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  • Day35

    Scenic Rim

    July 9, 2017 in Australia

    Heute morgen gabs endlich Mal wieder eine nette Unterhaltung mit einem aussie, dann ein kurzes Frühstück und danach begaben wir uns auf die Straßen des Scenic Rim's. Einer idyllischen Route durch das Hinterland Queenslands. Teilweise waren die Aussichten wirklich wunderschön aber manchmal Unterschied es sich nicht wirklich von den Straßen die wir hier sonst so lang fahren, wenn man nicht gerade in der Stadt ist.
    An ein zwei Aussichtspunkten angehalten und kurze walks gemacht und am frühen Nachmittag in unsrem Caravan Park für die Nacht angekommen. In der Sonne gechillt und den Nachmittag genossen!
    Zum Abendessen gab es Kartoffeln mit Chicken Schnitzel 😊
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  • Day211

    Day 15 - Shamrockvale

    October 30, 2017 in Australia

    It's our last day on the farm! It's going to be nice not to have to wake up at 6am anymore however I have a feeling our body clocks are going to take a while to adjust. As it's our last day Chris gave us the afternoon off to pack and get ourselves sorted which was really nice. In the morning we fed and watered the chooks for the last time and popped in to see Tyson as Chris had already fed him. Tyson has found his voice all of a sudden so moos all the time which is pretty cute. After 2 weeks he has gotten used to us now and doesn't mind / tolerates me cuddling him.

    For the rest of the morning we were let loose on the mowers. We've had so much rain the last week that even though Sonja and Simon mowed the week before, everything needed doing again.

    Neither of us knew what to expect before we arrived here. It has however exceeded all of our expectations and we will always look back fondly on our time here. Everyone here has welcomed us into the Shamrockvale family with open arms and we will not forget the Aussie BBQ's, endless games of pool (especially the Germanian rules with Sonja and Marius), dinner at the homestead and our introduction to Romanian cuisine. We have learnt so much about farm life and have particularly enjoyed helping Chris and Nick with the cattle, being surrogate mums to Tyson and our beloved Nugget and helping Marius with the bees. Thank you for having us Shamrockvale!
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  • Day219

    Day 2 - Auntie Tricia and Shane's

    November 7, 2017 in Australia

    When we went to bed last night there was a BIG storm rolling in. We lay in bed listening to the thunder and watched the lightening light up the bedroom. More storms are forecast for today however the sun was shining in the morning so we took a chance and drove out to O'Reilly's which is situated in Lamington National Park. It's only around 30kms from Tricia's to O'Reilly's however it took us an hour to get there as it's a very narrow and windy road up the mountain.

    When we reached the top, we parked up and walked through the rainforest and along a wobbly treetop walk which was really good. At one point you could climb a couple of ladders up into the trees and look out over the top which was pretty amazing. Simon and Tricia didn't fancy that bit though and stayed at the bottom and took photos whilst I climbed my way to the top! After the walk we headed over to the cafe and enjoyed a cup of coffee and a cake on the veranda overlooking the most incredible view.

    The gift shop next to the cafe sells food so that you can feed the local parrots so after we had finished our smoko, we grabbed some parrot food and headed outside to give the parrots theirs. No sooner as we had walked up to the area with all the parrots, we were surrounded. The seed was in a big silver tray but the parrots also landed on your head, arms and shoulders! There were loads of them! There were a couple of different types of parrot, the red and green ones are called King Parrots and the red and blue ones are called Rosellas. They were really pretty and really friendly. They obviously get fed a lot. After feeding the parrots we headed back home. We managed to time our trip perfectly as not long after we arrived home, the heavens opened and another storm rolled in. We therefore had a nice quiet afternoon and Tricia made us sausage, egg, chips and baked beans for dinner.
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  • Day198

    Day 2 - Shamrockvale

    October 17, 2017 in Australia

    Today was our first day of work in over 6 months and with the alarm going off at 6am it was a bit of a shock to the system. After a cup of tea and some porridge we headed out for our first job of the day, letting out the chooks and giving them some fresh water and some feed. We then headed over to feed Nugget and Tyson, the orphaned calves as we are now their new mums for the next 2 weeks. They are very cute so I'm pretty sure this is going to end up being my favourite part of the day. They didn't have much else for us to do before smoko so we were tasked with cleaning out one of the vans and the wwoofers car.

    After smoko, our morning break, the 3 of us headed up to the yard to help Nick move some young cows which had now been separated from their mummy's. The girls needed to go into one field and the boys into another so we took them down separately. Sonja and I were in what they call the Mule which is basically a quad bike pick up and goes really slowly and Simon was in Chris's ute. Simon was in charge of blocking off roads so they didn't go the wrong way and Sonja and I were there to round them up and keep them moving. We had to do it really slowly though as you don't want them to start running. It took a while to get them across into their new paddocks but for first timers I think we did pretty well.

    After lunch Simon went back up to the yard to help Nick with the cattle. Quite a few of them are sick at the moment so they have to regularly take their temperatures and give them medicine if they need it. I stayed down on the homestead to help Marios, the beekeeper, make some new beehives.

    We get to finish work at 3pm however Tyson and Nugget need feeding again around 5pm so we have to do that. Our final job of the day is tucking in the chooks however we have to wait until it gets dark to give them all time to come home after their day roaming the farm.

    The farm is not to far from my Auntie Tricia and Shane's house, so they came to pick us up and take us out for a yummy fish and chips dinner in Beaudesert which was lovely.
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  • Day209

    Day 13 - Shamrockvale

    October 28, 2017 in Australia

    We had a very lovely lazy Saturday morning. After sorting out the chooks and feeding Tyson, we spent the morning reading. After a leisurely lunch, we decided to do some more exploring and show Mark some of the farm. It turns out that when we went exploring last weekend, we had actually been exploring the neighbours farm - oops! This time we took the Mule through the correct gate and headed up to the highest point of the farm. It was quite a long drive and very steep in places. There were many times when I thought we weren't going to make it however the trusty Mule kept on going and carried us safely to the top. The views from the top were incredible and we could see the entire farm as well as the other side of the valley.

    In the evening, Tom and his wife Mags invited us for a farewell BBQ down by one of the lagoons which was really lovely of them. 2 BBQ's in 2 days, Simon is in his element!
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  • Day210

    Day 14 - Shamrockvale

    October 29, 2017 in Australia

    Today we went to visit Auntie Tricia and Shane at their home in nearby Boyland. Tricia cooked us our first roast dinner since we left the UK. We had roast beef with all the trimmings and it was absolutely delicious. This was followed by a yummy lemon, creamy biscuity dessert! We are very much looking forward to going to stay with them in a weeks time.

  • Day221

    Day 4 - Auntie Tricia and Shane's

    November 9, 2017 in Australia

    This morning we headed to Tambourine Mountain to do the rainforest Skywalk and the Glow Worm Caves.

    The rainforest Skywalk is a 1.5km walk combining forest floor trails and 40m high steel board walks. Although high, they were a lot more solid than the bridges at O'Reilly's so we took our time and looked at the various flora and fauna. Halfway round was a nice creek we could look over and on the way back was a rather wobbly cantilever bridge which one woman decided would be fun to bounce, and swing. Cheers for that!

    After the Skywalk we headed to the Glow Worm Caves. Glow worms, as we learnt, are only found in Australia and New Zealand and their biggest threat is humans due to deforestation and chemicals on crops or in water. For that reason this particular cave was man made. In the first part of the cave we sat and watched a video teaching us all about the glow worms before we entered the cave itself. Once inside we were surrounded by thousands of glowing bums! There are estimated to be around 7000 glow worms in the cave which is pretty good considering they only started out with 300. Our guide showed us one up close with a red light and you could see him wiggling to make another snare. With these snares they catch their dinner which we also learnt is hand caught by the staff each day using a butterfly net. Around 1500 flying insect are caught on a good day to feed them but as today was a but drizzly I think they may have gone hungry. Its okay though as glow worms can go without food for a good couple of weeks. Next to the caves they also had Frog Hollow, where there were a number of, yep you guessed it, frogs! After a quick wander around the frogs, we headed black to the house for lunch.

    After lunch we watched another afternoon movie and relaxed for the rest of the day. For dinner, Tricia cooked us up a delicious spaghetti bolognese. We sure are going to miss delicious home cooked meals when we're back on the road again.
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  • Day223

    Day 6 - Auntie Tricia and Shane's

    November 11, 2017 in Australia

    We were all up early as we were heading off to Thunderbird Park to do the Canyon Flyer. The Canyon Flyer consists of 7 zip lines that traverse the Cedar Creek Canyon and Tricia has booked Debbie, Simon and I on to do it. After we were kitted out with our gear we headed over to the first zip line in a huge 4x4 covered in camouflage tarp. Despite the driver reversing into a tree (now we know why they put the safety gear on us before getting in the 4x4) and a very bumpy ride through the forest, we made it to the first zip line. We had a quick practice on a small zip line first and then we were immediately on to the fastest of all the zip lines! Go big or go home! We then worked our way across the remaining 6 zip lines. Just before our final one, our instructors gathered us all together for a group photo. The got us to hold on to a rope around the tree and lean back over the edge and say bungee. Just as we said it they released the slack in the rope and we all fell a little bit. Turns out she wasn't taking a photo at all and instead a slow motion video. We were all strapped in so were perfectly safe but the video is pretty hilarious as we were all absolutely terrified! It took a good 5 minutes for my heart to slow back down. After that trust exercise, we were then hooked up to a quick release rope for the last zip line which the instructor had control over. She left us hanging over the edge for what felt like forever before releasing the rope and sending us off over the Canyon. We had a lot of fun and we got some great views out over the Canyon.

    After a well earned cup of coffee, we headed to Eagle Heights to check out a German Cuckoo Clock shop. It was a cute little shop with hundreds of Cuckoo clocks of various shapes and sizes. We could have stayed in there for hours watching them as they struck the hour.

    After a very adrenaline filled morning we were starving so we headed back to Tricia and Shane's for some lunch. Tricia and Shane live on a turf farm where Shane works so after lunch Shane took Simon out to see the Firefly. The Firefly is the huge machine that cuts the grass into strips, then drags it up on to a belt for the operator to quickly inspect before placing it on a pallet by an automatic arm, all in the space of about 10 seconds. Simon even got to go out for a ride in it and see it in action which was pretty cool.

    Whilst Simon was out cutting grass, I helped Tricia make a Mexican dip and potato bake for dinner to go with our T-bone steaks. The Mexican dip is delicious so I am definitely going to be taking that recipe home!
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