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  • Day1


    December 11, 2017 in Switzerland

    Gestern sind wir zu dritt um kurz nach zehn in St. Moritz angekommen. Da es aber leicht schneite und es neblig war hatten wir keine Eile und darum standen wir erst um 12 auf der Piste ⛷. Nebel, ständig wechselnde Schneeverhältnisse und der Schneefall sorgten dafür das wir nach zwei Stunden die Schnauze voll hatten wir uns den angenehmen Dingen von all inklusive zuwandten. Der Bar 🍹🍹🍻
    Heute sollte alles besser werden und wir standen voll motiviert um 8.45 Uhr bereit zur Abfahrt mit dem Bus. Aber leider die Ansage, die Lifte am Corvatsch sind gesperrt. Also wieder zu Fuß zur Signalbahn ins Corviglia Skigebiet. Aber wegen des Windes mit Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 💯 km/h ging hier nur die Zahnradbahn nach oben. Dort angekommen empfingen uns Orkanböhen waagrechter Schneefall und kaum Sicht Zurückgekämpft zur Signalbahn und ab ins Tal. Das war eigentlich eine schöne Abfahrt mit super Schnee ❄️
    Nach einer guten Stunde zurück im Hotel
    Wille bewiesen und darum jetzt einen Willi 🍸
    Am Nachmittag werd ich mal die Wellness Abteilung des Hotels erkunden
    Und für morgen hoffen wir auf besseres Wetter 🙏
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  • Day2

    Es wird besser

    December 12, 2017 in Switzerland

    Heute startete der Bus 🚌 um 9. 00 Uhr vom Hotel richtig Corvatsch. Dort angekommen die Meldung das Skigebiet ist gesperrt, um 9.30 Uhr wird entschieden ob die Lifte fahren. Um 9.30 Uhr die Meldung, wir entscheiden um 12 Uhr wie es weitergeht Zurück in die Busse und ab zur Signalbahn. An der Bergstation angekommen das gleiche Spiel wie gestern 😡 Der komplette obere Teil war gesperrt, heute wegen Sprengung von Lawinen
    Also einige mal die Celerina Talabfahrt gefahren
    Guter Schnee ❄️ und ordentliche Sicht.
    Nach einem kurzen Mittagsimbiss hatten wir dann doch noch Glück 🍀. Kurz vor uns öffnete der Marguns Skilift und wir hatten eine jungfräuliche Piste An diesen Hängen verbrachten wir den Nachmittag
    Nach 515 Stunden, 7300 Höhenmetern und 45 Pistenkilometern waren wir zum Abschluss an der Bar bei Bier 🍻 und Willi
    Und jetzt warten wir auf morgen, da ist nur Sonnenschein 🌞 angesagt 👍
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  • Day193

    Day 194: Eastwards to Zuoz via Sardona

    August 27, 2017 in Switzerland

    Long day of driving today! Said a fond farewell to our hosts Wali and Anita who had been lovely, and had a quick Skype session with Korrin and the kids as well over breakfast. Hit the road at a reasonable time and started driving east (though firstly back out of the long Grindelwald valley).

    The plan for the day was to drive eastwards, skirting around the Alps, to our destination for the day at Zuoz, near St Moritz in south-eastern Switzerland. On the way we would visit another UNESCO site - the Sardona Tectonic Arena.

    Unfortunately because the area is quite mountainous, we couldn't head directly anywhere and had to do a lot of driving in circles, almost. Northwards to Lucerne where we stopped quickly to take photos of the beautiful lake, then south and east over a series of mountain passes that tested out our Mini and my driving ability. Several narrow roads, lots of switchbacks and up-and-downs to keep me interested! It was kind of fun, but quite draining as well.

    Eventually we arrived at the tectonic arena. It's basically a large geological area where mountain-forming processes are well-demonstrated, and somewhere that was quite important to the development of geology as a science. The key feature we'd come to see was the "Glarus Thrust", a series of sharp pinnacles high above where you could clearly see old, weathered rock sitting on top of newer, jagged rocks.

    To geologists of the 19th century this made no sense, because the accumulation of material principle says that the oldest stuff should always be on the bottom, right? This rock is all layered in clear strata, why would it be any different? Eventually someone worked out that rocks pushing together caused the thrusts, and once the plate tectonics theory became widely accepted in the 1950s the matter was put to rest.

    So we rode a tiny 4-seater cable car up a long valley, marvelling at the rocks. They were impressive, lots of clear strata on display. It all had a very violent feel to it as well, like the rocks had been clashed together fiercly, buckling and twisting the whole time. When we got off the cable car, the Glarus thrust was still a long way above us and several kilometres distant, but close enough for a clear view and hopefully a decent video.

    Did our filming and chilled out near a mountain restaurant hut, though not wanting to pay Swiss prices we just sat on the grass nearby and ate our apples. Time to go, and we walked the five minutes back to the cable car, only to discover a huge queue of about 20 people waiting! Only two gondolas, one every 9 minutes or so, four people per, this was going to take a while! And we still had a couple of hours drive to get to our accommodation before reception closed at 6pm, it was just after 3pm so we were going to be cutting it fine!

    In the end it worked out, as a couple of groups in front of us went down in batches of six, then we squeezed six into ours as well, so the line cleared in about half an hour thankfully. Back to the car where we drove the rest of the way to the hotel, way over in eastern Switzerland not far from the Italian border. Another epic mountain pass road to get there!

    Very tiny little town, and an odd hotel since we have single beds along a wall (our feet are touching), and a shared bathroom out in the hallway. Feels like the sort of place you'd stay at school camp! Since it was Sunday and of course all the shops were closed, we had to visit a restaurant for dinner. The hotel recommended a place about 10 minutes walk away on the edge of town with "reasonable prices" and good food. It was fairly standard Swiss fare in both cost and quality - I had a potato rosti with bacon, egg and cheese for about 20 francs.

    Bed early tonight, as we've got another long day coming tomorrow with a lot more driving!
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  • Day194

    Day 195: Convent & Rhaetian Railway

    August 28, 2017 in Switzerland

    Lots of driving and two UNESCO sites today! Up and out quite early, driving about an hour north to our first stop, the Benedictine Convent of St John in Munster. Quite a wordy name! This is an old monastery (later a convent, hence the name), where monks did a lot of influential writing and painting. The frescoes here in the church date to the 900s, and are exceptionally well-preserved.

    Since we arrived fairly early, hardly anyone was around which was quite nice, so we managed to get our filming done quickly. There's a couple of other things to see here in the museum, but it was 12 francs each and we decided not to bother.

    Back to the car where we drove back exactly the way we'd come! Through our hotel town, then back over the epic mountain pass from yesterday, great views the whole way. Our destination now was the Rhaetian Railway, set up in the late 19th century to better connect the remote areas of Switzerland with the rest of the country, and of course with Italy as well.

    There are two branches to the railway; combined they are about 125km long, have over 200 bridges and viaducts, and over 50 tunnels and covered galleries! There's some fantastic sections as well, like watching a train disappear into a tunnel, only to reappear a few moments later much higher up the mountain, crossing a viaduct to the other side of the valley!

    There were some genuine spots where it looked like the old railway sets I used to play with as a kid, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover those sets were based on this railway - at least in part! We stopped at one spectacular viaduct, waiting a while as a few trains went back and forth. There were some nearby tunnels too, and of course a gushing glacial river. Very picturesque place.

    We filmed what we needed, checked out a couple of nearby train stations, then decided we'd drive back over the epic mountain pass for a third time to our hotel valley, then head south briefly to St Moritz. It's a famous ski town, frequented by the rich and famous. We didn't spot anyone rich or famous, in fact the town didn't seem all that nice or even particularly wealthy.

    But what we did find by complete accident was the remnants of a Ferrari exhibition that some workmen were packing up. A whole bunch of beautiful Ferraris getting loaded into trucks, including a few F1 cars from the 1980s, a Ferrari F40 (they bravely left the keys in and the engine running while getting it on the truck!!), a few Ferrari touring cars, and best of all - a 1968 Ferrari P5 concept car. As far as I can tell, it's the only one ever produced!

    Took a bunch of photos and nerded out a bit, then decided we'd head back to Zuoz after a long day of driving, exploring and filming. Watched Game of Thrones and had supermarket pre-packed salads for dinner before an early bed-time. Lots more driving to come tomorrow!
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  • Day46

    St Moritz

    July 25, 2016 in Switzerland

    St. Moritz is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world and twice hosted the Winter Olympics, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    St. Moritz first became famous because of the mineral springs, which were discovered 3,000 years ago and established the town as a summer spa resort.

    St Moritz is a stronghold of European royalty, the wealthy and the famous who migrate here with the snow every winter to see and be seen in the pages of upmarket gossip magazines. The town is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery and bordered by the sparkling waters of Lake Moritz.

    Famous across the globe as the world’s glitziest ski resort, St Moritz is the home of downhill ski-ing. In winter the lake freezes over and becomes a glamorous paradise for curling, ice skating, horse racing and polo, while the ski-ing is some of the best in the world.
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  • Day46

    Out and About

    July 25, 2016 in Switzerland

    St. Moritz is a high Alpine resort town at an elevation of 1,800 metres above sea level on the southern Alps and very pretty even without the snow.

    As this is only a short visit we had to fit as much in as possible so lots of walking up and down the hills taking in as much as possible

  • Day5

    Piz Kesch

    March 9 in Switzerland

    Heute gings zum Piz Kesch. Eine extrem schöne Tour und wir durften die erste Linie in den schön pulvrigen Neuschnee ziehen. Zum Gipfel hats zwar nicht ganz gereicht aber was solls.

    360 Grad Video der Abfahrt:

    360 Grad Foto: https://theta360.com/s/rfPMjiD8Y5aqMnxNqWYpImOuW

  • Day7

    Pleiten, Pech und Pannen

    March 11 in Switzerland

    Nach einer kuscheligen Nacht im nach schweisigen Skischuhen riechender Luft im Auto und nachdem Piitsch sich die Finger am Gaskocher verbrannte, machten wir uns auf den weg nach St. Moritz zum bestaunen toter Tiere in den Schaufenstern. Danach war der Plan der langersehnte Aufenthalt im Spa Samedan zu geniessen. Nach ewiger Parkplatzsuche stellte sich heraus, dass drei von vier Etagen wegen eines technischen Notfalls geschlossen waren. Entäuscht fuhren wir zurück nach St. Moritz und wollten unsere lauschige Unterkunft beziehen. Dort angekommen begrüsste uns der Inhaber mit einer zart duftenden Alkoholfahne und seine Wohnung roch angenehm nach Tabak. Nach einer kurzen Pause in dem gedigenen siebzigerjahre Schmuddelambiente machten wir uns dann auf den Weg zu einem Restaurant um uns zu ermutigen. Auf dem Weg stellte Piitsch einen Juckreiz fest, woher auch immer ;) Im Restaurant angekommen suchten wir uns tolle Fischmenus aus. Als Livia gerade ihre teure Prachtsforelle filetiert hatte wurden wir freundlichst vom Wirt darauf hingewiesen das die Strasse zurück nach St. Moriz in wenigen Minuten wegen Lawinengefahr geschlossen wird😨 Na tooool! Wir baten den Servierboi uns die wirklich sehr teure aber feine Forelle einzupacken und fuhren also wieder zurück. Livia genoss dann in Silvaplana auf einem Parkplatz das feine Menu zu Ende. Es war wohl das teuerste Take Away Essen das sie je zusich genommen hatte😆 Nun sitzen wir im Auto, haben noch ein Dessert aus dem Volg genossen und freuen uns auf ein gedigenen Abend mit einer Flasche Wein vor dem Fernseher in schönem nach Tabak riechendem 70er Jahre Ambiente🍷🏠Read more

  • Day36

    Anfahrt zum Como See

    May 12 in Switzerland

    Um 1/2 9 ging es los. Die Route war natürlich mit Pässen gespickt. Durch das Engadin ging es als 1. zum Malojapass. Die Kehren sind jedesmal aufs Neue beeindruckend.

    Beeindruckend erschreckend, immer wieder die Hose voll beim runterfahren.... 😂 Gut dass keiner zusieht und alle weit vorne weg sind.
    Kaffeepause mitten in den Kehren... Da musste ich erst mal kräftig schlucken und brauchte Mut... Viel Mut 🙈 beim losstarten.Read more

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