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  • Day9

    Euro5000: Zaragoza to Pamplona

    September 15, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    European5000 - Stage 9: Boys and their toys desert-drive in 30 degrees! Wonderful scenery, and loads of dust(-eaters)... Rainy mountain drive towards Pamplona, city of bulls, bites and beers! 🌵 🍺 🥘 🐮 #Euro5000 #TeamPetitBateau #PetitBateau #LittleHangoverToday #BoysAndTheirToys #UpToFranceAgain #E38 #728Read more

  • Day35

    Festungsstadt Pamplona

    October 7, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Auf unserem Weg Richtung Küste haben wir eine Nacht in Pamplona verbracht. Im 16. Jahrhundert wurde Pamplona zu einer Festungsstadt ausgebaut, um den Norden Spaniens zu verteidigen. Noch heute sind große Teile der Festungsanlage erhalten, welche der Stadt einen ziemlich rustikalen Charme verleihen...Read more

  • Day184

    Camino Frances 2

    July 30, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Nachdem ich in der Abtei in Roncesvalles wirklich gut geschlafen habe, war dort gestern Morgen um 6 Uhr kollektives Wecken angesagt - mit Kirchenmusik (was sonst 😉).
    Da ich es nicht so eilig hatte, wie einige andere (überwiegend asiatische) Pilger, habe ich mir Zeit gelassen und bin erst 7:15 Uhr aufgebrochen. 22 km später bin ich in dem kleinen Ort Zubiri angekommen. Der Weg dorthin war sehr angenehm, denn es ging immer mal bergauf und bergab und ein Großteil der Zeit ist man durch Wälder gelaufen. Auch das Wetter hat super mitgespielt, genau wie heute.
    Von Zubiri bin ich heute ebenfalls wieder ca. 22 km bis Pamplona gelaufen und war bereits kurz nach 13 Uhr an der Herberge "Casa Paderborn". Die Herberge wird von deutschen Freiwilligen geführt und ist aufgrund der Städtepartnerschaft zwischen Pamplona und Paderborn entstanden.
    Nach einer kurzen Pause für die Füße, habe ich noch eine kleine Runde durch die Stadt gedreht.
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  • Day115


    June 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Pamplona...WOW! We arrived into the old city around noon today just as our albergue was opening. We are staying at de Jesús y María, and I’m residing on the top bunk again (I think I am getting better at it 🙂). Our albergue is in the old town, so it was easy to spend the afternoon/evening exploring the streets and plazas. I think a person could spend days winding around the narrow streets, nooks and crannies of this city.

    What was amazing to us was how many people we ran into that we had already met earlier on this journey...Noel, David, Helene, Ariel, Nadia and her husband, etc. Our Camino family seems to be forming.

    Alan couldn’t get enough of the octopus tapas here, whereas I was thrilled to find out that KitKats here are just like the ones in Canada...WAY better chocolate 🍫!

    We have found the local people to be so kind everywhere, and two times today we had people show us the way to go when they saw us struggling.

    Tomorrow, we head to Puenta la Reina...about 14 miles. No blisters, yet, knock on wood...just tired legs and shoulders.
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  • Day9

    Pamplona to Puente la Reina

    April 28, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Hey everyone! Thank you again for dropping by. I left Pamplona this morning around 8am with a group of people from last night. It didn’t take long to get separated however, as everyone walks at their own pace. I ended up walking the first few hours by myself and managed to lose my walking stick when I stopped to get a water refill and got distracted by a dog and left my stick. I didn’t realize it until a half hour later and I wasn’t going back to get it. Ugh. But, I am fine without it and it was always in the way when I was taking photos anyway. I stopped the small town of Zariquiegui which is the home of Iglesia de San Andres which is a 13th century church of which I have included photos of. And, it was in a scene of “The Way” ....a movie starring Martin Sheen about this trip. I ran into Elaine (Phoenix) and Anastasia (the young Russian girl). We got some lunch at a local cafe here...Coffe con leche’, orange juice and a banana for me. We climbed the Alto de Perdon which is at the top of a mountain with the wind turbines....which was a real bitch while humping a pack. And as much of a bitch going down the other side. I also ran into a girl that I met in Zubiri...a police officer from Brisbane Australia who has a thick accent much like Crocidle Dundee. I was looking down, fixing my pack when I heard “ Oh’s my American paramedic friend”. She gave me some chocolate for energy for the trip over the top of the mountain...hikers are so good to each other on this trip. I lost touch with them all by early afternoon and met up with a young Italian guy who was struggling with a shin splint so we walked I was hurting as well... for the last few miles into Puente la Reina. I am at an albergue tonight on the edge of town located at the top of a huge hill...just what I needed at the end of a long day...but it is $14.50 for the enough for a bed and a shower, oh and a little bar. The place is a 100 bed albergue. I arrived at 5 pm and I was placed in a 4 bed room with Anastasia and Elaine...completely by chance....go figure! We lose Anastasia tomorrow as she is going further than the rest of us...the way it is on the trail. That’s it for now...hope everyone is well!Read more

  • Day13

    Peaceful day in Pamplona

    September 4, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We got up late today - I couldn’t get to sleep for ages last night, was so excited....seems silly, but we are suddenly in the world of Camino and you see walkers, and people say “buen Camino” ...and it IS exciting!. Anyway, in this lovely hotel we had a lovely breakfast which has kept us going all day. Again a perfect temperature- such a relief, and no sign of the predicted thunderstorms for tomorrow....but we are prepared for anything - it will just be a blessing if we don’t get saturated!

    So we have had vey pleasant wandering...we walked to the citadel which is now a beautiful park surrounded by the old walls, moats and bridges - had a peaceful kindle time on a seat there. Then we went to the bull ring which is very close to our hotel...we found we could have a tour inside (which we hadn’t done) with an audio guide so we did and it was fun and interesting. I can’t really get into it, but the running of the bulls is such a huge festival here, and I can enjoy the excitement by watching the videos and seeing all the paraphernalia! The Plaza de Toros is immense - can hold about 19,000 people (I think it was in fact 19,720!). I forgot to say, that before the citadel we also went to the cathedral and stamped our Camino passport. It is a lovely building, with fabulous cloisters which fortunately we saw in all their glory last time, as now they are surrounded by scaffolding.

    Now it is 5 o’clock and we are having a break before setting out to eat. I am writing up the day now, which i will do each day from now on - in the afternoon when we finish walking rather than just before bed...we plan to eat tonight at an art nouveau cafe on the square...Amr’s favourite decor, and everywhere prices are similar and food good. Tomorrow it all starts....
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  • Day7

    Our Long Walk Begins

    September 24, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Q. When you are spending the night in a centuries old Beneficiado, high in the Pyrenees, what is the sound that you most don't want to hear ?
    A. If you answered that it would be the sound of the ghostly pilgrim, endlessly wandering the corridors on their eternal walk, you would be wrong (although I did hear the ghost several times outside my room in the wee small hours of the morning). The actual answer of course, is the sound of steady rain on the roof. Even worse when it is the ceaseless sound of heavy rain. We well knew that, in the morning, we would be facing our first real test of the trip when we begin our personal journeys with a walk of 20 km.

    When my alarm went off at the very early hour of 5.30 am, it was still pitch black outside. Of much more sinister relevance was the fact that the rain was still pouring down. When I poked my head through the window I could also feel that the temperature had dropped significantly from the previous evening.

    I started to sort my gear for the day. The first step was to place every vulnerable item in a plastic bag. In went my wallet, phone, camera and GPS. I began to think that I should be looking for a bag big enough for me to climb inside.

    By 7.00 am I was dressed and ready for breakfast. Our experience of the previous evening showed that food servings on the Camino are of biblical proportions. In spite of all the walking involved, it is already unlikely that any of us will actually lose any weight. Breakfast was no exception. There was a vast offering of options to choose from and most of us availed ourselves of the opportunity to "fuel up" before facing the elements outside.

    After securing our first stamps in our Camino passports we were finally ready to get underway. Fortunately the rain had slackened off to a much more gentle drizzle and I was glad that I had dispensed with the thermal fleece that I had originally worn under by rain jacket.

    We posed for the obligatory group photo, had a final look around Roncesvalles, and walked out of the town in the direction of Santiago.The sign on the outskirts of the town said that we had 790 km to go. Of course we will only be walking about a quarter of that as we had already made the very appropriate decision to leapfrog some of the less interesting sections along the way.

    When I had begun planning this trip I had no real idea of what the actual walking paths would be like. I had pictured in my imagination that we would be wandering through idyllic forests and beautiful villages along quiet paths with fellow pilgrims. In the back of my mind I could not help but fear that the actual walk might be far different. To my utter delight it turned out to be even better than I had hoped for. Much better in fact.

    Although the first few kilometres were walked in a light drizzle, it actually seemed perfectly appropriate for the location we were in. We walked through a succession of lovely birch forests, interspersed with rolling farmland. Along the way we shared the paths with a succession of fellow walkers from a variety of diverse countries.

    As we made our way steadily along the route we had plenty of time to examine our thoughts and to absorb some of the incredible history that was steeped into every footfall. How many hundreds of thousands of other pilgrims had walked these same paths over the past thousand years ?

    The sky above began to lighten noticeably and the drizzle ceased. With the steady series of uphills and downhills, people started to remove layers of clothing. The temperature was actually perfect for this type of walking and the scenery in this part of Spain is simply breathtaking.

    At one point on the walk I noticed a rather rotund guy struggling to make his way up a steady climb. Now some of my more unkind friends might refer to me as "stout", but this chap was positively a real rolly polly type of fellow. We walked in behind him and started to chat. He told us that he was from Montreal and he had allowed himself 8 weeks for the walk. He was now three days in and was already struggling badly, especially on the hills. In spite of his struggle, he was still moving ahead and we met up with him several more times during the day. I had to admire his courage and I really hoped that he would succeed in reaching his goal.

    When we finally reached the end of the first day's walk, my GPS told me that we had covered 20.25 km. I suppose that was why most of us were quite relieved to finally sit down for our final transfer to Pamplona - the city famous for the annual running of the bulls.

    On the way to Pamplona we stopped at a small village to finally have lunch. The meal was excellent but somehow there was a mix up with the payment of the bills and it looked for a while that we would be subjected to a full scale inquisition in order to pay for the infamous glass of sangria and cheese sandwich. The mystery was finally solved and we were free to leave without having to wash the dishes and mop the floors.

    We arrived at the lovely city of Pamplona around 5 pm, tired but thoroughly proud of our efforts. If the rest of the walk is even half as good as the first day, we will be in for an amazing time.

    Unfortunately the evening meal at the Hotel Maisonnave was not up to the high standard of the previous two hotels. The cafetaria style offering of a chicken leg and some chips was almost completely devoid of character and effort. At least the room was comfortable and we can only hope that the breakfast will not also prove to be a big disappointment.
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  • Day1

    Where it all begins - Pamplona

    April 29, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Arrived at Pamplona, barely audible, but motivated nonetheless, I started the preparation for tomorrow's departure:
    Pilgrim passport ✔️
    Tapas and padron peppers ✔️
    Farmacia 24h ✔️
    Some rest today and tomorrow the big adventure begins! 🎉💪🏻Read more

  • Day12

    En route to Pamplona

    September 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We are in the train on the way to Pamplona. A 3 hour journey in a TGV equivalent, very smooth. So our adventure is sort of starting now. I think the entries so far have been pretty mundane..partly from jet lag and heat. We really enjoy Madrid, and have done our dose of culture there - and also the best way to escape the heat of the day. Despite all, our apps tell us that we walked quite a lot each day - 13 kms yesterday !! And there can’t be all that many kms in the galleries! We will return to our hostal in Madrid at the end of October for the last 4 days before we fly back to the US. Our plans for those days are day trips to Toledo and Segovia, but using Madrid as a base.

    I feel obsessed with the weather and unfortunately checked Pamplona for the next few days - it is a little cooler, but on Wednesday, the day we set off walking, there is 100% chance of heavy rain, and thunderstorms !!! No point agonising, but looks like we start off wet!

    Meanwhile we are heading north on the train, passing through the countryside, seeing fields of corn, sunflowers, small towns and craggy rocky hills. Very peaceful. We are staying at the same hotel in Pamplona as we did 5 years ago. Very nice, and just off the Plaza de Castillo. Will continue when we get there.

    ....we arrived just before 3 pm and are in heaven! Everything feels just right. Arrived at the station which we had never seen before as we had walked in and out of this a bus and helpful people (and the bus driver) showed us where to get off for the Plaza del Castillo- and it all fell into place...we easily found the hotel, and remembered all the quirks - in fact I think we have the same room, except maybe on a different floor. This place has a one ⭐️ Michelin restaurant....(don’t think it had the star 5 years ago, but we did eat there one night), but the prices are ridiculously high, and we think we will enjoy the many other eateries which all seem to have a consistently high standard.

    After unpacking when we got to the room, we had a great walk, discovering areas we hadn’t noticed before and just wandering. We walked in last time and didn’t look back - this afternoon we walked around the walls of the old city and had a wonderful view back to the Pyrenees, across the river and the outer areas of the city. Glad we are not walking across them this time! Anyway we had a fun afternoon, came back and did washing and showering, and set out fashionably late enough to eat...Amr amazingly found the place we remembered and loved last time and we had a great meal there - the highlight being one of the magnificent salads they do here, plus some tapas. Tomorrow we will do more exploring, but no culture and lots of downtime. Also have to add that it is very pleasant temperature here!! A change from complaining. It was hottish but with a breeze in the afternoon, and coming back from dinner I almost felt COOL, something we haven’t experienced for days! From now on - for the next 48 days or so - our bags will be moved for us, our hotels organised...all is good.
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