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  • Day25

    Hallstatt, Austria

    September 27, 2016 in Austria

    It took us 3 hours on the public bus to get to Hallstatt but it was totally worth it! The trip went by quickly even though we had to change buses 3 times since most of it was spent admiring the scenic drive through the mountains and small villages of the Austrian Alps. We also got to watch all the local kids get on and off the bus since we quickly realized they don't have traditional school buses.

    Once we made it to Hallstatt we came upon such a tranquil and pristine view of the lake that surrounds the tiny town in the heart of the Alps. We rented a little cottage apartment right by the park where we got to sit out and enjoy the swans in the lake. The following day we had a little adventure where we went to the ice caves formed over 10 million years ago and hiked the Alps to get some amazing views and fresh air! We also discovered a new hobby we hope to take up one day.... paragliding! How cool would it be to soar about the mountains and experience things from another perspective!?
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  • Day63

    Mondsee - Austria

    August 8, 2017 in Austria

    Drove to Český Krumlov via Mondsee. Mondsee is a beautiful lake-side town which, apart from being a very charming town and great Summer holiday spot, is where the church, St. Michael's, is situated. This is the church used for the wedding scene in the Sound of Music film. The town was vibrant and busy with markets leading to the church, while those not shopping atvthe markets were heading to the lake for a swim or sail. On to Český Krumlov...Read more

  • Day52


    August 8, 2017 in Austria

    'Sound of Music' wedding church. You'll all be pleased to know that this is the last Sound of Music 🎶 post- however can there ever be too much of it??

  • Day170


    December 13, 2016 in Austria

    Gallneukirchen was a free stopover on the car park of the town sports ground. It was just over a kilometre out of the centre and so nice and quiet. It rained on and off for the two days we stayed and we spent much of the time in the van with Vicky knitting and Will playing Christmas tunes on his flute. We did see a game that looked a bit like curling being played in the sports ground, although there wasn't any ice.

    At night we turned on our battery operated Christmas lights and a large house beside us would turn on the lights that adorned their 30 foot conifer. Unlike many other towns, Gallneukirchen hadn't gone in for Christmas in a big way, it seemed quite a practical town and we managed to find a few bits and bobs for the van that we'd been looking for for a while.
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  • Day4

    Ein wunderschöner Campingplatz kann ich da nur sagen. Wir wurden sehr herzlich empfangen und konnten uns einen Stellplatz unserer Wahl aussuchen. Der Blick auf die Donau zu jeder Zeit hat was Magisches 😊! Die Bilder zeigen es. Da möchte ich wieder hin!🤣

  • Day5

    Camping Au an der Donau

    May 7 in Austria

    Nach ca. 100km immer an der Donau entlang, sind wir dann in Au angekommen. Wieder ein sehr schöner Platz, wieder genau am Donauradweg, wieder ganz nette Inhaber und dazu einen richtig großen Stellplatz, vollkommene Ruhe 😃. Deshalb entschieden wir uns auch, einen Tag länger zu bleiben 😊.

  • Day6

    Noch ein Tag in Au

    May 8 in Austria

    Den zweiten Tag begannen wir dann mit einem ausgiebigen Frühstück und anschließend ging es ans Fahrradfahren 🚲. Es war ein wunderschöner Tag, die Gegend ist einfach nur genial und sie auf dem Fahrrad zu genießen, noch besser 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️. Gini hat auch toll mitgemacht, mal im Anhänger und mal am Rad 🐕.

  • Day165

    Schlosser Advent at Gmunden

    December 8, 2016 in Austria

    Having reached the north western Austrian border, we set off eastwards, through the Austrian lake district and towards Vienna, where we plan to spend Christmas. The going was flat on the motorway and as we moved in and out of valleys and you could tell which ones had industrial chimneys even before you saw them, due to the light smog hanging in the air. As well as this artificially produced haze, there were valleys filled with morning mist and at one point it hid a lake (Mondsee) which appeared only when we were nearly at its shore. It was a serene sight, with features fading the further they were from us.

    Arriving at the large Gmunden car park we couldn't see any designated van parking but there was a fluorescent clad official who told us to park up. We were very lucky to have arrived when we did because in another 15 minutes the car park was full. There dozens of people heading to and from the far end and so intrigued, we followed them, to find a hut selling entry tickets. We didn't know what we were buying entry to but we thought we'd go for it based on the number of people who'd travelled to be there.

    The big attraction turned out to be a Christmas craft market called Schlosser Advent due to the fact it was held inside two lakeside castles and their grounds. The first castle was called Landschloss. We entered its central square through an archway to find huts arranged around an old central tree under which was a quartet of traditionally dressed men playing seasonal tunes brass instruments. The second castle (Seeschloss) was reached by a wooden bridge over the lake Traunsee. There were floating palates supporting lit Christmas trees, a nativity scene and angel to name but a few things. The Landsee market was inside the castles first floor rooms which were impressive in themselves.

    We enjoyed looking at the stalls here more than in Salzburg because there was a far greater range of original handmade products, often with the craftspeople behind the stall creating new items for us to see how they did it. There were some fascinating processes, such as the hand weaving of angels using threads on wooden spools that were plaited around an array of individually placed pins. A chainsaw and angle grinder was used to carve faces in a tree trunk, candles were dipped and wire twisted into jewellery... we could go on but it would take a lot of time to list all the different crafts on exhibit!

    It was exceptionally busy for a Thursday so we searched the date on the internet and found out it was a public holiday to celebrate the immaculate conception!
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  • Day170

    Ardagger Markt (aka Mistletoe Town!)

    December 13, 2016 in Austria

    Carrying on in our journey towards Vienna, we encountered the River Danube once again (we'd stayed near it at a stopover in Germany where we were lucky enough to see an otter!)

    Ardagger Markt wasn't a big village but the 5-space stopover was next to a skate / bike park; part of a larger area that provided great outdoor leisure facilities such as an all weather pitch and adventure playground. Before long, a local family arrived with a little bike, trike and sit on car and the children (aged about 5, 4 and 3), began racing up and down the ramps. We were saying how great this was and musing that both Germany and Austria seem a lot better provisioned than the UK in terms of open access leisure facilities, when Will received a text to say Dudley Council are going to close the Leisure Centre. Point made!

    On the approach to Ardagger we'd seen hundreds of clusters of mistletoe growing high up in bare branched tree canopies. Although it had been on sale at markets and flower shops we'd not yet got any, so set out to try and find some. We found a large field with lots of smaller trees, most of them supporting balls of healthy looking mistletoe that was just out of reach. As is so often the case, persistence is the name of the game and before long we came across a recently pruned tree, whose branches were still on the grass... along with plenty of mistletoe! There was too much for a space as small as the van, so we left most of it, but Will couldn't resist a kiss under a huge clump. Unfortunately for Will, Vicky wasn't keen on how long he'd let his beard grow!

    Back at the van, we were settling in for the evening when a car pulled up and the driver knocked on our door. It was a local who was involved in setting up the stopover, he was very friendly and said that although the water tap was turned off, we could use the drinking water fountain just a few hundred meters away to fill up!

    The overcast, foggy and sometimes rainy weather wasn't very inviting the following day but we wanted to make use of what daylight there was, so took a stroll along the riverside. The Danube was a lot wider here than in Germany, but the flow wasn't too fast and we were considering a canoe trip. We found a few possible launch sites and although the fog gave the scenery a lovely autumnal feel, the cold and rain decided us against a paddle and we returned to the nice warm van for scrambled eggs, a hot cuppa and stollen.

    Later on Will set himself the task of baking traditional Austrian Christmas cookies; a task Vicky was very happy to have him occupied with for more than one reason!
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  • Day166


    December 9, 2016 in Austria

    It was a short 20km hop to our next stop at Scharnstein. The Bord Atlas book we are using to find these stopovers stated the cost as €10 with extra people being charged €3. The check in process at the cafe wasn't the most efficient; we were told to find a pitch and come back and after we'd done this and filled in the form, we were told we needed our passport numbers, so made yet another trip back to the van. After all this, we were told the cost would be €20.90! Our German wasn't good enough to argue so we just paid up. This would definitely be a one night only stop!

    The site itself was in a good setting, nestled amongst the mountains with grass dividing the gravel pitches. Apart from regular trains sounding their horns as they passed, it was a peaceful place with a good electricity supply included in the price. Upon exploring the facilities Will found an iron and board which came in handy for a project Vicky was working on. There was also one of the best showers we've had!

    In terms of facilities, upkeep and position the site was great, but the attitude of a site manager brings so much to bear on your experience at a place and we were keen to get going in the morning.
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