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  • Day298


    March 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    We have travelled northwards on the Bruce Highway and Pacific Coast Way to Bundaberg, a largish town set back from the coast on the Burnett River. On the coast here, at Mon Repos, leatherback and loggerhead turtles come in to lay eggs in the sand having already mated out at sea. This happens from November to February. We have booked a night time visit for a guided walk along the beach and hope to see the hatchlings making for the sea, which happens eight weeks after laying generally through to end of March.
    In the morning we drove to Bargara the adjacent settlement to Mon Repos, and walked along the Turtle Trail which takes in the Mon Repos beach where all the Turtle action takes place. We are now in Sugar Cane country, and the beach is named after a house which was built by a sugar cane pioneer in the 1800s as a summer residence. The house is now gone leaving a lovely secluded beach. Behind the beach lies the research centre for the Wildlife Conservation people - a new visitor centre is currently under construction.
    The day was baking hot and we curtailed our walk along the coastal walkway which joins onto the turtle track in the interests of self preservation. By this point our clothes were clinging to us due to the heat and we had almost run out of water (when will we ever learn!!!). We were delighted to find a campsite shop on our return walk where we downed ice cold drinks.
    The evening visit was an absolute delight! We drove to the makeshift car park (as the main car park was undergoing major renovations) and were then taken to the Mon Repos centre by shuttle bus. There were almost 200 people there, all anxious to see the newly hatched turtles. As we had booked the visit a week in advance we got into the first group of about 60 people who were called out to see an event. The rangers were out on the moonlit beach, and as soon as they noticed action in one of the nests out there they called to the staff in the centre to send people out.
    Brilliantly organised we strolled along the beach under the light of a three quarter moon to where some hatchlings were known to be about to break surface. What we saw was amazing - in the space of about ten minutes a mass of hatchlings came out onto the sand and commenced their journey to the sea. The rangers collected them all into a little pen so they could explain more about their research and Turtle activity. They also picked a couple out of the pen to give us a closer look. Photography was limited as the turtles rely on the moon light to guide them to the sea and other light confuses them. These turtles were all loggerhead turtle hatchlings and they were all female. The sex of the turtles hatching on this beach are all female as the sand is darker and the temperature of the nest is above 28.6 deg C. The white sandy beaches elsewhere produce male turtles as the nest is cooler.
    After a short while the turtles were let loose collectively and all scurried down to the surf where they set out on their life adventure - an enchanting sight.
    We then stayed to see the Ranger examine the remnants of the nest. All the remains of the nest were exhumed and counted. Of the whole batch of 151 eggs we had seen 126 make it to the sea, the remainder did not develop.
    There are 1600 nests on this 1.5 k long beach. 126 is apparently the average success rate of each nest so approx 200,000 hatchlings per annum. 1 in 1000 will make it to sexual maturity so in 30 years time 200 of them may return to this area to lay their first nest.
    A brilliant insight into the wonders of nature, and one of the highlights of our travels so far.
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  • Day47


    November 27, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    “Bundaberg is an Australian city on Queensland's coast. It's known for Bundaberg Rum, and the Bundaberg Distillery offers museum tours and tastings. Bundaberg Botanic Gardens is home to the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, dedicated to solo long-distance pilot Bert Hinkler. Nearby on the coast is Mon Repos Regional Park, home to sea turtles, and offshore is Lady Elliot Island, part of the Great Barrier Reef.” It is affectionately known as Bundy as in Bun & Andy .... see, BUN from Bunny + NDY from Andy 😂

    However, we decided to visit Bundaberg Ginger Beer factory and a different rum distillery.

    Apparently the name Bundaberg is trademarked, alcohol for the rum company and non-alcoholic for the ginger beer factory. No one else can use the name, except, I guess, the town.

    Ginger is grown around the area and can be seen when driving around .... we were wondering what the crop was in amongst the sugar cane files.

    Bundaberg Ginger Beer is a family owned business started in Bundaberg in 1960 when Neville and Gladys Fleming together with their son Cliff & daughter-in-law Lee Fleming purchased Electra Breweries (Bundaberg) Pty Ltd, a bottling and fermenting business. During the 1970’s & 80’s most of the company’s focus revolved around the local market, manufacturing and selling franchised drinks in Bundaberg and Maryborough but production of their Ginger Beer expanded in the 1980’s when they secured distribution in Australian and New Zealand supermarkets. In 1995 they changed the company name to ‘Bundaberg Brewed Drinks’ developing a distinctive, local brand. They also introduced the ‘Brewed to Be Better’ promise, highlighting the key point of difference, brewing. They currently brew 15 different drinks and have two specials, one for Christmas and another to celebrate the CEOs longevity in the business.

    The tour was self-guided, but very interesting. At the end you get to sample all of their drinks and take a self-selected six pack away with you. It was an interesting way to spend an hour.

    Kalki Moon is a rum distillery that was started by a guy who had worked as the distiller for Bundaberg Rum. He then became an advisor to the rm industry and then decided to set up his own business with his wife. It is based in an unflattering industrial unit and employs about 7 local people. Kalki is the name of their house - the name Bundaberg had already been taken! We were shown around by Mrs Kalki Moon. Her passion was unmistakable. They have been brewing rum for 2.5 years and have sold .... none. In Australia, rum has to stand in the barrel for two years before it can be sold. Distilling rum was not a full time job so, while the rum was maturing, what to do with the still? Gin. They started their own brand of gin creating cash flow etc. They set out with the aim of producing Australian gin to compete in price with the imported gin. Their sales pitch is “the only Australian gin under $50 a bottle. Last year they won an international award in London for this gin. They also produce two other guns, plus a liquor. Obviously I couldn’t take any photos having sampled so much of their produce!

    We then went for a walk around the Bundaberg Botanical Gardens. These were slightly disappointing as the lakes were almost empty and the plants suffering with the drought. The Japanese and Chinese Gardens probably looked great with a lot of water.
    After that we set off to Hervey Bay to be near their airport for an early flight to Lady Elliot Island on Thursday.
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  • Day79


    December 1, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    In Bundaberg gibt es eine Rumdestillerie. Zum Rum anschauen und kaufen. Aber es gibt auch noch die Limonadenfabrik Bundaberg die unter anderem wunderbares Gingerbeer herstellt - und das haben wir uns angeschaut.Read more

  • Day109


    February 17 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Pünktlich um 10 Uhr startet in BUNDERBERG die erste Besichtigungstour. Nach einen Rundgang durch's Museum müssen wir Kameras, Handys, Uhren (!) in einem Schließfach ablegen. Mit zwei "Wächtern" werden wir dann in den Hochsicherheitstrackt, indem der hochprozentige Zuckerrohrsaft eingeschlossen ist, abgeführt. Wohlgemerkt mit Elektro-Zaun!
    Die Wächter entwickeln sich zu profunden Kennern der Rumbrennerei und haben mit unserer kleinen Gruppe viel Spaß. Die Tour endet am Tresen, wo denn sonst. Die verschiedenen Rumdestillate munden sehr! Jetzt verstehen wir, warum 95 % dieses Rums von den Australiern selbst getrunken werden...
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  • Day62


    February 1 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Vor ein paar Tagen sind wir nach Bundaberg gefahren, diese Stadt ist bekannt durch sein beliebtes „Ginger Beer“ in der ganzen Welt. 🌎😍
    Als wir gegen Nachmittag angekommen sind, haben wir spontan eine Tour für das „Mon Repos Turtle Centre“ gebucht. 😍 Denn zu dieser Zeit kommen hunderte von Schildkröten an den Strand und legen ihre Eier dort ab und gleichzeitig kann man auch einige Schildkröten schlüpfen sehen. 🐢 🥚
    Wir haben leider keine Babyschildkröten gesehen , jedoch eine, die ihre Eier abgelegt hat.
    Am nächsten Morgen ging’s für uns zum „The Barrel“, wo die Softdrink der Marke Bundaberg hergestellt werden. 😋
    Dort gab es eine kleine Ausstellung und wir konnten sogar alle 19 verschiedene Geschmäcker testen. Am Ende durften wir uns dann 6 Getränke aussuchen und mitnehmen.😊 🥰
    Anschließend sind wir weiter Richtung Norden gefahren und haben einen Stopp in Agnes Water gemacht. Dort waren wir an zwei verschieden Lookouts, welche sehr beeindruckend und vor allem nicht von vielen Menschen besucht waren. 🌊
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  • Day22


    November 8, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Am 07.11 gingen wir schon relativ früh an den Rainbow Beach im Great Sandy National Park. Leider konnten wir ohne 4x4 Antrieb nicht mehr im Nationalpark machen. Doch der Rainbow Beach war einer der schönsten Strände welche wir bis jetzt in Australien gesehen haben. Wir gingen im türkisblaue Meer baden und sonnten uns am schneeweißen Strand ein wenig, bis wir dann leider weiter in Richtung Bundaberg fahren mussten, da wir die Schnorcheltour buchen wollten. Nach einer 3h Fahrt, kamen wir endlich an und es war leider erst Samstag möglich eine Tour zu buchen... und deswegen mussten wir unseren schönen Rainbow beach verlassen.. Aber wir machten das Beste draus.
    Wir gingen noch einmal an den Strand (Nielson beach) direkt gegenüber von unserem Campingplatz, dem Baraga Beach Caravan Park.
    Am nächsten Tag machten wir ein Limonaden Tasting im Bundaberg Barrel.
    Außerdem probierten wir in der Lokalen Ciderherstellung; Ohana noch ein paar Cider beim Tasting.
    Danach gingen wir etwas am Mon Repos beach spazieren, in der Hoffnung ein paar Schildkröten schlüpfen zu sehen, doch wir hatten kein Glück.
    Am nächsten Tag ging es dann endlich zur Schnorcheltour ins Great Barrier Reef, wo wir mit Schildkröten schnorchelten 😍🐢
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  • Day7

    Day 7

    July 10, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    Left this morning at 9 nice to be moving on had enough of the city, Toowoomba is very big pretty much a city of its own, we headed north on the New England Hwy and then turned left onto the B85 which took us across to Esk a small village type town, we stopped for a cuppa and a wander around lots of relics and antique type shops. We headed north out of Esk to the D’Aguiler highway and then a right turn to the east through Kilcoy and then a right turn at Woodford on to the mount Mee road to Dayboro. A quick run up the Mt Brisbane road and we arrived at Pete and Thip Brophy’s for the night, great to see them again we had a quick check of Teresa’s new saddle that Pete is going to make, mucked around in the saddle shop for a bit, then was time for drinks and some of Thip and Katai’s magic Thai cooking.
    A great night of eating and drinking with a lot of stories, thanks Pete, Thip and Katai.
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  • Day8

    Day 8

    July 11, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    What a great night we had last night at the Brophy’s, up early this morning and feeling pretty good after the drinking session last night, said our goodbyes and we headed back in to Dayboro and followed the road out to the Bruce highway north bound.
    First stop was at Gympie for a cuppa and then a fair bit of road works stop and starting not unusual on the Bruce highway, Torbanlea was our next stop for lunch at a truck stop, back on the road and we arrived at Bundaberg East tourist park around 2, nice park with concrete slabs and your en-suite bathroom.
    Time to do some washing in the avo and then we went to Sam and Maureen’s place in Innes park for a bbq tea and some drinks, was great to catch up again.
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  • Day9

    Day 9

    July 12, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Another magic day in Queensland, had breakfast and then Robbo picked up us in the mustang, we went into the town centre to have coffee. Time to give the mustang a run so we went out to Bagara beach for a walk on the sand and a bit of a Cook’s tour around. Time for lunch so back into bundy to the brew house for pizza, very nice. Chilled out in the avo before packing our bags and getting picked up by Robbo to camp the night at his apartment on Bagara Beach, then we are off to Steve and Kay’s for dinner and the opening of the 25 year old Bookers bourbon 🥃 , the cork was cactus so out with the tea strainer happy days it tasted even better than it should super smooth, has been a long coming to get us all together so thanks to all for a great night.Read more

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