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  • Day95


    July 7 in the United States

    Today Jackie joined us and we went to Canal side, a newer area of Buffalo on Erie lake. It was a beautiful sunny humid day and the breeze at canalside was welcomed.

    It was a cute clean area with the largest sandbox we ever saw, kids areas to play and grassy areas to relax. Josh spent most of his time at the sports bar in the area called 716, hoping to watch a tennis match at Wimbledon.

    If we had time and no kids, we could have rented paddle boats or even paddle boards in the canal. That night Vanilla ice was playing.

    That night we had Elisa's 20th year high school reunion which she was one of the three organisers. It was held at the Foundry, on Elmwood ave. There was 74 people for the buffet and then another 10 or so after for the drinks. It was a fun night and Elisa was able to catch up with old friends.

    After that we headed to Geckos on Elm street before we headed back taking an Uber.
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  • Day91

    Driving to NY

    July 3 in the United States

    Today we had our 2nd last long drive before we head back to Melbourne. We left Joe and Carols about 10am and had about a 4 hour drive.

    Joe played with Brandon and Inara while we packed up our stuff. Brandon enjoyed Joe's company and really bonded with him over a few days. He was sad to go.

    We were driving to East Amherst, to stay with Jackie, Elisa's oldest friend from high school. We actually stayed at Jackie 's brothers townhome where he lived with his wife Sara. Jackie 's partner is a homebody and doesn't really like people at the house, so Peter was so kind to offer his house to us. We didn't know that Peter and Sara where going to be there as they were supposed to be on holiday. It was a full house with us 4, plus Jackie and of course Sara and Peter but it was very comfortable and fun.

    We couldn't meet Jackie till 5pm, so we did some shopping in Erie, Pa and had lunch at Panera bread. Melbourne is having it's coldest winter and while we are here with record breaking heat, we looked for jackets at Burlington coat factory. Elisa found a lovely jacket but Josh was not as lucky.

    That night Elisa went out with Jackie, Sara and Peter to NY Beer project, a new brewery not far from the house. Elisa was so excited about the "taste of buffalo" platter as she was able to eat beef on kimmelweck and buffalo wings in one go. Josh stayed home with the kids as Brandon was in no form to go out and sit, so Josh was very happy catching up on Stranger Things on netflix and doing nothing.
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  • Day92

    4th of July

    July 4 in the United States

    We has such a relaxing time in Ohio and the days were low key. Today was a busy busy day.

    It started with going to the Grand Island parade where Elisa grew up. We went with Jackie and met up with her parents, sister and husband, and then her other friend Jackie and her husband Mike and their kids Violet and Gaige who were 6 and 5.

    The parade lasted almost 2 hours and the kids had a lot of fun trying to get lollies that all the different local community groups threw out to the hundreds of people lining the street to watch the parade.

    We spent the entire day with the group, moving from the parade to the VFW to the annual 4th of July celebration, where everyone just drinks and catches up with people from the town. After the VFW we drove over to Jackie' s parents house where we were there for hours, drinking, eating the bbq food, sitting in the kids pool , playing corn hole and having a great time. It was so hot outside, with the day feeling over 100/40 degrees. The kids had a great time playing with the Violet and Gaige, and did everything to playing in the pool, water balloons and watching a movie together.

    We stayed there until 9pm when we joined Jackie, mike and kids at fantasy island carpark to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

    We made our way back to our accommodation about 11pm and the kids were asleep in the car. It was a long day.
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  • Day93

    Fantasy Island

    July 5 in the United States

    Today we went to the 5th and last amusement park of the trip. Elisa used to work here when she was in highschool and was a lifeguard at the water park.

    Jackie and Mike have season passes so they joined us at at the park. It was great hanging out with them and the kids had fun.

    Fantasy island is good for the kids but very run down. We watched the talking tree read story time and he read "the giving tree" which is a book Brandon and Elisa read together. We saw the western show, a princess show, went to the water park, and the kids went on almost all the rides.Read more

  • Day363

    Buffalo, USA

    August 28, 2017 in the United States

    Nach einer kurzen Nacht sind wir dann auch schon zum Flughafen aufgebrochen. An diesem Tag standen 4(!) Flüge an.

    Beim ersten Flug mussten wir gleich getrennt sitzen. Aber da wir beide einen Fensterplatz hatten, konnten wir wunderbare Ausblicke genießen. Gleich nach dem Start war ein aktiver Vulkan zu bestaunen und später konnten wir Kuba, die Florida Keys, die Everglades und die Stadt Miami sehen.

    Gut gelandet stand wieder die Immigration der USA an. Aber auch dieses Mal war der Vorgang zu unserem Erstaunen kurz und schmerzlos.

    In Miami stärkten wir uns noch gleich mit veganen Köstlichkeiten bevor die nächsten Flüge (Miami - Orlando - Charlotte - Buffalo) anstanden.

    Nach diesem Flugtag fielen wir in Buffalo kaputt ins Bett und waren glücklich, dass wir alle Anschlüsse ohne Probleme bekommen haben ✈ 😊 ✈
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  • Day12

    Niagara Falls.

    July 26, 2016 in the United States

    Vi startede dagen med morgenmad på motellet som i går. Derefter fik vi endnu en gang pakket bilen og satte kurs mod Niagara Falls, en 3 1/2 times køretur. Den gik med musik og planlægning af stoppet i Chicago. Vi var fremme omkring 14. Det var umuligt at finde gratis parkering i området omkring parken og turistkontoret, så vi måtte betale for parkeringen, det var dog ikke så galt, 10 dollar for hele dagen. Så fik vi bilen parkeret og gik til turistkontoret for at finde ud af hvordan vi kom til, hvad vi fandt ud af var 3 vandfald ved siden af hinanden, som udgjorde Niagara Falls. Der var vist max 500 meter til vandfaldet. Vi så første vandfald som var det næst største, fra udsigtsposten, derefter gik vi over en bro et stykke inden vandfaldet og gik til næste udsigtspost. Her var der god udsigt til det mindste og næst største vandfald. Så gik vi videre til tredje udsigts post som gav udsigt til det støsts vandfald, horseshoe fall. Når man stod på udsigtsposten der, blev man meget våd fra den vandsky der stod op når vandfaldet ramte vandet. Vi besluttede os for at tage en bådtur man kunne komme på så vi kunne se vandfaldene fra vand siden også. Så vi gik tilbage mod første udkigspost hvorfra man kunne komme med elevator ned til bredden ved foden af vandfaldene, hvorfra der sejlede både ud hele tiden. Vi fik udleveret et blåt plastik regnslag, det var der god grund til!! 😅 båden havde et øvre og nedre dæk, vi skyndte os op og få en god plads til forografering. Det var sindsygt smukt fra land men mindst lige så smukt fra vand!!! Den sejlede os helt ind i hesteskoen, dog var det svært at se særlig meget helt inde i hullet da vandet fra vandfaldende sprøjtede så det føltes som om det stod ned i stænger med regn. 😅 vi fik dog en del gode billeder uden at få telefoner eller kamera ødelagt af vand. Efter bådturen kunne man gå lidt op ad til en udsigtspost nærmere ved vandet. Efter at have nydt den smukke natur, stod den på aftensmad, vi var sindsygt sultne! 😅 så vi fandt en resturant tæt ved parken, inden vi satte kurs mod hotellet. Der var kun ca. 1/2 time til hotellet fra vandfaldet, på turen stoppede vi og fik handlet lidt små ting, lærer lige så stille at begå mig i trafikken herovre. 😅 da vi nåede til hotellet slappede vi af foran tv'et, jeg fik kigget lidt på værelser i Davis. Tv'et kører og Charlotte er gået død, så nu vil jeg også til at sove, godnat! 😄😴😴Read more

  • Day21

    Niagra falls

    August 26, 2017 in the United States

    Niagara Falls so peaceful but just google what it is because if you want a photo go on google to get a photo Niagara Falls a beautiful water fall between America and Canada it was peaceful and perfect and I would rate ten out of ten would go again and I would like to see Niagara again it is awesome there was a boat that went to the front of Niagara Falls and back again and there was two different Falls one little one called American Falls hold up Niagara Falls is just the name of the place the big one was called horse shoe Falls yes it's a thing and it's very cool and it is very big but American Falls was actually pretty big but it doesn't go down as much as I thought I thought it was a hole straight down but it wasn't even what I thought as much as I went there I am happy about it so don't panic if you think I fell off into the hole I'm fine and in perfect condition and it's true so don't hyperventilate that means that your got a bag with no holes and you start breathing again and again and again until your knocked out or unconscious as geniuses say it anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I will se you later bye!Read more

  • Day15

    Niagara falls 25/7

    July 26, 2016 in the United States

    Så er vi virkelig på vejen. Hold op hvor vi får kørt nogle miles!

    Vi startede dagen med at anullere det motel vi havde bestilt til om aften fordi det simpelthen var for urealistisk at nå der hen. Vi skulle køre næsten 4 timer til Niagara falls og derfra skulle vi køre 5 timer til vores motel. Vi bookede i stedet noget lidt tættere på Niagara falls. Efter morgenmad bestående af franskbrød med nutella og banan og jordbær ved siden af tog vi afsted omkring kl. 10.30 for at se det berømte Niagara falls.

    I bilen fik vi kigget lidt på hvad man kunne se deroppe og hvordan man kunne se det. Da vandfaldet er lige ved grænsen mellem Canada og USA, så skal man også vælge hvilken side man skal til. Vi læste os frem til at de fleste tog til den canadiske side, men det var tilgengæld også et turistmekka. Så det blev den amerikanske side, så skulle vi heller ikke vente ved grænsen.
    Efter næsten 4 timer i bil kom vi frem. Nu var udfordringen så at finde en parkeringsplads, hvor man ikke skulle betale 20$. Vi fandt en hos en indisk restaurant. Så der holdte vores lille Ford Fiesta.

    Imens gik vi ind på et visitor center for at høre om mulighederne og hvordan man kunne se det her vandfald. Vi kunne gå ud til alle udsigtspunkterne, så det var fedt!
    Det var et helt fantastisk vandfald! Det var ubeskriveligt flot! Det stikker Vietnems største vandfald, som jeg så på min Asien tur.

    Efter udkigspunkterne besluttede vi at tage en båd kaldet "Maid of the mist", hvor vi kunne komme helt tæt på vandfaldene. Det var sådan at vandfaldene lå på den amerikanske side, så det var svært at få helt gode billeder af det. Det kunne vi til gengæld fra båden.
    Det var så fedt at være på den bådtur, men blev ret våd. Det var heldigt at vi havde fået udleveret blå regnslag inden!

    Vi skulle nu have mad, men inden det skulle vi lige holde vores samling af sourvier oppe. Jeg er begyndt en samling af magneter, så jeg har en magnet for hver store by vi er i. Det startede med stater, men New york og Niagara falls ligger i samme stat, så det er blevet til store byer i stedet.

    Den stod nu på mad og det blev det nærmeste. Louise fik den buffet, hun længe har snakket om og jeg fik ben. Det var desværre ikke noget at råbe hurra for, men det var mad og vi var død sultne. Frokost havde bestået af 2 cheeseburgerer hver.

    Sidste køretur til vores motel også stod den på hygge med disney channel 😃
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  • Day14

    Buffalo = Shopping!

    September 16, 2015 in the United States

    We got up early from that scary hostel (I didn't actually sleep that badly!) The guy in reception told us to catch the bus to Buffalo on a street corner a few blocks down. We headed to that corner and stood there for quite a while, until an old man came and approached us and advised us that we was never going to catch a bus on that corner! He pointed out the correct place to go... when getting to the correct place the bus came straight away.. fate or what?!

    When getting to the hostel it was very central in the city and people seemed welcoming which was a bonus. We left our bags and went out for a wander and got some lunch from a deli. We then checked in an decided that we wanted to go shopping.

    When asking around for the best shopping place people advised us to catch a bus. One random guy found us a bus stop. The bus ride was long and through quite a rough area but when we got to the shopping place it was nice! Numerous bags later and buying Macys entire bag collection we headed back, calling by TGI Fridays for our tea before returning to the hostel.

    All in all a good day!
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