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  • Day5

    Flam & Norway in a Nutshell

    September 7, 2017 in Norway

    Having traversed 128 miles of the Sognefjord during the night, we docked in Flam on schedule.
    Although we had low cloud cover on arrival, the spectacular scenery which greeted us as we approached the dock and village ticked the boxes for doing this trip.
    For me, it was a double helping of chirpyness as I also found some free wi-fi to post updates from my tablet - although Mrs H had already brought our joint followers up to speed with her 'extra time' blog updates, so it wasn't a problem going 4 days into the trip without wi-fi ☺.
    Today was another full day off the boat, taking a train and bus tour called Norway in a Nutshell.
    We started aboard the Flam Scenic Railway for one of the most picturesque train rides in Norway - the tour description was right, it was breathtaking in places but difficult to capture on camera. The train did stop at Kjosfoss Waterfall so we did get some reasonable shots of that. Then we got off at Myrdal Station and changed trains to take us to Voss for lunch.
    After another local salmon fuelled lunch we got on a bus which took us back to Flam via a seven tier waterfall at Tvinde, the serpentine bends of Stalheimskleivane and a Viking village at Gudvangen in the Naeroyfjord.
    We were back on board for our 5:30pm departure and I'm writing this update on the balcony as we sail along the fjord heading back out to the Norwegian Sea on route to our final port of call at Bergen.
    I like sailing in the fjords - they're calm!,
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  • Day489

    Lots of driving through fjord country today, but no world heritage sites. Norway is a very slow country for driving - there are literally no freeways. Everywhere has an 80 limit, only a few divided 4-lane roads have a 90 limit and that's it. Quite a few speed cameras too, though when your roads are winding directly around the bases of cliffs it's hard to go that fast!

    First off today we took a 2-hour detour to see a glacier - it was still quite a ways away, and it was raining heavily while we were there, but still cool to see! Not sure I've seen a glacier that close before.

    Next up was the drive to Flam, town at the end of Naeroyfjord which is the other world heritage fjord. We had the option of a 24 kilometre tunnel under the mountains, or a 2 hour route over the mountains via a road known as the Snow Road. We opted for the latter, and it lived up to its name! Quite a bit of snow piled on the road, though it was still a few degrees above zero so no ice.

    Arrived in Flam around 6pm to find the first place fully booked and the second comically expensive, so we got a cabin for two nights at a town 15 minutes up the road instead. Stayed in town for dinner where we went to a viking brewery. Our first proper experience of eating out in Norway; two tasty venison burgers and a tasting paddle of 5 small beers was 66 euros! That's about $90 AUD. Insane.
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  • Day490

    Spent today checking out the other fjord near Flam, Naeroyfjord. Not quite as spectacular, but the weather was holding which was nice. The boat cruises were really expensive, even the ferry costs quite a bit, so we decided to just drive around the edges and see what we could see.

    More lovely views, and we checked out a nearby town as well which was quite cute. Large cruise ship in port today so there were lots of pensioners wandering around taking photos with their iPads!

    But it was mostly a short day and we were back in our cabin by mid-afternoon.
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  • Day10

    Flåm - Spektakuläre Zugfahrt

    August 30, 2017 in Norway

    Herzliche Grüße an unsere treuen Fans alias Mama, Papa unsere Geschwister und Caro :D
    Gemütlich starteten wir mit Müsli und Tee in den Tag und machten uns um 11 auf den Weg zum Bahnhof.
    Eine der schönsten Zugreisen unserer Reise stand bevor. Die Bergensbanan brachte uns nach Myrdal, wo wir in die Panoramabahn in Richtung Flåm einstiegen. Atemberaubende Berge mit tosenden Wasserfällen und typisch skandinavischen Häusern ließen die Zugfahrt wie im Flug vergehen.
    Auf der Hälfte der Zugstrecke durften wir auf einer Plattform aussteigen und einen Wasserfall beobachten - auf einmal: MUSIK! Eine Frau in rotem Gewand beginnt zu tanzen. Und wir denken uns so: Was zum Teufel passiert hier? :D Eine Tanzshow mitten in den Bergen? Etwas übertrieben und sehr touristisch aber eigentlich wars ganz unterhaltsam.
    Wie auch immer... in Flåm angekommen gingen wir zum Hostel. Das Hostel ist wohl das süßeste und gemütlichste unserer Reise. In einem 300 Jahre altem, ehemaligem Bauernhaus verbringen wir nun die nächsten zwei Nächte. Stay tuned.
    Eure Flickis
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  • Day9

    Why is it snowing in June?

    June 1, 2017 in Norway

    Woke up this morning in Oslo, ate some breakfast before we went to go catch our train.

    Considering everything is in Norwegian, it was pretty easy to navigate around the city and to our train.

    The train was absolutely GORGEOUS. tons of leg room and a whole 4 seater to ourselves. So off we went to Mydral (our transfer to the Flam Rail). The first 10 minutes kaylee was already asleep. 20 Minutes into the train ride the scenery was beautiful. It looked kinda like canada with the big mountains and pine trees... and then this is what gets interesting... then all of a sudden it turned into full blown Canadian winter. The snow was at least 7 feet deep, the rivers were covered in ice sheets and we dropped about 12 degrees. Although it was beautiful (& I can say I've seen Norway in winter), I panicked a little bit. All we have are leggings, running shoes, a sweater and a wind breaker in terms of "warm" clothes. When we stepped out at Mydral, it was 6 degrees and windy. Not Canadian cold but still cold enough to not stand out side to wait for the train.

    The flam rail pulled up and i got so excited. I've been waiting for this for my whole trip. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. There are just no words or pictures that can make any of it seem as it is. It's one of those things that you need to see for yourself.

    Arriving in Flam, we checked into our hostel. It is in an old farm house with crooked floors and squeaky floors. Its cute and clean and that's all that really matters (cant be worse than the one in Mykonos or Barcelona last year). We quickly dropped off our stuff and went for a hike.

    This hike was to a huge waterfall overlooking the small city of flam. So as we got closer, we were like meh not so bad, it says it's supposed to take about 1.5-2 hours to do the hike. Then we started hiking...... STEEP UP HILL the WHOLE way. My thighs were on complete fire. My favourite part about this hike was not the end view but all the sheep we met along the way. They were so friendly (but kinda scary). They walked right up to me and were sniffing my legs.

    We managed to get to the top (probably one of the hardest hikes I've ever done). & the view wasn't even that great. 😂 We stopped by the waterfall to eat an apple before heading down. I went a little closer to sit on a little hill and as I was climbing up, I smashed my head on the tree branch & broke my sunglasses. The people behind me had a good laugh.

    When we were walking down, we saw this look out that people were standing on and taking pictures. We walked out on to it and damn that was a nice view (about half way up the mountain -.-) We took some pictures and we were on our way.

    We went to the train station where they have 4 restaurants and one store (this town is super tiny ahah) We are some fish and chips from a cafe that came with a salad and it cost us 25$ Canadian. At least it was freakin delicious. We sat out right on the fjord to eat dinner.

    I'm so in love with this place. I can see myself coming back to Norway one day .... maybe as a nurse 😉
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  • Day18

    Scenic Rail Journey

    July 21, 2017 in Norway

    Where - Flåm
    Weather - cool and overcast but no rain @ 16°C
    Steps - about 11,500 and 7km

    Flåm is a small township nestled at the end of a fjord and pretty much accessible by boat or train and the tourist choice is to do the Flåm Railway - one of the world's most scenic train journeys (at least that is what it said on the side of the train). The trip is only about 20km, takes an hour and climbs from sea level to almost 1000m through 20 tunnels.

    We stopped near the top to view a waterfall and while there, the Norwegian version of a siren or mermaid called a Hyrude made an appearance in an attempt to lure the men away to join her. Brad took a photo of her and upon close inspection I thought it was a man dressed in drag ( and apparently it was). Next stop was near the top for waffles and jam and cream before heading back to Flåm.

    As it was our last stop in Norway we needed to use up the last of our Norwegian Kroner so bought some small souvenirs - only about 10NOK left or less than $2AU

    On the ship we had booked dinner in the Culinary Arts Centre with a specialised 4 course menu where the food is prepared in front of you. It was excellent - all the dishes has so much flavour- the Masterchef judges would be impressed.

    This ends our Norwegian party of the holiday. We arrive back in Amsterdam on Sunday where we pick up the car and make our way to Berlin.
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  • Day52

    Today I made my way from Ardalstangen to Gudvangen across the Sognefjord with 2 ferries and a little bit of hitch hiking. The 3 hour ferry ride was absolutely beautiful and lead through UNESCO world heritage for its narrow fjord with steep cliffs on both sides.

    After a giant hot dog and a chocolate croissant at a small supermarket, I found myself back on the trails, happy to be moving again, and surrounded by nothing but trees, mountains and here and there a sheep, surprised about my unannounced visit :)

    It was so nice and warm all day, I was looking forward to get to three little lakes up in the mountains to set up camp at the shore and jump in to cool off. How could I forget I'm in Norway and at the end of June a 1300m high lake is still covered in ice floating around!? So no ice swimming for me today ;) But I got to cool a beer I carried up here in the ice and am enjoying it right now in the late sunshine
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  • Day53

    All in all, the day was a bit rough. I was getting tired fast, as the trail went from snow to swamps to mossy grounds, which means you sink in a bit on each step and eating up kilometers becomes an exhausting exercise. But I enjoyed being outside and getting a new view around each corner

    The highlight was a long downhill stretch on snow that I got to shoe-ski down, really fun! Back on the trail, still steep and wet from the snowmelt, unfortunately and unintentionally, I also got to mud-slide a few feet down the trail. Yes, on my bottom, not the shoes... ;-)

    Feeling dirty and wet, I decided to hike an extra hour to the next cabin to clean and dry up. By now it was raining. I got there around 8pm, only to find it closed for renovations. So I hiked to the next river and flat meadow 15 minutes up the mountain and there finally got to clean up and change into clean, dry clothes. Thank God for a hot dinner and a warm, dry sleeping bag!
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  • Day28

    Strahlender Sonnenschein empfängt uns morgens auf dem Platz. Das ideale Wetter, um ein morgentliches Bad im See zu nehmen.
    Wir bauen zeitig ab, denn wir wollen weiter. Auf der gut zu fahrenden E16 geht es nach Nordosten. Die Berge werden höher und steiler. Wir fahren durch tiefe Schluchten, an spiegelglatten Seen vorbei, sehen Wasserfälle und viele lange Tunnel. Am frühen Nachmittag erreichen wir Flåm und ergattern auf dem stark frequentierten Campingplatz noch einen ganz passablen Stellplatz. Schnell wurden Tickets geordert für den gleichen Tag und nach einem einfachen Mittagessen aus unseren mitgebrachten Beständen war es Zeit, sich zum Bahnhof zu begeben.
    Mit dem Zug fuhren wir die 20 km zum auf 866m Höhe gelegenen Myrdal und zurück. Eine sehr schöne Strecke bei suboptimalem Wetter. Kurz vor der Endstation hält der Zug am Kjosfossen, wo für fünf Minuten ein skuriles Treiben stattfindet. Die Zugladung voll Touristen knipst Selfies mit Wasserfall während eine Bergjungfrau in dem mystischen Nebel des Wasserfalls tänzerische Bewegungen vollführt. Das Ende dieses kleinen Spektakels kündigt auch gleich die Abfahrbereitschaft des Zuges an und so ist es kein Problem, die Touristen folgsam in den Zug zurückzugeleiten.
    Auf der Rückfahrt nahm dann der Regen stetig zu und blieb uns leider auch übernacht erhalten.

    Tageskilometer: 151 km
    Gesamtkilometer: 2129 km
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  • Day13

    Da wir zum Sonnenaufgang wach sind, entschließen wir uns, ohne Frühstück loszufahren. Belohnt werden wir mit einer leeren Passstraße und tollen Aussichten.

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