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  • Day11

    Island fun

    November 10 on the Philippines

    Today was our fun day out on the scooter.

    Firstly we spent the morning attempting our visas again but once again the WiFi was so terrible we couldn't finish it so we went to the local photo shop to get all our photos and printouts sorted in prep instead. Hopefully once we finally get some WiFi we can get this sorted!

    Then we finally got on with our day. First stop Aninipot Kamp to see the Hobbit homes. When looking at accomodation I found these hobbit homes and they looked absolutely adorable but they were in the middle of nowhere and hard to get to without your own mode of transport. To be honest I'm glad I didn't stay there but it was still very fun to visit.

    Next stop was Mount Bandilan which had a viewing tower. It was only a short 15 mins trek up steps so very easy. To be honest the "view" was pretty rubbish, but hey if you're in the area it doesn't take time out to do it.

    Next, Cambugahay Falls. Although not as impressive as Kawasan Waterfalls near Moalboal, it was still very fun to and refreshing in the turquoise waters. Upon leaving we went to San Isidro Labrador Church which was actually under reconstruction.

    The Balete tree was next but we didn't stop as the gimmick was basically to bathe your feet and let the fishes nibble at your feet under the Banyon tree. Not worth the hassle.

    Our final stop for the day was Paliton Beach. We were hoping to do a bit of snorkeling here but the water was so shallow it wasn't really worth it so while Will attempted it I just chilled out, writing my blog and people watching. At one point a local came over and laid 3 starfish on the sand beside me. After a few quick photos I put them safely back in the water. Paliton Beach is famous for its sunsets and although it was very cloudy, it really added to the drama of the sunset. It was so peaceful to just sit and watch the darkness come in.

    For dinner we met Shannon at Baha bar which had a really lovely romantic atmosphere with an acoustic band in the background. We all caught up on our past few days. I had grilled Marlin and Will had Ceviche. My dinner was unbelievably tiny, especially as we hadn't had any lunch. Luckily Shannon came prepared and gave me some of her local bakery goods. It's a moon shaped biscuit that has the texture of a scone and it was sooo yummy!

    For desert Will finally ordered his long awaited Ice cream Sundae. Since we have been away he has been craving it! But... they sold out of ice cream. What a disaster!! So we decided to head to the bakery Shannon went to instead. Now obviously we are pretty risk averse but on this occasion we decided to risk it. We didn't want Shannon to walk so we had 3 of us on the bike. And actually it was fine! Will has now done the proper South East Asian thing of having too many people on a bike haha But... when we got to the bakery it was also closed! We finally found an open one and grabbed a few treats.

    Will then took Shannon back to her homestay and I just waited at the bakery. When we arrived back at the homestay we decided to attempt our visa again. It wasn't meant to be and the worse part was that we forgot to eat our baked goodies! Ah well breakfast it is 😂

    It was such a fun day!
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  • Day9

    Whale Sharks and Siquijor (Paradise)

    November 8 on the Philippines

    It was a super early start, we had to be in the reception for 5:30am ready for our snorkel with Whale Sharks. I must admit I woke up at about 4am in absolute fear of what we were about to do and I couldn't get back to sleep. In all honestly doing this was all very last minute and I hadn't actually done any research about it but we had heard it was quite fun so thought we might as well.

    By 6am we were being taken towards the shore and we realised it was unbelievably busy. Luckily our guide brought us through quite quickly and by 6:30am we were kitted up and on the boat. The boats only had to go out 200m and we began to see the sharks. Wow... Not even thinking about how nervous I was I jumped in. My confidence in these things are definitely growing! Would never had done something like this before. As soon as I got into the water a huge shark was about a meter infront of me and instead of panicking I was completely in awe of this gigantic creature. It was stunning and soo much bigger than I expected. At one point I was out of the water emptying water from my snorkel when all of a sudden I felt like I was in Jaws. All you could see was the top fun of the shark and I had to quickly duck my head under to check its direction. It was so much fun. We are pretty beginner at using our go pro still but we do have some footage that I will eventually convert into stills.

    I came out realising how incredibly privileged I am to have had the opportunity to come to this incredible country and see these beautiful creatures over the last few days. Just wow.

    For those environmentalists out there we have been doing research about swimming with the Whale Sharks and to be honest there is quite a lot of contraversy. Unfortunately the whale sharks are fed here which is why they can be so precise with the timings and they are fed all year round obviously this is not nature's way and so there is a lot of worry that this is making the animals dependant on human feeding and therefore impacting others down the chain. I must admit that this is very worrying as these animals are so immense and beautiful. I'm glad I had the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures but I'm not happy about its potential impact on the environment in the sake of tourism.

    After we boarded back on land we walked back to the hotel, showered, changed, packed, went for breakfast at a local restaurant where we noticed all the boat guides went and began our journey to paradise.

    The journey took about 3 hours and then half an hour on a tricycle but wow it was worth it. We booked out accomodation very last minute and as it had no reviews we were a bit worried, but wow wow wow. The room itself was basic but a very cute attic room, but the surrounding grounds were beautiful. Gorgeous palm trees, pebbled and grass areas, 2 sun loungers, bamboo hut seating areas and Will's absolute highlight, hammocks! We put our things down and he was the first to jump into the hammock. So happy in fact that I decided to sneak off to speak the owner, Cheryl, about getting Will a birthday cake. Let's be honest it's not a true birthday without cake, so fingers crossed one comes later for him!

    We went to a restaurant recommended by Cheryl and it was really homey local food. Just what we needed. Then we went back to paradise, freshened up, finished up the blog and watched a beautiful sunset.

    In the evening Cheryl and her son, Kirby, put on a little birthday party for a Will and it was super sweet!
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  • Day10

    Well we can't always have fun...

    November 9 on the Philippines

    Although in paradise unfortunately life still happens so today we were in need of doing our washing and also our visa for our final destination, India. We are hoping to spend our last two months in India!!

    It was a very slow morning consisting of a lie in, porridge that we had been carrying and birthday cake for breakfast, doing a lot of washing in a bucket and attempting to do our India e-visa with horrifically slow Internet. The Internet was so bad that we went to the local restaurant instead to use their, slightly better, WiFi. We attempted to do the visa but unfortunately didn't get it all done, but hopefully now have all the info we need to be able to do it, so that is now tomorrow's problem.

    The main reason we didn't get it done was I was feeling pretty rotten and had to go back to our homestay. I ended up spending the little time we had left of daylight in bed resting and trying to rid of my fever and achey body. Typical! Just as we arrive in paradise too. Hopefully I'm better tomorrow.

    In the evening Will went out and brought back pizza's for us both and we sat watching Okja on Netflix which was just what the doctor ordered.
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  • Day12

    Old Balete Tree, Siquijor

    April 19, 2017 on the Philippines

    An old tree (it is believed to be more than 1300 years old) with a natural fresh water spring under its roots. To collect the water a basin was installed and doctor fishes were stocked there. Now you can have a free fish spa there as the fishes nibble your dead skin from your feet

  • Day92

    26.-27.11.2016 - Siquijor

    November 23, 2016 on the Philippines

    Wie scho erwähnt, hani am Samstig mit de Sandra abgmacht und ere Kollegin vo Ihre de Andrea zum dInsle Siquijor zeme bereise. So hend mir oiis bezyte am Morge ade Fähralegestell in Dumaquete troffe. Bi brüehender Hitz sind mir den ide Warteschlange agstande, seeehr langsam isches vorwärts gange, keis Wunder mer het au sin halbe Lebeslauf messe ageh bim Ticketschalter.. Dank Connections wiiter vorne ide Schlange hend mir den gad na die letschte drüü Tickets ergatteret für uf dMittagsfähre😊😉 natürli hend ned alli so Froid gha, aber mir sind froh gsi😉

    Nachdem mir uf Siquijior acho siind, hemr oiis sofort Roller gmietet und sind mit oisne Rucksäck um d' Insle cruised zum e passendii Unterkunft zfiinde.

    Am nöchste Tag hend mir oiis den ufgmacht zum dInsle entdecke mitm Roller.

    Da ich mich scho am Vortag ned richtig wohl gfühlt ha und sochlii komischii Grippesyptom gha ha scho die vergangene Täg, hend bi mir chlii dAlarmglocke glüütet dassi allefalls Malaria oder Dengue Fieber chent igfange ha. (beides wird übertreit dur Mosquitos und isch verbreitet in Kambodscha und de Philippine, au wenn sRisiko ned so gross isch)
    Drum hani mi den, wo sich die andere zwei Ladies uf zum Strand ufgmacht hend, in einzige Ort ufgmacht uf de Insle mitme Spital.. Eich nur zum DBluetwert checke und zum sichergah dassi ned infiziert bii mit eim vo dene Vire. 😁😁
    Nachdem uf de Notufnahm mini Wert teschted worde sind, hends mii ufgrund vo Verdacht uf Dengue sofort und wükii sofort uf die nöchscht und letscht Fähre zAbig am 6ii verwiise zum uf Dumaquete retour zgah und den in Spital wil sie die nötig medizinisch Versorgig ned heged.

    Ich ha den eich gfunde langed doch au am nechste Tag wil i ha ja ussert mim Roller nur en Schal, chli Geld und Kreditkarte debii gha ha😁 aber sie hend gfunde neii ufgrund vode Wert messi sofort in Spital, so binii sogar per Chrankeauto🙈🙈direkt an Fähraleger bracht worde und behandlet worde winä Schwerstchrankii obwohls mir eich ned sooo schlecht gange isch..ha au na messe epis unterschriibe, dass wenn uf de Überfahrt was setti sii, sie lediglichii Verantwortig ablehned😄🙈

    Fortsetziig folgt im nöchstee Bitrag.. uf jedefall hanii drum vode Insle Siquijor neme viiel meh gseh, leider.
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  • Day152


    March 9 on the Philippines

    Von Bohol aus ging es mit einer bequemen Fähre in knapp 2 Stunden auf die Insel Siquijor. Hier sind Rike und ich in einem Resort mit 12-Bett Zimmer, das an einem wunderschönen Strand liegt. Der Schönste, den ich bis jetzt auf den Philippinen gesehen habe. Am ersten Tag auf der Insel lernen wir Cat aus England kennen. Zusammen mieten wir Scooter und fahren zum größten Wasserfall Siquijors. Auch hier ist das Wasser wunderschön türkis. Leider ist es auch sehr touristisch; man bezahlt eine Parkgebühr und wenn man nicht frühzeitig einschreitet, passt jemand für Bezahlung auf deine Sachen auf während du schwimmst.

    Am nächsten Tag sind Rike und Cat zu einem Schnorcheltrip aufgebrochen. Ich habe mit dem Scooter weiter die Insel erkundet. Für viele Philippinos gilt Siquijor als Hexeninsel. Manche raten einem sogar davon ab auf die Insel zu fahren und Einheimischen dort die Hände zu schütteln. Ich habe einen verwunschenen Baum besucht, bei dem man auch ein gratis Fish-Spa bekommen kann. Dort kann man auch eine Love Potion kaufen, die Glück bringen soll. Danach war ich bei noch einem Wasserfall, einem Friedhof (hier werden Gräber überirdisch übereinander gebaut!) und bin dann ins Landesinnere, in die Berge gefahren. Leider habe ich nirgendwo einen Heiler getroffen. Gespräche mit diesen traditionellen „Ärzten“ sollen sehr interessant sein. Dafür wurde ich mit tollen Aussichten über die Insel entschädigt.
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  • Day104

    Siquijor, Philippinen

    December 26, 2016 on the Philippines

    Die Voodooinsel....bis auf einen souvenirstand mit Liebestrank und Voodoopuppen war von Voodoo leider nichts zu sehen, die Insel war trotzdem sehr cool! Wir haben uns zwei halbautomatische Mopeds geliehen und sind über die Insel gebrettert...ein Wasserfall war mega cool. Es gab Lianen zum reinschwingen und man konnte vom Wasserfall aus ins Wasser springen. Unser Hostel war etwas merkwürdig da es aussah als wäre hier vor 50 Jahren mal was los gewesen und seitdem wurde nichts mehr daran gemacht...bisschen wie in Tschernobyl :D dafür war das hotelrestaurant ziemlich lecker und die Angestellten sehr nett...beim rumcruisen haben wir noch den bale tree entdeckt, der älteste und größte Baum auf der Insel! Das coole daean war aber dass es davor ein Fischbecken mit diesen Hautknabberfischen gab und das ganze für fast umsonst...der Tourismus hat hier halt noch nicht wirklich Einkehr genommen!Read more

  • Day249

    Alle kleuren van de regenboog

    April 22, 2016 on the Philippines

    Siquijor vinden we geweldig. Een prachtig groen eilandje met waanzinnig mooie sunsets en sunrises waar de mensen je enthousiast begroeten en zwaaien als je voorbij scootert.. Wie vindt dit nou níet geweldig?

    Tja ehm, niemand dus. Dat blijkt, want we kunnen nergens een betaalbaar hostel vinden voor meer dan één nacht. Uiteindelijk rijden we in het holst van de nacht (onze cheapie ferry arriveert om 1u 's nachts..) het halve eiland rond naar de rustige oostkust. De volgende ochtend verlaten we ons hotelletje al weer voor ons volgende adres. Een bliksembezoekje, al kom ik die ochtend nog wel even mijn bed uit voor de zonsopgang. Het was het vroege opstaan meer dan waard.

    Siquijor is een klein eilandje voor de kust van Negros, een van de grotere eilanden van de Visayas. Siquijor wordt ook wel het hekseneiland genoemd, van oudsher wordt het eilandje in verband gebracht met magie en tovenarij, maar ook vandaag de dag nog vinden er ceremonies plaats. Het schijnt dat bijgelovige Filippinos om deze reden liever niet op het eiland overnachten.. En dan is het ook nog eens volle maan tijdens ons bezoek, hmm.

    Goed, Siquijor. De volgende dag huren we een scootertje om het eiland te ontdekken. Beter wordt het niet. We geven de lokale keuken nog een kans en eten voor nop bij een Carinderia, een local restaurantje waar de potten en pannen op de toonbank staan (zelfs de groenten bevatten dikke chunks bacon!), en regelen alvast ferry tickets voor de volgende dag. Dan rijden we het binnenland in, op naar mooie uitkijkpunten over het bergachtige, groene hart van het eiland. Onverwacht blijkt niet de natuur maar de mensen de attractie. De mensen hier zijn geweldig! Mensen zwaaien en roepen 'amigooo!' als we langsrijden. We worden kortom, als helden onthaald terwijl ze hier toch echt wel gewend zijn aan toeristen. Zo leuk!

    We rijden naar de Cambugahay watervallen. Als we er bijna zijn gaan we onderuit met de scooter op een steil stukje waar aan de weg gewerkt wordt. Shit, dat is de eerste keer. Even schrikken maar er is niets aan de hand, we reden gelukkig maar zachtjes. Ondanks dat de watervallen heerlijk zijn met het warme weer blijven we maar kort. Over een uur gaat de zon onder en dat spektakel willen we niet missen. Gelukkig maar, want wat is het ongelofelijk mooi! Het is alsof we naar een schilderij kijken, zo kleurrijk is de hemel. Nog nooit hebben we een zonsondergang gezien die zo blauw, rood en geel is.

    De volgende dag besteden we onze laatste uurtjes op het eiland aan zonnen op het strand. Ik slaag erin een mooi rood kleurtje te scoren. Oeps, ik dacht dat ik dat stadium nu wel voorbij was. Haha!
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