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  • Day2


    July 19, 2020 in Austria ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Ich habe geschlafen wie ein Stein und mein Wecker ist heute keine große Hilfe schneller aus dem Bett zu kommen. Das führt dazu, dass ich 10 min vor Serviceschluss in einem Frühstückslokal aufschlage. Der schnuckelige Kellner ist aber total nett und ich bekomme doch noch Rührei und einen Latte Macchiato um mich anschließend gestärkt zur Stadterkundung aufzumachen. Ich drehe natürlich wieder vollkommen durch und am Ende des Tages stehen fast 18 km auf dem Handytracker. 🙈 Dabei war das so gar nicht mein Plan. Der Bergisel mit der Skisprungschanze und das dicht beiliegende Tirolpanorama mit seinem 360 Grad Rundgemälde standen als erstes auf der Agenda. Da nach beiden noch genug Zeit blieb ging es die 4 km zu Fuß weiter zum Schloss Ambras. Wir sind ja schließlich die ganze letzte Woche in den Bergen gewandert. Vom Schloss dann zu Fuß zurück in Richtung Innenstadt. Da mir dann doch irgendwann die Füße brennen beschließe ich die Tram zu nehmen, welche aber just in dem Moment als ich das Ticket kaufen will abfährt. Also doch laufen... Mittlerweile ist es auch schon 16:00 Uhr und mein Magen erklärt mir, dass er gern wieder was zu tun hätte. Also gibts beim Bäcker auf dem Weg für die Füße ein Päuschen und für den Magen einen Apfelstrudel mit Johannisbeerschorle. Fehlt also nur noch die Nordkettenbahn, die ganz nett sein soll und als der höchste Stadtbummel der Alpen bezeichnet wird. Ja, nicht mehr Dolomiten, jetzt Alpen!
    Die Fahrt auf den Hausberg Innsbrucks dem Hafelekar führt durch Fichtenwälder und Felsen hoch zu den Steinböcken. Allerdings ist es nun doch schon 18:00 Uhr und der Preis in Höhe von 43 € nicht sonderlich einladend. Ich beschließe also mir das als Hikingtrip für meinen nächsten Innsbruckbesuch vorzumerken und schaue stattdessen noch einmal im Dom zu St. Jakob vorbei und genieße anschließend in der Studentenbar „Moustarch“ gleich gegenüber einen leckeren Sommersalat mit karamellisiertem Ziegenkäse sowie einen Aperol Sprizz mit Weißwein. Lecker! 😋
    Zurück im Hostel lerne ich später eine nette Holländerin kennen die mit mir das Zimmer teilt. Wir unterhalten uns eine ganze Weile. Sie kam heute aus Richtung Salzburg wohin es mich morgen verschlägt. Wir tauschen ein paar Wandererfahrungen aus und fallen wenig später beide müde in unsere Betten.
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  • Day6

    Getting there is all the fun!

    September 1, 2019 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    We began our day in Melk with a walkabout - taking in views of the Abbey at every turn. Then, on to the train station (Bahnhof) for a 15 minute flip to St. Pölten on a regional train and 3hr and 44min (and not one minute more or less!) to Innsbruck on a RailJet train. As the train sped along, the view gradually changed from flat agricultural land to hills to mountains. Most of the final 30 minutes of the trip was in a tunnel with speeds over 200km/hr. The ride was smooth as silk.

    Our hotel in Innsbruck is a five minute walk from the Bahnhof and right on the edge of the old city of Innsbruck. After dumping our bags, we headed out to explore. Yesterday, our background was the impressive Melk Abbey - today, we have the towering Alps. We finally have hit a change in the weather; rain has begun and is scheduled to continue through tomorrow. Ah well - we’ve had it good so far! We will find rainy-day activities in the Tyrol (eating and drinking come to mind).

    Owen here - my comment to Judith about our peaceful start to the day in Melk “You know, I can see a person coming here for an extended stay in order to write that great novel we all have in us”. The place just calms you down in spite of yourself.
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    Charlyne Murphy

    How fun zooming place to place by Train. Great photos and no, everyone should have crystal encrusted household products in their pantry. The Rum and Pepsi drinker, Alain, would love the Pepsi bottle.

  • Day7

    Rainy-day Rambling

    September 2, 2019 in Austria ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    We woke up to serious rain. Being in the mountains in the rain is an experience; while the clouds enshroud the peaks most of the time, every few minutes a corner lifts to show a rock face or mountain top. Plan A (hiking to an alpine hut) was changed to Plan B - some Innsbruck city sights and a quick train ride (9 minutes) to the medieval town of Hall in Tyrol.

    We began with the Hofkirche, which is more of a shrine to Emperor Maximillian I (1459-1519) than a church. The church was built in 1553 by Emperor Ferdinand I (1503–1564) as a memorial to his grandfather. The main nave of the church is filled with an ornate black marble cenotaph surrounded by 28 larger-than-life bronze statues of Grandpa Max’s family and friends. Very impressive! And a little weird given that old Max is buried somewhere else (except for his heart which was sent to Bruges).

    Our second stop was the Folkmuseum. Now, those of you who know us know that we do NOT spend much time in museums. Two reasons for going to this one: (a) it was included in the ticket for the Hofkirche; and (b) it is attached to the Hofkirche, meaning that we did not have to go out in the pouring rain. As museums go, it was ok - lots of examples of how Tyrolian (don’t call them Austrian) folks lived in the old days.

    After lunch, we headed for the Hauptbahnhof for the short ride to Hall in Tyrol, one of those amazingly cute medieval towns. From the 13th century, the salt mine at Absam in the Hall Valley north of the town formed the main industry of the town and its surroundings and made the town very wealthy. Salt has now been replaced with tourism. The town is still wealthy! The buildings of the old town have been beautifully restored.

    Tomorrow, we head into Switzerland, catching a train, three buses and a train to reach Samedan. The weather is supposed to improve for at least the next two days.
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    Charlyne Murphy

    Grandpa Max certainly went out in style, wonder why he is in one place and his heart in another. What a Laundromat you went to, a necessary stop for sure and interesting I bet. Keep up the good reporting, I look forward to the stories and photographs.

  • Day10

    Innsbruck, Austria

    December 17, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 48 °F

    First Impression made me think if San Francisco and Vail got together and had a kid. Graffiti, which I never saw in Germany, and brightly colored ski clothes on everyone. It is colorful and a little bit grubby at the same time. My hotel is right in the middle of a Christmas market near the Golden Roof. Complete with brass choir.Read more

    Adel Welty


  • Day12


    December 19, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ☁️ 50 °F

    The location of Maximilian the firsts Cenotaph. However, he is not interned here. It is very beautiful. There is so much symbolism and thought that went in to creating it. It wasn’t finished until 40+ years after Maximilian death. Thus not being buried in it.Read more

  • Day15

    Innsbruck, Austria

    June 9, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Christophe guided us to a different route to Innsbruck in the morning. The clear blue sky gave us magnificent views of the alps. We had a picnic lunch near a small waterfall and some adventurous trail ride the led us to a fast decent to the valley of Innsbruck. Our Couchsurfing host Thomas and his daughter Miriam met us at a small cafe to guide us to their flat. Dinner was a delicious salad and spinach dumplings. We shared stories until nearly midnight. Another wonderful day. We are loving the mountain riding!Read more

  • Day16

    Innsbruck, Austra (Rest day #2)

    June 10, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Breakfast of homemade rolls, cheese, jam, honey, and coffee. Lisa and I then rode the last 11 km of the 2018 road cycling world championship course. Which included the infamous Höttinger Höll climb over 20% grade in parts, lucky it’s only 2.9 km. We spent the afternoon with Thomas getting a tour of the center of Innsbruck, relaxing, and sharing stories. The day was completed with dinner at a traditional Tirolean restaurant in the Innsbruck center. No more rest days from here on.Read more

  • Day19

    So long, farewell Austria

    June 22, 2018 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    The overnight SNAV ferry Aurelia from Split to Ancona was clean and comfortable and I was lucky to have a good sized 2 berth cabin all to myself. After dinner on board, I had an early night as the ferry docked in Italy at 06.30. With typical Italian inefficiency we then all stood in a Passport Control line for over an hour - and that was in the speedy European Union line - heaven help us after Brexit! After all the hanging about I was desperate for the bathroom, but I have to say the facilities at Ancona Ferry Terminal would not have won Loo of the Year Award. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that some fellow passengers must have overindulged in curry and lager last night!

    I took the train from Ancona to Bologna and changed for Venice on the impressive new Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) service with leather seats and complimentary coffee. Most of the passengers were smartly dressed business men except for 4 loud Americans sitting opposite with their bare feet up on the seats. The two women were painting each other’s toenails and massaging their partners’ feet while shouting at every stop ‘are we at Venice yet?‘ The conductor tried to clarify ‘are you looking for Venezia Mestre or Venezia Santa Lucia?’ ‘Who cares’ yelled the older woman ‘all I want is a ride on a goddam gondola!’ Such finesse in Business Class.

    We dramatically travelled on the causeway over the lagoon before finally reaching Venice Santa Lucia. A few more metres and the train would have ended up in the Grand Canal. Regrettably I had no time to spend here, but had fond memories of a holiday Campbell and I had enjoyed in Venice some years ago.

    With 2 minutes to spare, I caught the once daily smart Austrian EuroCity train which leaves Venice Santa Lucia every day at 13:50 and arrives at Munich at 20:25.  It uses comfortable Austrian coaches with a proper waiter-service restaurant car, and travels via the beautifully scenic Brenner Pass. What a spectacular journey on a clean and well organised train. The scenery was outstanding. I was travelling in a 4 seat 1st Class compartment. One of my travelling companions was a heavy middle aged woman dressed in Austrian National costume, like a chorus member from St Wolfang Amateur Operatic Society’s production of White Horse Inn. She busied herself with sheafs of paper and an elaborate Kardex system - a sort of Susie B doppelgänger, taking bookings perhaps for the Society’s next production. The other person in the carriage was an IT manager from Padua who was very funny and sociable, telling jokes which were generally lost in translation, and insisting we shared his apple pie and wine. Susie B however was having none of it ‘can ye no see I’m oan a diet, and anyway you’re putting me aff ma tickets’ I think she was saying.

    The sun was splitting the trees as we headed over the spectacular Brenner Pass and through the Tyrol to Innsbruck on our way to Germany. A real highlight of my train trip so far.
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    Ken Christie

    You make me smile. Loving your witty blogs. Nice meal with Campbell on Wednesday . Enjoy rest of the travels x

    Robert Fyfe

    Thanks, Ken - having a ball. Yes, Campbell was telling me you had a nice meal. Must catch up when I get back.

    Pamela Beresford

    Stunning scenery

    Aileen Johnston

    Tee hee

  • Day12


    June 23, 2019 in Austria ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Innsbruck Olympic Ski Jump Arena. The cemetery is what Olympic jumpers saw as they made their jumps. A bit morbid. The statue is of Andreas Hoffer who successfully repelled Napoleon's forces with troops of farmers and peasants - 2-3 times. We didn't get to go into the Wilton Basilica, which is sad, but it's Sunday so we couldn't interrupt church services. The Emperor Maximilian had the Golden Roof built in the square so he'd have a private box to view events and executions. Also, to commemorate his wedding.Read more

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