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  • Day19

    So long, farewell Austria

    June 22 in Austria

    The overnight SNAV ferry Aurelia from Split to Ancona was clean and comfortable and I was lucky to have a good sized 2 berth cabin all to myself. After dinner on board, I had an early night as the ferry docked in Italy at 06.30. With typical Italian inefficiency we then all stood in a Passport Control line for over an hour - and that was in the speedy European Union line - heaven help us after Brexit! After all the hanging about I was desperate for the bathroom, but I have to say the facilities at Ancona Ferry Terminal would not have won Loo of the Year Award. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that some fellow passengers must have overindulged in curry and lager last night!

    I took the train from Ancona to Bologna and changed for Venice on the impressive new Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) service with leather seats and complimentary coffee. Most of the passengers were smartly dressed business men except for 4 loud Americans sitting opposite with their bare feet up on the seats. The two women were painting each other’s toenails and massaging their partners’ feet while shouting at every stop ‘are we at Venice yet?‘ The conductor tried to clarify ‘are you looking for Venezia Mestre or Venezia Santa Lucia?’ ‘Who cares’ yelled the older woman ‘all I want is a ride on a goddam gondola!’ Such finesse in Business Class.

    We dramatically travelled on the causeway over the lagoon before finally reaching Venice Santa Lucia. A few more metres and the train would have ended up in the Grand Canal. Regrettably I had no time to spend here, but had fond memories of a holiday Campbell and I had enjoyed in Venice some years ago.

    With 2 minutes to spare, I caught the once daily smart Austrian EuroCity train which leaves Venice Santa Lucia every day at 13:50 and arrives at Munich at 20:25.  It uses comfortable Austrian coaches with a proper waiter-service restaurant car, and travels via the beautifully scenic Brenner Pass. What a spectacular journey on a clean and well organised train. The scenery was outstanding. I was travelling in a 4 seat 1st Class compartment. One of my travelling companions was a heavy middle aged woman dressed in Austrian National costume, like a chorus member from St Wolfang Amateur Operatic Society’s production of White Horse Inn. She busied herself with sheafs of paper and an elaborate Kardex system - a sort of Susie B doppelgänger, taking bookings perhaps for the Society’s next production. The other person in the carriage was an IT manager from Padua who was very funny and sociable, telling jokes which were generally lost in translation, and insisting we shared his apple pie and wine. Susie B however was having none of it ‘can ye no see I’m oan a diet, and anyway you’re putting me aff ma tickets’ I think she was saying.

    The sun was splitting the trees as we headed over the spectacular Brenner Pass and through the Tyrol to Innsbruck on our way to Germany. A real highlight of my train trip so far.
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  • Day50


    August 6, 2017 in Austria

    Just a couple of extra little glimpses- we visited the Swarovski factory just outside Innsbruck ( of course you can buy jewellery not just impressive statues!). Also broke my watch band but found a Swatch shop in Salzburg so now have a nice new band.

  • Day60


    August 5, 2017 in Austria

    Off to an early start today to beat the rain/thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon. We took the Nordkette Cable Car/gondola from Innsbruck to the Nordkette, the southernmost mountain chain of the Karwendel. It runs in two sections from the Innsbruck quarter of Hungerburg via Seegrube Station (1,905 m) to the top station, Hafelekar (2,269 m above sea level) despite the fact that we couldn't even see the mountain from street level! Ever the optimists we hoped it was a lot clearer up there than it looked 🤔. We got great views of Innsbruck along the way up to the last station but the clouds and mist were quickly rolling in. We walked the track to the top (about 15 minutes) avoiding as best we could the many messages left by the mountain goats/sheep. By then we were completely closed in by mist. It moved away pretty quickly and came back just as quickly so you had to be quick with the photos. There was a rope climb for the very keen and Alan was keen - then we saw it! No thank you! We left it to the experienced. It was a great morning and the sun was shining by the time we left the mountain. The storm did not eventuate until later in the evening. After a failed attempt to go to the Olympic Ski Jump site - Bergiselstadion - (we could see it just couldn't get there), we walked back into Old Town to enjoy our last night in Innsbruck.Read more

  • Day59

    Innsbruck Austria

    August 4, 2017 in Austria

    The amazing landscape continues into Austria and Innsbruck. I am standing in the Old Town beside the river and looking up into the greenest hills and breathtaking mountains and can only wonder at how it must look in Winter covered in snow! Old Town which is over 500 years old has medieval buildings, historic hotels and modern restaurants. The buildings built over the centuries have ben beautifully maintained.The cobbled main street has many side alleys to explore and enjoy. The most photographed building and the centrepiece of the Old Town is the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof), and yes, of course we took a photo! So many other architecturally beautiful buildings too! Sorry, I need to find another adjective other than beautiful but Europe is beautiful! We ate at an authentic Austrian restaurant called Ottoburg. One of the best meals so far. Weather forecast for tomorrow is for thunderstorms in the afternoon!Read more

  • Day115


    October 19, 2016 in Austria

    We made good progress driving east, following the valley floor and criss crossing the river Inn. We stopped along the way at a very familiar looking supermarket (see photo).

    Schwaz stopover was just over the bridge from the town centre. It was a car park in a low rise housing estate with a portion sectioned off for vans. Towering over the rooves were the huge bulks of the mountains, rivulets of autumn colour flowing down gorges and highlighting ridges among the evergreens. When darkness fell on the estate, it was easy to forget its stunning setting, until you realised that the transition from dark to light in the sky wasn't due to cloud, it was the solid black chunk of mountain.

    It was raining on and off and we were woken by noisy Alpine Choughs to see a powdering of snow adding contrast to the mountaintop pines.

    Exploring the town we found many murals that seem to be common in this region of Austria. Its not uncommon to see building walls painted to look like huge stone bricks and pillars with beautiful detail framing each window. A large church with a cloister lined garden stood at one end of town. It too had murals on the building and in the arches and ceiling of the cloisters. Some looked very old (the church being built over 650 years ago) and others were as recent as 2013.

    Unfortunately there were several beggars, mostly middle eastern women, knelt or sat in the cold on the pavements. We'd also seen two black men selling what looked like the equivalent of the Big Issue. We don't know what policies are in place to support those in need in Austria but we had seen prominent presidential election posters pushing the lines 'Control our Borders' and 'Austria needs Security'. Many had graffiti accusing the politician of fascism in no uncertain terms. Amongst the rugged wild beauty and richly adorned buildings we get the sense there is a social battle going. Many are feeling hard done by and this is being exploited, whilst marginalised groups suffer.
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  • Day9

    Vom Kreuzeck zur Reintalangerhütte:

    Irgendwie kam da so eine Idee in meinen Kopf - warum nicht einmal auf die Zugspitze wandern?! Was habe ich mir da bloß wieder dabei gedacht? Im www. finden sich zu den verschiedenen Strecken und der finalen Besteigung selbst unzählige Beschreibungen und so war relativ schnell die Route meiner Wahl gewählt. Da es zur Zeit nicht möglich ist, den landschaftlich besonders schönen Weg durch den Partnachklamm zu wandern ( bedingt durch eine verheerende Hochwasserkatastrophe im Juni bis auf weiteres gesperrt ), fiel die Entscheidung auf eine Alternativroute vom Kreuzeck über die Reintalangerhütte, weiter zur Knorrhütte und dann final bis 2962 Meter zum höchsten Gipfel Deutschlands - für mich eine Dreitagestour! Es ist Abend und das Tagesziel, die Reintalangerhütte, ist nach vierzehn Kilometern erreicht - ich bin platt! Liest man über diese Etappe, werden immer wieder vier Stunden Gehzeit dafür veranschlagt - ja klar, prima! Bei mir sind sieben Stunden daraus geworden - willkommen im wahren Leben! Gut, zieht man die ganzen Pausen ab, fällt eine Stunde weg - das Entscheidende ist aber der Weg selbst!
    Rückblick: Von der Talstation der Kreuzeckbahn, fahren Godeln in wenigen Minuten zum Kreuzeck - bequem, aber mit 17,50 € kein preiswertes Vergnügen! Von dort führt der sehr gut ausgebaute Weg in rund dreißig Minuten zur Hochalm ( 1705 Metern ) - danach wird es ein wenig kompliziert! Die Wegweiser sind nicht eindeutig und gezieltes Nachfragen auf der bewirtschafteten Hochalm brachte nur Verwirrung! Unglaublich aber wahr, niemand von der Belegschaft hatte je im Leben von der Reintalangerhütte gehört - immerhin einer der meist frequentierten Hütten im ganzen Zugspitzgebiet! Tja, so ist das manchmal mit den Eingeborenen - ohne weiteren Kommentar! Natürlich hatte ich mir den heutigen Streckenabschnitt mit seinen Zwischenstationen schon bei Google Maps angeschaut und notiert! Bring trotzdem nichts, wenn Schilder zweideutig sind, bzw. für das nächste Etappenziel ( Bockhütte ) zwei verschiedene Wege angezeigt werden! Um die Dramaturgie der Geschichte am Laufen zu halten....ich habe mich "natürlich" für den deutlich längeren Weg entschieden - egal, alles fürs Figürle! Nach drei "furchtbaren" Stunden, in denen es mit höchster Konzentration auf den Weg ausschließlich bergab ging, ist diese endlich auf 1052 Meter Höhe erreicht - knapp 700 Höhenmeter, ein "Festtag" für die Kniegelenke! Die etwas längere Pause tut gut - ein alkoholfreies Hefeweizen und ein großes Spezi sind in diesem Augenblick die besten Getränke der Welt! Auf mein Nachfragen beim Hüttenwirt, wie lange der sechs Kilometer Marsch zu meinem Tagesziel wohl dauern wird, meint er "zwei Stunden".....also werden es sicher drei Stunden werden! Die Landschaft ist so grandios wie das sonnige Wetter - ein wenig entschädigt das natürlich für den bevorstehenden Weg, der jetzt weitere dreihundert Höhenmeter, stetig bergauf führt! Zuerst einige Zeit parallel am Wildwasserfluß Partnach entlang, dann ein langes Stück durch Wald, bis wieder die Partnach zu sehen ist - diesmal tief unter mir, gespeist von einem gewaltigen Wasserfall, der schon schon vor einigen Minuten zu hören war. Nach fast drei Stunden mühsamen Trekking, steht plötzlich völlig unerwartet "um die Ecke" mein Tagesziel vor mir - direkt an der eiskalten Partnach gelegen, kommt mit diversen Sitzmöglichkeiten am Fluß, fast so etwas wie chilliges "Beach-Feeling" auf. Das "Highlight" der Hütte ist sicherlich der persönliche Platz in den Matratzenlagern der Schlafsäle - kein Witz, maximal sechzig Zentimeter breit! Da ist heute Nacht wohl "kuscheln" angesagt!
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  • Day2

    Silvretta Pass 2032m

    July 8 in Austria

    Gleich am ersten Tag ein schönen Pass gefahren. Unsere Servicemobil mit Paul musste leider aussen rum fahren. Alle Mopeds sind am Ziel angekommen. Natürlich geht immer dann was kaputt wenn man am weitesten vom Servicemobil weg ist. Bei Sören ist oben auf dem Pass der Kupplungszug gerissen (hindert aber zum Glück nicht am weiter fahren).
    Jetzt wird erstmal gekocht, Spagetti Bolognese.
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