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  • Day13

    Koh Tao Diving

    May 31, 2017 in Thailand

    Arriving to Koh tao after a sleepless night bus and ferry I immediately signed myself up to do the PADI Open Water Diving course which I had been recommended by so many people. Koh Tao is the cheapest place in the world to go this, the island itself having over 100 diving schools. I went with Ban's diving school, the biggest one in the world for diving. The first day consisted of theory and in the afternoon training to use all our equipment in the pool. Despite being quite tricky to get the hang of and taking on a lot of information at one time, it made me extremely excited for the next day when we would do it or at sea. The next morning was our first two dives. I was extremely nervous for the first dive, having only had 4 hours in a pool the day before and now doing it for real. These two dives we only went to depths of around 8 metres and was a way of easing us into things. The coral at the second site, called the Japanese Gardens were stunning and the tome really flies when you're under the water, being so absorbed in what you see. It really is a completely different world, beautiful nevertheless. The third day consisted of two more dives, the last ones before we got our certification. Both of these were amazing, seeing an array of colourful fish as well as coral.
    By midday we all had our certifications and I can certainly see why people get stuck on Koh Tao diving and never want to leave, it truly is an incredible experience.

    After the exhaustion of the 3 days of diving, the afternoon was spent by the diving resort infinity pool and soaking up the last sun of the day. The pool overlooked the jungle like landscape of Koh Tao and was a lovely backdrop. In the evening, the whole diving group, including our instructor enjoyed a dinner together and then went out for a fun evening of drinking, having not been able to do so during the diving process.

    Having loved it so much 2 days later me and two Irish girls from my diving group did a night dive. Our instructor claims it was his first night dive that convinced him he wanted to be an instructor, therefore I thought it was something I had to do. We all headed out at sunset and it was a surreal experience. Being quite daunting not being able to see further than your torch, I still got to witness a sting ray, sleeping turtle and squids. For a period of time we all turned off our torches and then were able to see all the luminous plankton around us, it looked as though we were swimming in glitter, truly magical.

    I feel very lucky I was able to do such an amazing experience and I loved my group, spending a lot of my time outside of diving with them as well, all being very good company. Needless to say it was sad to say goodbye to them as well as my instructor Atip who couldn't have been a better teacher.
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  • Day142

    Koh Tao

    February 8, 2017 in Thailand

    Back in Thailand! En voor het eerst deze reis; de zee!! Op het paradijselijke Koh Tao volgden we een duikcursus waardoor we nu overal ter wereld tot 30m diep mogen duiken. Het was zalig om de verborgen onderwaterwereld te verkennen. Duiken, snorkelen, cocktails drinken bij zonsondergang, ... Het leven is hier niet slecht :).

  • Day15

    Koh Tao und Koh Nang Yuan

    March 15, 2017 in Thailand

    Nachdem der High Speed Katamaran nach 2 Stunden Fahrt endlich auf Koh Tao angelegt hatte, stärkten wir uns mit einem ausgiebigen Frühstück und gingen anschließend an den Strand. Nach kurzem plantschen entschieden wir uns mit einem Taxi-Boot zur nahegelegenen Insel Koh Nang Yuan zu fahren, welche für Ihre große Sandbank bekannt ist. Das Wasser dort war türkisblau und angenehm kühl.

    Vom Viewpoint auf dem Berg oben hat man eine wahnsinnige Aussicht über die große Sandbank, wow!

    Nach ein paar Stunden ging das Taxi wieder in Richtung Koh Tao wo wir nach dem Abendessen die Umhebung erkundeten.
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  • Day87

    Happy birthday to me 🎂🎉, I decided to head back down south to Koh Tao, I'd missed out the popular island when visiting the Thai islands before and was keen to do my open water Padi diving certification, so what better time than around my birthday.

    Getting there wasn't the most pleasent of journeys - I grabbed a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok then an overnight coach and boat to the island. The coach looked lovely, however unlike the Vietnamese night buses, it wasn't exactly a bed you could lay on, just a standard reclining chair, not great for nine hours. I managed about one hour of sleep. 😪

    Finally arrived on Koh Tao and settled into a hostel. The island is very beautiful and really small so easy to get around. On my birthday I visited Koh Nanhgum (an even smaller island with an amazing view and crystal clear water). In the evening a bunch of us went on the Koh Tao pub crawl (apparently it's pretty well known). It was a laugh and a good way to celebrate my ripening age. The locals were spinning and throwing fire sticks. Some tricks were pretty good but one guy in particular kept dropping his... #embarrassing

    Although I guess this trip is sort of one big present to myself - I decided to do my Padi diving course here. Koh Tao is very famous for diving (and also reasonably priced) so I signed up with one of the many centres on the island, there is at least 100, so I went with a recommended and well known place (Bans). The following day we started the course - the first day was just a couple of hours of intro and cheesy videos, then the next day we got in the swimming pool and learned the ropes. There's a lot to take in. You learn about how air is affected underwater, nitrogen levels, hand signals, equalising etc but everyone did well and the instructor was satisfied we were ready to enter the sea and not all immediately start drowning.

    Up at 6.30 AM for a spot of breakfast then straight onto the boat; we'd be in the water by 9.00 AM. The first sea dive was understandably a little nervy, but as time went on we all got used to the feeling. We had to do a few skills in the water to pass the course then continued the dive. We did another dive an hour later in similar conditions and it was a bit easier.

    The following day we went down to 18 metres (the max on this course) again much easier for the third dive. We did a few more skills including an emergency ascent and some breathing techniques to ensure you stay level in the water. The final dive was just a recreational dive and most enjoyable as there were no skills and we were just going around the area. Loads of fish and coral plus some unusual creatures. Upon surfacing, we signed the paper work and were officially certified open water divers. 👌

    I'd enjoyed the diving a lot and there was an opportunity to do the advanced course at a discount with the same instructor who I thought was excellent. I therefore decided to take it. This time there are five dives including a 30 metre one plus a navigation and night dive as mandatory. I also opted for a shipwreck dive.

    30 metres is quite a scary thought as it's a long way down, but it didn't seem too bad as the visability was good. I may have got a touch of the gas narcosis (a common condition at deeper levels) where you you feel slightly high underwater - I couldn't do the simple math problem that they use to test it, so either I had it or I'm just an idiot (maths isn't my strong suit to be fair).

    The deep dive happened to be in the shipwreck too - it was very cool. As you decended suddenly this large blurry outline started to appear and as we went lower the shipwreck comes into view. We swam around the wreck site - there are still guns on the top of it too. After that we did the navigation dive. We had to plan where to enter and exit and navigate underwater with a compass - it's quite hard but I managed the basics. I won't be steering any teams around dive sites yet though. We went over a colourful coral garden too which was pretty cool.

    The next day I had to complete three more dives, two standard ones and one night dive. The standard ones were great and by now I was a little more used to the feeling of diving. On one we swam through literally hundreds of small fish and they surrounded you. When it came to do the night dive everyone was slightly more apprehensive. There were a few special procedures to follow and obviously we had to have some lights down there. If you don't it's completely pitch black. It was one of the best dives though - you see a few different things and it's really freaky being in the water in the dark. We saw some big barracuda hunting smaller fish, a couple of purple spotted rays and various other things.

    So after that, I'm now an Advanced Open Water diver which means I can dive to 30 metres, dive shipwrecks and dive at night. Hopefully I can squeeze one more in on this trip.

    I'm heading to Myanmar next - I've heard it's definitely more challenging to travel than the typical backpacker route and it's technically the start of rainy season there, but lots of people have said positive things about it despite that - so lets see how it goes.
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  • Day9

    koh tao

    September 6, 2016 in Thailand

    Paar chillige Tage bis jetzt auf koh tao

    Nichts besonderes passiert

    Einen Tag tauchen gewesen

    Leider kaum Schatten am Strand

    Am Abend bissal feiern und trinken, Emma ist einmal früher ins Bett und hat das Zimmer versperrt (die dummer Nuss). Hab dann zum Glück noch einen schlafplatz gefunden bei einer die wir kennengelernt haben, leider dortmundfan und auch noch vergetarier aber ansonstem sehr nett, am nächsten Tag wie gesagt tauchen und dann die nacht drauf erstmal von 21 bis 10 Uhr geschlafen :D

    Ansonsten, die Preise sind ok und alles ist optie

    Bissal den überblick übers Budget verloren sollte aber passen Urlaub ist immerhin Urlaub 🤑🤑🤑

    Bis dahin zers
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  • Day7

    Koh Tao Tag 5

    August 8, 2016 in Thailand

    Heute ging es mit dem Roller über die Insel. Bei 1,20 € den Tank voll tanken ist echt günstig ;) . Wir waren schnorcheln und haben die Korallenriffe unsicher gemacht. Unter anderen haben wir Babyhaie,Wasserschildkröten und viele bunte Fische gesehen. Nun sitzen wir am Strand und lassen den Abend mit Musik und Bier ausklingen ;)Zum Abendessen gab es 10 Hühnerfüße und ein paar Insekten . Schmeckt wie Cicken Mc Nuggets von Mc Donald😂 Der einzige Unterschied : günstiger und man weiß ,was man isst.Read more

  • Day100

    Koh Tao

    September 1, 2017 in Thailand

    Per Nachtzug, Bus und Fähre erreichen wir nach gut 14 Stunden die Insel der Tauchschulen. Hier will ich mein Padi Open Water machen und Ryan seinen Rettungsschwimmer. Am Pier stehen jede Menge Thais, welche uns ihren Service anbieten möchten - und zwar (sehr zu unserem Vergnügen) in: Spanisch! Scheinbar sind wir so braun gebrannt und sehen so spanisch sprechend aus, dass die Thais "Hola amigos" und "necesitas taxi" nachrufen. Nicht ohne ein Lächeln schütteln wir den Kopf und gehen zu Fuß weiter - natürlich!
    Nach eineinhalb Kilometer finden wir einen Platz wo wir frühstücken und einen halben Kilometer weiter, finden wir eine Tauchschule, welche uns ein tolles Angebot macht und ich schlussendlich nicht nur den Open Water sondern auch gleich den Advanced Tauchkurs mache. So machen wir quasi 10 Tage Insel-Ferien während unserem "stressigen" Reisen.. ;)
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  • Day1

    Koh Tao - Sairee Cottage

    December 6, 2016 in Thailand

    Arrived to Koh Tao after a long, overnight boattrip with the Ko Jaroen ferry. What an experience that was. Actually it went very well. The people on the boat were are very quiet at night and everyone respected each other's sleep. I woke up one time at night, because of the wiggling of the boat. That probably got me to sleep again as well. We waited a couple of hours at the pier when we arrived at 5.30. Our time easily passed by using the offline Netflix service on which we had Narcos final episodes. At the sairee cottage we didn't have to wait to check in, lovely. Tonight we spent our first few hours at the beach town in Koh Tao. Tomorrow we have our very first diving class. Although it's just a minor theory class, we are looking forward!Read more

  • Day15

    Tauchen mit Callie

    September 15, 2015 in Thailand

    [Tag 7 - Unser erster Tauchgang]
    Trotz des späten Einschlafens am Vorabend, standen wir voller Tatendrang gerne auf. Gefrühstückt wurde im Zest. Das Lokal haben wir schon am Vortag besucht und uns vorgenommen wiederzukommen. Die vegetarische Frühstücksplatte sah sehr gut aus. Besonders der Minispargel war köstlich. Ich bestellte die Eggs Benedict. Leider war die Sauce Hollandaise super süß und deshalb hat mir das Gericht als ganzes nicht wirklich geschmeckt. Nach 7 Tagen, kann man mal wo danebengreifen.
    Um 9:00 war unser Termin in der Tauchschule Scuba Junction. Unser Diving Instructor Keli wartete schon auf uns und setzte sich mit uns draußen auf einer schief im Sand liegenden Bank nieder.
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