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  • Day628

    Barcelona, Spain

    January 24 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 43 °F

    Barcelona – why did we wait so long to visit you?
    Such a beautiful, grand city packed with wonderful restaurants, cafes, shops and remarkable architecture. There was a taxi strike happening for many of the days we were here, but the city is so walkable and the metro so excellent that we didn’t miss the taxis at all.
    Our dear friend Cindy met us here (she also met us in South Africa and Peru making this our 3rd meet-up!) and it was wonderful to catch up and explore the city together.
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  • Day4

    To the boat!

    February 24 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    Sunday was another beautiful sunny day in Barcelona. Tory and Roger got up and had walked 2 hours by the time the bus left for the ship. Brian and I slept in (hopefully the end of the jet lag). Our plans to go to the Picasso Museum went awry.

    It was a short bus trip to the ship and a longish wait in line to be processed. The Norwegian Spirit is a larger ship than Brian and I are used to. Our room has lots of storage and wonders of wonders, a shower door instead of a flimsy curtain. By the time we got on board and settled, it was mid-afternoon so we spent the rest of the day exploring the ship and unpacking.

    Only the large Windows restaurant was open for dinner and it was busy. We started working our way through the “wines by the glass” list as we have the beverage package. We drank a very nice Tempanrillo. Dinner was very nice. Brian and I had beef medallions.

    The opening night entertainment was a fairly painful introduction of the ships officers, the program staff and a snippet of 3 upcoming acts. We were glad to head off to bed.
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  • Day14

    Day 14 - Barcelona - Last Day in Spain!

    September 23, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

    Our last day in Spain started with an unsuccessful search for the perfect breakfast! Then we relaxed for a couple of hours on the beach near our Airbnb before venturing out for a good lunch and our favorite beach. For lunch, we had a delicious green salad, shrimp in garlic sauce, and mussels in marinara sauce. Then we continued the long walk down the boardwalk to our favorite soft sandy beach. On the walk back, we decided to stop in and watch the Mountain Dew street skateboarding competition. Then, after a little rest and showers, we headed off into the crazy busy part of Barcelona for dinner. The end of summer festivities are going on this weekend and things are a bit crazy - parades, drum circles, and fireworks all over. We ended up going to a delicious ramen restaurant for dinner - not quite the typical Spanish meal for our last dinner in the country, but it was so good! We walked back and enjoyed a bit of the festivities before returning home. We fly to Venice tomorrow afternoon!Read more

  • Day6

    Food in Barcelona

    July 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Barcelona is known for its amazing food. The array is extraordinary. There is the best of Spanish food, as well as a range of other influences, such as French (being not far from the border) and Italian, Greek and even north African. The Tapas scene is huge and impossible to effectively explore in a few days. We tended to eat convenience food rather than sit in restaurants, but it is evident that the range of Tapas is extensive and delicious. I was able to sample this on a few occasions but would need a few weeks to really do it justice.

    We visited the famous La Boqueria markets just of La Ramblas (the mall). This market is world famous. It is high-quality food for culinary gourmets. It is just the best culinary experience ever. I bought a couple of little paper cups of cheese and dried meats cut from the bone. These are sold as tasters for a couple of euros each. There are the best fruits and vegetables, meat, poutry and fish, cheese and tapas, coffee and fresh juice, goumet chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, spices, etc. And there are places to order the food and they will prepare it and you can eat it right there. Wow. Worth coming to Barcelona just for this place.

    But the food is exceptional. It is said that the food in Barcelona is the best in Spain. I cannot compare it with anything else in Spain yet, but I can say that it is amazing.
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  • Day39

    Barcelona ... We're Back!!

    September 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    GOODNESS GRACIOUS: We took our time getting packed up to leave.  We even questioned if we should have stayed one more night and then our travels from Roses to Barcelona would be on the same day as our flight from Barcelona to Portugal.  But ... we figured it would mean more stress tomorrow so, instead, we trade another day on the beach for an afternoon, evening and morning in Barcelona.  We are intent on making our travel days fun! 😁

    GASPS & GRATITUDES: We were shocked when we arrived to take the 11:40am train to Barcelona and could not ... because it was full!  And, most luckily... there were only 2 seats left on the next train.  We couldn't sit together but at least we got on it! 👌

    GIFTS: We arrived at our hotel!  It's a convention center.  We are on the 12th floor.  They give you slippers and robes ... and ... I have my own sink! We couldn't find the 'down' button from our floor.  Its hidden in a central panel that looks like an alter that is not very obvious. The elevators are glass.  It smells like fresh flowers ... all over.  We didn't get the breakfast included because it was $24.95€ PER person for the Buffett.  I think we can get a coffee, though, and bring it into our room anytime after 7:00am.  They have a shuttle to the airport and are close to the metro! Bam!  We are happy here! 😍

    And ... we have arrived back in Barcelona in time for the "Radical Market".  So we took the metro to the market but decided to eat before entering.  We found our way to "Potonovo Silvestre" ... a white linen streetside restaurant.  We ordered the Lobster Paella on the recommendation of the server. It seemed like a happening place... so ... we crossed our fingers it would be good!  🤞

    GOODNESS: John got his beer served in a big wine glass.  I'm wondering how come my wine wasn't the same size??? And ... the paella was good. It was filled with seafood that needed fancy tools to be set free from its shells! John particularly liked the razor clams. I liked the lobster! 🦐🦀🐌🐙🐚🦑

    GAHS: And ... we wandered through the market ... but nothing struck our fancy. So ... we just came back to our fancy shmancy hotel. We'll be tucked in early for sure.

    Although we've thoroughly enjoyed our multi-destination adventure ... we are both looking forward to being back at home. We are eager to reconnect with family and friends and get back to our normal routine❣

    Missing you all ... k&j
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  • Day578

    Barcelona Day 1

    January 25, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    We awoke to a grey and tired looking day. On the approach to Barcelona, the urban sprawl engulfed us. Motorway lanes multiplied and buildings grew taller as we neared the hub. The air was cloudy with pollution; digital information boards informed us some sections of the road were reserved for vehicles carrying 2+ people and we noticed several signs for a low emission zone. We weren't aware of the need to get an emissions pass in Barcelona so we quickly searched the internet and to our relief, found it only applied to vehicles over 20 years old from 2019. No fine for us today!

    A terraced bank led up the hill to our right. When we identified the objects atop the stepped walls as stone crosses, we realised it was a huge graveyard, with burial plots stacked up to form the structure of the terrace. It continued for several kilometres and was unlike any cemetery we'd seen before.

    On our left we looked down to the industrial port, where huge cruise liners were docked. Despite the number of roundabouts and dual carriagway sliproads we managed to find our way in relatively easily, perhaps due in part to the updated sat nav maps. Pulling in at the car park we'd picked out, we were met by the attendant and directed to a place alongside a Belgian and a French van. It was €30 a night and there were no facilities but it was only a couple of miles away from the centre and importantly, it had 24 hour supervision. We'd heard Barcelona was particularly beset by thieves who targeted tourists, so by leaving the van here, we could have peace of mind that it would be safe.

    The attendant gave us a map and directions and after taking Poppy out, we began to make our way in. Walking down the tree lined hill, the streets were clean and parakeets squawked overhead. Vicky downloaded the TMB city transport app which turned out to be excellent. It told us what buses and metro lines to use and had an interactive map to help us get to the stops and stations. We used a machine to buy 48 hour 'Hola BCN' integrated travel cards for €15 each. The process was straightforward and they took us everywhere we wanted to go. The metro tunnels were uncomfortably warm but the trains themselves were air conditioned and we never needed to wait more than 3 minutes for one.

    The first port of call was the Mercat de la Boqueria, a market hall selling top quality fruit, nuts, veg, smoothies, chocolates, meat, fish, herbs and spices. As Will was perusing the stalls on the periphery, he was approached by a woman wearing a short skirt and stockings, who hailed him lasciviously and insistently. He swiftly turned and walked in the opposite direction. At times like this we often turn to humour as a coping mechanism and thought that at least when Vicky had been propositioned a few weeks ago, the person had been willing to pay her!

    Back inside, there were stalls where you could sit, eat and drink. We chose a tapas bar for a plate of battered whitebait, squid rings, baby octopus and chilli peppers, accompanied by a glass of white wine for Will and cava for Vicky. We wanted to indulge ourselves over the two days as a belated treat for Will's birthday!

    After lunch we wandered towards La Rambla, the mainstreet of Barcelona. There were so many distinctive buildings it was difficult to focus; a turret sticking out from behind a row of townhouses, a peach coloured 3 storey corner building whose walls were decorated with oldfashioned umbrellas, patterns painted around tall windows with decorative cast iron railings... we could go on. While Vicky was photographing
    a gothic style cathedral two people suddenly appeared and said 'Hi, do you remember us?'. The answer was yes, of course! We'd met Rhea and Gareth just over a year ago at Krka National Park in Croatia. They'd been on a 6 month tour of europe in their van, so we'd invited them in and got to know them over a cuppa. What an amazing coincidence that we were not only in Barcelona on the same day, but we came within a few metres of each other and they spotted us! After convincing a performance artist that we didn't want to pay to take photos with her, we found a street café and caught up on what we'd all been doing for the last year. We couldn't stop grinning after we parted; we'd really enjoying chatting with them and kept marvelling at the chance encounter.

    There was one more place we wanted to visit before returning to the van; the Basìllica de la Sagrada Famìlia. This colossal church, designed by Gaudi, was a masterpiece, despite still being under construction. Eight out of twelve bell towers rose to a height that seemed to defy gravity, while arched columns of decreasing sizes splayed out to the sides of the main entrance. Like the roofs of the spires, the entry price was exceedingly steep at €18 per person. Vicky chose to go in while Will had a look around the nearby shops. After she'd bought a ticket, trekked round to the back entrance, put her belongings through a scanner and stepped through a metal detector, she finally entered one of the most incredible indoor spaces she'd ever seen. Every wall and pillar was made of light coloured stone and each of the tall windows lining the nave was bright stained glass. Large decorative oval lights adorned the columns high up, after which they split like tree trunks to support a ceiling inset with more lights and button shaped details that burst forth from stars of stone. With so many different shapes, it seemed to encompass an element of nature, a feeling that was helped by the fact it exuded light and air. It was a shame a large portion of the floorbspace was boarded off for building works, which were accompanied by the clank and roar of power tools.

    Time was getting on so we took the Metro and bus back to Poppy. We spent some time with her and had a couple of crackers before taking to the streets once again, this time in search of cava bars! Catalonia is the region that cava comes from and we'd read about two bars specifically devoted to this sparkling wine. As we made our way towards them, smells of sugar and dope drifted through the air. We passed by some hippy clothing shops that were still open and arrived at the first of the two bars, only to read a notice saying it was closed for renovation. Oh well, there was still the other one! After at least half an hour of going in circles we finally found a small symbol on a glass door saying 'xampany' (Catalan for cava). This was accompanied by an A4 piece of paper informing us that the staff were on their holidays! It was nearing 9pm and without any substantial sustenance, Vicky was about to tear someone's head off. In an act of self preservation, Will quickly escorted her to the nearest bar, sat her down and ordered tapas pronto! She had wanted to try rosé cava, a speciality in the region. The waiter told us they didn't have any, but at this stage a regular cava went down very well! The night improved as we got some food inside us; Will came up trumps and pointed out to the waiter the half bottle of pink cava sitting in the fridge and Vicky spotted a dish of pig's ear, another regional speciality, on the menu. We are sure the two were never meant to go together but we enjoyed trying each and even Vicky even persuaded Will to leave a bit for Poppy (the pig's ear that is, not the cava)!
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  • Day6

    Mt Tibadabo

    July 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Sam and I took the long route to our second and major destination for the day - we walked for about an hour in the heat of the summer sun. It provided a real insight into the outer suburbs of Barcelona, but the going was hard as it was hilly terrain. The hills are clearly the domain of the rich in Barcelona because some of the houses could only be described as mansions.

    We arrived at the foot of Mt Tibadabo and caught the Funicular up the mountain. This is a tram that travels up the very steep hill, similar to the Scenic Railway in the Blue Mountains, except it goes even longer.

    The effort to get to the top of this mountain was well worth it. The views over Barcelona were amazing. It is difficult to think of a city that has a better vantage point from which ti view the entire city.

    There is an amusement park on top of the mountain which has utlized the height to maximum effect by building ferris wheels, and other scary rides which a placed in a precarious point on the edge of the mountain. Sam and I could not resist going on the Ferris Wheel, which is quite a scary ride given that the mountain drops away beneath the ride.

    We then went to climb the to the church which is perched even higher on the hill. In the first level of the church we discovered a lift that was able to take us to the top level of the church. From there we could climb even higher, right up inside the highest steeple. The view from here was so spectacular it was beyond all expectations. We had 180 degree views. Not only could we see the whole of Barcelona stretched out before us in one direction, the eastern half of the view, but looking west we could see all the way to Mt Montserrat where the famous Monastery is located and all the settlements on the other side of the hills which form a natural boundary of the city. We could also look northwards and see the Pyrenees which form the natural divide between Spain and France.

    The view was spectacular. It took our breath away. I cannot remember having such a high vantage point in any other city. Those visiting Barcelona should not miss this amazing perspective of Barcelona. We stayed up there for an hour - a fitting way to end our visit to this unique Spanish city, the capital of Catalunya.
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  • Day580

    La Colònia Güell

    January 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We were a little tired from our two days and late nights in Barcelona so didn't travel far today. After topping up with LPG we drove the short distance to La Colònia Güell, a free stopover just outside the big city.

    We were lucky to find a space because there were a dozen or so vans and only 6 dedicated bays. Cars and the rest spilled over into coach spots and were blocked in by a coach coming to pick people up from the football match being played next to the site.

    We took it easy for a bit, but the weather was so inviting we had an afternoon stroll up a dusty track, on to the gentle hillside behind the town. We passed a few houses but the land was mostly used for growing food. Much of the area ad been left to its own devices and our eyes were drawn to some blossoming trees which we identified as almond. There were plenty of nuts left on the branches so we foraged some to eat later. A bit further on we walked under the waxy green folaige of a large tree that had dropped copious amounts of dark brown bean pods, with a very distinctive smell. We recognised the chocolaty aroma of Carob and saw that some still hung from the tree. They were too high to reach but Will found one that had fallen and dried, to bring back to the van. They go well grated or chopped in a fruit and nut mix or museli !

    After returning to the van Will cracked open the nut shells and we sampled our harvest. The taste was so intense it was almost too strong! These almonds were a world apart from the often bland, mass produced ones from America and we decided to look out for more opportunities to forage them on our travels.
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  • Day6

    Park Guell

    July 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Today we boarded the dounle-decker Red Bus again to travel in the open air to our first destination. This is an amazing park designed by none other that Antonio Gaudi, the prodigious Spanish Architect who basically created his own style. The whole park was designed by him and everything about it carries his unique creative flair. It is quite inimitable. The park is well worth a visit and provides amazing views over Barcelona from its elevated location.

    From Park Guell we looked up to the highest mountain and saw our next destination - the highest point in the whole of Barcelona - Mt Tibidabo. That's where we are off to next.
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  • Day4

    Walk of discovery

    July 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    The afternoon and evening walk led to some interesting discoveries. The first was Europe’s oldest synagogue. The Jews were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella in 1492. It is known as the decree of Al Alhambra because it was in that famous landmark building in Granada that the decree was made. The decree was issued on 1st August that year. Colombus was going to leave for his voyage of discovery from the port of Cadiz on 2nd of August but there were so many Jews in the port rushing to escape Spain that he had to delay leaving till 3rd August. He mentions this in the first page of his record of the voyage.

    The synagogue’s location was lost and only discovered again in 1997 after a study of the records of Jewish tax collectors from the 14th century. The synagogue had been converted to various other uses and its location lost. But the building dates back the 13th century and the foundations back to Roman times.

    The street and building kinks so that the two exterior windows face Jerusalem.
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