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  • Day6

    Day 6 - Bryce Canyon Driving Tour

    September 16 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    We can barely believe it's Day 6! Feels like we've been gone ages and on the other hand, like we just got here.

    The Yurt was a perfect place to spend our morning. Nestled among grey-green salt bush and stunted pines, the only unfortunate fact was its proximity to the highway. The landscape is so different to the places we've come from and actually reminds us of Glenlock (some lovely nostalgia). Thankfully, it's much cooler too, but 10C at night!

    We awoke with the sun, slowly crawling out of our warm sleeping bags and headed to Bryce! Only a 25 min drive through Dixie National Forest and the Red Canyon which were both stunning!

    The town outside of the park is dominated by 'Ruby'-named stores/hotels/restaurants etc. Ruby is the nickname for Reuben someone-or-other, whose family settled in the area in 1919 (not realising the incredible place they had nearby!). When it became a dedicated park, Ruby set up shop to the north, close to where the original homestead existed. Today, it is a remote, classic, western-themed town filled with every adventure or experience you'd wish to do. We wished for nothing but the park, so on we went.

    We toured the visitor centre exhibits and learnt about the formation of the land: such an interesting geological story, which was expounded further by a ranger at Sunset Point. Skip the paragraph below if geology isn't your thing! :)

    Two of the earth's plates collided here: an oceanic and continental plate smashed together and caused a massive upheaval which raised the deposited layers of rock (and there are so many layers!!) high into the sky ... Ergo, the Colorado Plateau (of which Zion, Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Capitol Reef and Grand Canyon etc. are all a part). Here at Bryce is the top layer of the sedimentary rock, where pinks, light reds, oranges and whites are exquisitely layered. Because of the hard cap of dolomite on the top of this 'softer rock', the erosion causes vertical splits which is widened by 'ice wedging', forming pillars called 'hoodoos'. The name hoodoos comes from the Paiute Indian term 'oodoo' meaning spirit, who believed they were people frozen in the rock.

    Our lonely planet guidebook suggested we start at the end of the scenic drive and stop at the views on the way back. Stop 1: Rainbow Point (8,924 ft) with far reaching views of the distant Aquarius Plateau that's (another 500ft higher!) and the valley carved out by the Paria River (an offshoot of the Virgin River).

    Each scenic stop revealed its own unique wonders. We even began to experience 'wow fatigue' and felt a little overwhelmed with the epic views. Once we hit the Bryce Point lookout, Nomes and Cilla needed a bit of a break. I decided to scout ahead and see if there was a place we could bring our chairs to quietly enjoy the magnificent vista. Walking along the Rim trail I found the perfect place with less foot traffic and a million dollar view.

    After chilling for a while, it was definitely supper time. Thanks to a friend's recommendation we ate the most amazing bbq (for the Aussies, north american bbq consists of pulled pork, pulled sweet chicken, beef brisket and ribs etc...no sausages or steak in sight, but still great :))

    Then a hustle back up to Bryce to catch the setting sun at Inspiration Point.
    We'll be back in 12 hours for sunrise.
    - Becky & Nomes
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    Johanna Schipper

    Happy Birthday 🥳 Nomes x

    Nomes Pitcher

    Thanks Jo!

    Darryl Pitcher

    What a special way to spend your birthday with some fantastic friends!

    Nomes Pitcher

    I'll say!

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  • Day12

    Day 12 - Buckskin Gulch

    September 22 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Ahh the inexpressible comfort of not having to get up for sunrise, and the irritation of waking up at sunrise anyway. Our AirBnB was super comfy and we pottered around, making brekky, sorting stuff, laundry and generally just not being active.

    Today we are headed to Buckskin Gulch, via Wire Pass. When we arrive after a half hour bumpy gravel road we see two Sherrifs peaking in a van. We learn later that there is a woman who has been missing on the trail since yesterday. Such a warning makes us take preparation even more seriously. We tell a few friends where we are, packing lotsa water, snacks, first aid kits and a Becky. She'll be right, mate.

    The first 25 minutes were through a (currently) dry and entirely sun soaked river bed. Signs of heavy flooding were visible along the river channel and that is not a situation we wanted to find ourselves in. Flash floods in gulches/narrows are the cause of many deaths throughout parks across the states (thankfully there are no clouds, let alone rain anywhere in the upstream areas).

    Soon the sandy river banks turn into dark red sandstone and start to narrow and grow taller. Before long we are squeezing through 40 ft high walls that are as narrow as 3ft across! The sun is painting the the tops of the gulch a brilliant red ochre and the sky above is a ribbon of iridescent cerulean. The acoustics aren't bad (not as great ad Singing Canyon) and we sing a little as we wind our way through the gulch. We can see where the buckskin name came from: the soft gold and tan walls are marked in many places by 'desert varnish' (black and grey coloration caused by leached minerals and bacteria). The air is cool at the bottom of this slot canyon and the smooth, striated walls are incredibly detailed (and begging to be climbed, so I had to oblige!)

    Cilla is in her element, and we obediently trot around corners so she can capture unobstructed views of the canyon's twists and turns. For the next few hours we explore, sing, take pictures, marvel at the soaring height of the canyons and chat with fellow hikers before heading back the way we had come.

    On our last stretch we see a helicopter sweep low over the area, and presume it's looking for the lost hiker. When we approach the parking lot, the helicopter returns and slowly lands in a roped off section, blowing sand and small stones all over. We are relieved to find out that they found the missing woman who had made a wrong turn (easy in this trackless desert) and become lost. She is ok, despite having been out overnight. On our way out, the helicopter once again flies overhead and lands right next to the road! A search and rescue operative tells us they flew all the way from Salt Lake City (2.5 hrs flight). Cilla got pulled into the search amd rescue google rabbit hole and discovered that S&R ops have increased dramatically over COVID as more inexperienced hikers take local vacations.

    Our AirBnB host had recommended a local Mexican Restaurant which we enjoyed dinner at. Boy it was sooooo goood. We had leftovers to the moon and back. Can't wait for lunch tomorrow :)
    - Nomes
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    Jody Èlliott

    Looks amazing! I know you've worked up an appetite but I also know you have leftovers. Haha

    Nomes Pitcher

    You know us well, all about those leftovers!! 😉

    Julie Pitcher

    All that money spent on braces paid off. Great smiles! So pleased to see you are having a good time!

    Nomes Pitcher

    teehee yeah thanks 'rents!

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  • Day10

    Von Moab nach Bullfrog

    September 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Heute standen 380 km auf unserem Plan. Deshalb sind wir gleich morgens um 8 Uhr gestartet.
    Erst Tanken, Getränke-Nachschub einkaufen und dann ging es in Richtung Bullfrog welches direkt am Lake Powell liegt. 😊

    Ein paar Kilometer nach Moab haben wir dann gleich unseren ersten Stopp beim Hol‘n the Rock eingelegt.
    Das ist ein 500 Quadratmeter großes Haus, das vor fast einem Jahrhundert von einer Familie in Sandstein gehauen wurde.

    Heute war dort vermutlich ein Oldtimer Treffen. So ist eine Kiste nach der anderen auf den Parkplatz gerollt 😍😍😍 der Wahnsinn, Wirklich richtig schöne, gepflegte, alte Autos.

    Nach einer Weile staunen sind wir dann ein Stück auf der 191 und danach auf der richtig tollen Fry Canyon 95, einer weiteren Scenic Road bis Bullfrog gefahren ☺️
    Unterwegs mussten wir natürlich wieder einige Foto-Stopps einlegen 😅

    In Bullfrog angekommen sind wir direkt zu unserem Hotel gefahren. Die einzige Unterkunft die es hier weit und breit außer einigen Campingplätzen gibt.
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    Markus Weber

    Love is in the air😍😍

    Markus Weber

    Da habt ihr ja super Autos gesehen Geil.

    Harley Didi


  • Day14


    September 23, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    In Kanab haben wir unsere Vorräte aufgestockt, Lilly hat ihre erste Banane geschenkt bekommen und direkt verschlungen und mein kleiner Unfall mit dem Poller hat uns zu Little Diesels Werkstatt geführt. Was wäre ein Abenteuer ohne das ein oder andere Malörchen...
    Danach ging es weiter Richtung Bryce Canyon mit Zwischenstopp auf einem Schrottplatz. Abendessen: Grill an, es gibt Wurst.
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  • Day18

    Yellow Rock, UT

    October 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Dieser Tag war vielleicht bisher sogar der abenteuerlichste unserer Reise. Wir sind in das Gebiet des Grand Staircase-Escalant National Monuments gefahren, was grundsätzlich frei zugänglich ist. Allerdings führen keine befestigten Straße hier hindurch, sodass man die Wege mit normalen Autos nur bei wirklich gutem Wetter befahren kann. Da wir das aber hatten, sind wir erstmal die Cottonwood Road hineingefahren und wollten mal schauen, wie weit wir kommen. Wir mussten relativ langsam fahren, hatten so aber einen besseren Blick auf die riesigen Felsen, die Canyons und den Paria River. Nach einiger Zeit hatten wir dann unser Ziel, den Wanderweg zum Yellow Rock erreicht. Dort angekommen mussten wir allerdings feststellen, dass dieser Weg absolut nicht ausgeschildert ist. Also haben wir uns eine provisorische Karte im Internet heruntergeladen, zum Glück hatte Jens dort mit seiner amerikanischen SIM-Karte Empfang. Außerdem haben wir versucht, uns von den Warnungen zu Skorpionen und Klapperschlagen nicht verunsichern zu lassen und sind losgestapft. Der Weg ging nach einigen Metern extrem steil den Berg hinauf. Der Wanderweg war hier teilweise keine 30 cm breit und wirklich anstrengend, hat aber auch echt Spaß gemacht - man durfte nur nicht nach unten gucken. :D Es war wohl der abwechslungsreichste Weg, den wir je gegangen sind. Oben hatte man natürlich einen sagenhaften Blick. Hier haben wir uns erstmal mit unserem (späten) Lunchpaket belohnt und den Ausblick genossen.Read more

  • Day6

    Peekaboo Slot Canyon

    September 9, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Nach dem der Antilope Canyon leider auf Grund von Corona geschlossen ist, habe ich nach einer Alternative gesucht und den Peekaboo Slot Canyon gefunden. Und was soll ich sagen, es hat sich gelohnt. Für das gleiche Geld einen Guide, 4 Mitreisende und wir hatten 2.5-3 Stunden Zeit, kein Drängeln, kein "wir müssen weiter weil die nächsten kommen". Es war wundervoll.Read more

  • Day12

    Valley of Fire

    October 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 10 °C

    Heute Morgen haben wir die Glücksspielmetropole Las Vegas verlassen. Nach zwei Nächten in einem riesigen Hotel und Großstadtleben mit tausenden Touristen genießen wir wieder die Ruhe und die wunderschöne Natur. Unser erster Nationalpark heute war Valley of Fire. Unbeschreiblich schön. Riesige Felsformationen mit besonderen Strukturen und Farbgebungen. Alleine in diesem Park sind 120 Fotos entstanden. Wobei man auch hier jeden Meter wieder andere tolle Fotos machen könnte. Man kann gar nicht alles fotografieren was man sieht. Deshalb auch hier wieder nur eine kleine Auswahl.Read more

  • Day36

    Day 36 - What a Washout!

    May 27, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Woke up to a very wet and cold Memorial Day as the weather forecast had predicted. It was our intention today to again try and properly visit Zion National Park, hoping that the crowds had disappeared due to the inclement weather.

    After checking out of the motel we drove down to Bear Paw Cafe which was allegedly renowned for its waffles and for which we had a 10% discount voucher. Unfortunately there was a massive queue outside so we didn’t bother to stop.

    Instead we drove on to the Mormon Temple in St George, where Jackie declared she wasn’t going into the visitor centre. I went in alone, whilst Jackie wandered around the grounds. After a quick couple of photos we were done and on our way to Zion National Park.

    We turned off to Hurricane and we noticed that the roads were visibly more busy than yesterday. We pulled over & contemplated our options.

    1. We could drive back to Zion and see what the crowds were like and if it was too busy just drive through like we did yesterday.

    2. We could take the ring road to the South of Zion straight to Kanab.

    We didn’t fancy getting wet, squashed into a shuttle bus & possibly not seeing much of Zion anyway due to the low lying snow clouds. So we agreed on option 2. Well Jackie told me that was the option we were taking.

    We took Highway 59 eastbound & soon we were in Arizona on Highway 389 & putting our clocks back an hour. We drove through driving rain & made our 1st stop at Apple Dumpling UFO Docking & Teleportation Center. Basically it is some UFO paraphernalia in a field! We took a photo & continued.

    Next stop was Pipe Springs National Monument. Apparently, American Indians, Mormon Pioneers & others have all relied on the water from this spring. We went in a side entrance, saw that it was a $10 entry fee & walked straight back out again. As Jackie pointed out, it was probably just a load more Indians trying to sell us stuff.

    Before we knew it, we were back in Utah & changing our clocks again. Still raining, we parked up & walked into the local Visitors Centre to enquire what we could do on a rainy day like today.

    We were given details of a Heritage Museum, also the Little Hollywood Movie Set Museum (which is better on a dry day) & details of a scenic drive through Johnson Canyon. The young assistant raved about this & said it was better in the wet because it made the rocks glisten. She helpfully gave us a glossy leaflet with things to look out for.

    We would check out Johnson Canyon after we’d had something to eat. We walked up & down the historic high street, but nothing took our fancy for brunch, so we drove to a supermarket for rolls & cheese. We then travelled to Johnson Canyon for our driving tour. At 2.6 miles we looked for, but failed to see the “Lion’s Head”. Half a mile later we failed to find “Eagle Gate Arch”, then Pioneer Grave.

    Out 1st positive sighting was the “Old Gunsmoke Movie Set”, then some old Pioneer farm equipment & then graffiti on a rock described as a “Pioneer Billboard & Indian Writings”. We continued to the end of the road & into the canyon, but the visibility was poor due to the weather. The canyon would probably have been impressive to us if we hadn’t seen so many fantastic ones before.

    On the way back we spotted “Lion’s Head” & “Eagle Gate Arch”. Heading back into Kanab we stopped at a Laundromat & took the opportunity to get our dirty washing done. With that done, we checked into our motel, Aiken’s Lodge.

    Later that evening we had dinner at The Rocking V Cafe. I had mac ‘n’ cheese & Jackie had a grilled shrimp salad. It was nice, but took a little long to get our dinner. We were both shattered & needed an early night.

    FITBIT = 5,151 steps / 2.39 miles.

    Song of the Day - Iron Lion Zion by Bob Marley & The Wailers.
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  • Day37

    Day 37 - A Blot on the Landscape

    May 28, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Still raining when we woke up. Popped into reception for our continental breakfast of coffee & cake!

    At 10am, we drove into the car park of Little Hollywood Movie Set Museum 🎥 in Kanab. It was free entry, but we put a couple of dollars in the donations box. Kanab was the location for numerous western movies & TV programmes. We started off watching 2 short videos that explained the history of movie making in the area & what was at the museum.

    The Museum had movie sets from The Outlaw Josey Wales & The Lone Ranger filmed locally. We had an enjoyable 45 minutes wandering around the the movie sets with Jackie happily (under duress) posing for lots of silly photos. Before leaving we tried on some genuine cowboy hats🤠, but as always hats don’t suit me, not at over $100 they don’t.

    We stopped outside Parry’s Lodge for a photo. This is where all the movie stars, including Ronald Reagan & Frank Sinatra & the rest of the Rat Pack stayed when they were filming Sergeants 3, the remake of Gunga Din.

    We then left Kanab & took Highway 89 eastbound, turning off to Lone Rock just before entering back into Arizona. As we drove down the road we were warned that Lone Rock was in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area & it was a fee paying area. When we got to the entrance hut we saw the entrance fee was $30. We weren’t paying that, but suddenly it occurred to me that my National Park Pass might just allow us entry.

    It did & I’m so glad it did. Lone Rock which sat in Lake Powell was lovely. We parked up & we walked the 400 metres or so down to the beach. The sun was out but it was pretty windy. People had parked up their RVs & the hardy had set up tents, where they were presumably staying the night.

    After a spot of lunch, cheese roll & crisps, we returned to Highway 89 & crossed into Arizona, where yet again we had to change our clocks. We didn’t know if we were coming or going! We then turned off again into Wahweap Boulevard & down to Lake Powell Resort & Marina. Basically it was the place where the ‘sailors’ set sail from & not a lot else to see.

    We followed Lake Shore Drive along Lake Powell enjoying the vista when suddenly to my horror there were large chimneys belting out smoke in the distance in the middle of nowhere. It was a hideous blot on the landscape. We probably weren’t the first to think this because at the next next Scenic Viewpoint there was a sign explaining why the Navajo Generating Station,that we could see, was where it was.

    We continued until we reached Glen Canyon Dam. There were Dam viewpoints all over the place & from the information available we established it is the 2nd largest concrete Arch Dam in the USA. We took numerous photos, but Jackie didn’t fancy the 45 minute tour, despite only being $5 fee.

    On we went to another scenic point of the Colorado River in Page, Arizona.This was a real little cracker. We parked up & walked down to the cliff edge overlooking the Colorado River & looking back at the Glen Canyon Dam. The views were impressive, but what made this so special was the rock formations that were layer upon layer in waves. Millions of years of geology forming the most incredible patterns.

    Next stop was Horseshoe Bend which required a $10 fee to park. I did enquire if my National Parks Pass counted, but it didn’t. We parked up & with the 100s of others trudged for 15 minutes along the trail over a sand dune to the spectacular Horseshoe Bend. It was an amazing view, despite all the idiots (mainly Chinese) getting in the way. Unfortunately the sun had gone in, but with the rainclouds in the distance made for a dramatic scene.

    Our last planned stop of the day was Waterholes Canyon just up the road, but when we saw payment was required we decided to call it a day. We then stopped at Walmart for provisions for tonight’s tea & ended up also coming out with 2 chairs & 2 towels!

    We then drove to our Red Rock Motel & checked in. Jackie thinks is the best accommodation we have stayed in yet. We have a full kitchen & patio & chairs outside. She might have changed her mind in the morning as we are sharing a normal sized double bed!!

    After a couple of beers we had a microwave lasagne with individually selected salads & coleslaw out on our patio. We both agree this has been the best meal we have yet had on our travels.

    As I type, we plan to have an early night, ready for a big driving day tomorrow .

    FITBIT = Has broken. I need a new strap!

    Song of the Day - Waves by Blancmange.
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    Jonathan Annals

    Enjoying the blog! I remembered that place we stopped at on Route 66. It's a small town called Seligman. Apparently the inspiration behind Radiator Springs in Pixar's Card movie. Worth a look if not too far out of your way. Have a burger and milkshake at Delgadillo's Snow Cap Drive-In.

  • Day427

    Extreme Heat Warning

    July 12, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Die extreme Hitze dauert an und hat schon Todesopfer gefordert. Deshalb werden überall Warnschilder aufgestellt, die davon abraten, zu wandern. Aber selbst in den USA muss man manchmal ein paar Schritte gehen, um die besten Plätze zu finden. Wenn immer möglich suchen wir uns jetzt aber einen Platz am Wasser, um uns abzukühlen.Read more

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