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  • Day5


    April 27 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Tag4 und schon Halbzeit.
    Die Tage vergehen wie im Flug!!! Unsere Hauptbeschäftigung? Essen, Laufen, Schlafen und zwischendrin die besonderen Momente genießen.
    Es ist so einfach in den Tag zu leben, Dinge ihren Lauf nehmen zu lassen und zu schauen was passiert…, so auch heute.
    Nach einem entspannten Wandertag, ohne besondere Erwartungen, ging es nach kurzem Nickerchen zum Abendessen in unseren heutigen Aufenthaltsort Redondela. Bei Rotwein und Tapas trafen wir sogleich einige Leute, man kommt ins Gespräch, geht gemeinsam Essen und verbringt eine durchweg relaxte Zeit.
    Dieses zwanglose Zusammentreffen ist in Spanien an jeder Ecke zu beobachten. Warum ist das in Deutschland alles nur so viel komplizierter???
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    Wandermaus 2020

    Geht ihr nach Herbon ins Kloster?


    Eher nicht, wir werden werden von Caldas de Reis direkt Padron ansteuern, da unser Zeitfenster etwas begrenzt ist ;-0

    Wandermaus 2020

    Schade. Ich fand es toll dort.

  • Day6

    Day 6 - Os Eidos to Saxamonde

    July 2 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

    We’re off like a herd of pregnant turtles!

    We escaped our hostelier aka “Dr. Driese” and his hangover, and the time warp of the 60’s about 7:45am this morning. Funny he had agreed to provide breakfast at 7:00am and when I saw no one moving at 6:30am, told Claudia let’s leave. Before we got packed and left he had the table set for 7 pilgrims and we felt obligated to stay. We had paid.

    Before long he whipped out a display of a toaster and bread, coffee, orange juice, milk, jams and butter. It was good and welcomed. So, we stayed and helped ourselves before we left Casa Alternativo.

    Before I left, I made sure and thanked him profusely for the help on my feet. What he did really did make them feel better and put me in great shape for a good day walking. For further information on the miracle blister cure, see the post script below.

    The Camino and God provided again.

    Our day got off to a great start feeling well and pretty much stayed that way until we stopped for the day. Our pace was good moving from about 2.3 mph to 2.7 mph, which was about what we did the first couple of days.

    A big chunk of the morning was walking through the “industrial area” which included granite mining, automotive assembly and who knows what else. A relatively smooth level walk which was good for the feet. As we moved out of the industrial area into the country we continued to see beautiful neighborhoods and yards. The most amazing thing about all the housing and fence construction is it’s all granite. So they are well, solid as a rock.

    We continued on our steady pace and finally passed the way mark that said we had less than 100 km to go. The Camino gets much busier from here on out because a lot of pilgrims walk the requisite 100km to receive their Compostelo. So, they start in this area.

    On the way we met some pilgrims and talked with them as they walked by. And we also saw many pilgrim friends we had met from the first day. Sean was one and he joined us for lunch. We had a great time getting to know him and enjoyed hearing how the Camino had enriched his life. This is his fourth Camino and I believe in many ways each one has truly been a spiritual experience. I’m beginning to see for myself how it is doing the same for me.

    So, the day had gone so well that where we stopped for lunch at 11:30 am was across the street from where we were going to stay tonight. We re-calculated our route and decided to continue on to Saxamonde.

    A beautiful town. The albergue, made of granite, is on a very steep hill and as it turns out we are the only pilgrims here tonight. Good thing we didn’t take up the hostelier’s offer of a private room. We have the whole place to ourselves.

    The amenities are great. The first hot shower I have had since Sunday night. She washed all of our clothes for us. The beds have sheets and are comfortable, especially with the extra pillow from the bunk bed above us. The best was we asked her where the nearest bar was and she said it was hers across the street. We asked where the nearest restaurant was and it was hers also. So, we had greet tapas and beer when we arrived and a great meal on top of that.

    Overall, these pilgrims/herd of pregnant turtles moved very well and got farther than planned sooner than expected.

    12.1 miles/almost 30,000 steps


    Guaranteed to stop the pain

    #1 - Do not ever pop them! If you do and you continue walking, the blister will tear off and leave you with an open wound.

    #2 - If you are stupid enough to think popping them will help while walking and the skin does tear off, take off all of the bandages.

    #3 - Take a shower and clean your feet. Then let them dry.

    #4 - If you didn’t take off all the bandages from both feet, take them all off and go wash your feet again and let them dry.

    #5 - Once dry, have a friend spray some antiseptic on any open wounds. Be sure they grab and twist the toe with their bare hands so it hurts enough until you scream.

    #6 - Without looking or knowing have them whip out a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and as they mumble “this is gonna hurt” start pouring it all over the wound, continuing to twist your toe. You will scream like a baby while you’re alleged friend makes an evil laugh and comments on your manhood.

    #7 - Let it dry and you stop screaming.

    #8 - When he comes back, he has cut a chunk off of his aloe vera plant with the same dull knife he has done God knows what else with and walks over to you with an evil grin.

    #9 - Again, he grabs your toe and starts rubbing the aloe all over the wound like a mad man. All whilst you are screaming again.

    #10 - He orders you to do the same thing with the aloe every 10 minutes. He goes in and continues cooking dinner using the same knife he had used for the aloe.

    #11 - Leave your toe open overnight to air.

    #12 - Wake up the next morning, walk out the door and walk 12 + miles with virtually no foot pain.

    As Dad used to say: “Thar you go!”
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    Barbara Stephens

    Awesome! Old school medicine! 💪

    Cal Shintani

    I love how your revised schedule resulted in a great meal, a shower and clean sheets. Another great example of how “the Camino provides.”

    Jerry Stephens

    A print out for the fridge

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  • Day8

    Saxamonde to Pontevedre

    July 3 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 63 °F

    Today was a beautiful day of walking. Forest paths, small villages, and a lovely chapel. The expected rain turned into a drizzle. We spent more time taking off our raincoats than wearing them!

    The number of pilgrims increased. Some we have met before, many were new to us. We also got stamps in our pilgrim passport from roadside vendors. They gave us helpful info about the trail ahead.

    Once we had determined to go all the way to Pontevedra (24+ kilometers), Charles selected Casa Sara for our stay tonight. It turned out to be a perfect choice! We are in the old city, we easily walked to dinner and the cathedral, and tomorrow’s path out of town is minutes away. (I have a private room tonight. Can’t say I’m not happy about that!)

    We have a solid routine now. Charles’ alarm goes off around 6:00 and we pack up and go, with or without breakfast, depending on what’s available. We stop for coffee at 9:00 or 10:00, lunch at 11:30 or later, and arrive at our albergue by 4:30. Shower, beer, nap. Then dinner at 8:30 (Spain!). Rest and repeat. We stop to stretch and adjust our foot dressings multiple times during the day.

    1. Love the Camino Ninja app! It’s a bit clunky, especially the map section, but very reliable.
    2. Do not rely on google maps! Timings are way inaccurate and routes don’t consider pilgrims. It’s helpful the last kilometer in a city to get to your albergue, but that’s about it.
    3. Farmacias are not open on Sunday.
    4. I love my sleep mask.
    5. They really do close every afternoon then reopen around 5:00 pm for business. Dinner is not served until after 8:00 pm. Don’t even ask!
    6. Walking along a babbling brook/river reminds us that “All will be well. All manner of things will be well.” Trust in God to guide you, it’s a magnificent way to live.
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  • Day11

    10. Etappe - nach Pontevedra

    November 28, 2019 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Heute war der Weg viel schöner als gestern. Wir konnten viel auf Naturstrassen gehen... Piuma hatte ihren Spass (endlich hat auch sie einen Pilgerstock gefunden).
    Nur war leider das Wetter wieder mies. In Pontevedra angekommen, stürmte es richtig und wir waren froh, als wir endlich in die Unterkunft konnten.Read more

  • Day49

    Etappe 41 Vigo - Redondela

    October 31, 2021 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Heute Nacht wurden wir großartig in den Schlaf geschaukelt, der Regen und das Gewitter blieb uns Gott sei Dank heut Nacht auf dem Boot erspart!
    Ich weiß nicht ob wir da trocken geblieben wären!
    Nachdem wir uns heut morgen alle versucht haben auf einen Quadratmeter fertig zu machen, was sehr lustig war , verließen wir um 8.30 Uhr unser Boot !

    Da wir unsere Etappe heute von 36 km geteilt hatten und somit heute nur 18 km zurücklegen mussten, peilten wir heute ein Café an um zu frühstücken!
    Zum Glück lag auf unseren Weg ein echtes Hotel mit Frühstücksbüffet, in dem wir dann auch als ganz normale Pilger einkehren durften!

    Fertig mit Frühstück, fing es bereits an zu regnen. In unserer vollen Regenmontour machten wir uns dann auch auf den Weg Richtung Redondela.
    Nun ging es erstmal leicht bergauf durch die Stadt, am Bahnhof und am Hafen durch endlos lange Vororte mit Wohnhäusern, viel Verkehr und drohenden Regenwolken am Himmel .
    Wir benötigten mindestens eine Stunde um aus die Stadt zu kommen.

    Dann kam unser Berganstieg in einen Winkel von mindestens 45 Grad, welcher kein Ende nahm.
    Wir sind wirklich schon starke Anstiege gelaufen aber keiner war so knackig wie dieser, zumindest empfanden wir es in diesem Moment so!
    Ohne Training wäre Chrischti den Berg niemals hoch gekommen!

    Der Regen wurde jetzt deutlich stärker, so ging es durch matschige Waldwege.
    Tatsächlich hatten wir Angst, da der Abstieg genauso steil sein sollte wie der Anstieg.
    Rutschgefahr, alle kamen glimpflich und unversehrt unten an!
    Unten angekommen hatte Janine und ich unsere 1000 km Gesamtstrecke geknackt .

    Heute hatten wir ein Apartment mit Waschmaschine und Trockner gebucht!
    Alles musste endlich mal gewaschen werden und auch morgen wieder trocken sein!
    Das Apartment sah irgendwann aus wie ein Waschsalon .

    Die Spanier machen mich echt verrückt, ab 20.30 fängt hier ein Koch erst an zu arbeiten, dh. vorher bekommst du hier nichts zu essen! So bestellten wir uns ein Getränk nach dem anderen weil man bei allem eine Kleinigkeit zu essen dazu bekommt!
    Gelassener bin ich tatsächlich geworden,außer wenn ich Hunger habe .
    So gut wie mir hier alles gefällt, nur Spaniens Küche gehört wirklich nicht dazu.

    Trotz strömendem Regen sitzen wir nun beim Italiener und warten auf unser Essen. Dabei beobachten wir immer wieder die verrückten Spanier die verkleidet auf den Straßen Halloween feiern und uns dabei als verrückt abstempeln weil wir Flipflops tragen!

    Heute sind wir alle so platt, ich weiß nicht ob es heute an der Strecke lag ,am Wetter oder einfach nur an der Zeitumstellung!

    20,56 km
    188 Höhenmeter
    1015,34 km Gesamtstrecke
    Heute sind alle wohlauf auch die Männer.
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  • Day222

    Caminho Portuguese 2

    September 6, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Und wieder zwei Tage näher am Ziel. 😃
    Von Caldas de Reis ging es gestern nach Pontevedra. Wie schon in Caldas de Reis, war es auch dort nicht so einfach eine bezahlbare Unterkunft zu finden aber ich hatte Glück und habe noch das letzte Bett in einem Hostel bekommen und konnte mir am Nachmittag die schöne Altstadt von Pontevedra anschauen.
    Heute bin ich bis nach Redondela gelaufen und habe mir gestern sicherheitshalber schon mal eine Unterkunft für heute gebucht.
    Mein Eindruck der ersten beiden Tage hat sich bestätigt - hier auf dem Caminho Portuguese ist wirklich viel los. Neben Studenten- und Jugendgruppen, bin ich auch schon einer Reisegruppe mit Tourguide und Begleitfahrzeug begegnet - "All inklusive Urlaub auf dem Camino". Bin mir nicht sicher, ob das so im Sinne des Erfinders ist. 🤔
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    Begleitfahrzeug und evtl. ein Sauerstoffgerät sind vielleicht manchmal notwendig, kommt auf's Lebensalter an. 😄Das individuelle Reisen ist natürlich viel spannender und ererlebnisreicher. Weiterhin viel Freude auf Deinem Weg!☘Liebe Grüße sendet Gabi!

    Tanja Mazur


  • Day5

    Camino Day 3 to Redondela

    August 8 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Walked from Quinta do Caminho to Tui. Crossed the river from Portugal to Spain took can from Tui to Oporrino. Then walk from there to Redondela. Stayed at Alvear Suites ate an amazing dinner as Casa Consejo of octopus and shrimp. Another amazing day.Read more

  • Day6

    Camino Day 4 to Pontevedra

    August 9 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Walked from Redondela to Pontevedra. Met many, many pilgrims, many from France, Portland Spain. Saw 100 pilgrims only one our age or older. Two amazing stops-a cafe/bar/alburgue in Arcade and a pop up bar in rural area. So fun and refreshing. Holly was amazing today. Pushed on when she wanted to stop. Two long uphills and some beautiful nature paths. This is the most amazing vacation ever. We are loving this time together and meeting wonderful souls. Dinner at a amazing local tapas bar. We were the only people In there not from here. All tables were communal!Read more

    Clare Stoner Fehsenfeld

    The food looks awesome

  • Day29

    Day 26/15 O Porriño to Redondela

    May 29 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Another short day on the Caminho with only 17.21 kms to cover on mostly paved roads. There were a couple of fairly long, steep climbs and short, VERY steep descents, but, overall, it was an easy day on the trail.

    Our 7:30 a.m. start was under clear blue skies and a cool 15 degrees. The route was quite uneventful, except for the fact that there now remain less than 100 kms to walk to Santiago.

    A brief coffee stop at Rua at about the 7km mark was the only break we took today before pushing straight through to our hotel in Redondela.

    Unfortunately, we arrived in the lovely little town of Redondela on Sunday, which means that most businesses are closed and the town appears to be extremely sleepy. We nonetheless found a couple of very nice restaurants for lunch and dinner, as well as a 24 hour grocery store where we bought a couple of bottles of Cava to enjoy on the rooftop deck of our hotel.

    We now have only about 84 kms to travel to our destination and the number of pilgrims we encounter on the trail, and in the cities are growing exponentially. It's hard to imagine how many of us will be in Santiago when we get there.

    I guess we'll soon find out!
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  • Day10


    May 22 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Der Legende nach gründeten Griechen Rendondela, tatsächlich jedoch war die Region schon seit der Jungsteinzeit und Bronzezeit besiedelt. Die Römer nutzten die strategisch günstige und geschützte Lage am Ende der großen Ria von Vigo für die Trasse der Römerstraße XIX. Einen wichtigen Impuls erhielt die Stadt im 12. Jh. durch Santiagos Erzbischof Gelmirez, den ersten Förderer des Jakobuskults.Read more

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Redondela, ريدونديلا, ردندلا, レドンデーラ, Редондела, 雷东德拉

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