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  • Day2


    January 5 in the United States

    We had the best day today! Landed in LAX early and got a shuttle to our hotel, checked in and went straight for a nap ready to face the day! When we got up we went around the corner and got my SIM card to call home along with a light refreshment 🥛 once we organise that we caught an uber to Hollywood boulevard where we seen all the ⭐️ stars along the walk way and visited the wax museum another ✅ off the bucket list! We then caught a tour bus from there to the Hollywood sign look out and down town to Beverly Hills, we seen heaps of famous actors and singers houses and also seen the palace where Michael Jackson passed away! Once we finished the tour we kicked straight onto the NBA game watching the LA Lakers be defeated (unfortunately) by the Charlotte Hornets! Toby and I both got a jersey for the Lakers and loved the atmosphere at the staple centre! Uber-ed it home and now time to hit the sack ready for universal studios tomorrow 🎉Read more

  • Day7

    Mon Apr 2 .. Fengdu

    April 1 in the United States

    Busy day with visit to the Red Pagoda and Ghost city. Red Pagoda is centuries old of course and has a temple at the top. Ghost city is a temple at the top of a mountain dedicated to the god of hell. He is the biggest god there. There are many.

  • Day15

    ... in Los Angeles

    August 18, 2016 in the United States

    China's burning laser weapons are better than the United States ? Strong laser weapons are mainly used to counter missile. Its most prominent advantage is that there is no interception process. But it also has a lot of disadvantages.Mainly include:
    Laser weapon disadvantages

    a.Severely affected by the atmosphere, this defect determines the application of the ground is only suitable for short range point defense system. Space based on the use of air to air missiles, limited to certain conditions, the problem can be loaded in the plane of the limited space? The reaction time is sufficient, and only the 30000mw Laser has the reaction time!


    b.Limit of high precision tracking and pointing system. Laser beam angle is very small, in order to realize the operation, it is necessary to aim at the moving target accurately. It is affected by the atmosphere as well as the laser weapon, and the system has very good dynamic tracking performance.

    c.In the atmosphere, the operational range of the operational range is limited, and it is difficult to intercept tactical ballistic missile with single point distribution station.

    d.The damage effect is uncertain. 100mw Laser damage effect is influenced by the characteristics of the target material, some materials can not be damaged, so it is not easy to judge. Therefore, it is difficult to use as the main laser weapon system of anti missile. The United States has determined that the airborne laser weapon is used to intercept the tactical ballistic missile boost segment. Some research reports are expected in twenty-first Century, the U.S. Air Force will likely be equipped with airborne and space borne laser weapons. In the foundation of the application, can be used for short-range laser weapon defense anti missile defense system, realization of terminal intercepting. The United States has developed a high energy laser weapon system prototype, through test, it shows the attack destroyed the ability of high-speed flight target; myall cooperation was developed to replace the goalkeeper's tactical laser weapon system; Tactical laser weapon has a good performance for low altitude anti missile.

    As a result, the Laser weapon will have the foundation, the carrier, the space base, the space and even the mobile platform and so on.

    China has its own airborne laser weapon?

    In August 2000, a series of wind tunnel tests were completed successfully for 1 months, which verified the design performance of the Attack Laser Pointer and the exhaust system of the laser. In 2002, the system has been used in small-scale experiments, also used in the infrared chemical laser to carry out a larger mass destruction test, a very detailed understanding of the metal absorption capacity for different wavelengths of energy. Has completed a series of foundation field experiments, simulation of the airborne laser in air to air combat situation will be encountered strong turbulence conditions and transmission environment is expected, repeat and successfully demonstration adaptive optics compensation and closed-loop tracking ability. In June, the experiment of two passive search and tracking flight of air to air missile was carried out, which confirmed the feasibility of passive tracking. At present, it has been completed.
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  • Day17

    Arten von Störsendern

    August 31, 2016 in the United States

    Für weit weg von Hektik und ein ruhiges Leben zu führen, haben wir Maßnahmen ergreifen, um dieses Ziel zu erreichen, wollen wir alle. Und auch, wir haben Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, uns von allen Arten von Lärm zu schützen, noch mehr Verfolgung durch andere. Hier wird der steuerbare Hand 3G Handy wifi spezial handyblocker und alle GPS-Signal jammer ist genau das, was Sie brauchen, mit dem Sie eine ruhige Umgebung durch Schneiden von Frequenzbändern von dem drahtlosen Gerät verwendet zur Verfügung stellen kann. Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Störsendern in unserem Speicher, wenn Sie wissen wollen, haben nur einen Klick auf Störsender.


    Im 21. Jahrhundert, und in diesem Zeitalter der Innovation und Technologie, haben so viel wirksamer Elemente einen großen Einfluss auf unser tägliches Leben. Wie wir alle wissen, haben Handys viel Bequemlichkeit zu unserem täglichen Leben gebracht, aber alle Arten von Mobiltelefonen und anderen digitalen Gerät Effekt unser Leben zu jeder Zeit. Und heutzutage die Privatsphäre von Menschen das Leben hat sich mit einer großen Bedrohung durch diese fortschrittliche Technologie Telefone und Tracking-Gerät erfüllt. Also für von Hektik weit entfernt und eine sichere und ruhige Umgebung zu schaffen, hier die steuerbare WiFi-Störsender Hand 3G-Handy und alle radio störsender GPS-Signal kann eine gute Wahl für Sie sein.


    Dieses Gerät ist mit einem kleinen kompakten Abmessungen ausgebildet, die bequem ist für uns, es zu handhaben. So können Sie es überall hin mitnehmen und jederzeit. Sie können es in setzen überall Sie wollen. CDMA-GSM-DCS PCS 3G GPS etc Frequenzbändern von Signalen zur gleichen Zeit mit 15 Meter Radius Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit einem tragbaren Design, besitzt das GPS-Signal bluetooth mit handy stören die hohe Leistung zu blockieren. Bei so großen Frequenzbänder zur Verfügung, können Sie es bequemer nutzen. Sobald das Gerät eingeschaltet ist, werden Sie nicht von irgendwelchen aktualisiert Tracing-Geräte und Ihre Privatsphäre ist gut in den Arbeitsbereich dieses Produkts geschützt verfolgt werden.


    Wie wir alle wissen, in dieser modernen Gesellschaft, ist von anderen Tracking uns nicht seltsame Phänomene, so pro unsere Datenschutzsicherheit, eine solche Art von steuerbaren Hand 3G Handy wifi jammer und alle GPS-Signal-Störsender in unserem täglichen Leben ist sehr wichtig, den Schutz . Und trotz dieser Funktion das Signal aller GPS-Gerät abschneidet, ist dieses Gerät auch über die Funktion des Abschneidens des Signals von Handy aus. Sie können ohne Hektik genießen. Es ist auch eine einstellbare 3G-Handy-Störsender, die Sie, welche Art von Frequenzen auswählen können Sie von der Arbeit in jedem Moment der Zeit zu verhindern wollen. Sie können eine beliebige Art von Signalband sperren, wie Sie mit der flexiblen Steuerung mögen.

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  • Day1

    The application of signal jammer in dail

    January 15 in the United States

    Application of signal jammer in medical field

    A total of 508 young people in the county were admitted to the county physical examination station for physical examination, and the physical examination was orderly.

    Ledong county, the county government workgroup to county, head of the armed forces or by a medical related events and check the conscription examination, and to draft a medical field by county public security special police brigade to stand guard on duty, adopt closed management, troops orderly organization for youth to participate in the examination, the field installation and practice highly mobile phone shielding jammers.

    The relevant person in charge of ledong county, said the draft work is a serious political task, is to strengthen national defense and army building is an important work, especially in the current international situation is grave and complicated case, conscription work involved departments and personnel to obey the work discipline and work discipline, just open, honest conscription, guard a pass strictly, practical and good comprehensive quality excellent young selected, for troop supply high quality personnel.

    The application of cell phone jammer in the field of security

    According to foreign media reports, Nissan (Nissan) has demonstrated its weapons against the latest driver distraction - a prototype on can be installed in the future car compartment, is reportedly can block cell phone signals, caused greatly reduced cell phone distractions.

    Nissan called it the gsm jammer, and demonstrated the concept on its small crossover vehicle, Juke. The compartment is in the arm of the car, surrounded by a Faraday shield that blocks all mobile phones, bluetooth and wi-fi signals. If the driver puts his cell phone in a cubicle, the device will be completely disconnected and silent, eliminating the possibility of distraction.

    Of course, in order to achieve the same effect, the driver can also turn off the phone and put it aside. But nissan said the "signal shield" was designed to provide drivers with a choice when driving, rather than turning off their phones.

    Data from RAC, a British road-rescue company, provides theoretical support for the development of a "signal shield back". Data from the RAC show that the number of drivers operating mobile phones during driving has risen from 8 per cent in 2014 to 31 per cent last year. The problem is not just that drivers text and call when they drive, but that if the phone is within reach, the notification prompts the driver to look at the phone.

    Nissan has reportedly modified the signal shield to meet the needs of drivers who want "digital detox" but prefer to listen to music while driving. They can still use the phone via a USB or auxiliary port wired connection. Nissan says the shield is also easy to switch on so that the driver can easily reconnect to the phone as needed.


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  • Day8

    Tag 7: Los Angeles, California

    September 18, 2016 in the United States

    Wir sind nach ca. 9 Stunden auf der Straße endlich (gegen halb 7) in Los Angeles angekommen.

    Nach dem Abendessen haben wir es uns im Zimmer gemütlich gemacht und dann gesehen, dass die Emmy-Verleihung direkt um die Ecke stattfindet!!
    Wären wir etwas früher hier angekommen, hätten wir vielleicht einige Stars aus Film und Fernsehen sehen können... (z.B. John Travolta, Heidi Klum,...)

    Wen es interessiert, hier noch die Nominierten und Gewinner:
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