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    • Day110

      #working life

      January 12 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more #theunemployedlife

      I have finished work. Ngl, I'm glad but it's still bitter sweet.

      I won't miss much from Mission Beach, but I have learnt a lot and met some great people.

      Mission Beach will always be the first place I lived away from home. It will be the first place I lived abroad. The first place I had to truly look after myself (jury is still out on if i succeeded with that one). It has healed a part of my soul I lost after everything that happened and it had bosted my ego to scary heights! If you ever feel insecure about yourself, move somewhere remote. I was asked out multiple times a week, the weekends at least 3 times a shift. It has been wild.

      If I could do it again, I think I would. Just maybe try and change the temperature. 30+° daily is inhumane!

      A small collection of photos from work. The time cleaned the fridges for 4hrs and everyone couldn't figure out why I wasnt frozen (it's like 10° in there, they gave me a massive coat and everything). The time a keg exploded, when I went insane a grabbed a load of steak knives. The only nice looking coffee I've managed, the truly amazing 'tattoo' done by my crazy colleague and one of the many chocolate hauls work mum bought me. The random animals everywhere, the insanely good iced coffee and when work mum thought I had forgotten my name so underlined it loads. And finally, the drink made for my bday by one of the girlies.
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      Is that a fake kinder bueno? and personally I think u should get that tattoo - conversation starter if nothing else :)


      no it is a new kind of kinder Bueno, top tier, very good. and it would be hilarious but no


      work mum....seriously hope not as good as me😁. now remember #travelinglife is more exciting xxx


      of course she isnt. but she does by me chocolate randomly like you used too!

    • Day29

      De Palm Cove à Townsville

      January 27 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 30 °C

      Traversée des « Wet Tropics », une des plus anciennes forêts pluviales d’Australie. Zone humide entre plantations de bananiers et de cannes à sucre. Puis au milieu de tout ce vert, la mer de Corail…


      Big balançoire

    • Day44

      On the Road 🚐 Mission Beach & mehr

      December 29, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Heute steht wieder ein gutes Stück Fahrt mit einem magischen Ziel am Abend an. 🏰✨🚐

      Auf dem Weg dahin haben wir aber erst bei ein paar Bachläufen, Wasserlöchern, Lookouts und dem Mission Beach Strand Halt gemacht. 🏖️👙

      Den restlichen Tag haben wir dann im Paronella Park verbracht, der ist aber einen eigenen Footprint wert! 😍
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      der Paronellapark ist Spitze


      Mr Flip Flop😉


      sehr hübsch ihr 2😘🧔‍♂️👱‍♀️

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    • Day45


      November 8, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

      It's been a super busy week but I am so glad I made the choice to come down to mission beach. Work is great, everyone is so nice and the area is beautiful. Hands down the best choice I could have made for me.

      I did a bit of meal prep yesterday so woke up to overnight oats. Not quite as good as the ones at home, but still very nice.

      Work was super chill today. It was busy but we all worked together and it went super fast. As soon as I walked in I was greeted to happy birthdays from everyone which was super nice as well.

      At the end of my shift, one of the girls made me a cocktail to celebrate. It was half way between a sex on the beach and a tequila sunrise, very nice. And free which is top tier. The chefs also gave me a leftover jacket potato and made me some garlic bread. Not very healthy but very nice.

      Overall, it's been a great birthday. Not the one I was expecting, but I knew what would happen when I chose to leave in September. I knew my 21st would be celebrated probably on my own, but the guys at work have been so nice and I dont feel alone at all. As dad would say, I've landed on my feet here and took off running.

      I have two days off now so am going to explore more of this beautiful place I have moved too. A beach day is needed I think!
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      Happy birthday plus 1!😃


      😂 thanks!

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    • Day103

      New year

      January 5 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

      Well it's been an eventful few days.

      Ended up getting sick my final day in Adelaide. Was very concerned I would end up not making my flight but I braced myself and did not have fun, but made it. The flight ended up being 1.5hrs delayed, so o did the only thing that can be done when waiting for something. I took a nap in the sun. Felt a thousand time better after. And before anyone worries about my safely/ stuff while asleep. I was in the corner, next to the gate desk under CCTV with staff right next to me.

      Arrived back in Mission Beach, realised how much I want to not be here anymore. So very glad to be switching it up soon.

      Work is not something I am going to discuss. I have had enough. That is all that is needed to be said.

      I am slowly counting down the days before I leave and will be spending my free time planning my next steps and figuring everything out.

      I ended up rewriting the second half of my story. I dont know if I like it. But I dont hate it. I dont really like the original way but this isnt right either. So that's annoying cause now I'm not sure what to do about it. There was also a massive bug. Ergh!

      Somehow I was watching tv yesterday and fell asleep, at 5pm. Ended up waking up again at like 9pm and being super confused. Had the intention to get some sort of food, feel asleep again. My alarm for 5,30am woke me up the second time. I slept for 12hrs, completely unintentionally. That is how hard my weekend has been!

      Today I took down the final Christmas decorations from work. Yes 5 days after new year, that's just how it be. And found this tinsel. I put this up two months ago outside. It was red all over when I put it up, the bits in the sunlight turned gold. A clear example of why you should not put anything outside here. It's crazy how strong the sun is.

      Beyond that, not much is happening. I'm just ticking down the days. I realised that the only part of Mission that I am going to miss (other than the people), is the cafe. So that's interesting, really shows my priorities!
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      cool bug


      absolutely massive. freaked me out

    • Day67

      Nailed it

      November 30, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

      Once more I have proved my supremacy by writing 50,000 words in November. Two years running!!

      I was very proud when I realised I'd made it. All written and began the editing. Nailed it!

      I had the breakfast shift which was kinda dead but chill. It continued being dead until 1ish when it began to rain. As a result all the tradies came down. Cause when work gets rained out, hit the bar. Had a few funny convos with them and the regulars. I'm beginning to recognise people and their orders now which is making them all happy. Still have them ripping me apart for being british but nicely rather than rudely.

      I made more chilli beans which was an entire vibe. I added a courgette in, which doesn't add much but was better than it going off. I really love chili beans.

      There was also a frog just giving on the chopping board when I came back. Scared the bejesus out of me. The noise that tiny thing made, insane.
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      Badass Aussie frog. Sitting on the chopping board, daring you to cook him, knowing that he'd have the last laugh.


      I fully avoided him


      loving the frog, he's begging to be a pal!


      nah too freaky

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    • Day85

      Nearly Christmas

      December 18, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

      Someone took my food. I am not impressed.

      My roommate arrived on sunday evening last week. She went to her job and found out it was only for 10days. Personally I would have still worked those 10days cause its seriously good pay but she chose not too. Left again tuesday morning. I am alone once more.

      I informed my boss i was leaving. It was very funny, he said he was annoyed I was going after all the training he had given me. Tried very hard not to laugh at that. I have learnt next to nothing working there but there we go.

      Booked my flights down to Tasmania. I'm gonna spend a couple nights in Sydney on my way day. So instead of waiting for 7hrs in Sydney airport I'll have a day in the city and another in the blue mountains.

      I've booked a couple nights stay in Hobart when i first arrive but not sure what I'll do after then. I'm still fighting all that out.

      For now I am just biding my time here. I have one shift left today, once that's done I have 10days off and am so excited. Full time work is not a vibe!
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      I’m not surprised you are upset at the loss of food. Food is the major topic of your journal. One of these days we will see a cassowary' preferably not on a Barbie. and…………………. What’s with the trip to the tropics for the hottest time of the year, followed with Tasmania as the days get colder? Why not the other way round?


      food is an important part of my life! and I dont know why I've done it this way round but too late now!


      also I have yet to actually see a casasowary when it isnt pitch black

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    • Day78


      December 11, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Ok so it's been like 12 days, to be honest not much has happened. Work, sleep, coffee. That's it.

      But I now have an update so I'm back! Yay!!

      I have decided to move on from Mission Beach in January and will be making my way down to Tasmania. I am so excited to go down there!

      I will be leaving mid January. I'm thinking of doing a couple more days in Cairns. Do the great barrier reef and crocodile tour. Them fly down to Tasmania. Unfortunately the direct flights are super expensive so I have to transfer in sydney. Good news, instead of spending 4hrs in Sydney airport bored, I'm gonna spend a few days in the city.

      I want to do the blue mountains tour and I'm going to do some walking tours and things around the city. One of my colleagues used to live in sydney so im going to get some tips from him on what to do.

      I also had a great conversation with some customers yesterday about Tasmaina. One of them grew up there and

      Its fascinating listening to peoples responses when I tell them I'm going to Tassie. Most of the locals just go "why" with a look of disgust, it's hilarious. But the other travelers and people from other parts of Aus, are much more interested.

      I had a great conversation with some customers yesterday about Tasmania, one of them grew up there and loved it. From what they said it sounded like I will love it there aswell. Theres loads of beautiful landscapes and more like a british summer this time of year. They had lived in uk as well, so I trust them on that. They were so nice and one of them handed me $50 for literally no reason. She said to look after myself and have a great time. They were honestly the nicest people ever.

      I'm feeling a bit sad to be leaving Mission. I feel like it's very easy to come here and never leave again. But it's not right for me so I know I have to. I've also gotten settled here and the thought of having to start over with friends and work in a whole new place is daunting. But that's the life I have chosen so I'm glad to be going again.

      I've really begun to miss travelling while being here. The constant moving and meeting new people is exhausting but everything is very stagnant here. Not much is happening and it's kinda dull after a while.

      But now its time to start planning again. I forgot how much effort that was!
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      I want a photo of the big bugs and a cassowary. xxxx


      About time. We thought you’d gone to ground. Plans sound great, but what about the visa?


      really must put an alarm/notification on my phone re your updates. just starting a binge read!


      😂😂 good luck, it's a lot!

    • Day38

      Wongaling Beach

      November 1, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

      Had my first day at Wongaling Beach, was quiet fun.

      I had a lie in which was nice, first time not having roommates waking me up or someone next door. Then made some breakfast and headed down to my new job. Did not manage to meet my new boss but did meet some of the others. Got handed two massive piles of paper work.

      Spent the entire afternoon completing those, not fun. I also did some more of my RSG, read my ARC book and began NaNoWriMo again. It's insane how quickly November comes around.

      I then realised I had done nothing except sit on my but all day, so I did a sunset walk to the beach and back. It wasnt long as the sun was setting pretty quickly and I didn't want to be out in the dark somewhere I didn't know just yet.

      Then attempted to make myself an omlete for dinner. It did not succeed, but tasted pretty good in a pile anyways.
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      Cool beach - very envious. Not so sure about the omelette!


      it wasnt really an omelette by the end. I might try again tonight depending on how tired I am


      oh th joy of paperwork. xx



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    • Day59

      Damp mornings

      November 22, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Woke up. Realised my uniform hadn't dried thanks to the storm. Cried. Took my uniform off the line and did the only think a dumbass like myself could think of at 5,30am when she had work in an hour. Placed my shirt in the microwave and prayed it evaporated off the water. It did not. Cried again. Ate my overnight oats. Put on damp uniform that I was still ringing water from and went to work. 2 and a half hours later I was almost dry.

      Breakfast was super dead until 8 backpackers showed up at exactly 10am. Breakfast finishes at 10am. So of course we let them have a half hour eating before we chucked them out. Made my life more annoying but that's backpackers for you (and I am allowed to day that as I am one) (technically!!).

      I did have a lovely conversation with two gentlemen who came in for breakky. Realised half way through the conversation they were the owners of ALH (the people than own the resort) and were the people we were stressing over the last few days. Sounds like their inspection went well and apparently if I want I am in the ALH system so I can now work in any of there 350 companies across Australia. So I somehow managed to land a job at the Australian equivalent of the Hilton enterprise by accident. Hilton for international, ALH for Australia. Bomb.

      They also said I make a very good coffee and to seriously keep it in mind when I'm travelling around, so that's good. One of the two then spoke to Steve (the big boss of this resort and the guy who hired me) and I am 99.9% sure I came up in the conversation because they kept glancing at me. Unfortunately they were outside so it was impossible for me to eavesdrop. After Steve did ask me a bunch of questions and stuck around watching me for a bit so that was unnerving. The two guys were very nice though so that's good.

      Once I finished work I went and did a food shop. I went with a list (I know, I'm impressed too) and stuck to that list (even more impressed). I got to the till and nearly cried. Like I've got a good week and a bit of food here and if you minus the $30 sim it's not that bad but it hurt handing over that much money. I also paid my rent yesterday so am very glad my pay is coming in tomorrow.

      I am sick of not receiving my messages because optus is really bad out here. So bought a new sim for telstra which is supposed to be better for rural. Most of the guys at work have it so fingers crossed my phone starts connecting because otherwise no one can message or call me and that is a problem.

      Then chilled in my nice air con room and figured out how I am going to store my stuff in only half a room.
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      ahaha put it in the microwave😂 I think u need to appreciate that just made me laugh and the train was SILENT😂


      😂 it's all I could think off!


      a hair or hand dryer works x


      I have neither. I also considered ironing it dry but I dont have one of those either!

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