be safe. Maybe someone's surfing with me tomorrow, I'll see.

      But not only was that great, after that me, Shannon (kind of my super sweet and nice and bubbly raglan and new zealand guide) and her boyfriend Wade (they also stay hier at lazy stays, my current hostel) went to the local pub to eat something and play some pool. It was nice but they went home way too early and so I played with some other really nice guys who I'll probably teach surfing this weekend. After that had a nice chat with an older man about nationalism and German people and about how anxious a lot of them are. We wondered if that's also because of our German history with the second world war, I'm not sure but it's interessing in my opinion.

      What Im just starting to realize is that it's such a positive vibe here. If I wanted to do something in Germany I often got kind of a negative response like : 'Are you sure you want do to this' or 'that's too much trouble' or 'it's too dangerous'. Also when you ask people to just go and do stuff they often hesitant or not motivated. Here in New zealand it's just: 'you wanna go play tennis? Yeah of course I'll just get the rackets' and suddenly everyone is heading to the tennis court, or they ask someone with a guitar to swing by and make some music or to go to some hot springs. Maybe it's also my wrong perception of Germany but I just have the definitive feeling that it's absolutely different here. It's just a positiv 'just so it' and 'you do you' vibe. I absolutely love that about the people here, at least the ones I've met so far! Can only recommend meeting these kind of people and coming to New Zealand!
      It's just like everybodys is looking for someone to chat with. It's normal to smile and also wave at total strangers and ask them how they are doing. Sometimes just for the heck of it and sometimes to start a real conversation. So far I've experienced it in the airport, while buying tickets for a bus, in the park and in the bar (okay, there it might be more comment anyways😂). To sum it up: New Zealand people (Kiwis and people with different origin) are happy, open-minded people who live by the motto 'just do it', as far as I've seen it. IT'S! AMAZING!

      Well, I'm gonna go to sleep now, it's around midnight and I'm tired. Seems like I was born in the wrong time zone, because back in Germany I would usually be tired around 5 or 6 in the morning and awake around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Quite interesting... Anywayyys
      good night, good day, whatever😁<3

      P.S.: I swear, the second I first set down at the little Harbour here in Raglan, this huuuge jellyfish just randomyly drifted by. It was bigger then my upper body combined with my head, with a bright pink head and such huge tentakles, quite scary to be honest, but I think it was a 'Lungenqualle' which are not poisonous😂. Oh and it's still really cloudy, I'll have to wait until summer for the sun to come out for longer😢.
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    • Day 16

      'Backpackers' with my backpack😎

      October 19, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Kia Ora and good evening!

      What is this shit, I made a whole long footprint yesterday but I didn't safe it and now it's gone😤 anyways😪... Here's what I wrote and more:

      Apparently I had to move into the backpackers to get my backpack back because that day I got a call and the next day my backpack miracly arrived. Only two weeks after my arrival in Auckland, oh well, it could have been worse.

      The last days have been crazy eventful, Shannon took me and Athena, a super nice girl from Denmark, on a bush walk to see the bridal veil falls, my first Bush walk, yaaayyy🤩 nature is so beautiful here, so many exotic plants, palms and some really cool birds too! So after an amazing but short trip through some bush and a lot of stairs we got to the waterfall which was nice but it couldn't compair with the nature around it, I'm just more for the bush part😂.

      The day after that I had a chill day with Athena, we made some delicious curry! She wouldn't admit it but she's a really good chef, made some amazing vegetarian pasta today too!

      Yesterday Shannon took me on a kayak tour over the little bay that raglan is around, to the 'pancake rocks' what a delicious view that was höhö😎 no, really, it was outstanding! Pretty much some caves and sharp rocks all around the coast with plants growing inside and on top. And then the aquamarine water, burning sun and the full raglan panorama, that's just something else entirely. Later a tasty kebab and chilling in the jacuzzi of the hostel where I met a Belgium girl, Nele. After that I wanted to teach some guys I met while playing pool (Jarod and Ryan) how to surf so she tagged along but it all went kind of wrong (rhyme skills💪) cause Jarod brought me a wetsuit I asked for and it was way too small and my togs ( kiwi slang for swim gear), which I lent from Shannon, were !definitely! not made for surfing, so I just went for a swim and I can tell you 15 degrees are even fucking cold with a wetsuit on! Whatever, we had a nice chat at the bar over some beers later, so that was fun, too.

      And today was even better, the four of us went again for a surf (but the new wetsuit Jarod brought was still too small, sucked, so I rented one), was quite choppy but still way better than the north sea (sorry, love you north sea<3). Back on the parking lot we met two awesome guys, Simon from Iceland and Issac who's a Kiwi, and I'm so glad I met them cause we had an amazing time! After teaching Simon how to surf we made pasta and had a crazy jam session just now, with guitar and singing!!! Some random druggi joined us with some crazy impro rapping skills and it couldn't have been more perfect, really. What's happening right now is everything I wished for and it's all possible because of these incredible people! They randomly greet and wave and ask how you're doing, sometimes even start a real conversation and nearly everyone is so much happier and friendlier and more open, probably because they are so social. Try to do that in Germany, just talking to people on the streets. They'd think you wanna sell em something or you're crazy.

      What I love even more is the mindset of 'JUST DO IT' especially Shannon inspired me so much, whatever pops in her head she just does and that's the best thing you can do if you want to LIVE! Don't overthink it, you wanna go have a weekend trip? Just pack your stuff and go! You want to make some music, just make a call and gather some people, and here they really do come! I know I say awesome and amazing a lot but it is just that, no actually it is awemazing, yeah no its definitely not amazome thats something else, no its awemazing, is what it is😂!

      So enough of the pep talk I just wanted to get across how fun life is if you just DO❤️

      Issac and I decided that we should go make some street music that'd be such a vibe, I hope that's gonna happen!

      Okay that's enough for one footprint (saved this one so many times, sooo annoying when everything you write gets lost uff).

      Goodnight, sleep tight, or maybe not, you German people just take a nap maybe😂<3

      P.S.: Sooorry for the horrible video quality some bullshit that is🥴
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    • Day 5


      November 2, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Yesterday I arrived at raglan with another cool guy an his truck. Raglan is a really peaceful village near the cost and it's also a well known surf spot in nz. So I am going to enjoy the next days in a hostel and some days at the campsite 😊🏕️🏄🌊Read more

    • Day 31

      Just cruisin🤙

      November 3, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Heyyhoo long time no see, Kia Ora from New Zealand🥝

      I know it's been a while but I'm getting maybe even a bit too comfortable here, so I don't really feel the need to write an entry. But that's a good thing because that means I'm not that overwhelmed anymore and I'm getting to settle in this new life style of mine. Still I want to keep everyone entertained who reads this updated sooo let's gooo:

      It's been nearly a month and I still love it here and let's be honest, why would I not?! But I'm really struggling to remember what I did the last few days. Everything's so chill here😂 oooh yeah right I bought a car!!! It's a Toyota wish, 7 seater but the seats are foldable so that it becomes a flat surface, quite cool. The day after buying it I was actually in a reeeally bad mood because I haven't thought about not beeing able to do freedom camping with this kind of car. Freedom camping is beeing legally allowed to just sleep any place you want, in your car. But for that you need to be self contained hence you need to have a basin, two 12 litre watertanks (waste and fresh water) connected to the basin with a pump and a toilet that you can use IN the car. Yeah well that's not gonna happen with this vehicle😂 wellI got over it after Wade built me this amazing construct to put my bed on with some storage room under it in about half an hour (thanks again maaate<3). I continued working on it and sawing my ass off to get some planks that I put on the construct so that my fancy mattress doesn't get all moldy and has some fresh air from underneath. Tommorow I'm gonna start building a drawer for underneath, im actually quite proud of myself but yeah, I have nothing else to do and it's fun! Also bought some lights and curtains and camping gear so I'm all set for camping in my car which I'm pretty exited about.

      Apart from that I went on some beautiful trips, one was with Mel, another amazing roommate here at lazy stays, to a hot beach. I think its called 'kawiar' (not certain about the spelling though😅). For everyone who doesn't know what a 'hot beach' is, it's a part of a beach where there is vulcanic activity underneath. So when you dig a hole at the right place, it fills up with warm water. A - fucking - mazing!!! Crazy panorama view while you sit in a warm water pool❤️❤️❤️ only annoying that the sand is washing in the pool all the time to close it up😂 still awesome, if you are ever near such place, DO IT!
      The driver there was over one of New Zealands notorious gravel-road. Well they are something for sure... More of a one-drive-lane and super slippery but maaan... It went along and a top of the most beautiful coastlines and through some parts of the Bush so it's definitely worth driving it, at least when youre on the passenger seat😜

      Oh yeah then I also moved into lazy stayz again, but again only for a short amount of time. I'm glad to be back though, even for the five days I was at the backpackers I missed the guys here, I love them so much<3!

      Went to a beach with Shannon called 'rua puki' (again not sure about the spelling) which is also the place where I plan on staying on a campsite. The surrounding are mostly Bush and cliffs and coasts but I love it, and I'm looking forward to be even more isolated than in Raglan. At least for a few days. Anyways, the trip to the beach was short but super fun nonetheless. It's just that I can sooo be myself around Shannon and all the other friends I made here too and that's one of the best thing that could have happened to me here. I think you can tell from the videos and fotos😂.

      Aaaand I went to the pub and raglan club a lot, played lots of pool aaaand, even better, snookeeeer, yaayyy! I fucking love snooker, even longer shots than while playing pool, a even bigger challenge, what's not to love?! And again it's sooo easy to meet new people here! I met Simon, a super nice guy that I played some pool with and just had a great deep talk with just now, together with one of the musicians I played with.

      Oh yeah that's right, I sang two songs at an open mic night at the club too! It was so nice to jam again with some people, loved it! I sang 'Valerie' and 'sitting on the doc of the bay' and the lazy stayz people and Simon where so proud, was super sweet😂❤️

      What else? I was at a goodbye barbeque of max, another awesome guy and former lazy-stayz-stayer (yeah that's definitely a word), who was around a lot - we had a little jam once too and even if he doesnt wanna hear it, he plays the guitar reeally good and has a really nice singing voice. I partyed with friends and had a wild drunk e-scooter ride, was sooo fun😂😂😂 and I chilled a bit too much. But still a lot of things happened and I'm having the best time here! I honestly couldn't have made a better decision than coming to New Zealand, this is 100 percent right for me! The right people, the right landscape, the right amount of new and adventour and the right mindset. No scheduling your day and beeing focused on what to achieve, instead socializing, having a good time even after work is done, and doing stuff just to have some fun and action in your life. The people here are so much happier and more social here because they have this mindset. Just making your life about work, money and surviving isn't necessary if you cut back on some luxury in the Form of objects and instead use your time and money to have a good time in the present. I'm convinced that that is what makes a live fulfilled and what makes you think of your life without major regrets.

      Okay enough of the philosophical thoughts, this entry is long enough😂 I hope everyone is having a good time too, have a nice day, I'm gonna go to sleep now. 'it ain't no lie, baby bye bye bye, bye bye'! guess the song? 😂
      Okay, for real, goodnightyday<3
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    • Day 31

      Just some more Fotos and videos

      November 3, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      Just some more Fotos and Videos I wanted to add, they are limited per footprint.

      P.S.: The foto's are not nearly comparing to the real life version, that's really bumming me out because it's just so much more beautiful than on these shitty foto's that only cover such a small part of this experience!!!Read more

    • Day 41


      November 10, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      I will miss you, Raglan. Es fällt mir so schwer dich, die Erinnerungen und vor allem die Menschen hier hinter mir zu lassen.

      6 Tage voller inspirierender Gespräche, schönen Sonnenuntergängen und vor allem guter Gesellschaft. Tage, an denen ich mich jeden einzelnen Tag selbst herausgefordert und dadurch viel gelernt habe. Ich bin so unglaublich dankbar für die Zeit hier.Read more

    • Day 62

      Got a little bit too homey here

      December 4, 2022 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

      Kiiiia Ora from Raglan!

      Wow it's really been a month now since the last entry, time just fucking flew by! But nothing much happend which is why I didn't feel the motivation to write. Still, what's new?!

      Well I've been working as a kitchen hand at the raglan club for the past few weeks, lovely people, good atmosphere just a tad annoying doing all those dishes🙄🙄😂 naah, sometimes I'm asked to do some deserts or peel a few onions, and thats quite nice, even the peeling...kind of like meditating🤔... aaanyways! Had to get a job at some point, and Sue got me that short term job opportunity which I'm really fucking grateful for! Was perfect, now I even have some experience as a kitchen hand and a nz reverence, those are really important over here!

      Had a couple of shit weeks/days though, dunno, was in a bad mood without a reason but I guess that life and I'm good again now. Currently working on a drawer for under my bed in my car, Simon was so kind as to let me use his little work place at home and there are all the tools I need. Helps me a whole fucking lot!

      Oh and I've hand-sewed some curtains for my car windows for FOUR HOURS and now those little f***ers -sorry for all the swearing (sorry grandma and grandpa of you're reading this😂🙈) are still reeking weirdly sweet after washing them a thousand times, and no, it's not the washing powder😂. Yeah, I'll need to figure out something to use as curtains because everybody can watch me sleep in there as of now and I'd rather not know how disgusting I look probably drooling all over my pillow😂.

      What else is new, ah yes a French guy (Alex) moved into lazy stayz, very nice with a very French accent, we had a few really good chats and apperently missed an earthquake of 4.5 because we were playing portal (which was fucking hilarious by the way)!

      And today I actually wrote a song again which I'm quite happy with, even though it's not finsihed yet. It's so weird how sometimes the inspiration randomly strikes and the lyrics and melodies just flow out of me and how without it, every try of writing a nice song is hopeless. Just a tad bit sad that my songs are never truly happy and more emotional/sad, not because I'm always sad but because that's my only source of inspiration up until now. So not really party bangers my little songs. Am I getting too personal here? Feels a bit more like a diary entry but oh well, whatever😂😂

      That should be about it, hope everyone who's reading this is doing okay, most of you probably shivering in the wintery cold of Europe, poor people😝. But I'm writing this out of my car and the nights here are only 10 degrees so I'm feeling it too😂

      Goodnight and Goodbye from Raglan, sincerely your weather updater from New Zealand

      (okay sorry it's clearly too late and I should go to sleep😂)
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    • Day 42

      Raglan 🇳🇿

      June 24 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌬 15 °C

      Raglan, la ville du Surf, pour le grand bonheur de Sam🏄🏽‍♂️ 🥰
      Une super ambiance avec plein de petites boutiques vintages et des cafés colorés 🧡💚💛💜❤️💙
      Et surtout, un magnifique couché de soleil 🌅

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