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  • Day27

    Con Dao

    March 7, 2020 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Eine kleine Insel(gruppe) die noch nicht touristisch ist und trotzdem teilweise schon echt viel Müll rumliegt. So gut wie niemand spricht Englisch und Restaurants gibt es auch nicht viele. Die Anzahl an nicht Einheimischen hält sich in Grenzen. Nicht der perfekte Ort für 2 Backpacker um mit anderen Backpackern in Kontakt zu kommen, jedoch für ein paar Tage Entspannung definitiv die richtige Wahl!Read more

    Tobin Wachowiak

    Junge Junge😍

  • Day137

    Hallo Vietnam

    March 29, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Nach einer langen Anreise von Kambodscha sind wir in unserem nächsten Land Vietnam angekommen. Hier erwartet uns bereits unser Besuch aus der Schweiz. Zusammen mit unseren Eltern werden wir die nächsten zwei Wochen Vietnam bereisen. Wir freuen uns 😊.Read more

    Schön das ich meine Schwester auf Foto sehe geniesst es das Leben lini

  • Day157

    Vom Mekong nach Long Hai

    November 8, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌬 27 °C

    After our cooking class yesterday evening we were back on the road today. It was a crazy ride from the Mekong via Ho-Chi-Minh to the beaches of Long Hai. All in all it was a 7 hour ride, but swimming in the sea at the end was great. From now the traffic will be less hopefully and the fun part of the roadtrip will start.

    Nach unserem Kocherlebnis gestern Abend haben wir uns heute auf den Weg Richtung Norden gemacht. Es war wieder eine teilweise verrückte Fährt, weil wir einmal an Ho-Chi-Minh vorbei mussten. Der Verkehr und vor allem die tausenden Roller erinnern eher an ein Ameisenvolk auf Nahrungssuche als an einen geregelten Verkehr. Gefühlt sitzen auf einem Roller hier übrigens immer mindestens 3 Personen, ein Huhn und ein Sack Reis.
    Nach ca. 7 Stunden Fahrt sind wir dann aber sicher in Long Hai angekommen und ab hier soll der Verkehr auch deutlich abnehmen. Wir sollten jetzt also genügend Zeit haben die Küste in Ruhe zu genießen.
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  • Day38

    Con Dao

    January 9, 2020 in Vietnam ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    The island was under the French control since 1861. During the French colonial period, this island was famous to house political prisoners which became infamous for its brutal treatment of prisoners and notorious “tiger cages”. In the tiger cages the guards would toss lye on the prisoners from above as a form of torture. In 1954 it was handed over to the Vietnamese government and used for the same purposes. Today just the eerie feeling remains.
    We stay the first two days in a very charming Hotel Boutique "Villa Maison " and after we moved to enjoy the beach and stay at "Resort Paolo Condor" that was wonderful resort but the restaurant have some problems but we enjoy the resort and the swimming pool...
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  • Day14

    Vung Tau

    March 29, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Today we decided to go to the Southport of Vietnam, Vũng Tàu. Tri was so lovely and took us all the way to the bus station again so that we didn't have to wait to hail a bus on the main road. We jumped on the next bus and to be honest we just did our Vietnamese the whole way so it was a pretty nondescript journey. I feel like I need to apologise to my readers as I don't think our journeys are half as crazy as Laos!! I must say it is nice to just relax on a bus instead of fearing for my life 😂

    We booked a luxury room for vùng tàu as it was pretty cheap, so thought why not! The room had 2 double beds, a mini bar (of course we didn't take anything from it), a separate shower and toilet cubicle (honestly you have no idea how luxurious that is, being able to go to to the toilet without it being soaked is an amazing feeling!), AC and a balcony!! Ah living the dream! That evening we just wandered down towards the beach, ate crab noodle soup and headed back to practise more Vietnamese and watch Friends 😊 (Will has never seen it so when he was ill at the beginning of our travels he started watching it).

    The next day we hired a scooter to sight see everything in in vung tau and I mean everything. First stop was to get some Banh Khot. You get a plate of crispy egg pancake filled with prawns, a huge plate of salad leaves, herbs, veg and a sweet fish sauce dip. You then roll the ingredients into the lettuce leaves and dunk it in the sauce. Its delicious!! It was a very very filling breakfast but amazing! We then headed to the lighthouse on top of "small mountain". It was a fun drive up the winding mountain and although it was a bit cloudy it had a nice view.

    We then headed to "big mountain" where we were hoping 6o get a much nicer view of the island. We drove all the way to to the top, it was pretty rough terrain, to find a huge gate for the theme park. Bit annoying... but spirits still high we decided to try the other side of the mountain. We were able to see a couple of viewpoints along the way but had the same problem at the very top. It seems the entire top of the mountain is dedicated purely for a theme park and a super expensive one to get in too.

    On our way down we grabbed a Bánh mì for lunch and headed down the tiniest little alley to the shoreline to watch the fishing boats. The alley was full of locals eating their lunch or sitting outside socialising. All the kids came up to us and watched to say hello and say the few words they could. On our way back to the bike I saw Bánh xèo! I've been looking for this everywhere so we had a second lunch 😂 We practised our Vietnamese by ordering the Bánh xèo, asking how much it was, asking where can I get coffee, I even understood their replies! We were very excited and they were very impressed 😊 Banh xéo is a big coconut pancake filled with prawns and bean sprouts. You then wrap small bits of this with salad in rice paper a bit like a summer roll and dip into a chilli pickle. We were so so full but sooo happy.

    We then carried on seeing the sights including climbing up 700 steps to the top of a hill to see a cross and nearly dying. The one must see in In Vung Tau is the Jesus at the top of 837 steps. When dying on our way to to the top of the Cross we realised we were running out of time before Jesus closed so we sprinted down and rode back to small mountain to see the huge statue of Jesus. Just our luck... It was closed for Good Friday! To be honest I don't think I would have made it up another 800 steps... We finished the day going to a recommended ice cream place (it was absolutely terrible and grainy and unbelievably overpriced) and finished the evening with Tốt Lon, noodle soup and planning our next destination Mũi Ne.

    In the morning we went for breakfast at the same Banh Khot restaurant and then jumped on the bus to Mui Ne.
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  • Day93

    Ba Ria, Vietnam

    March 17, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 90 °F

    Vietnam is a place of paradox. It’s a hard place to figure out. I don’t quite know how to feel. I am in Vietnam for the first time since 1973. On the one hand, the young people in the streets today in Ba Ria don’t remember the war. Most of them were not even born when it occurred. It is a different nation; a different time. On the other hand, the names are the same. I see them on the road signs. My Tho. Da Lat. Pleiku. Khe San. It’s hard to figure out.

    It is a different nation now. But Chi Miller, a descendant of Vietnamese royalty, tells of her grandfather becoming Vice President of Communist Viet Nam after the Americans left in 1975. For decades he had simply favored a Vietnam ruled by Vietnamese—not the French; not the Japanese; not the Americans. Within six months he became so disillusioned with the new regime that he told his family to leave the country any way they could. Finally, on the seventh attempt they succeeded. Former Vietnamese royalty became boat people. They escaped the glorious new nation they helped to build because that victorious regime was a monster. In Vietnam it’s hard to know how to feel, even if you’re Vietnamese.

    Vietnam is a different nation now. It is vibrant and growing, and very welcoming to Americans. And yet, many of the guys I grew up and played football with were equally vibrant and growing. They still are, in my mind, at least. My cousin Jackie, and Wally, Drew and Kenny. They are still alive, in my mind, at least. It’s hard to know how to feel.

    We were young men who did our duty. Or at least we thought we did. We did a very good job at what was, in retrospect, an immoral enterprise. I take some moral comfort in the realization that our government gained my consent by lying to us.


    We gave our country a blank check. America could write it for anything we had, up to and including our lives. We became soldiers, and we won every single military engagement we were in. But we lost the war. It’s hard to know how to feel.

    Today we went to Ba Ria. There was a major battle there. Now there is a Ford dealership and the Boston Hotel. Saigon is now Ho Chi Min City. We lost the war. Or did we? People still call it Saigon, and there is a Hilton Hotel in the middle of the city. Maybe when the soldiers left, the businessmen, entrepreneurs, and accountants came in and succeeded where armies failed. Maybe America won in Vietnam after all. It’s really hard to figure out. Vietnam is a land of contradictions.
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  • Day36

    Plage de Vaun Tau et retour a Saigon

    February 16, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Petite journée aujourd’hui nous profitons de la plage à son maximum ce matin pour la dernière avant midi. On doit partir pour 2:00 alors plage diner et up dans la limousine qui nous conduira à Saigon pour une nuit.
    J’ai encore une fois marché la plage de Vaun Tau pour un peu de remise en forme les dernières semaines nous avons fait beaucoup de route et les activités étaient plus tôt sédentaires . On est Samedi alors la plage est bondée de monde comparé au jour de semaine. Le Soleil est chaud je suis tout de meme prudent et je marche avec un gilet qui couvre bien mes bras et mon chapeau sous la recommandation de Jean qui jure que Le Soleil est très fort dans cette région.

    Le retour ce fait très bien pour nous autour de 2:30 de route et nous sommes revenu à notre hôtel. Le soir pour le souper nous avons été dans un fabuleux restaurant Italien sous la recommendation de Piero qui connaît bien le propriétaire. Nous avons célébré l’anniversaire cette fois de Claire qui fut tres contente.

    Demain nous partons tôt pour une dernière étape de notre voyage le Mékong mais malheureusement M. P et Mme MJ ne nous accompagnerons pas ils ont accumulés de la fatigue le long du voyage et préfèrent se reposer à Saigon et nous reviendrons les prendre pour faire notre vol de retour mardi matin très tôt.

    Daniel L’Aventurier
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    andré vigeant

    très beau voyage mon '' Dan '' merci de nous l'avoir partagé fatigue doit commencer à se faire sentir ......tu auras bien du temps pour te reposer .....A+

  • Day35

    Visite de Vaun Tau et la plage

    February 15, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Bonne journée de plage et de visite de Vaun Tau. Ce matin avec Jean on a marché la plage pas mal au complet 5.8 km dans le sable et l’eau chaude de la mer. Un peu de piscine et un repos avant d’aller visiter la maison du Gouverneur pour prendre des photos de la ville. Ensuite nous avons tenté d’aller voir le Sacré Cœur de Vaun Tau mais malheureusement les portées fermaient a 5:00 alors nous avons photographier d’en bas de la colline.

    Tout de même nous n’avons rien perdu nous somme resté pour faire quelques photos du couché de soleil sur le Cap de Cap st Jacques qui s’appelle maintenant Vaun Tau

    Daniel l’Aventurier
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  • Day34

    Plage de Vung Tau Cap St Jacques

    February 14, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nous avons de la route à faire ce matin soit 75 km mais pour le reste de la journée de la plage. Donc nous décidons de partir pour 9:00 am. Un petit imbroglio à la réception pour régler la note de l’hôtel que moi et Jean avons réglé après de longues discussions.

    Nous avons un hôtel superbe avec vu sur la mer. Après avoir déposé nos choses à la chambre je décide d’attaquer la plage pendant que mes amis vont dîner. Bonne décision que j’ai bien apprécié.

    Souper à l’hôtel ce soir et dodo pour profiter de notre journée de demain. Aucun nuage dans le ciel qui est d’un beau bleu.

    Daniel L’ Aventurier
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    Daniel Saint Germain

    Rizière près de Saigon

    Daniel Saint Germain

    Piscine de notre hôtel

  • Day53

    phat thanh restaurant

    January 13, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

    Choose your shellfish. Walk across the street and wait for it to be cooked. Bout as fresh as they come.

    Bonnie Reimer


    Jay Reimer

    Shrimp crab oysters and countless unknown shelfish


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