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  • Day18

    Twelve Apostles

    January 26, 2017 in Australia

    Vi fortsätter vår resa från Apollo Bay till Port Fairy men innan avresa lämnar vi tillbaks den "Boomerang Bag" vi lånat i matbutiken. På vägen stannar vi vid de berömda tolv apostlarna som varken är tolv eller apostlar. Kallades ursprungligen för "suggan med sina kultingar" men när turismen började spira runt 1920 ville man ha något sexigare. Samtidigt är det otroligt vackert och storslaget även om en gammal seglare får ont i magen när man ser hur brutal den här kusten är. Lätt att fantisera om alla som mött sin undergång här.
    Vidare till något som kallas London Bridge där en stor del rasade den 15 januari 1990, "London Bridge is falling down", kolla på bilderna!
    Framme i Port Fairy, dags för en sen lunch där Ulf och jag beställde mix grill, - så behövdes inte mer mat den dagen! På kvällen åt vi i stort sett bara ostron och drack bubbel. Förutom att vi var mätta efter lunchen hade vi god anledning att fira då Britt blev mormor i dag kl 03.06 svensk tid, 13.06 vår tid! Dotter Elisabeth och svärson Will fick en son på Helsingborgs BB, stort grattis!
    En intressant detalj som vi tvingats lära oss är att allt stänger väldigt tidigt. Köket stängde 20:30 så när vi beställde kaffe var allt avstängt. Vi ville kompensera med en rejäl whisky (Tullamore Dew) men då visade det sig att de får inte sälja mer än 2,5 cl åt gången! Den hann ju dunsta innan man fick glaset till munnen. Vi kommer aldrig mer att klaga på svensk alkoholpolitik.
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  • Day31

    East Bound and Down - Teil 2

    February 22, 2017 in Australia

    Die zweite Nacht im Zelt gestaltete sich im Narrawong Forest geschützt von den Bäumen um einiges angenehmer. Mit der neu erhaltenen Energie fuhren wir am Strand von Beachport vorbei direkt zu den Bridgewater Blowholes und einem kleinen versteinerten Wald.
    Später am Tag haben wir im Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve Center den ersten Koala (natürlich schlafend) sehen können und wurden anschließend selbst von Emus beim Essen beobachtet.Read more

  • Day20

    12 Apostles nach Killarny

    October 19 in Australia

    Wir haben wir noch den ganzen Tag verschiedene Küstenabschnitte besichtigt. Sie haben folgende Namen:
    Tom and Eva Lookout
    Loch Ard Gorge
    The Arch
    London Bridge
    Bays of Island

    Das wären nur die interessantesten. Die anderen 100 Bilder oder mehr, wären hier zu viel. 😎
    Danach haben wir noch in Warrnambool bei Aldi Lebensmittel gekauft.
    Übernachtet wird in Killarny.

  • Day19

    Port Fairy and Tower Hill

    November 11, 2017 in Australia

    On Thursday, we travelled over to Port Fairy from our place at Warrnambool. Port Fairy is often considered the most beautiful little town in Southern Australia. Many buildings are quite old and quaint. We walked along the waterfront and had quite a chat with a lobster fisherman getting ready for a new season to start next week.He was mending traps, which look quite different than ours in Canada. He was a philosopher with strong opinions about how Australia is going steeply downhill. Another couple had engaged him in conversation and we just listened in. That couple both work in the car building industry. She has already lost her job and his is ending soon. They were telling us after that the whole industry is shutting down, affecting 50,000 workers with all the spin-offs. We had heard that there is a lot of distrust with the present PM and government, but this was new to us. Interesting stuff.
    We went later to a wildlife refuge situated on a very old volcano rim. Whoopee! We saw another koala up close. He did a yawn and stretch for us. There were emus wandering around too. I don't think we will ever get tired of viewing the amazing animals of this country.
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  • Day247

    Cape Bridgwater & Port Fairy

    December 5, 2017 in Australia

    Despite waking up at 4:30am needing a wee, our first night in our El Cheapo was surprisingly comfy. After rustling ourselves up some porridge, we headed into Portland to find a shower. By the looks of things, we are going to be having to brave cold outdoor showers for this week. You'd think that wouldn't be so bad in the hot Australian climate however the climate better resembles the UK at the moment. Somehow this morning though, we managed to stumble across free hot showers (yes free!). The ladies did have rather a large amount of poo smothered across various walls so I had to be extremely careful not to touch anything. That's the price you pay for a hot shower apparently.

    Feeling a bit fresher, we drove further West to Cape Bridgwater for a nice 2 hour stroll to see the largest seal colony on the Australian mainland. It was an absolutely beautiful walk along part of the Great South West Walk. The path wrapped itself around the coastland and the views were incredible. Unfortunately there appeared to be some worldwide fly convention as we were pestered by flies the entire walk and had to constantly bat them away. The viewing platform for the seals was pretty high up so they were quite difficult to see without binoculars. We did however see a couple of playful seals close up playing in the water on the way back which was good.

    Back at the car, we headed 10 minutes down the road to the Blowhole and the Petrified Forest. Despite the windy weather, the Blowhole gave us another perfect example of what a Blowhole looks like when the tide is out. As for The Petrified Forest, I didn't really know what to expect. We have seen lots of bare trees on our travels where they have conducted controlled burnings to prevent forest fires so I was perhaps expecting something like that. Instead The Petrified Forest wasn't actually a forest at all. It's name came from an early theory that sand engulfed an ancient forest of coastal trees, petrifying them for all time. What it actually is however is a collection of hollow tubes of limestone called 'solution pipes', eroded by millions of years of rainfall. It reminded us a lot of Valle de La Luna in Chile.

    Our next stop on the itinerary was Port Fairy, with a quick little pit stop at The Crags and Dreaming Island. The Crags offers views of some very spectacular craggy rock formations whilst Dreaming Island is a very important part of Aboriginal culture. It's similar in some ways to the Maori culture and the tree at Cape Reinga and plays a pivotal part in there creation story.

    Port Fairy is a quaint seaside town. We didn't really explore the town as it was already gone 4pm so most of the shops were already shut and instead pulled up by Griffiths Island for a walk. It's an absolutely gorgeous island boasting magnificent views as well as a cute little lighthouse.

    Our campsite this evening was a roadside spot so was in no means as picturesque as last night. After cooking up some pasta and about 50 games of cards, we tucked into bed.
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  • Day17

    Port Fairy - Great Ocean Road

    April 25 in Australia

    We set the alarm to 5 in the morning so we have time to drive to the nearby Lake Elizabeth, walk some kilometers and hopefully watch Platypus in the dawn. After watching out for them unsuccessfully for half an hour we decided to walk a bit around the lake. Just as we intended to go back to the car and have breakfast we spotted one of the elusive animals just three meters away from us... After a few seconds it dove down and reappeared a minute later. We watched it completely enchanted until it didn't reappear.
    Happyily we made our way back to have a well deserved breakfast and plan our day. A short drive later we were on the Great Ocean Road again and drove in direction of Cape Otway with the "most important Lighthouse in Australia". At 19.50$ it is most probably the most expensive one... There were some walks nearby which sounded more appealing to us. So we just did a walk along the coastal cliffs nearby in hope of finding some koalas unfortunately without any luck.
    But back on the Great Ocean Road we saw some people who had stopped at a viewpoint and were looking up some trees. We guessed right that there was a koala. He just climbed up a think three and looked a bit scared but probably was just fine as he was eating :)
    The "main attraction" despite the road itself are the 12 Apostels, a series of distinctive limestone formations. Actually there are just 8 of them because one broke down in 2003 :D But it was very touristy and crowded. Therefore we enjoyed the "Wreck Beach" more, a hard to access parking about ten kilometers off the main road. It's also a climb down somewhat 500 stairs and only accessible in low tide. So we were almost alone there with parts of shipwrecks, perfectly rounded stones and magnificent shells.
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  • Day62

    Great Ocean Road

    May 31 in Australia

    Die letzte 3 Tag bin ich wieder mit ere Tour unterwegs gsih😊 D Leute sind mega cool druff gsih und jetzt au all mit mir in Melbourne🎉 Mehr hend uf de Tour verschiedeni Nationalpärk ahglueget, vieli wildi Tier gseh und eifach wiedermal eh unglaublichi Ziit zemme ghaa❤️🇦🇺 In Victoria seit mehr dass mehr ah eim Tag all vier Jahresziite erlebe chan... und das isch absolut eso🙈 Am morge sind 6 Grad und bewölkt denn chunt d Sunne und es sind fast 20 Grad abr eh Stund spöter fangts voll ah Regne😂😂 Schnee hani glücklicherwiis kei ghaa haha abr trotzde teilwiis mit T-Shirt, 2 Pullis und Daunejacke ummegloffe😂 Wos ahgfange het regne hani no d Regejacke drüber ahzoge hahahaha also Wettertechnisch spielts da unne chli verucktRead more

  • Day56

    Letzter Tag Great Ocean Road

    May 5, 2017 in Australia

    Noch einen Tag Great Ocean Road. Es gibt gleich am Anfang noch 3 Stopps an denen man die abgetrennten Felsformationen bewundern kann. Einer davon heisst London Bridge. Eigentlich gab es mal eine Felsbruecke zum Festland, aber Mitte der 90-iger ist dieser Teil abgebrochen. 2 Touristen hatten Glueck, sie befanden sich in dem Moment gerade auf dem Felsen und nicht dem Brueckenteil... Auch an den Steilkuesten broeckelt immer mal wieder etwas ab, es koennen durchaus Tonnen sein. Und deshalb stehen auch ueberall Schilder, dass man nicht ueber die gebauten Plattformen hinueber klettern soll um naeher an den Rand zu kommen. Dass sich viele junge Maenner nicht daran halten, sehen wir immer wieder. Es ist auf alle Faelle eine beeindruckende Kuestenlandschaft, die in unserer Erinnerung als eines der Highlights haengen bleiben wird.

    Gegen Mittag kommen wir nach Warrnambool. Frueher war es mal eine Walfaengersiedlung, heutzutage kann man gluecklicherweise nur noch Wale beobachten. Es ist einer der wenigen Punkte, an dem man die Wale von Land aus beobachten kann. Leider ist das aber nur im Winter moeglich, zwischen Juni und Oktober. Zu dem Beobachtungspunkt fahren wir trotzdem, bewaffnet mit einem Sandwich und Kaffee, denn hier gibt es wieder Surfer zu sehen. Schoener Picknick-Platz. Auf unserem weiteren Weg kommen wir an einem ehemaligen Krater vorbei, der zum gruenen Tierparadies wurde. Wir fahren an Seen mit einer vielfaeltigen Vogelwelt entlang. An anderer Stelle steht am Wegesrand auf einmal ein Emu vor uns. Auch in Port Fairy machen wir noch Halt. Hier ist der alte Charme durch die Haeuser des 19. Jahrhunderts, die breiten Strassen, sowie einem kleinen Hafen erhalten geblieben. In Portland machen wir unseren Nacht-Stopp und haben dieses Mal Glueck mit dem ausgewaehlten Motel ;)
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