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  • Day1

    Buffet 101 with the Millers

    February 24, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅

    Bernie picked us up from the airport and we got our first taste of Manila traffic on the way to the Buffet 101 restaurant at Manila bay.

    We ended up driving around for about 30 minutes to get a parking space, passing by at least 10 parking garages because Bernie didn't fancy to wait in a queue. I totally get the frustration of waiting in a queue but sometimes its just quicker to be patient and get into the queue than drive around for hours looking for a parking space.

    The restaurant offers 101 different dishes, I must say it quite intimidating walking around the buffet as there is just so many choices.

    Bernie and Mellany have 3 beautiful daughters, a one month old baby (Marian Bella), 10 year old (Shania Marie) and 15 year old (Riane). Shania Marie is clearly to wise for her size (in afrikaans we will call her "'n snip"), she does not stop talking for a second, while we enjoyed her she is clearly the bane of poor Riane's existence when she bulbs out things like, "she has a boyfriend and my dad don't like that." Riane is clearly at that age where she has a lot going on outside her family and that her dad who moved back home after 10 years away, actually cramps her style. I can't help think how hard it must be to be a dad of a teenage daughter.

    It was wonderful to experience their family dynamics and to spend time with the Miller's.

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  • Day2

    Daytrip in Daranak Falls

    February 1, 2014 on the Philippines ⋅

    Daranak Falls is located in Tanay, one of beautiful towns in Rizal. It was an unplanned trip when I went there and never did I thought that I will be seeing a very nice place. Known as a rock balance formation area in the country, you will be amazed as well with the beauty its falls has to offer. Just be ready with the "not so good" road trip just to see the falls but overall, my friends and i had fun when we reached the destination 😉Read more

  • Day1

    ... in Baras, Rizal

    February 12, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅


    This was my very first 7km distance run and it's a trail run. I was excited and scared at the same time. During the briefing before the race starts the emcee announced that the first 3kms would be all uphill and boy they were not kidding!

    As usual for the first 15 minutes I was already panting heavily and can no longer run. I started walking but i didnt feel like i needed to rest so i kept going. I would constantly assess my body for any feeling of dizziness, chest pain or anything bad, thankfully I felt okay and despite the heavy breathing my body wasnt tired so i pushed myself. If my partner didnt stop for water i still would not have rested. I didnt want to go on alone for fear of getting lost.

    Along the way i loved the greetings fellow runners would give us as they run the other way and even their encouragements. It keeps me going and enjoy the activity more.

    When we reached the top also the 3.5 km mark the panting was all worth it. The view was so refreshing it reminded me again why i joined the race. It was also very windy that i was afraid i would be blown away!

    Going back i knew it was my chance to make up for the time i spent walking. I started running. Everytime i see people ahead i would say to myself im going to pass them and i would until i reached the finish line!

    I felt very proud when they cheer us going to the finish line. And i was so fulfilled when the medal was put around my neck by one of the organizers and pointed us to claim our finisher shirt. I wanted so bad to deserve that tshirt and i did it!

    My goal for this race is to finish it in under two hours. I finished it in 2 hours! But if i have to take away the time i spent in photoshoot that would be around 25 minutes so i could have finished it in 1 hour and 35 minutes! It would have been awesome but then again i was there also to enjoy mother nature and without it i dont think the fun would be complete.
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  • Day134

    Day 134: Back to Manila

    October 27, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅

    Time to leave the bustle and cosmopolitanism of Hong Kong for the crumbling concrete canyons of Manila. Due to flight prices for our next destination (Palawan), we've decided to basically spend the entire weekend holed up in Manila catching up on work and stuff.

    So after our last hotel breakfast, we spent a bit more time before heading for the airport. Enjoyed Hong Kong's transport system one more time by catching the MTR then the Airport Express - about 35 minutes from our hotel door to the airport terminal which was pretty great.

    It's a huge airport so we took a while getting to the gate but as usual we had plenty of time left. One last fill of baked goods for lunch before our flight took off on the now-standard uneventful journey. Grabbed an Uber when arriving which was a bit difficult to find since we arrived at terminal 3 - way larger than terminal 4 but eventually we tracked him down and hopped in.

    The ride took ages like usual because of Manila traffic - it's honestly amazing how bad it is. According to our driver, Uber and Grab are a big part of the problem because they offer really low interest, low deposit loans to new drivers. So you basically get a new car and a new job, though obviously a big chunk of your profit goes to Uber/Grab. Obviously that sucks, though if you ask me the disregard for the road rules and a total lack of infrastructure are probably bigger problems!

    Our hotel this time was in Makati, a slightly more modern district to the south-east of the old town, and one of the main commercial areas of Manila. Unfortunately for us we were staying right in the middle of the red-light district, so surrounding us on all sides were go-go bars, "massage" parlours, hookers and Western sex tourists. Alas.

    Checked in and retreated to our room to rest up for a bit. Wandered out for dinner to a Mexican place a couple of blocks away which was highly rated on Foursquare. Tasty food though the service was a bit crap. Back to the room for an early night, though I stayed up a bit late playing video games - I've just bought Civilization VI and am keen to really sink my teeth into it. Hard to believe I've been playing this series of games since the early 90s!
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  • Day135

    Day 135: Gaming in Manila

    October 28, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅

    Did very little today, as was the plan. Hotel breakfast was in the 24-hour sports bar downstairs (very weird feeling considering there's pounding music and black-lighting while you're eating your omelette), then headed back upstairs. I did some washing since we were woefully behind, and in the 50 metres between the hotel and the laundry I got solicited by three taxi drivers, one prostitute, a guy selling fake Ray-Bans and another guy selling fake Nikes. I hate this city.

    Went to a fancy hipster coffee shop nearby for lunch which was very good though pricey - but the apple pie we had afterwards was excellent! Unfortunately their internet connection sucked so our plans of relaxing there for a couple of hours were dashed. Back to the room where we stayed for the day, Shandos working and dozing and me playing games.

    In the evening we went to a Korean restaurant around the corner which was nice. I don't eat Korean that often as it isn't really my favourite cuisine, but the food here was good.
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