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  • Day149

    Bali am Mission Beach

    April 18 in Australia

    Wir drei Camping-Nomaden zogen weiter zum Mission Beach. 2 Nächte verbrachten wir dort, haben einen langen Strandapaziergang hinter uns und relaxten am Campingplatz mit einem Buch.

    Die Sonnenaufgäng direkt aus dem Zelt waren sooo schön und der Strand mit dem Palmen traumhaft. Ein Wolkenherz hat sich am Himmel gezeigt.

    Der Tobi hat den Palmen-Kletterwettbewerb gewonnen, bei Anna und Andrea steckt halt doch nur Wackelpudding in den Armen. 😀 Dafür spielten wir Galgenmännchen im Sand.Read more

  • Day76

    Mission Beach

    September 20, 2016 in Australia

    Mission Beach war deutlich beschaulicher und weniger ereignisreich als ich im Vorhinein angenommen hatte.

    Mit Skydiving über dem Great Barrier Reef und Landung am Strand hatte ich zwar geliebäugelt, verwarf das Vorhaben dann aber (einstweilen) aufgrund der Kosten und beschloss, stattdessen lieber mehr vom Land selbst sehen zu können.
    2 Tage Strand und Sonnenbaden waren dann auch nicht verkehrt.

  • Day22

    Wongaling Beach

    September 22, 2017 in Australia

    Willkommen in Mission Beach, oder genauer gesagt in Wongaling Beach, einem kleineren Ortsteil.

    Unser Weg führte uns heute raus aus Cairns entlang der "Josephine Wasserfälle", deren glatte Steine als Naturrutschen genutzt werden können.

    Wongaling Beach ist ein kleines aber wirklich schönes Dorf, mit tollen endlos langen Stränden. Morgen werden wir dann nochmal einen Blick auf Mission Beach werfen, aber nach den letzten Wochen ist die Ruhe hier einfach toll.

    Heute Abend hatten wir mal wieder die Möglichkeit zu kochen. Besonders praktisch ist hier unsere kleine Outdoor BBQ Küche unseres Chalets 😊

    Morgen geht es dann weiter nach Townsville, einer weiteren Stadt vor dem Great Barrier Reef.

    Liebe Grüße
    Jonas, Jasmin&Thomas
    Read more

  • Day140

    The first of many bus journies

    July 6, 2017 in Australia

    Today was a long and tiring day of not doing a lot. Our coach didn't leave until 1:45pm so we had a lot of time to kill this morning. We checked out at 10am but hung around in the common area researching into working in New Zealand up until the time to leave to walk to the bus stop. After lugging our heavy bags around for 20 minutes we found the stop and set about having some lunch while we waited. After 10 minutes or so the bus arrived and unloaded all its passangers before leaving again and we figured the driver had gone on lunch. During this time a van had pulled up and an elderly gentlemen got out and Nick gave up his seat for him. He spoke to me in great length for 45 minutes while we waited for the bus to return. He'd been spending time at a cancer clinic having radiotherapy for prostate cancer. He was the most remarkable and interesting man to talk to and had a very positive outlook on life. The bus finally came back and the journey itself was long and tiring. We only had a few hours until we got off but it felt like a lot longer. Finally we arrived and after giving our wishes and goodbyes to the man I'd met we were on our way, backpacks on hunting for our Airbnb. We found it and were greeted by the owner, a young couple who moved to Mission Beach 6 months ago. Their place is a lot smaller than we expected so it's a little bit awkward and intimate but we're sure we will get use to it. The only downside is they don't have a hob which incredibly restricts cooking. They just have a mini oven/grill machine similar to what I had while at uni. We spent a good while in the supermarket trying to work out what we can make and for tonight our first meal ended up being wraps turned into mini pizzas, we also have enough to repeat this another night as well. They're lovely people it's just with only an open plan living space, two bedrooms and a bathroom the house isn't ideal for privacy and we do feel we are treading on their toes a little. Still we will remain open minded and for now having come from a noisy hostel with twin beds and no duvet it's definitely feeling like luxury to have a comfy double bed with a warm duvet and everything being so unbelievably clean.Read more

  • Day141

    We saw a wallaby!

    July 7, 2017 in Australia

    We've had a very chilled out Australian beach day today. Our host Heidi had made us a great breakfast of homemade muesli or cornflakes followed by a whole fruit platter. There was fresh coconut and passionfruit that her husband had found on his run as well as banana, apple and we were able to try star fruit for the first time. After breakfast we got ready with the plan of walking one of the trails here that leads to North Mission beach. As always though the heat got to us and we decided to trek up the beach instead. The beach is beautiful; clean golden sands and deep blue oceans lined with coconut trees. We took it at a very leisurely pace and spent time trying to break into coconuts. Nick managed to get into two to retrieve the nut inside but I unfortunately lacked the same strength needed but I gave it a good go. The beach was also huge and very empty which was a perk. We sat and had lunch on a bench just admiring and taking in the beautiful view. We also saw people skydiving and landing on the beach which was super cool. I wish I was brave enough to try it but I just know I'd be freaking out so much beforehand that I couldn't go through with it. We wondered up further until we reach a river that joins the sea. We were wearing our walking shoes so were unable to to cross and instead followed it for a while in the hunt for crocodiles. Sadly we saw none but it was still nice seeing how the beach, rainforest and river merge together. We decided the river ended our walk so we headed back the way we came and out to the road at our first opportunity. Waking through the small forest we found our own passionfruit on the floor to take back with us. They are actually pale green/yellow when they fall compared to the shrivelled brown colour you see in the supermarket. On our way to the shop I spotted through the trees our first wallaby that we've seen. I saw a couple of kangaroos from the bus yesterday but no wallabies and this was our first up close encounter. He was quite timid but let me get quite close to him before he hopped away. I was under the tree line for all of 2 minutes and had 4 mosquitos descend onto me so that's something we need to be wary of. We headed back and made nachos for dinner, another quick and easy meal. We've spoken more to our hosts and we've settled in a a bit now and are finding it less awkward than before so that's really good. Tomorrow we plan to rent out bikes and hopefully see some more of Australia's wonderful wildlife.Read more

  • Day142

    Exploring the coast by bike

    July 8, 2017 in Australia

    When you don't have a car the best way to explore the area is definitely by bike. You are able to see so much more and go so much further than on foot. That was our plan for today. After a quick stop at the supermarket to get suncream and have a tea we went and rented the last two bikes from the only shop in the area that offers this service. We cycled from Wongaling Beach where we are staying along the cycle route that leads to North Mission Beach. Here we cycled part of our journey on the sand and what a free and liberating feeling that was. The sound of the waves crashing, the sun shining down and the wind blowing past you, we couldn't of enjoyed it more. Shortly after rejoining the road was Clump Point view point where we enjoyed breathtaking ocean views while tucking into our sandwiches. After a short break here we hit the road once more and continued northwards where we entered the most scenic part of the ride. We road down the coastal road that has the ocean and tree lined beaches to the right and Clump Mountain National Park to the left. The whole route was so beautiful and with every bend we discovered a new little beach and rockpool area. We had our sight set on a cafe near Bingil Bay and after a steep climb away from the sea we finally made it after around an hour and a half. We sat outside overlooking the hill we just cycled up while we sipped on tea and caramel milkshake. We continued our cycle journey through the hilly landscape struggling up the hills and screaming with joy as we zoomed down the descents. All of 2 cars past us in 20 minutes so we felt as if we were kings of the road. There was a tricky last 10 minute part to the route that went over gravel and sand roads but finally we made it to Garners Beach which had so many beautiful trees on the side of a secluded beach. We spent time walking around and investigating the many shallows and rockpools. There were so many starfish on the sand and we saved one from drying out by returning it to the nearest pool. We also saw mangrove trees growing here and realised it's a sign of where the river meets the ocean here. The whole place was amazing and based on the footprints in the sand only one other person had walked this area today. The way back was tough and we did get off and push a couple of times but we did it. I also made Nick stop for a few photos but he's use to that now! As we rode back into town we saw more wallabies just before the road we are staying on. After some pizza wraps we spent about an hour talking with Heidi and Ben and it's a shame we are leaving tomorrow when we now feel so settled and relaxed around them. It was a bit too late to pack so we're getting up early for all the fun of travelling to begin again tomorrow. We couldn't of had a better day on this part of the East Coast.Read more

  • Day22

    11 • Wasserfälle und Regenschauer

    August 7, 2016 in Australia

    Ein verregneter Sonntag. Es war immerhin lange genug trocken um sich ein paar große Wasserfälle anzuschauen. Dann ging es durch schöne, leider regengraue Landschaft vom 800m hohen Tafelland zurück auf Meereshöhe nach Mission Beach, wo es gleich wieder deutlich wärmer ist.
    Da Mia tagsüber etwas die Bewegung gefehlt hat, hat unser kleines Energiebündel nach dem Abendessen noch einige Krabbelkilometer im Bus zurückgelegt ;-)Read more

  • Day141

    Last Stop vor Cairns

    April 29 in Australia

    Kurz nach Dämmerung kamen wir in dem kleinen Ort Mission Beach an und nach dem ich die wegen wandernden Straußen von Warnschildern gesäumte, kleine Straße bis zum Strand erfolgreich zurückgelegt hatte, haben in einem kleinen aber sehr schönen Campingplatz mit sehr netten Besitzern eingecheckt. Nach misslungenen Nudeln sind wir Pizza essen gegangen und haben danach am Lagerfeuer Karten gespielt, wofür uns der Besitzer etwas Feuerholz, inklusive Zeitung zum anfeuern, bereitgestellt hat (for free!). Den Strand haben wir zwar vor unserer Abreise auch besucht, jedoch hat es dauerhaft geregnet, weswegen der Eindruck etwas getrübt wurde.Read more

  • Day128

    Es regnet, regnet und regnet

    September 19, 2017 in Australia

    Da alles was ich machen wollte draussen Sachen sind und hier gibt es nicht viel zu tun im regnen. Sitze ich im Wohnmobil und warte dass es aufhört. Wird aber wohl den ganzen Tag noch regnen.

    Hab den Regen Tag dann mit Wein und ein paar netten Holländern überstanden.

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