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  • Day3

    Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro, Brésil

    March 28, 2017 in Brazil

    Hier nous sommes allés voir le " Christ Rédempteur", (la grande statue au dessus de Rio). Au début il y avait du brouillard : on ne voyait que les pieds et on distinguait à peine la silhouette de la statue. Tout à coup le brouillard est parti et tout le monde a canardé la statue de photos. Et le brouillard est revenu puis il est reparti puis il est revenu etc etc... À un moment nous nous sommes lassés de regarder la statue. Alors on a regardé la vue mais on ne voyait pas beaucoup donc nous sommes redescendus.


    Au 17 ème siècle le Brésil a commencé à se lancer dans le marché de l'esclavage. Il y a eu plusieurs millions d'hommes, de femmes et d'enfants venant d'Afrique qui sont venus travailler dans les plantations de cannes à sucre ou dans les mines. C'est le dernier pays qui a aboli l'esclavage​ en 1888. 


    NB: Rio est une ville très métissée (Afrique, Europe. Natifs d'Amérique).
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  • Day3

    Day 2 Rio - Christ the Redeemer

    April 5, 2017 in Brazil

    Today we went to see the big man himself Christ the Redeemer. It was a perfect sunny day with not a cloud in the sky so the views over Rio were incredible. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties and a slight school boy error we have very few photos although we did manage to get a couple before it died.

    We finished the afternoon off with a trip to Ipanema beach, which is just next to Copacabana, to make a start on the tan (we were definitely the palest gringos on the entire beach!)Read more

  • Day126

    Day 126: Mais que nada

    November 23, 2016 in Brazil

    More than anything or more than nothing, in both ways it feels like the world trip is at an end. Only there is more than nothing left, I am just going in the direction of home 😉. I have done so much in the last months and in Rio I did so many things yesterday that today was going to be more relaxed. I planned the busy day because I knew the weather was going to change and it had. Clouds everywhere and they covered all the nice peaks and views. There were some drops but not to stay inside for. So after breakfast and some exploration from the rooftop to see if there was some clear sky (not really) I went to the beachfront and walked to the Military fort to see what history they had to show. The view was good on Copacobana also so worth the walk. When I was back near my hotel I did some more workouts on the beach and on a home trainer. After the neccesary shower it was time to try and find some food and a place where they dance samba. The food was easy, the burgers at the yellow M are easy to find, buy and digest 😉. The Samba was harder, I went to Bip Bip for some local live music but I was to early. Mas que nada came on my path and was starting up and this was really nice because more people came in but all seem to now each other and played allong is this group that produced brazilian samba sounds. Very nice, though even in this place were the music was right for it nobody danced the Samba 😯. I left after a while and passed allong Bip Bip again and that looked like an older people gathering sitting outside with no movement at all except the musicians inside 😉. This meant bed time for me ;-).Read more

  • Day108

    Rio de Janeiro - Cristo Redentor

    December 12, 2016 in Brazil

    The Christ the Redeemer statue is 30m tall, not including its 8m pedestal, and its arms stretch 28 metres wide. It is the second largest statue of Christ in the world and was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Standing on a peak over 710m above sea level, Christ the Redeemer is famous for its amazing view over the city of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Day8

    Day 8

    June 1 in Brazil

    Although it got late again the night before I got up relatively early because I wanted to go up to Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado mountain in the morning. Instead of taking the tram it was more convenient for me to use a bus service. They have a new visitors center to which you get first. From there it is close to the top. It was the PERFECT day to visit the Christ: The weather was awesome, the sun was shining and the sky was clear, almost no clouds. The view was breathtaking and every picture could get a motive for a postcard. Of course it was also very crowded, but the atmosphere up there is still magical. Later I took the metro to the famous Selaron steps. This is also a must see in Rio which I didn't see yet. After this I went to the beach in Copacabana. The sunset happened and I went back to the hostel. In the evening Maira and I cooked Maultaschen which I have imported and of course it was delicious :-)Read more

  • Day18

    With the clouds looking like they were clearing a little we headed up to see Christ the Redeemer. It was much smaller than I had anticipated but still very cool to see it. Unfortunately the photos of this incredible view aren't very clear but it is a long way down!

  • Day60


    January 28, 2016 in Brazil

    We hiked up to Christ the Redeemer, but there were too many clouds for us to be able to see it! We're thoroughly enjoying Brazil so far (Nick particularly loves bodysurfing in the waves off the Copacabana, despite the sunburn), but the heat in Rio de Janeiro is really getting to us both. We are looking forward to the sea breeze and higher latitude (and thus lower temperatures) of Valparaiso, Chile next week!

    Edited later to add: whew! The downhill was rough! It was raining pretty steadily and instead of mud on the descent (which we probably could've handled better), it was basically hard clay and rock face. Anyway, we made it, and it was fun! On the way down we also got to see some decent views of the city. During the hike we saw monkeys, a beautiful blue butterfly, an awesomely hairy caterpillar, little copper frogs, birds, and lots of ants of course.
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  • Day16

    Rio de Janeiro

    December 12, 2016 in Brazil

    08:30h: Von Bord!
    Habe Zeit bis max. 18:30h

    Öffentlicher Bus bis Talstation Corcovara für 1 EURO. Organisiert haben das Sarah und David; ein nettes Pärchen aus England, zu denen ich einen guten Kontakt habe. Minivan für 10 EURO. Das ist deshalb eine gute Option, weil der Minibus an einem interessanten Zwischenstopp halt macht. Dort kann man dann tolle Fotos machen. Bisher bin ich ohne Schlange zu stehen, fast oben angekommen. Ich habe auf dem Weg nach oben jedoch dreimal den Minibus wechseln müssen. Die Alternative ist, mit der Eisenbahn zu fahren. Dafür musst Du aber extrem früh da sein, oder eine Voranmeldung haben. Das habe ich bei meinem letzten Besuch vor einigen Jahren gemacht. Schlange stehen für Minibus Nr. 3

    Das war wieder eine tolle Sache. Es ist leider nicht einfach da oben, sich selbst mit der Statue zu fotografieren – und das gegen die Sonne. Ich hoffe, dass einige meiner vielen Fotos brauchbar sind. Mein nächstes Ziel ist Copa Cabana. Ich bin total durchgeschwitzt, deshalb gönne ich mir dort ein Bier oder auch drei...

    Bus 584 kostet ca. 1 EURO. Es macht Spaß mit den öffentlichen Bussen zu fahren. Das ist Rio live.
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