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  • Day22

    Photos on walk to Santo Domingo

    September 13 in Spain

    Will try and post a few photos of our beautiful walk, and the henhouse in the cathedral. Live rooster and hen in there, the rooster even crowed ....Amr seeking better wifi at the Parador, but this may work...

  • Day16

    Hello from Villambistia, usual, thank you for checking in. I left Santo Domingo yesterday morning at around 7:30 am and arrived in Belorado at 3pm. I did not post last night due to being busy with the festivities in the albergue. There are a bunch of people that are traveling in a group and I have been running into them a lot and they invited me to join them. So between that and a great political discussion with two young political science majors from Germany and Denmark....the ole blog got neglected. The political discussion was great...the girls had never actually met a Trump supporter in person so they were very interested in my views on American politics. I like to think that they walked away a little more enlightened. 😉. The walk yesterday was through mostly grassy fields and small towns. I started listening to the music on my iPad for the first time on the actually adds a whole other dimension to the walk. Nothing says healing like walking through a 900 year old town with “YMCA” blasting through the earphones! As I write this, I am at a cafe in a small town between destinations....I am not sure where the final destination is today as beds and rooms are getting more difficult to find. The tent may be coming out soon. That’s all for now and thank you again for checking in!Read more

  • Day121

    The town celebration went on until the wee hours of the morning, and the music and revelry kept me awake. It was like reliving my college days with AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Queen and Van Halen songs blaring 😂😂 So, when Alan woke me up this morning, I really wished I could sleep brain kept saying, “just a little while longer, you don’t have to get up.”

    But, no...we had to get going. We left early again, not to beat the heat, but to beat the thundershowers this afternoon. We didn’t want to get caught in a deluge like some of our group did yesterday.

    Today’s walk was about 13 miles, so that felt nice compared to our 18 milers the last two days 🙂 I woke up while walking in the cool morning air and enjoyed the landscape changing from vineyards to wheat fields. I kept telling Alan it looked like the Pullman area and the Palouse...beautiful rolling hills with wheat with a slight breeze blowing through. The difference being the red poppies. I can’t get enough of them 🙂

    I also enjoyed visiting with our fellow hikers today. The ebb and flow of the walk meant at times you walk with one person and then you are with others. I also spent some time walking alone while Alan walked ahead with Andy (from England). They share a common love of the same music and sped off discussing Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mud Honey and who knows what else 🙂.

    What I didn’t enjoy, today, was my left shoulder tightening up on me, then my middle back. “How can my pack seem heavier today?” I kept asking myself 😬 I have gone through it more than once thinking maybe I would find something hiding in there I could toss, but no 😂😂. I barely have anything, and for sure can’t get rid of any of it.

    The albergue we are in tonight is very nice with a huge lounge area to enjoy watching the World Cup. It’s fun watching the game with people from the countries who are playing. The French were quite pleased when their team won earlier today. Sleeping wise, I am on the top bunk again, and I can zip up there like an expert now. 🙂
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  • Day7

    Nájera -> 21.5km -> Santo Domingo
    We've arrived at the chicken town! Haven't seen them yet, but can hear them through my window. Beautiful walk along rapeseed fields and Rioja vines. Painful ankle, but hope the longer rest will help it!

  • Day11

    Heute waren es nur knappe 22 km durch sanfte Hügel und noch mehr Weinberge. Leider hat sich der Schmerz im linken Bein nicht gebessert, so dass ich heute den Weg eher gehumpelt bin...... dennoch war ich recht schnell unterwegs. Das lag wohl daran, dass ich meinen Rucksack per Kurier zur nächsten Herberge geschickt habe und ich heute somit knappe 12 kg leichter war 😊. So macht das Pilgersein Spaß.

    In Santo Domingo angekommen musste ich, da ich anscheinend wirklich schnell war, noch ca. 2h auf mein Gepäck warten..... somit erstmal keine Dusche, sondern Shopping. Es musste ja ein neuer Rucksack her.... gesagt getan.... nur die Farbe ist etwas schwierig, aber nachdem 5 Frauen auf mich einredeteten🤯🤪😱 dass Petrol auch für Männer toll wäre und der so praktisch sei und gut an mir aussehen würde, habe ich mich für dieses Modell entschieden. Wer kann schon 3 Spanierinnen und 2 Deutschen Damen widersprechen 🙈. Und prompt war ich Besitzer eines neuen, sehr teuren Rucksacks. Nun wollen wir mal hoffen, dass er hält was er verspricht.

    Danach war Waschtag und der Besuch der berühmten Kathedrale 🕍 der Stadt stand an.... es war sehr interessant. Was die Kathedrale so einzigartig macht sind die Hühner 🐓🐔. Ja es gibt zwei Hühner dort drinnen, in einem Käfig. Es heißt, wenn der Hahn kräht und man gerade in der Kirche ist, sei das Glück einem hold.
    Als ich dort war, war der Vogel natürlich nur mit Fressen beschäfftigt 🤔😂 .... nun gut, wenigstens hab ich ihn gesehen und fotografiert.

    Zum Abendbrot gab's mal wieder Salat 🥗 und ein Rioja 🍷 (schließlich bin ich ja immer noch in der Region), danach zurück ins Hostel und ab ins Etagen - Bett.... mal schauen, wie ruhig die Nacht wird.... im Zimmer liegen diesmal 30 Pilger und mein Bett ist direkt an der Tür zum Klo. 😳🤪😱

    Also "Buenos Noches" 😘
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  • Day11

    Santo Domingo 22 km

    September 10, 2017 in Spain

    Nachdem ich grosse Zweifel hatte ob ich Heute laufen kann, bin ich richtig glücklich dass ich es geschafft habe. Dank meiner Selftapung und langsamen Laufen klappte es. Nun hoffe ich in ein paar Tagen beschwerdefrei zu sein.

  • Day11

    YES! Made it. A full 24Kms day walking but made good time. Body is slowing learning to ignore the aches and just get into a good rhythm. So proud of my progress today, no stopping from being out of breath and managing to get up and down the hills. Finding roads now the most painfull on the joints.

  • Day22

    A really good 23 km walk through countryside that is now more rolling hills, rather than mountains. A few big climbs, but mostly gradual and not too demanding and such lovely scenery that you hardly noticed the effort! At first leaving Nájera there were many vineyards, but as the walk went on we seem to have almost left them behind...there are many fields of wheat stubble, what I think is sunflower stubble, and now there are quite a lot of beets. And always the olive trees. And along the wayside the eternal thistles, dandelions and blackberries.

    We were very lucky today as it was cloudy and cool when we left at 8.10, and the cloud cover lasted until 12.30 which was fantastic as it remained cool. Now it is cloudless and brilliant sun and hot! By 12.30 we were almost here, arrived at the hotel a little after 1.30 I think. A sweet little one star hostal which we stayed at before, very friendly and comfy. We eat tonight at a little restaurant down the street.

    We are now having a beer and will then go to the cathedral which is the famous one with the chickens...according to the legend of the miracle of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Good restful afternoon.

    The wifi at the hotel is almost non existent. I will post this when I can, and add photos also when wifi is possible.
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  • Day13

    20+ mile walk through rolling hills and vineyards today brought me to this cute little town of 6500. Lots of restaurants with outdoor seating.
    The weather was good for walking. Not too hot with a cool breeze, and fortunately, not too many hills to climb.

  • Day19

    Tonight we’re staying with the Cistercian nuns in their spotless hostal on the edge of town. We’re hoping this is a quiet neighborhood, after listening to crazy screaming Spanish young folks half the night in Najera last night. We finally had beautiful sunshine all day today, temps around 70, shorts weather at last.

    We’ve been walking through vineyards and olive orchards, yellow fields of rape, and all kinds of vegetables — artichokes, arugula and peas. There are vast fields of wheat and barley. We fill our water bottles at the public fountains as we pass through villages. In Navarrete we visited the Church of the Ascension, perhaps the most beautiful I’ve seen in Spain.

    In Logroño we treated John to a Burger King chicken sandwich, fries and a Coke, but in the evening he had Spanish style pork ribs — a real hardship! We keep meeting up with the same people again and again, on the street or in the cafes.

    Only 3 more days to Burgos, and 2 nights in one place!
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Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Սանտո Դոմինգո դե լա Կալսադա, サント・ドミンゴ・デ・ラ・カルサーダ, Санто-Доминго-де-ла-Кальсада, 산토도밍고데라칼사다, 26250, Санто-Домінго-де-ла-Кальсада, 圣多明各-德拉卡尔萨达

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