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  • Day40

    Auf Geistersuche in Louisville

    May 13 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Louisville hieß uns mit einem doppelten Room Upgrade in unserem Hotel in Downtown willkommen: erst wurden wir ins besserer Hotel umgebucht, dann auch noch ins bessere Zimmer mit schöner Aussicht! Die Stadt hingegen begeisterte zunächst nur begrenzt, wie viele Städte hier im Rustbelt wirkt Louisville in den 80ern stehen geblieben. Zudem sind viele Städte komplett auf Autos ausgelegt und entsprechend wie ausgestorben. Bis auf Obdachlose - und uns - trifft man niemanden auf der Straße...
    Als wir schon gar nicht mehr damit rechneten, gab es doch noch ein richtiges Highlight. Wir gingen auf Geistertour im alten viktorianischen Villenviertel, an dessen Millionärs Row sich Villa an Villa reiht. Unser Guide war ein grandioser Erzähler. Außerdem bot er uns nach der Tour an, uns im Auto mitzunehmen und wusste neben Geistesgeschichten auch vom (eher begrenzte) Nachtleben in Louisville zu berichten. So führte uns seine Empfehlung zu einem tollen Ausklang des Abends mit Cocktails im edlen 5* Brown-Hotel.
    Letzlich verließen wir Louisville sehr versöhnt und machten uns auf den Weg nach Cincinnati.
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  • Day37

    Ugly Roads, Zahnschmerz und Interviews

    May 10 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Der Weg von Nashville nach Louisville hielt einige Überraschungen bereit. Durch Kathas Zahnschmerzen machten wir einen kleinen Umweg nach Bowling Green zum Dentist. Die geänderte Route brachte uns zum National Corvette Museum (das sind diese amerikanischen Sportwagen) und damit geradewegs zur lokaler Berühmtheit. Sobald wir mit unseren Rädern vorrollten, stürzte sich das PR Team auf uns. Natürlich nahmen wir uns Zeit für ein Interview und holten das schönste Lächeln für die Paparazzi raus (der Beweis: http://portal.criticalimpact.com/vm.cfm?i=6FC68DFF9E9F0530). Das Beste am Leben als VIP ist, dass man natürlich keinen Eintritt zahlt.

    Aufregend ging die Etappe weiter, als wir im Mammoth Cave Park vollbepackt einen Mountainbike-Trail fuhren. Da dieser Spaß einiges an Zeit kostete, entschieden wir uns anschließend eine Abkürzung zu nehmen. Die Lehre: Wenn eine Straße "Ugly Road" heißt, hat das einen Grund. So sparten wir zwar Kilometer, kriegen dafür aber Schotter und Höhenmeter, sodass die Kraftreserven schon ca. 20 km nach Startpunkt ordentlich ausgeschöpft waren. Passenderweise ging die Etappe auch hügelig und später auch noch regnerisch weiter. Zum Glück lenkte der ungewohnte Anblick von Amischen auf schwarzen Kutschen uns immer wieder ab.

    Ansonsten erfuhren wir auf dieser Etappe, wie es ist, den ganzen Tag auf dem Highway fahren zu müssen (ebenfalls ugly und abenteuerlich, hier aber im negativen Sinne), versuchten in Ford Nox reinzukommen (keine Chance) und nahmen Schlammbäder (Katha zumindest, die dachte, dass ihre Reifen überall durchkommen).
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    Daniela Dittrich

    Hahaha, ich wusste es, Dich gibt es zwei Mal! 😂

    Katharina und Adrian

    Sieht ganz danach aus! Leider hatte der Laden zu, hätte meinen Zwilling gern kennen gelernt!

  • Day25

    Day 24 Rest Day at Lake House

    June 19, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 77 °F

    Day 24
    REST DAY in Hardinsburg, KY
    Mileage - 0

    Woke up at 8:30
    Breakfast at 9:00 cold cereal
    Started working on yesterday's blog at 9:30
    Finished the blog at 12noon
    Had to call Apple Support for help with syncing my photos from my iphone to MacBookPro
    Got disconnected 2 times
    Fixed a grilled cheese sandwich
    Took at nap from 1:30pm - 5:15pm - BEST NAP ever!
    Had dinner - the guys grilled out steak baked potatoes salad and hot chocolate chip cookies
    talked to my friend, Mary, from Moody, to see if she could help us pick up Sarah tomorrow
    did a load of wash
    packing up
    staying in a large VRBO on Lake Rough River
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  • Day26

    Day 25 Lake house, Ky - Harrodsburg, Ky

    June 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 68 °F

    Lake House, KY - Harrodsburg, KY
    Miles - 100
    Cemeteries spotted - too many to count

    The day started off as usual. I woke up especially early. I was showered and out of the bathroom by 4:45. Again I wanted to make sure Caroline had plenty of time to get ready, Glenn was still sleeping til about 5am and then he got ready and started to get the van ready

    I had a bowl of cereal while Vela made scrambled eggs and bacon. Glenn at one point was distracted and couldn’t find his cereal bowl as he was packing. We finally found it. We were all completely ready before 7am Jeff turned the security code on the house and out we all went. We had to empty the trash, start the dishwasher and take the sheet off the bed and put the towels in the hamper.

    This was a miserable morning as it was just beginning to rain and things were damp. We were ready by 7, however, Neil did his normal morning video thing out on the porch overlooking the lake. The bikers left and then we followed after Glenn tied stuff down. He has to make sure the blue tub has everything closed and tied down with bungee cords.

    We met up with everyone at a local gas station. It was good to leave the house having had breakfast and let the cyclists have their first good ride.

    I radioed ahead to Wes to let him know it was 11 o'clock and that the next town that was on the map was just around the corner and that would be a good time to stop and have lunch. Neil had a radio interview with Kirby Anderson at 12noon. This would be perfect. Vela and Jeff were returning back from picking up Sarah who had flown in from Dallas to be a part of #ConversationsCoasttoCoast team. Then we realized we had change time zones and we were in the Eastern Daylight Standard time zone. Now it is 10 o’clock in the morning.

    Neil was a little bummed but there’s really nothing else you could do except go ahead and take it the advantage of the time in this small town. Brooks‘s general store and Restaurant. The original owner was Miss Ella Mae. She would feed people who were working at the railway station. The restaurant was loaded with old artifacts such as decorations like the inside of Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Glenn and I shared a meatloaf and mashed potatoes dinner. Neil talk to a young family. Then it was time after lunch for the Kirby Anderson Interview. And wouldn't you know it, it was 12noon and a train comes barreling down the track and blows his whistle. I never asked Neil had the interview went.

    So, here I am sitting outside this old mom and pop restaurant in a town in Kentucky I don't even know the name, and along comes two women cyclists in their mid-50s. We wave them down. They stop and introduce themselves as Lynn and Cindy. They started off in San Diego around 4 May and are traveling to Virginia. We found out that they did Route 66 and even rode on I-40. They had a couple of flats during that stretch. They do not have a large support group like Neil has. I think there’s just one couple that will go ahead and we’ll set up camp. They travel about 50 miles a day. They're camping along the way. Lynn and Cindy did not want to be interviewed yet they briefly stated they’ve had some tough recent years. I am wondering if they had experienced death, disappointments or what? that made them want to ride their bicycles across the country?

    After lunch, we continued following the cyclists through the beautiful green corn hillside one after another. The wind was blowing and the corn stocks were gently swaying in the breeze. At one point, the photographer Jon and his assistant Christine were with us in the Chuckwagon 16. Jon was sitting and had the camera rolling. He asked us some pointed questions such as what had been the most rewarding day for us and what was the most challenging day. Good question.

    Vela had connected up with the family from Northwest Bible church they happen to be vacationing or having a family reunion in the area so they had been texting Vela and knew the route that we’re going to take. At 3:00pm and a perfect time for a quick afternoon break, we roll into this small town and on the corner of the church parking lot, stands a whole family holding up posters and signs! Wow, what a greeting. Neil interviewed them and asked specific questions as to why is it important to have conversations, etc. This was the Smith family. They have been coming to Northwest for the past 4 years. They also give us pointers as to what we would be seeing on our way to Shakertown. Several large buildings that housed whiskey or bourbon.

    We continued on. The weather was great. Some rolling hills. Plenty to see. We come across an old estate of the Abraham Lincoln family. Mordecai and Lincoln‘s relatives, that was a Homestead then we eventually came to Abraham Lincoln‘s Homestead State Park. Golf course and all. This was a good place for a potty break and some more filming.

    We googled locations to eat in Harrodsburg and came up with a Mexican Casa Grande restaurant. I had a taco salad and Glenn had Fajitas. Before our meal was up, Neil started a conversation. This time it was with the owner, her husband and her father. It was just getting dark as we rolled into Shakertown. Too bad it was so late. Definitely, a neat place to visit again. On my bucket list. The men were in one house and the women in another. Very simple. But comfortable. We had all the bicycles stored in the "women's dorm"

    This was one of our longest days so far. Not getting to our place where we would spend the night until well after 9pm, and then in bed by 10pm. I realized that I had been up since 4:45am. It was a good day as for conversations and sharing. Besides the young family Neil visited with over lunch, Neil was also able to have a conversation with the owner of the restaurant for lunch and also the owner at the Casa Grande. Each of them had their own experiences and challenges. Each had their own story. I think there might have been another conversation, but its not coming to me right off. The scenery was beautiful with lots of farmlands, cattle, and open fields. I think I saw lots of corn growing and cattle grazing!

    It started off rainy but ended up with bright clear blue skies.
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  • Day27

    Day 26 Harrodsburg, KY - Natural Bridge

    June 21, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 59 °F

    Day 26 Harrodsburg, KY - Natural Bridge Resort State Park, KY
    Miles - approx 100
    People that waved to us - 245

    Good morning. I woke up this morning and noticed that Sarah was not in her bed in the room. The sheets, covers, and pillows were not there. I found out later she’s didn't even try to go to sleep because I was snoring so loud by the time she was ready to go to bed, what's the use? She just took the bedding and went to the adjacent room and slept on the wooden floor. I got some laughs when Vela mentioned she could hear my snoring through from the second story. I had some ear plugs I gave Sarah. I did my part.

    I got up at 5 o’clock to take a shower and get ready for the day. I loaded the bicycles from the "living room" of the house and brought them out to the front parking lot area in plenty of time after I had some quiet time and reading. Glenn drove up in the "Chuckwagon" and everyone pitched in to load the bicycles and suitcases and we were heading out by 6:45 and headed back into town to McDonald’s for breakfast. Glenn and I shared a pancake breakfast plus I had a Frappuccino all the while Glenn is re-adjusting the bins. He even tried to get ice from McDonald's and they didn't sell him any. We stopped at a convenience store to buy some ice in town before heading out for the day.

    The weather was just beautiful today clear blue sky. Perfect to take photos. Its the day with white puffy clouds as we drove through the countryside. We rode through large farmlands dotted with old wooden barns. On most of the homes and barns, there would be the traditional "Pennsylvanian and/or Amish" looking quilt symbol on the side of the barn. I also noticed that some homes had the Star of David hanging on one small end of the house or barn. I need to look up the reference for this tradition.

    I was counting how many people would wave to us in the van. My count was over 250 and then Wes radioed back to me and said I should be counting how many people we saw mowing their yard either by a push mower or riding lawn mower. Glenn's reply that we would do that tomorrow since it would be a Saturday (however Saturday was raining and hardly anyone was outside).

    We did stop to talk to one man that was repairing his fence by the side of the road. He mentioned that a car lost control several days ago and drove into his wire fence. He immediately told us about a "Biker's Stop" just up the hill. Sure enough along the side of the road in a vacant acre, was a covered shed and porta potty. There was free water, fresh fruit, and cookies (some were homemade) and bike supplies. This was on the Bike 76 route.

    We ate lunch at a restaurant called Cook-Out in Richmond. It is a local chain in the Kentucky area famous for hamburgers and chicken. Glenn and I shared a chicken sandwich, onion rings, and a peach milkshake.

    Richmond, Kentucky which is the home for eastern Kentucky State University. Neil was having a conversation here on campus and had gone ahead of us. Vela decided she needed to walk around a bit, so I looked up on the "letterboxing" web site to see if there was a letterbox near by. Sure enough, one at a cemetery a few blocks away. Very clever clues.

    Once Neil finished his interview, filming, and conversation, we were on the road again. We used our cell phone to reconnect back up with Vela on the other side of this beautiful campus. Neil had another interview as we were leaving Richmond.

    The area was beautiful. Forest and green! Steep rolling hills. I don't know how the bikers do it. Again I'm amazed how they keep going mile after mile after mile.

    As we approached the Natural Bridge Resort State Park we ate dinner at the Red River Bar-B-Que Restaurant. Very good food. Immediately when we arrive at a dinner location, we try to have the 3 cyclists order and get their food first, since it is important and part of recovery to eat within the first 45 minutes of getting off your bike. Glenn and I were tieing stuff down and had to order last. We shared a dinner plate.

    Neil was having a conversation with 3 or 4 motorcyclists. Harley Davidson folks. And as he was talking, I was outside of this old restaurant just sitting and enjoying the weather and engaging with a few folks. And with all the camera crew and sound equipment out, you get a lot of questions asked. One family started asking questions and I was explaining what we were doing. They got really excited about the whole concept. Then Glenn started to talk with the adult son and found out that he graduated from Ben Lippen High School. Same school Glenn graduated from. Small world, Big Family. Unbelievable. Divine appointment. Small school but different location. Glenn attended the boarding school back in the '70s when it was located in Ashville, NC, now the school is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This particular family had come to Kentucky to attend Jack Layman's grandson's wedding. Jack with Glenn's headmaster back in the day.

    We are staying at the National Bridge Resort State Park. Glenn and I stayed here back in 2002 when we were following Ellen and the Women's Concert Choir and I was hosting the Alumni dinners prior to the concerts. I did not walk the trail to view the bridge.

    Jonathan Edwards met us here as he drove down from Indiana for a few days to see how the #ConversationsCoasttoCoast really works.

    A funny story on Vela. I got a knock on my door. Vela. She comes busting in and says "now this is a cold room! Our room is so hot!" She explained that she even called the front desk to complain about the temperature in the room and the guy on the other end said: "Lady, just calm down!" Vela has a great way of expressing herself. I've probably mentioned this in a previous post, Vela has the same EXACT laugh as our good friend Kathy. Now that's a compliment. And every time I smile when I hear her laugh as it reminds me of Kathy.

    There were a few wrong turns for the day. And even Wes slipped and skinned up his elbow. We were being told to "hold back" for the shooting, so we didn't see the mishap. Wes is ok. There were times when the cyclists were riding on gravel - not the idea road condition. Again the scenery was beautiful. Lots of trees. Green.

    Good night.

    Again, several more conversations. And several more ways to see how God puts us at the right spot at the right time.

    Normally Glenn proof-reads my blogs, but with our crazy schedule, he does not have time. So please enjoy reading, but don't look for those grammatical errors.
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  • Day28

    Day 27 Natural Bridge Park - Jenny Wille

    June 22, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    Day 27 Natural Bridge Resort State Park - Jenny Willey State Park (Prestonsburg, KY)
    Miles - I think 100
    Mobile Homes counted - 86
    Wrong turns - maybe 2
    Shetland ponies - 3
    Turtles - 3

    This morning I was up by 5:00am, took a shower and got ready. We noticed that it was kinda overcast and as soon as I opened the hotel room we saw fog out in the parking lot. There was a layer of dew everywhere, but it was not too sticky. When we went out to the van, there wasn't too much water. I quickly got "the junk drawer" out and got my whiteboard and wrote "Day 27". I was getting ready for my daily photo.

    Breakfast was at 7am. Glenn went up to the restaurant and grabbed breakfast really quick. I think we have the "Guatemala mindset" that we don't leave the van unattended, especially when we have bicycles.

    We drove out of Natural Bridge Resort State Park for about 15 minutes. There was a steep incline and this would not have been good for the cyclists from the get-go, so once we got them on the road, they started their journey. And it started to rain. We handed off the rain jackets several times to Wes and Caroline.

    Neal rode on ahead of everybody, so most of the day I was watching from the front seat only Wes and Caroline. There were several times, Jeff radioed to us and let us know when not to turn and when to turn. I understand now that the camera crew was with Neil and film him ALL day. That's fine. It is different than what we have been used to.

    Most of the day we were weaving in and out of the turnpike that goes towards Prestonsburg. These were small winding roads. Small farming communities. And lots of mobile homes. Some that looked like they have been abandoned for years. One mobile home looked like it was built in the 70's - that bright yellow and brown trim home.

    Today, we didn't see a lot of folks out in the yard like yesterday - and that is because it was raining most of the day.

    We needed a potty stop and there wasn't a gas station or hotel anywhere, however, we stumbled upon a Dollar Store. It was kinda junky. One bathroom was out of commission, so we all waited in line for the men's room. I chatted with Jeff and we decided that it might be best to get some picnic supplies. I loaded up the yellow cart with bread, ham and turkey meat. We didn't need chips or other sweets - we have those from previous purchases.

    While we were in the parking lot of the Dollar Store, Neil was complaining that he was very very hungry. Then the next thing I see, he is stuffing a blue marshmallow chocolate cake treat in his mouth. You know that type of treat that is chocolate cake and white cream filling in the middle and its a spongey type thing covering it. Then I look, he is throwing part of it over to Sarah. And Sarah throws it back. He is being a goofball. I think he was totally hungry or totally exhausted.

    Once we get on the bikes and Neil is way ahead of the others, then we get a radio call that the camera car needed some water. We thought that was strange since we had just stopped for a break. Later to learn that Neil had thrown up that cupcake. It got the best of him.

    For lunch, we stopped in Salyersville as there was a Wendy's, Taco Bell and Subway all at the same intersection. Vela wanted Subway and Caroline wanted Wendys.

    Jonathan Edwards has driven down from Indiana and was tracking us to this stop. However, because of all the detours we had to make, especially with the construction, we didn't connect with him until nearly Salyersville. He did pull off and was able to watch Neal chat with a couple at the convenience store.

    Later, Jon met up with us at Wendy's. After an exceptionally long time for lunch, I started talking to a lady with her two grandchildren and she was asking about the #ConversationsCoasttoCoast. I explained a little bit about it and also encouraged her to be sure and follow Neil and his journey. However, at the same time, Neil was asking the support crew to do something, maybe to drive behind or ahead. I'm not sure since I wasn't in on the conversation. It was only just 20 miles up the road to Jenny Willey State Park.

    We followed behind and stopped at a national battlefield. Then we continued on to the state park. Tonight, the Tombas and the Stewarts are staying at the Quality Inn in town so everyone would have a bed to sleep in and we wouldn't have to share a bed. This Quality Inn is not the best one around. The Tomba's had to switch rooms already since their room was full of flies. Our room was ok,

    We helped Vela and Neil by taking them to the laundromat. It was just down the street from the restaurant we ate at. I had macaroni and cheese, Glenn had a salad. Very good. It was a noisy place. Jon Edwards joined us and was able to visit with Wes and with Jon the photographer.

    Believe it or not, Glenn let Wes drive the van back to the State Park and the rest of the crew would meet us for Breakfast at McDonald's at 6:45am. I asked Glenn if that was ok since he has always been the guy to make sure there everything was in its right place. We shall see.
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  • Day29

    Day 28 Jenny Wiley Park - St Paul, VA

    June 23, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    Day 28 Jenny Wiley State Park, Prestonsberg, KY - St. Paul, VA
    Miles - 91
    Churches - United Methodist, First Baptist, Alliance, Free-Will Baptist and Old Regular Baptist

    Never again. It was a 1 start Hotel. I called the front desk at 10pm and asked if it is normal for the guests to be so loud outside our door. The reply was "I'll tell them to be quiet, otherwise I'll have to call the police!" Wow, it must be a normal occurrence. Even at 1am, I was awoken and could hear loud talking. I was pretty tired, so that didn't keep me awake.

    I did wake up at 3:45, and since I knew we had internet, I got up and finished yesterday's blog. I finished it in time, before Glenn and I left with Jon and Neil to head to McDonald's. We met the rest of the crew at 7am for breakfast. I walked through the parking lot to get a few items at Wal-mart.

    Glenn had pancakes at McDonald's, and by the time I walked back from Wal-Mart, he was already out getting the bikes ready, the coolers and water bottles prepared. He organized the snacks and food items too.

    The camera crew were in McDonald's downloading files and stuff and because they didn't do the normal "interview" with Neil, we had to leave and follow the cyclists from the get-go. We quickly waved and hugged Jonathan Edwards "good-bye". About 20 minutes later, we get a honk, and Jon goes driving by. He decided to drive to NC to visit his daughter.

    It was very foggy this morning. We had new cyclists join us. Matt, who is the Tomba's son-in-law. He has fresh legs. He is a good climber. We followed behind Caroline and Neil. We traveled down the main pike and then off some back roads. At one time, the cyclists were climbing up and up pass mobile homes after mobile homes with barking dogs and junk cars in the front yard. It is just my stereotype image of the Kentucky backcountry. Once they reached the top, the pavement changed and we were in a middle-class community with 3 car garages and manicured lawn dotted with swimming pools and trampolines.

    At times the riders were under a canopy of trees. Other times 2 vicious dogs came out and attacked Neil. He fought back with his water bottle. One trek, they were riding up and up and up to a pass and down into a clearing. They were on a 4 lane highway, however for about 2 miles one lane was under reconstruction, so they just drove on the smooth pavement behind the orange barrels.

    As we were driving through a winding 2 lane road, Neil stopped by Free-Will Baptist Church of Dorton, KY. They got an interview with the Pastor, and then Neil asked if he could speak one of the newest believers. That was cool. At 11am, it was time to begin their service so the #ConversationsCoasttoCoast continued on as the church service began.

    I had to go to the rest-room, so I followed Christine to the bathroom, which was just inside the entrance of the church. They were singing a familiar Christian song.

    Most of the day, our route was following a creek. Homes across the creek had individual bridges to the property. At times our road would cross over to the other side. It was a nice beautiful drive.

    We calculated that the next town would be Jenkins, KY and that would be a good place for lunch. Giovani Pizza. Closed. So we chose Las Penasa Mexican restaurant near the city swimming pool. Glenn and I shared enchilada dinner. Glenn talked with our waiter. He is from Mexico, DF and came to the states when he was 18 years old. Neil wanted to do an interview/conversation with him, but since it was a Sunday afternoon, he was extremely busy and didn't have the time.

    After lunch, the ride was immediate steep. Up Up and Up. Til finally we arrived in Virginia. We cut off and went through a tiny road that had bunches of switch back. A sign: Rte 633 not recommended for trucks over 30 ft in length. Glenn thinks the van is probably 30 feet in length. When we were making the switc-back, the front of the blue box scraped the ground. All day was beautiful. The ride was one of the best. I did take a cat-nap when I was mesmerized by watching the cyclists work so hard to climb up a steep mountain.

    In the afternoon, the cyclists "crashed" out of exhausted. We stopped at a Valero gas station for a potty break and the cyclists were thirsty for water. I noticed a Magna ice-cream bar and then offered to get anyone one of these delicious bars. Neil, Christine and someone else took me up on the offer. Delicious. Brings back fond memories from Bolivia days.

    We ended up the day in St. Pauls, Virginia at Western Front Hotel. Nice place. Glenn and I have a very unique room. Decorations are awesome. Neil immediately had a conversation with someone in town. I stood around to have him sign the release form, but I didn't know how long that would take, so Glenn encouraged me to go and check into the room and take a shower and get ready for dinner. Glenn finally came up to the room at 6:20pm.

    We walked around the corner to Sugar Hill Brewery. Good food. But the service was terribly S.L.O.W. Glenn and I shared a meatloaf meal and we enjoyed talking and getting to know Matt. We returned to the room at 9pm. Now to finish this blog and get to bed. Now, suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Ugh. Blaring lights and fire trucks. We walk downstairs....outside for only 5 minutes. And we're back in our room. Good night.
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  • Day7

    Grand Haven MI - to Cave City Kentucky

    February 4, 2020 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    We left home at 10am and set off for a long drive down to Cave City Kentucky.
    After a few bathroom stops and a lunch at macces we got to Cave city at 5pm their time. They are 1 hour behind Michigan time in the Central Time Zone. Michigan is in the Eastern Time Zone.
    After checking in and finding out that each hotel here in the states has coffee pod machines and free ice cube dispensers we set off and had dinner at the dog pound hotdog cafe.
    This cafe has all quirky decor related to dogs and its owner Big Jack was a super friendly and chatty guy who told us what we should see in New Orleans.
    His hotdogs were very nice and all handmade and named after different dog breeds!
    We then were invited to use a marker and put our names on the building.
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    Brigitte Hielscher

    Wie lustig ist das denn cooles Restaurant 🥰🥰

    Anja Hielscher

    Hast du gesehen hat sogar einen Hund als Salz und Pfeffer Streuer

    Brigitte Hielscher

    Ja hab ich gesehen hihi

  • Day8

    Mammoth Cave NP Kentucky - Nashville TN

    February 5, 2020 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    For breakfast I had some bagels (Shirley's fault she got me addicted 😂) and joghurt at Super 8 hotel in Cave city. There isn't really anything here but it is a gateway to Mammoth Cave National Park.
    At 10 am we did a 2 hour historic guided tour at mammoth cave.
    The cave has more than 400 miles (644 km) of mapped passageways and ranks as the world's longest known cave system. Mammoth Cave National Park was established in 1941, designated a World Heritage Site in 1981 and became the core area of an International Biosphere Reserve in 1990.
    The tour was 3.2km in length, took 2 hours and included 540 steps.
    There were sections you had to squeeze through and they had funny names such as Tall Man's agony and Fat Man's Misery.
    At the souvenir shop i found a shirt for dad and a magnet.
    We continued on our drive to Nashville after the tour and stopped at Wendy's for a burger for lunch.
    We arrived in Nashville at 2.30pm.
    We parked in town and went around the main street called The Boulevard for 1 hour where i found coasters, a cap for opa and a handbag.
    The main street is loud and full of bars that have live music, boot shops, souvenir shops and neon signs. Similar to Las Vegas.
    We then went to the hotel to unpack.
    Fot dinner we went to hattie b's hot chicken as Hot Fried Chicken is traditional for Kentucky.
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    Brigitte Hielscher

    Hallo suesse da hast du ja schon viele tolle Sachen gesehen , viel Spass noch hab dich lieb deine Mama❤❤❤💋💋

  • Day546


    December 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 0 °C

    In dieser Zwischenzeit haben wir einen besonderen Stundenplan. Wir befinden uns zwischen Thangsgiving und Weihnachten. Die zwei größten Feiertage hier. Damit verbunden ist es oft eine herrausfordernde Zeit für die Kinder hier, da es sich um Familienfeste handelt und sie an die zerbrochenheit ihrer eigenen Familie erinnert werden, welche der Grund Grund dafür ist, dass sie nun in der Wohnguppe leben. Um sie zu unterstützen und damit sie sich auf diese Zeit freuen können, bieten alle Mitarbeiter auf der Ranch unterschiedliche Workshop an, sowie Seife machen, Lederarmbänder machen, eine Pferdeolympiada und viel mehr. Die Kinder können sich von einer Bandbreite an Workshops aussuchen woran sie teilnehmen. Dieses Jahr unterrichte ich einen Grundkurs im Geigenunterricht und habe selbst viel Freude daran, wie lernfreudig die kids dabei sind.
    Und ich unterrichte einen Kurs der "Fröhliche Weihnachten" heißt. Wir üben ein Krippenspiel mit deutschem Text ein, singen Stille Nacht auf deutsch und backen Plätzchen. Die Kids sind super interesiert und stellen tolle Fragen. Gerne erzähle ich ihnen von meinen Lieblings Advents- und Weihnachtstraditionen.
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Kentucky, KY, ኬንታኪ, كنتاكي, كنتاكى, Kentucky suyu, Kentukki, کنتاکی ایالتی, Садружнасць Кентукі, Кентъки, কেন্টাকি, Кентукки, کێنتاکی, Κεντάκι, Kentukio, کنتاکی, Khén-thap-kî, Kenekuke, קנטקי, कॅण्टकी, Kèntòki, Կենտուկի, Kentórkị, ケンタッキー州, კენტუკი, 켄터키 주, Kentukia, کئنتاکی, Kentukis, Kentuki, Кентаки, കെന്റക്കി, Кентакки, केंटकी, ကင်တပ်ကီပြည်နယ်, केन्टकी, केन्चकी, Kentákii Hahoodzo, ਕਿੰਟਕੀ, کینٹکی, केन्‍टकी, Kentokis, கென்டக்கி, รัฐเคนทักกี, Kentaki, Kéntukki Shitati, Кентуккі, Кинтааки, קענטאקי, 肯塔基州