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  • Day7

    Huka Falls

    February 7, 2017 in New Zealand

    Vandaag geen verplaatsing. Tijd dus om de Huka waterval te bezoeken. Naar verluid stroomt hier zoveel water doorheen dat daarmee 2 olympische zwembaden in 1 seconde kunnen worden gevuld. Om de waterval te bereiken moest wel ongeveer 7 kilometer gelopen worden over zwaar golvend terrein. In combinatie met de warmte was het afzien vandaag. Gelukkig viel er weer veel te zien onderweg en ook de waterval was de moeite waard. Check de foto's!Read more

  • Day79

    Taupo, Neuseeland

    December 28, 2016 in New Zealand

    Am Lake Aniwhenua übernachteten wir in einer schönen Lodge, frühstückten am Morgen gemütlich und machten uns dann auf den Weg zu den Huka Falls bei Taupo. Der recht schmale Fluss spült rund 200.000 Liter Wasser pro Sekunde über die "Stufen" des Wasseefalls, bis die Wassermassen dann 11 Meter in die Tiefe stürzen. Taupo ist aber auch ansonsten eine süße kleine Stadt, in der wir ein paar Tage verbrachten 😊Read more

  • Day196

    Huka falls

    February 20 in New Zealand

    Nachdem wir heute morgen alle zusammen gefrühstückt haben, fuhren wir gemeinsam los zu den nahegelegenen Huka falls. Schon ein krasses blau auch wenn die Sonne sich noch nicht blicken lassen hat, es sieht schon fast unecht aus. Nachdem die Freundinnen von Melli gestern auch schon einem warmen Creek waren, namens Otumuheke, und das Wetter noch ziemlich bewölkt war, dachten wir uns da könnten wir doch auch hin gehen. Fast noch ein bisschen cooler wie der Kerosin Creek. Man konnte vom kalten Fluss in die heiße Quelle schwimmen und dort sogar in dem Pool wo der Wasserfall reinmündet liegen. Der Wahnsinn wo findet man sonst noch ein heißen Wasserfall. Richtig angenehm und an manchen Stellen sogar ziemlich heiß das man es nicht lange aushält. Hier haben wir es gute 2 Stunden verbracht, danach dann wieder trocken lassen, umgezogen und weiter ging die Fahrt. Denn der nächste Stop war die Unterkunft am Tongariro Nationalpark. Wo uns am nächsten Tage das Tongariro Alpine Crossing bevor stand. Als wir im Hostel eincheckten bekamen wir aber gleich die Mitteilungen dass, das Crossing für morgen geschlossen sei🙉 die nächste von unseren geplanten Touren wurde abgesagt, wegen zu viel Wind bis zu 100 km/h oben.Read more

  • Day19

    Huka Falls

    May 20 in New Zealand

    Nach einem etwas nervigen Vormittag (Autobatterie leer, jetzt wieder voll ^^) und einer knapp einstündigen fahrt ging es heute zu den Huka Falls. Dieser Wasserfall ist zwar nicht sonderlich hoch, mit seinen brodelnden Wassermassen aber trotzdem recht spektakuläre! 🌊 Soviel Wasser auf einmal wirkt fast schon etwas surreal 😅

  • Day56

    Aratiatia Rapids and Huka Falls

    November 10, 2016 in New Zealand

    This morning was an early start as we had to get off and head to the Aratiatia dam for half 9 in time for gates opening at 10. This is the first location from the hobbit films, outside of hobbiton, that we have been to and we were looking forward to it. For those who have seen the hobbit, we believe it is in the second movie that they are sent downstream in barrels and this is where they filmed it with a load of empty barrels.

    We got there with half an hour to spare and so checked out the two viewing points to get the beat view and shot of the Rapids. When we arrived the stream was just that, a little stream between a narrow gorge that was made up of green moss coloured rocks and jungle. We could see the dam gates in the distance and got our cameras set up along with the few other people there. The siren rang out with 10 and then 5 minutes to go and Rob had a panic when he realised his memory card as almost full and the blank one didn't want to work 😩(the panic made worse by the sound of the siren! Sounds like an air raid).

    Finally we were all ready with video and time lapse prepped and we waited. Eventually at pretty much bang on the dot the siren rang out again, this time for much longer and it felt a bit like the end of the world (the girl next to me who turned out to be American commented at this point that it kinda felt like that to her after the vote...oops!)

    Back to the amazing spectacle though! Water gushed out the gates and we all waited a good few minutes before you could begin to see it fill up a large natural pool in the distance, and then heat it as it spilled over the edge of this and down into the stream. The water just rose up and up, from a dark blue to a beautiful pale blue mixed with white water. It looked incredible and the difference a few minutes made was unreal. It was a totally different picture now and after taking plenty of photos we stood, watching and listening to the roar and imagining little dwarves inside barrels. We sat and watched as t started to go down again too, slowly returning to the little stream it once was. Very glad we made it for the dam release!

    After this we headed to Huka Falls just down the road. I remembered this from my last trip and just remember the roaring torrent of white water that seemed to charge through a natural and very thin channel between two parts of a rather gentle river. Rob was a bit surprised as for a waterfall these do appear more like rapids, but you can't help but once again be amazed by it. So incredibly loud and the colour again is just so beautiful. At the end of what appears to be Rapids, but is very shallow falls, you get the larger fall at the very end that spills out into the river downstream. This part looks a lot more like a waterfall and the power from the water is very obvious. The water here around the falls is a very pale blue and white, gradually fading in swirls into the the dark blue waters of the river.
    Rob was there with the tripod, as was another man with whom an acknowledging look of tripod nerdiness was shared (his wife also looked at me in a .... you will always be waiting for the photo kind of way lol). The photos though are so worth the nerdiness, they look great and hopefully I can put them on here soon!

    We also tried from here to get to a natural cave that we had heard about online. We found the route but it was a bit too treacherous. I got half way down some rocks where someone had secured a rope, before realising the drop down was too high to get back up for me. Rob then had a go and made it down but said the rest of the path was too dangerous so we gave it a miss. Never mind!

    Back to the van for lunch and then off to Lake Taupo for a wander around and to figure out where to stay before walking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the morning.
    Read more

  • Day10

    Craters of the Moon

    March 12, 2017 in New Zealand

    In the 1950s this area of land suddenly began to get hot and emit steam. Craters of boiling mud emerged, along with other geothermal phenomena.

    The event was triggered by the lowering of underground water pressure by a nearby geothermal power station. Superheated water rose to the surface, escaping through any vent it could find.

  • Day6

    Huka Falls: gooooodmorning!!!

    December 29, 2016 in New Zealand

    Early wake up (as usual...) and visit of Huka falls:
    220,000 litres per second!!!!! Amazing!!

    Then some shopping... :) (rugby t-shirt for the next season!!!!)

    Just one question: green mussels?!?!?!?!)

    Nice way to start a day!!!

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