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  • Day48

    Wednesday continued

    October 16, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

    Well here we are, back in Bergen at the Scandic hotel we stayed at before we left. What an amazing 12 days we had, and we are now recovering from it all being over! This morning was a little weird...we had breakfast and then had to vacate the cabins by 10. Which was not a problem, all the bags were left out in the corridor and were taken away by magic and we had to claim them when we disembarked. All is so well organised, Norwegians are a bit like Swiss and Germans, everything is worked out and runs like clockwork. After 12 days, we arrived back at Bergen at exactly 2.30pm! And we disembarked deck by deck....very orderly.

    Our journey this morning was through more interesting and scenic views - we had not seen this before as it had been nighttime as we left Bergen at 9pm. So wonderful to go through these straits of thousands of rock islands - requires excellent navigation skills and knowledge, as many submerge at high tide. As we approached Bergen we saw a very low cloud, and it obviously was raining...oh well, we thought, i has been so perfect for 12 days, we can’t complain, but by the time we actually got there, it had cleared up and we felt so good that we wheeled our bags back to the hotel rather than indulge in a taxi - we are now familiar with Bergen and there was no time constraint... and the weather has continued cloudy bright for the afternoon!

    After checking in and showering Amr and I had a lovely walk through the little streets that we hadn’t explored before and the ended up meeting Carole and John at the fish restaurant where we had had a lovely dinner before we left. Again a lovely dinner - I had mussels and scallops. Yum.

    Now back at hotel for a fairly early night as we leave by train at 7.57am for the train to Oslo. So looking forward to this train trip, reputed to be one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. The sun rises at 8.20 so I think we have maximised the daylight. Get to Oslo about 3pm. And luckily breakfast at the hotel starts at 6.30, so we can eat and leave - the train station is only about 3 minutes walk from the hotel...perfect! Tomorrow a new adventure, we spend 2 nights in Oslo, then fly to Copenhagen and have 3 nights there before heading home.
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  • Day49

    Thursday and in Oslo

    October 17, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    A big day today. Up early for breakfast (the huge hotel buffet - almost as much choice as on the ship)...and then sad farewell to Carole and John who had come down early for coffee to say goodbye. Then we walked the very short distance to the train station. The train left as scheduled at exactly 7.57, and arrived at Oslo at exactly 14.45. It was a beautiful rail journey as reputed to be. Thinking about it, I think it would be better to do it in the opposite direction as you would leave the big city, go trough the usual industrial boring bit round a city, then get into the pretty flatter, then undulating countryside and farming land that gradually turns into mountains and ending in spectacular scenery as you get to Bergen! Of course, I don’t wish we had done that because it wouldn’t have worked for us, but after 2 weeks of such amazing and spectacular scenery, it did get a bit less as we approached Oslo. And 7 hours is quite a long ride. I am still feeling the shuddering movement of the train whenever I am still...very off putting! But I don’t think I’ve done justice to the train ride. It was amazing - we climbed (though you didn’t realise it as we went) up high into the mountains beautiful panoramas, then it was very snowy and quite whited out for a while, then that gradually lessened as we descended and came into obviously more moderate terrain where there were fields, ploughed and soggy looking, and grazing animals. Very different from the totally rocky crags and water of the last 2 weeks.

    So here we are in the big city. And we have had our first - almost - Scandinavian rain. We found our hotel, very near the central station, and went walking round getting our bearings. Walked along the main pedestrian road that leads to the royal palace, surrounded by beautiful gardens, and it did start to sprinkle a eventually we went back to get umbrellas and coats, but it never became heavy, just very light drops, but you’d get damp if you didn’t have some protection. We did then go to inspect the opera house that is nearby. And it is magnificent! Very modern and angular..sloping and you can walk up the slope on the roof...very hard to describe and neither of us had our phones to take photos, and anyway the sky was all grey and it wouldn’t have been a good photo...will take some tomorrow.

    We have great plans for tomorrow - the Viking museum, the resistance museum, the Nobel museum and the sculpture gardens. Hope it is not too grey a day. We are again facing the extremely high prices here - had been insulated rather on the boat not having to buy meals etc...but we drew the line when to go to the loo at the station cost 6 kroner - that is equivalent to $3.50 - just for a pee! So we decided it was time to have a glass of wine, and use the loo there.

    We had dinner at an Italian restaurant - Olivia - the same chain where we had our first meal in Bergen! We loved the Norwegian food on the boat, but suddenly couldn’t face more fish and felt like pasta. I had ravioli with fungi and truffles, yum, and a delicious salad.

    Will put a couple of photos from the train, but not good through a window when moving...and there were many tunnels during the most spectacular times, and I took several photos of tunnel interiors, missing the moment of view! Hope I feel more normal after a night’s sleep.
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  • Day8

    On the road - leaving Brygge to Larvik

    September 7, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Wir lieben die schmalen Serpentinen Norwegens, die durch wunderschöne Landschaften führen. Wenn jetzt noch das Wetter mitspielen würde, wären wir mehr als zufrieden. Aufgewacht sind wir heute in Gudvangen am Nærøydalselvi, umgeben von Wasserfällen.Read more

  • Day5

    Olden, Norway

    July 16, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today was a day of relaxation. We went for a walk first thing in the morning before Jackson had to start work at 12. We walked to an old Church that Jackson and I had been to before but it was closed this time. It was still a good spot to sit and relax though before heading back. When we came back to the ship Ruby and I booked our spa appointment. We booked their The Perfect Day Massage Special which included a full body massage, invigorating skin brushing, Elemis touch facial, foot and ankle massage and scalp massage. Ruby says it was not as deep a massage as she likes and with mine I could not have sat through it if it was any deeper. It was a good experience though, especially with it being my first massage.
    That night it was my turn it be surprised by someone being on-board. Well we were waiting for a table to be ready in our assigned restaurant we were sitting in Brodie’s (where Jackson works). I login and check my messages and I have a message from a good friend Harry, “Dinner tonight?”. I was so confused and when I looked at Harry’s facebook profile I realized he was also on the ship as a passenger. He later told me that a restaurant manager we had run into early told him I was also on-board. Harry was my last manager on Azura before I left ships. Even though he is extremely busy when the ship is docked in Southampton, he worked in the gallery and took my shift so I could send time with Jackson before I left. Then on Jackson’s birthday he printed a birthday card I made and gave it to Jackson for me. So I am very excited to get to properly thank him for everything and catch up. We so far have just quickly said hi and chatted for a minute on our way into the show Astonishing but we’ve planned for him to come for dinner with Ruby and I on the 18th.
    Astonishing is a show performed by the Headliners Theatre company that I have always found really good. It’s a newer show with singing and dancing like always but it also incorporates magic and illusion into it as well. I told Ruby before we came on the ship that she needed to see that show and she loved it.
    The only other thing we did today other then nap was we spent a lot of time sitting on the top deck at the very back of the ship watching the ship sail through the fjords.
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  • Day7

    Some people like living high.

    March 11 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 3 °C

    An USA man came Kayaking around 1988 and saw this little farm house. He hot Kayaked back to Främ and inquired as to who owned it. No one lived there anymore, so he bought it, completely restored it, and turned it into a B&B. If you want to stay there, you have a year or two wait list. To get to it, they drop you at the edge of the fjord and you hike up. You get fed on only what the owner grows, or kills himself. But, what a view.Read more

  • Day7


    March 11 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 2 °C

    Coming into Gudvagen. We came here by bus two days ago. Viking village here that's very interesting. Guide had a wealth of information re Vikings. Tried my arm at ax throwing. Better keep away from me in the Vikings age. Would make a great shield maiden.Read more

  • Day5

    Flam & Norway in a Nutshell

    September 7, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Having traversed 128 miles of the Sognefjord during the night, we docked in Flam on schedule.
    Although we had low cloud cover on arrival, the spectacular scenery which greeted us as we approached the dock and village ticked the boxes for doing this trip.
    For me, it was a double helping of chirpyness as I also found some free wi-fi to post updates from my tablet - although Mrs H had already brought our joint followers up to speed with her 'extra time' blog updates, so it wasn't a problem going 4 days into the trip without wi-fi ☺.
    Today was another full day off the boat, taking a train and bus tour called Norway in a Nutshell.
    We started aboard the Flam Scenic Railway for one of the most picturesque train rides in Norway - the tour description was right, it was breathtaking in places but difficult to capture on camera. The train did stop at Kjosfoss Waterfall so we did get some reasonable shots of that. Then we got off at Myrdal Station and changed trains to take us to Voss for lunch.
    After another local salmon fuelled lunch we got on a bus which took us back to Flam via a seven tier waterfall at Tvinde, the serpentine bends of Stalheimskleivane and a Viking village at Gudvangen in the Naeroyfjord.
    We were back on board for our 5:30pm departure and I'm writing this update on the balcony as we sail along the fjord heading back out to the Norwegian Sea on route to our final port of call at Bergen.
    I like sailing in the fjords - they're calm!,
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  • Day25

    Sandane - Gloppen Hotel

    September 19, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Heute morgen haben wir den nördlichsten Punkt unserer Reise - Ålesund - verlassen und sind nun in Etappen unterwegs nach Bergen. Wir fuhren heute auf der E39 bis Sandane und überquerten dabei die Fjords dreimal mit einer Fähre.
    Update: unser Hotel in Sandane - Norway Classic Hotel Gloppen
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  • Day27

    Solvorn-Balestrand - Ha en strålande dag

    September 21, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Schade, dass wir heute morgen Solvorn verlassen mussten. Das Hotel Walaker war traumhaft und auch die unmittelbare Umgebung war toll (Bild 1-5 und Video). Wir sind anschliessend dem Sognefjord entlang nach Balestrand gefahren - der König der Fjorde. Für den letzten Teil mussten wir noch eine Fähre nehmen. In Balestrand übernachten wir nochmals in einem Nordic Historik Hotel bevor wir morgen Richtung Bergen weiterfahren.Read more

  • Day96

    Auf dem Weg zum Jotunheimen Nationalpark

    August 4, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Montag in aller früh vom schönsten Schlafplatz wegfahren (er war soo schön, dass wir kein Foto machen wollten), Arjen war derart „im Loch“ und durfte deswegen noch weiter „mützen“ 😉
    Frühstück gabs nach dem ersten Aussichtspunkt, sogar das Wetter spielte mit! Ca 3h später erreichten wir Bygdin, welches südöstlich des Jotunheimen Nationalparks liegt und da musste natürlich bereits der erste Berg bestiegen werden - Auf dass Arjen‘s Knie die nächsten Tage übersteht😅
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