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  • Day174

    On the road

    February 19 in Oman

    There's always a lot going on in our everyday life as cyclists in Oman, here are a few things:

    Omanis love huge cars, their SUV's and pickups can't be big enough and they love to slow down next to us, do some smalltalk, invite us to their homes (not always seriously.. it's more their kind of 'Taruf') and pull their smartphone to take videos and photographs. And, they love to not leave their cars and if so, they keep it switched on to keep the AC running. Must be a habit coming from the incredible hot summers.. Whenever we sit in a restaurant or coffee shop, they stop in front of it, start honking and wait for the waitstaff to come and place their takeaway order. By the way, we've never seen a woman working in a restaurant nor an Omani woman eating there with her family. Fathers sometimes come with their kids, but it's absolutely a male domain.

    And while we're writing about restaurants, there is something more: In the non-touristy restaurants, cutlery is taboo. You get some nice, warm, fresh, greasy bread and grab your lentils, beans and other veggies with that, yummy! And for some reason, compared to our, other tables always look like a mess after the Omanis finished their meals, maybe they should introduce some tools..

    Whenever we enter an Omani house, hotel or something, it is likely to happen that we end up in an intense fume. Burning incense that is made from myrrh is an old tradition and the Omanis like to hold their headgear above it and quickly put it back on their head then, or, more astonishing, put it between their feet, standing above and waiting for the fume to fill their Thawb :)
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  • Day162


    February 7 in Oman

    At least since the lift we were given halfway up to the Jebel Shams, the madness of this road was on our minds. The last 18km up there took the whole day and we found a perfect camp spot 50m from the rim just before dawn.

    No motion was possible the next day, so our only moves were to the rim and to collect firewood. Luckily, we carried enough provisions so that we could delay our canyon hike and the downhill run to the day after..Read more

  • Day176

    Wadi Bani Khalid

    February 21 in Oman

    There is only one road and to get there you have to climb a super steep, 18% average ascent for about 3km. And you have to do it twice (if you not decide to stay in the Wadi for the rest of your life) because the mountain ridge simply is 'standing in the way'.

    It's great that the Omanis take it easy with us, so that we could pitch our tent 20 meters from the natural pools. Although this site is being overrun with tourists doing a daytrip from Muscat every noon, we had a quiet, refreshing and relaxing time - there's nobody in the mornings and people disappear quickly in the afternoon to see the sunset in the Wahibah Sands. Perfect for us and we decided to stay another night to enjoy the pearl of beauty.Read more

  • Day186

    Coastal remoteness

    March 3 in Oman

    Oman has an almost endless coastline, more than 3000(!)km, and there are just 4 million people living in this country. Not surprisingly, we encountered only very few people and cars, most of them fishermen or fishermen in their pickups with huge ice boxes full of fish on their truck beds.

    Fishing is an important income source for the Omanis, they fish with bow nets and small boats along the coast or traditional dhows a bit further out. We've heard that the fishing grounds are rich and the way they fish is still away from industrial exploitation. Fingers crossed that industrial fishery doesn't take over. But we've passed a few construction sites around Al Duqm where a large fishing port and infrastructure is being built...

    And in a newly opened museum in the Mirbat fort we recently learned that Oman is still catching sharks for their fins. 'The demand from Far East is increasing' it says. Cruel.

    It's been getting hot and hotter these days so we've celebrated every tree or shelter that would give some shade with a nourishing break (we've started cooking pancakes from mashed bananas, eggs and oats, cinnamon and peanut butter on top, yummy!) underneath. Otherwise, a jump into the crystal clear waters is the only way to cool down (a bit).
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  • Day195

    Salalah comes closer

    March 12 in Oman

    White powder beaches, turquoise waters, coconut palms, banana and papaya trees - cycling to Salalah felt like a tropical dream and we could have spent so much more time there.

    No wonder that tourism is developing and some luxury resorts, or 'Western Tourist Villages' opened their doors in the recent years. We smuggled ourselves into one of them and were a bit surprised to see cocktails being shaken in the beach bars and people walking around in swimming wear :) It felt like entering back into Oman after leaving the village.Read more

  • Day12

    Muscat, Oman

    January 4, 2017 in Oman

    Although Oman wasn't initially in our travel plans we added it in to make a pitstop to visit our friend Mohamed who lives there. Mohamed and Rupal met in Poland when Rupal was living there and have kept in touch over the last four years.

    Mohamed welcomed us openly to visit his hometown of Muscat and had many activities planned for us. Our favorite was visiting Wadi Shab a valley within the mountainous terrain about 2 hours outside of Muscat. The scenery there was beautiful and the water cave we walked for an hour to was well worth it! We had fun swimming and cliff jumping in the cave where the reflecting light made the water so clear and blue. We didn't realize Oman had such natural beauty and can't wait to go back to explore more!

    We also enjoyed the hospitality of Mohamed and his friends who made us feel at home while we were there. We had a fun BBQ on the beach where we drank beers and grilled meat and fish to eat with pita and hummus; it was delicious!

    Although our time was short, we also managed to visit the The Royal Opera House of Oman which is a beautiful made building with precise detail carved in wood and marble, got to stroll the marina where we walked through the old souk and saw the king's 2 massive yachts and even enjoyed a pretty sunset on the beach.

    Just like many people we didn't know much about Oman but thanks to Mohamed we were introduced to a gem of a country that we know we'll visit again in the future!
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  • Day93

    Muscat - Jeeptour zur Oase

    April 8, 2017 in Oman

    Heute morgen sind wir im Oman angekommen.

    Mittels Jeep ging es zuerst über die Autobahn in Richtung Landesinnere. Nach ca 1h sind wir dann auf den Pannenstreifen gefahren, rechts neben die Leitplanke und rein ins Gelände. 😂
    Und nein es gab hier keine Abfahrt. Das war irgendwie eigenartig. 😅

    Nachdem wir die wunderschöne Landschaft betrachten konnten und kräftig durchgeschüttelt waren haben wir ein Dorf mitten im Nirgendwo besucht. Sehr einfache Verhältnisse, aber man hatte nicht das Gefühl dass die Menschen hier Arm wären. 😊

    Danach ging es weiter zu einem kleinen Fluss, wo wir unser Mittagessen bekommen haben, und etwas Schwimmen konnten. Das kam uns gerade recht, immerhin hatte es draußen 38 Grad, im Schatten versteht sich. 😊
    Das Mittagessen haben wir übrigens zusammen mit einer Horde Ziegen gegessen, die zwischendurch immer ganz unauffällig die Lunchboxen durchstöbert haben. 😂

    Die Einheimischen waren ganz verblüfft, immerhin sind diese Frühlingstemperaturen für sie sehr angenehm. Unser Fahrer hat uns dann erzählt, dass man im Hochommer mit ca 50° Celsius rechnen muss! 🤤 Das wäre dann sogar für die Einheimischen unerträglich. 😂
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  • Day93

    Muscat - Damm

    April 8, 2017 in Oman

    Nach der Abkühlung ging es weiter zu einem Stausee, wo wir im Schatten der Palmen eine dreiviertel Stunde die Landschaft genießen konnten. 😊

    Die 1 1/2 Stündige Fahrt zurück zum Schiff verging nahezu wie im Flug. Nächster Halt, Salalah! 😊

  • Day95

    Salalah - Wassergeysir

    April 10, 2017 in Oman

    Den kurzen Aufenthalt in Salalah haben wir mit einem Ausflug zu den Wassergeysiren verbracht.

    Leider war die See so ruhig, das es eher Blaslöcher waren. Mehr als ein fauchen haben wir nicht erlebt. Die Landschaft hingegen war sehr schön, auch der Strand war atemberaubend. 😁 Nahezu weißer Sand und türkises Wasser. Wer hätte gedacht dass der Oman so schön ist? 😊

    Danach ging es durchs Land zu einer berühmten Grabstätte.Read more

  • Day2

    Flug FRA - MCT

    February 7, 2017 in Oman

    Wir sitzen im Flieger! Juhu! Julien freut sich sehr über die tollen Bildschirme an jedem Sitz und noch mehr über die große Filmauswahl. Doch das Glück ist nur von kurzer Dauer, denn beim Zurücklehnen merkt er, dass sein Sitz nicht in aufrechter Position bleiben kann. Wir müssen wechseln - an sich ja kein Problem - aber oh Schreck, hier funktioniert Juliens Touch-Panel nicht. Er sieht aus als ob er gleich anfängt zu weinen. 🙈
    Zum Glück gibt es auch eine Fernbedienung zum Steuern, der Flug ist gerettet! Im Endeffekt schauen wir aber gar nicht viel an, weil wir einfach zu müde sind. Während ich "nur" eine 40 minütige Doku über das Taj Mahal schaffe, schaut Julien sogar einen ganzen Film. Dann schlafen wir beide mehr oder weniger. Als wir aufwachen, sieht man die Sonne aufgehen, wir sind schon über Oman und setzen zur Landung an 🛬🇴🇲
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