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  • Day7

    Itacaré - Bens Place

    January 7, 2017 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Nach 14 Stunden Busfahrt (dies sind auf der Weltkarte in Brasilien vielleicht 2 mm, das Land ist einfach tierisch groß!) sind wir nun endlich in Itacaré angekommen. Im gebuchten Hostel Arara wurden wir sehr freundlich mit einem Reisgericht empfangen, genau das Richtige nach der langen Reise. Zimmer war leider - sagen wir mal sehr bescheiden. Haben uns dann ein neues Hostel gesucht, namens Bens Place. Super Zimmer, schöne Anlage und mega freundlicher Besitzer mit süßem Hund namens Lucy (findet sogar David).

    Heute ging es vorm Frühstück zum Sonntagsmarkt um geiles Obst und Gemüse zu kaufen. Lecker!
    Tagsüber chillimilli und abends BBQ mit der ganzen Truppe.

    Heute geht es nach Rührei und Ananas zum Surfen. Fahren mit Boot und Brett zum Pontal Beach.
    Fazit: waren mit nur 7 anderen Personen an einem kilometerlangem Strand. Kein Wunder, Wellen waren nämlich überhaupt nicht gut zum Surfen und zum Baden wars da auch nicht so ganz optimal. Aber Natur war schön.

    Heute haben wir erstmal gechillt, dann waren wir Obst kaufen und haben ein paar Strände abgecheckt für morgiges Surfen. Auf dem Weg dorthin wurden wir jedoch von den unschlagbar günstigen und leckeren Angeboten des Zig Zag Restaurants angelockt und haben jeder ein Foodbaby mitgenommen. War der Hammer!

    Surf-Day am Prahinha Beach inklusive 1,5 Stunden "irren" im Dschungel, da wir ein paar mal falsch abgebogen sind. Hier ist ja auch einfach nichts ausgeschildert... Nicht nur schwierig für uns Deutsche. Mit den Surfbrettern unterm Arm und Brasiliens erbarmungsloser Sonne war der Ausflug echt hart. Aber schön wars, als wir dann da waren. Wenige Leute am Strand (haben sich sicher alle verlaufen) und guter Platz zum Surfen. Unsere Hostelnachbarn Caro und Maxi waren mit von der Partie. Abends um 10 Uhr eingepennt.

    Heute gabs noch einen Surf-Day am Tiririca Beach und danach Planung für den weiteren Reiseverlauf. Argentinien rückt näher! Geil! Und heute Abend ist Pizza Nacht! Der Hostelbesitzer "Chefee" hat auf der Dachterrasse einen Pizzaofen. Der braucht einige Stunden zum Aufheizen. Der Chef macht Pizzateig und wir hauen drauf was wir rauf haben wollen. Haben dafür sogar ein Stück Gorgonzola gekauft - voll der Luxus! Guten Hunger und gute Nacht!
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  • Day207

    Feira De Santana

    June 22, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

    We arrive at 430 am and i wake as we pull into the rodovieria and i ask the driver where i can buy the ticket to Itacare he explains i need to leave the station go up to the ticket office and come back down for departure and that it leaves a 530. This is perfect as i have time to get some money and a coffee. A guy asks if he can join me as he has to get to Itacare too. We leave the rodoviaro to go upstairs and buy our tickets and there are 3 cash machines all with people at them but they all say they are not working but Kuen has said hell give me the cash for his bus ticket. I grab a coffee and 3 buses pull in so once i work out which one is ours the guys put the baggage on the bus and we board. I sleep for the first couple of hours of the journey but im rudely awakened by the guy behind me who starts singing at the Top of his voice totally out of tune to which the girl beside him puts her music on loud speaker and i can honestly say i prefer hers to the singing. This kicks of the guy next to her who tells her to put her headphones on. She does this but then starts howling too. Oh i wish id brought ear defenders. We are half way through what should have been a 4 hour journey but were on five hours here. Eta has changed from 930 to 3 in the afternoon. We arrive in town just after 3 and take a taxi to the hostel where Kuen has reserved, first stopping at the bank. At last we have money😘 Feeling like i can now pay we book into the hostel for 3 nights. The place is perfect, with the best view ive had from room. We drop our bags and make straight for the water to be told we cant go in because they are using the beach to film a disney surfing film. We sit on the beach enjoying watching all the action with surfong dudes running up the beach being filmed with camera drones. It really is parAdise here. In the evening we go out and have a small snack in the bar before heading back to the hostel . As we sit out back the moon bounces of the sea bright orange its like seeing half sun half moon. I retire to bed feeling tired but happy.Read more

  • Day208


    June 23, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    We plan on catching a local bus to a beach not far from here but to be honest im pretty happy just having a walk into town, booking my board for the next few days and grabbing a bite to eat. We stop at the first beach on route and sit down taking it all in the sheer beauty while also being able to take the time to read and enjoy a coco water. There is a guy on the beach doing full on yoga and although very tempted to join him i save myself the embarrasment. A little later we walk to centro and buy a few essentials grab a bite to eat and make our way to Praca beach. When we arrive there, there are lots of umbrellas and people and we decide the beach we were on this morning was nicer, and i suggest it might be a good idea to walk along the shoreline. We climb rocks and make our way down the jungly path to rhe seas edge . We walk along the rock trying to make our decent down, but when we get down the tide is coming in fast and we have to walk all the way back. I follow the road and a sign posts to another track, but half way along the track disappears and we are left im grass to our thighs and in the middle of plots obviously earmarked for further builing. Mountains of trees chopped down to clear the way for the future clientel this beauty spot will attract. Mark is so not happy with me , we are both being bitten and scratched to bits but with a little more peservation (well over an hour actually) we eventually find our way back to the main road. Mark is going on like Victor Meldrew and im glad when he leaves me on the beach to go and drop the bag off. I spend an hour or so here just relaxing before Mark joins me and we head to the hostel. We take a shower and were then informed that the start of the featival begins tonight so i make us some salad and we shower before getting ready for tonights fiesta. The street party is right the other end of town, and were quite close when we find the zig zaggy street. A short while later we hear the music and follow our ears and noses to the smell of the bonfire. The stage is set and flags adorn the rest of the road with music pumping from huge speakers. I get asked by one of the locals to dance. The dance here is called the f....and is very provacative where you grind your bodies against each other this was all a little bit close for my liking. I thank him for the dance and sit on the steps with people grinding there hips from the age of 2 to 82 its a great sight to behold. We make the long walk back and as we walk along the road we once again see the planktum lighting up the sea. A perfect end to a perfect day (. Apart from i look like ive been dragged through a bush backwards)Read more

  • Day209


    June 24, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 52 °F

    This morning we will go to a place called Engenocah, its a place thats been recommended to us by people in the hostel. We start the day by collecting my board and walking up to the rodoviaria. We are supposed to meet Kuen and Rene at the bus station but the bus left 5 mins ago and i gather they have got on that one when our bus departs at midday. The bus drops us off at the side of the road and luckily i asked the drive as you have to walk a couple of hundred yards up the road before you come to the trail down to the beach .The forest is literally alive with the chorus of wildlife singing. We double check with a couple who are leaving that we are on the right path and they confirm. As we get nearer to the beach we reach the complex that has been half built but 5 years ago the local community halted work and the shell is now overrun with green vines and trees shadowing the very thing that would change this place forever. Im just glad the local people still have a voice that can be heard over the influential back pocket of a government official. The walk takes 20 minutes and we reach the most beautiful beach. We pick a spot in the shade and Mark goes in the water while i read my book. He comes back all exciteable at how good the waved are so i take to the water . It really is good but the under current is so strong that one minute its at your ankles the next its at your neck. I get in and hit the first wave i take which flys me right to the shore. This really is good. I spend nearly an hour in before i walk back and we head to join Rene and Keun. We spend a small amount of time here before hiking back through the forest to catch the bus . There is no obvious bus stop so we ask someone and they tell us we need to go to the top of the hill and when we arrive there are a couple of people here. One of the gentleman is someone who served in the navy for over 20 years. Total respect. We arrive back at the bus station and buy some extras for tea and then i suggest we catch a cab back.Read more

  • Day210

    Local day

    June 25, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    I wake at 4 am today to try and catch a sunrise and as i sit on the porch at 430 i see a headtorch standing right by our gate. Its pitch black and i have a horrible feeling sombodies watching me . Mark is only a few feet away so i dont panic but within minutes it becomes obvious its the crew setting up for filming. I position myself where im not blinded by the lights of stardom and set up the camera on time lapse. Im amazed by how much i like this new gadget on my ipod. At 530 the sky starts to change from black to orange but i cant see any full sunrise so i take myself back to bed at 545. I get up for breakfast and im telling them about the film crew when one of the girls Luana tells me sunrise is at 6, absolutely gutted but theres always tommorow. We have extended our stay and our plans have also changed after speaking with them as Morro De Sau Paulo is going to be pakcked with it being festival. Mark attempts again to do some laundry but the woman is still not there so i do it all by hand while Mark erects a washing line. The weather has changed quite dramatically and the film crew on the beach are packing up. I ask if they would be finished for the day and the giy says give it an hour. Half an hour later im in the water and its great. The cloidy skies are starting to clear and the sun is trying its best. Mark and i head down the beach and just enjoying the fact of being so close to the sea. There is definitely a storm brewing and you can feel the wind of change so we grab a quick shower and wait for it to begin . Ive had a nightmare all the blogs ive written for the past few days have gone. I saved them on my ipod and the app crashed so all my drafts were wiped. So much for technology. At least writing in a book i dont have predictive text and a missing p on my keyboard. I have finally caught up by getting up at sunset and re writing. At 7pm the electricity starts to fail and by 730 we are using candlelight we sit in the darkness and Mark has the idea of swinging me in the hammock, the next thing im on the floor with my whole body bouncing of the concrete. We carry on watching the storm wondering wether to venture out for something to eat. We sit and sit and then decide to go. Armed with our head torches we make the 20 minute walk to town and with the street(i use that term loosely) lights out we see the fireflys. I first saw these in Petropolis and it makes me realise how short time is as that waa mearly 6 months ago. A lot has happened in 6 months but im really excited for the next 6. We eat delicioid pasta filled with sundried beef and pumpkin before returning to the hostel to baton down the hatches xxRead more

  • Day211

    Lazy Day

    June 26, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    We will have a lazy day today because sometimes you just have to appreciate whats on your doorstep. Mark has already hit the surf and i just lie back in the hammock and take it all in. The sound of the waves literally crashing on the beach casting my eyes out to check Mark hasnt been washed up on the rocks either side of the beach🏄 I spend some time writing my blog and make a few phone calls home.
    The sea is really choppy but when Mark gets out i head right in. Its amazing and each wave brings me right to the beach and with the undercurrent being so strong I keep ending up on the beach like a drowwned whale. About midday we both take a shower and Mark takes the board back. Weve opted on not going far today so we take lunch at the bar next door. The problem here is the insects, no sooner have you poured a drink they are doing a backstroke in it so ive come to the conclusion that the dont poo when they land and therefore its ok to just scoop them out with your finger. We spend an hour in the afternoon just packing the majority of stuff as we are out of here in the morning and on our last part of the first part of our journey. The lady who runs the hostel has got a 15 day old baby and it takes me back 20 years i can remember it like yesterday. I sit with her and her mum chatting about how this would be my dream and they explain that initially there are lots of hurdles to get over before you start but it is definitely worth it , although she looks tired im sure this is more to do with the baby. We spend the rest of the day lounging around and at teatime Mark heads to the shop to buy a few bits. The evening is spent in pretty much the same way, and i get into bed tired from doing nothing
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  • Day212

    Back on The Bus

    June 27, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    I wake again at just after 530 as i am desperate to watch a sunrise, but yet again the rain is in and the only thing i can see is grey clouds, however i could easily get used to waking up to this view every morning. We grab a quick breakfast as the taxi will be here in a few minutes. We arrive at the bus station and board the bus for the short journey to Camamu. As soon as we step of the bus there are lots of people trying to sell us the boat crossing and as im saying no Mark has agreed with a guy who now has hold of our rucksacks marching us across the road and then wants paying for carrying our bags 50 ft . When i ask Mark what hes said he has no idea and the woman has to go through it all again with me. The boat leaves in 40 minutes so we have a quick ciggie and wait to board the bus. The town here looks really pretty but once again is going through a lot of building work ready fot the many tourists that will flow through here in the next few years. We board the boat and its like a speed boat we are flying but the rain is pouring in and as everyone is closing there windows we come to an abrupt stop. The captain ( the best looking captain ive ever seen and youngest) climbs on the roof gives something a bang and climbs back in the boat and were off again. We arrive on Barra Grande 40 minutes later but its still pouring. We sit in the little shelter waiting for the rain to break a little before we set off to find the hostel. We have to stop half way there to take shelter but the rain doesnt last long and as we round the corner our hostel is right in front of us, we stay here for a little while until the rain passes and then head out for a little while, Mark is a little wound up over the football but i decide to take some time out before he comes to find me as noone here speaks English so im the only one who can find us a bar to watch the game. I ask a guy at a restaurant in centro and he walks us round to the bar. The owners name is Bahia and he supports Bahia football team, serving us with a shot of his home made cachasa. Its literally a little shack on the street. We watch the game here on a telly i used to have 20 odd years ago. The locals become a little disturbed when Mark starts shouting obsceneties at the telly they ask him questions in Portuguese and he keeps nodding and saying Si hes probably right as the only thing they can be saying is how badly were playing. We finish watching the game and head back to the room with every intention of going out for something to eat, but i lye on the bed and wake up at 5 this morning.Read more

  • Day75

    Bahia sights

    November 17, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    In the relaxing town of Itacaré we spent a couple of days with good food, nice beaches and even a small reggae concert. A day trip by boat to the islands of Camamu with only brazilian tourists was accompanied with good music and the tiny islands made us feel like in paradise!
    Afterwards, we stayed for some days on the island Itaparica. We went kayaking and explored the green island by car together with a french stage director. The soccer field we discovered there was a bit wet but quite impressive :)
    Now we are up in the air again - heading north this time.
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  • Day223

    Begegnungen in Itacaré

    August 1, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    In der unserer ersten Unterkunft treffen wir Lide, eine super sympathische Spanierin, die mir eine der besten Thai Massagen verpasst, die ich je hatte...
    Die Begegnung mit den Hunderten Ameisen auf meinem Bett (ich habe leichtgläubig etwas Essbares liegengelassen) ist einer der Gründe, warum wir von dem eigentlich ganz hübschen Hostel Mais que Nada in die sehr hübsche Pousada Nainas wechseln, wo wir wie drei Prinzessinnen residieren ;-)Read more

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