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  • Day229

    We were woken up ridiculously early by the noisiest cockatoo sitting right outside our window. After dozing for a couple of hours, we dragged ourselves out of bed and got ourselves ready for the day. We have had a pretty sedentary lifestyle for the last couple of weeks so today we went for a very long walk down along the coast to the South Nobby Headland, which is by Miami Beach. From the Lookout there were some amazing views up and down the Gold Coast and the beach spans the entire coast which is incredible. All of the buildings are shiny and it reminds me a lot of the New York skyline. After our 2 hour walk we set ourselves up on the beach for some well deserved sunbathing. Around 4pm, we made our way back and decided to walk back up along the beach barefoot. After our 16km walk we were both absolutely pooped.Read more

  • Day228

    Today we left Brisbane for the last time and headed down the Gold Coast, first stop Surfers Paradise. We are also back on the old trusty Greyhound bus. We have booked ourselves into another Airbnb and are staying with a lovely lady called Lisa. Her apartment is only a 2 minute walk from the beach and overlooks Paradise Island and the river. It really is a great spot.

    After rustling ourselves up some lunch we headed to the beach and spent the afternoon there before grabbing some bits for dinner and heading back to Lisa's. Lisa was staying at a friends for the evening so we had the whole place to ourselves which was nice. We have gotten ourselves addicted to another Netflix show, The Blacklist which is the reason for our tardiness on the blog, sorry.Read more

  • Day44

    Go to Gold Coast they said... it would be fun they said...

    I think all people who said that had never been in Byron before! So we went to Gold Coast last weekend. And it was totally rained off!

    The rain started once and ended sunday evening. We spent our time in really bad shopping centers and in front of them, drinking beer under a porch. We were having a night out, in a club, where we were toooootally underdressed, the waitresses were wearing just lingerie & the music was not our taste at all. The only good thing: you got popcorn for free! 😄

    After the night out we spent our night at a hostel in a 20-dorm room... at it was quite okay at all. Maybe we just could sleep so good because of the beers, but doesn‘t matter :-)

    All in all: I was at surfers paradise. Nice to see for one day, but we were soooo lucky when we came back to our beloved Byron 🌴
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  • Day99

    Conor and Megan (friends from Canada) got us in touch with Kim, on the Gold Coast. She was super welcoming (and trusting) even though she had never met us before! We stayed with her, Josh and their roommate Sam for 15 days. It was super relaxed but also a nice base to explore the area from. By the end of our stay she felt like family and it feels like we've known her for years!

    Kim has a similar diet to Jenna, so we bonded over cooking and going to the saturday morning farmers market. We made rice wraps (Mats made burrito-sized ones), roasted veggies and juiced veggies. Mmmm! We also went out to a restaurant and had squid and sweet potato fries. All of a sudden, Khal Drogo* walks in.. What?! (*the actor, who plays in Game of Thrones).

    Kim and Josh's place is a 10 minute walk from the beach. So, we went down many times to bodysurf, admire storms and go for walks. A short walk down, Burleigh Head rises up out of the water. We did sunrise yoga at the base, climbed to the top, went for a run and even saw whales! We also did a short hike over a boardwalk through a mangrove forest. It passed a sanctuary where we saw more Koala's (with a baby!) and our first Wallabies! They look like miniature kangaroos and are really cute. On the canals behind the house, we got up on the SUP (stand-up paddle board)! "But don't fall in, there are bull sharks in these waters", no pressure...

    On the weekend, we did a day-trip to Byron Bay, the surfing and hippy town South of Gold Coast. Josh taught us how to surf! And afterward we hiked around the headland. This is the Eastern-most tip of mainland Australia! We spotted more whales and on the other side, where the surf was much higher, we watched the more experienced surfers catching waves. Back on the Gold Coast, we tried surfing a few more times. It's harder than it looks, paddling out against the waves, paddling with the wave to get speed, and then to catch your balance to get up. After three days, we were riding waves on our knees and Mats got up on his feet a few times. Righteous!

    We had a farewell dinner at the Collective, another cool concept. Five restaurants have teamed up and share seating. There is something for everyone, even for Jenna and Kim. But for those who suffer from analysis-paralysis, choice-stress, FOMO (fear of missing out), are decision-impaired, etc. this place is a nightmare! Mats has a hard enough time with one menu ;) But the food was delicious!

    Turns out it wasn't goodbye for long. Partly by chance, we'd run into Kim again a week later in Auckland! And we hope to see her again when she is visiting Conor and Megan in Canada next summer.
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  • Day232

    The weather forecast wasn't great again today and it wasn't really sunbathing weather so we decided to go for another walk (it's like Isla Grande all over again). As we didn't make it to Burleigh Head National Park when we were in Surfers, we decided to catch the bus there and then walk back. When we got there we took the rainforest trail to the Tumgun Lookout which gave a great view back towards Coolangatta. I also narrowly missed a snake that slithered across the path in front of me which I didn't notice. Fortunately it looked like a python so we it couldn't have done a serious damage. On the way back down from the Lookout we stopped on a little beach next to the estuary that comes in from the sea for lunch. The sun was super hot by this point so we regretted not taking our swimmers as the water looked so inviting.

    We then made our way back towards Coolangatta, passing through Palm Beach, Currumbin and Tugun. It was around the Tugan mark that someone had had enough of walking, so we jumped back on the bus for the final bit. To be fair it was a very long way back. Before heading home we grabbed a quick and easy dinner from Aldi and then had a nice and quiet evening.
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  • Day230

    We woke up to the rain this morning which isn't the best for a moving day. It did however hold off long enough for us to get to the bus station. As we checked out of Lisa's around 10:30am it was a long wait at the bus stop, and it was an hour late so despite it being only a 45 minute journey to Coolangatta, we didn't arrive until 2pm. It kind of worked out for the best though as we couldn't check in to Marcus and Liv's, our next Airbnb, until 2pm anyway.

    Marcus and Liv's place is really nice and a stones throw from Kirra Beach. They also have a balcony which is really nice so we sat outside there to eat our lunch. It's around 20 minutes walk along the beach into Coolangatta from the apartment so after lunch we went for a wander and popped into Aldi and Woolworths to grab some bits for dinner.
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  • Day3

    Me & and my Papa on the Gold Coast hanging out on the beach.
    I saw my sister Manaia at Harbour Town too.

  • Day32

    Der Name war absolut Programm! Paradiesisch war das Wetter, nicht so unsere Surf-Künste! ;-) Nichtsdestotrotz haben wir unseren Surfunterricht in Surfers Paradise sehr genossen, hatten unglaublich viel Spaß, haben es immerhin mehrmals geschafft auf dem Brett zu stehen und wurden von keinen Haien gefressen.
    Auf jeden Fall werden wir es nochmal probieren, aber erst, wenn unser Muskelkater nicht mehr vorhanden ist! :-DRead more

  • Day62

    Kleine Anekdote unseres Reise-Alltags: Bei jedem Lookout Schild an der Straße müssen wir anhalten, da für Frank ein Tag ohne Lookout ein verlorener Tag ist.
    Heute habe ich mich bei der Streckenwahl selbst übertroffen und Frank mit dem "Best of All Lookout" überrascht 😎

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Gold Coast, Goudkus, غولد كوست, Горад Голд-Кост, Гоулд Коуст, Ora Marbordo, گلد کوست, חוף הזהב, गोल्ड कोस्ट, ゴールドコースト, გოლდ-კოსტი, 골드코스트, Gold Kostas, Goldkosta, Голд-Кост, Gold Coast i Queensland, گولڈکاسٹ, Голд Коаст, கோல்ட் கோஸ்ட், గోల్డ్ కోస్ట్, 黃金海岸, 黄金海岸

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