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  • Day59

    Day 59/72: Christmas!!!

    December 25, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Merry Christmas!!!! What an exciting day. So strange waking up on Christmas day to sun and heat, we even had a white Christmas if you count the snow that was sprinkled on the mountain peaks around Glenorchy. Tom called his parents and wished them a Merry Christmas Eve night, and then we opened our stockings! It was great, sitting there in the van with a cup of tea, fairy lights, Christmas tree, holly and mistletoe hanging around. Not traditional but great fun!

    We then went out for a run before it got too hot. Beautiful scenery, running around the smaller lakes of Glenorchy with santa hats and saying Merry Christmas to other people out for walks. We got to the main lake and ran along the jetty, threw our stuff down and jumped straight in to the amusement of many a tourist who took photos. One woman had recorded the whole thing and sent us the video! Very odd way to start a Christmas day!

    We then ran back to the campsite and had shower and cooked ourselves a well deserved Christmas breakfast of eggs/bacon or salmon on toast. Feeling very pleased with ourselves, we chilled out and unvelied our other presents for each other, and then went to find a spot on the lake. We drove around to the other side, which was a bit of a catastrophe because we ended up doing through a ford and then getting to a bigger one and having to do a 17 point turn on a tiny gravel track and going back up a very steep hill, where we stopped at the top to walk down to the lake edge only to be attacked by flies and mosquitoes and upon trying to leave, lost the car key so couldn't escape! We scurried and slapped for a good 5 minutes before locating the lost key in its very safe place on the gear lever and getting away faster than a car from a bank robbery. We then swatted all the flies in the van for the rest of the journey back to Glenorchy, listening to Christmas songs and stopped at the lakefront we were at that morning. There is a small park on the front, so we chilled out there for the rest of the afternoon, jumping in the lake when we felt too hot and playing cards, frisbee and snoozing. It was very relaxing.

    That evening, we made our Christmas dinner (chicken and potatoes, simple yet tasty) and tucked into our vast array of cheese that we'd managed to collect over the past few days. It was fantastic, and we had a bottle of wine out of paper cups, and let the sun go down as we chatted and ate. We both called our families on their Christmas morning. A really nice Christmas day all in all, and Glenorchy was a brilliant place to spend it in!
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  • Day41

    28-11 Te Anau: Milford Sound

    November 28, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    De weg was minder druk dan ik had gedacht, al lijkt het vanuit een andere auto altijd minder denk ik. Toch blij dat ik het gedaan heb, het was knetterhoog keer 2,1 bijna ongeluk gezien en eerlijk gezegd vond ik de busreis met stops en verhalen van Sacha leuker dan de "cruise". Kea's gezien. Brutaal als de neten, 1 pikte in mijn been! Sacha laat ons crayfish zien. En ik vond de "chasm" echt magnifique, maar alle foto's zijn raar geworden. Ook leuk "the misty mountains" van In de ban van de ring.
    Er gingen ook erg weinig minuten in de cruise van 2 uur, nl 100. We hadden van mij nog wel wat langer bij de Crested pinguins mogen stoppen, al schijnt het beremazzel te zijn dat we ze überhaupt gezien hebben in dit seizoen.
    Op verzoek van Annemiek (😉) vlak na thuiskomst mega onweersbui. Gaat zoals het hoort: goed dus. Hoera!
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  • Day115

    Milford Sound + Doubtful Sound

    February 10 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

    Ich bin in Te Anau und von hier aus habe ich zwei tolle Ausflüge gemacht im Fiordland National Park. Urwaldmässig. Kein Beton. Nur Touristen. Die 4 Mio. Kiwis müssen 4 Mio. Touristen bewältigen.
    Die ersten 5 Bilder sind vom Milford Sound, die anderen vom Doubtful Sound.

  • Day305

    First Bungy Jump & Deep South Bound

    April 4 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 52 °F

    Yesterday was my first bungy jump. 134 meters, New Zealand's highest. Absolutely incredible. Better than skydiving. I also did the new Catapult, which pulls you from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 1.5 seconds. Wow! What an amazing day. With all the adrenaline pumping into me then draining out, by the time I got back to the hostel, I was wiped. All I did for the rest of the evening was have a little dinner and read.

    We left this morning for the deep south. We're in Te Anau now for a grocery store stop. The country is just amazingly beautiful.

    So long [for now] and thanks for all the fish. ✌️
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  • Day49

    Even more relaxing...

    March 1 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    If you can have a relaxing day even on holidays this was it. A nice drive through more great scenery in the Otago region.  Easy driving. Through some really small towns.  But they all had public toilets... absolutely every town here does...and a cafe.  Kingston... working on a heritage refurbished train. Mossburn has more souvenir sheep in their general convenience store than anywhere.

    Short hike to a waterfall on Shirttail track. Sign said it got steep afterwards.  Well...steep is relative we find out. All uphill from the get-go. And when the signs said 'dangerous'...we didn't have to be told twice.  But only got a waterfall 'glimpse'. No fair 🤨.  Oh well ..nice flat white and yummy carrot cake snack as a consolation.

    Te Anau is our stop today. Gateway to Fiordland National park and Milford Sound. Really nice town.  Low rise accommodation across the road from the lake so foreshore fully accessible. Seems less touristy than recent towns tho the tours from here are world renowned. Maybe a bit more remote and without the extra adventure stuff?
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  • Day258

    Te Anau

    February 6 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    We travelled to Te Anau, a gateway town for Milford Sound. It is a busy town in its own right mainly servicing the massive industry that is tours to the Sound. It is located on Lake Ta Anau which offers many other adventures too - trips across the lake to start walking tours in the mountains, flights to the glaciers etc etc
    Our day was spent travelling through the countryside amongst the mountains and plains. We stocked up at Cromwell which is a small town in the heart of fruit growing country and there were many wineries too as we passed through into Fjordland.
    We lunched on the side of Lake Wakatipu - Karen could not resist the urge to dip her feet in. The waters were crystal clear but very cold.
    On one pass we stopped to take a picture of Roaring Meg which is a white water section of the river passing by a hydro power station. We are passing Lake Gunn tomorrow on the Milford Highway
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  • Day15

    Milford Sound

    February 3 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Off at 0800 with 15 others and Bruce the guide. Apparently it should have rained for last 2 weeks to get the best views of the sound and 500+ waterfalls.....oh well. Bruce very informative and made lots of photo stops.eventuslly arrived at the sound and boarded boat for the cruise. Beautiful scenery and lots of photos. Have got to say they won't do it justice.The sheer size is amazing. Only 2 big waterfalls Stirling and Lady Byron to be seen .apparently if you get wet from Stirling Falls you.ll look 10 years younger tomorrow😊 here,s hoping!!.Out to the Tasman sea and then back into the sound. The only wildlife we saw were fur whales or dolphins😧 We then went to the underwater observatory that has been built. You walk down 60 steps underwater to a glass o servatory. Not sure whose watching who or the fish etc😱.After we went back on the boat to the dock and then carried on back to Te Anau. On the way we stopped at a sheep farm to watch them shearing. They average about 300 sheep each a day. Back breaking work ...needless to say I went looking for the dogs who were very sorry looking....not like my spoilt boys. Back at Te Anau we stopped off for our pint of Isaacs cider before getting back to camp to get dinner ready. Let's see what tomorrow brings, as yet no plans but heading for QueenstownRead more

  • Day14

    Te Anau and an Indian

    February 2 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Off to Te Anau via Nightcaps and Mossburn. Stopped to admire house in Nightcaps and owner a masseuse invited us in It was the original courthouse, then a church and now private dwelling. All wood inside looked like a ship's hull .At Mossburn found The Dome cafe. Highly recommended for cakes and coffee. Honestly we don't do this all day but have to give credit😎😎 on to Te Anau to campsite. Got to give credit to Top 10 campsites. They are excellent, clean all facilities well laid out. We,ve booked in for 2 days . After freedom camping for three days need a shower, get the laundry done and top up water and electricity to charge everything .Free wi fi so can catch up with this and messages .beautiful site right opposite the lake..went for walk around town which is buzzing pint of cider in gastro pub ( note no food had here,) Back to book trip to Milford Sound tomorrow. After catching up with jobs got dressed up!! No shorts,!! Off for an Indian and an early night as early start tomorrowRead more

  • Day197

    North on the Southern Scenic Route

    March 22, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    This morning we visited Queens Park in Invercargill, where Solana enjoyed the aviaries and small animal enclosures - but rain stopped play when we reached the play park area! We headed back onto the Southern Scenic Route, this time driving North from Invercargill. We stopped on a headland near the town of Riverton for a picnic lunch - but the weather was still a bit wild (wet, windy & chilly), so we made it a "car picnic". Whilst there, we saw the amazing sight of a very large flock of seabirds (black petrels we think) feeding on what must have been an even larger shoal of fish just beneath the surface. There were many hundreds of birds feeding and more kept arriving the whole time we were there, so that in the end there must have been a couple of thousand birds, making shallow dives into the water to feed - fascinating to watch. As we drove away, we also saw a spoonbill feeding in the estuary. Clearly our lunchtime coincided well with that of the birdlife today! Our next stop was at Gemstone Beach, where we had a windy but mostly dry walk - although we didn't find any gemstones. We stayed in a cabin on campsite/holiday park - cheaper than a hotel/motel but still with en suite plus kettle & toaster. It was ideal for us and I think we'll be staying in more places like this. Best of all the site had a "kangaroo jumper" - like a giant trampoline, that we all enjoyed bouncing on before dinner!.We enjoyed a tasty dinner in a nearby restaurant, before an evening walk down by Te Anau Lake.Read more

  • Day193

    Ab ins Fjordland

    July 16 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 5 °C

    Heute ging es dann weiter in Richtung Te Anau.

    Wir sind aber erst noch den ersten Abschnitt des Kepler Track gelaufen. Dieser ist auch einer der Great Walks.

    Wieder einmal ging es durch dichte Wälder so über und über mit grünstem Moos bewachsen das man sich wie im Märchen vorkommen könnte.
    Am Lake Manapouri angekommen bekamen wir nur einen kleinen Eindruck wie es dort bei besserem Wetter aussehen muss. Es hat nicht geregnet aber die Wolken sind sehr tief rumgehangen.

    Dafür haben wir jede Menge Keas getroffen. Die Vögel sind bekannt dafür wirklich alles anzunagen bzw mit ihren Schnäbeln zu „untersuchen“

    Erst als wir wieder fast am Start waren bekamen wir nochmal ein schönes Panorama geboten.
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