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  • Day58

    Immer noch Kampot

    December 7, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ 🌧 31 °C

    👣 zu Fuß den Fluss entlang, über die Brücke und nach 15 Minuten ist man auch schon "in der City", in den Straßen finden sich noch Häuser aus der französischen Kolonialzeit... vielleicht fühlen sich die vielen Franzosen deshalb hier so wohl... 🤔🤓
    Am Flussufer sind viele Restaurants und Bars in denen man auch eine Happy Special Pizza kaufen kann um einen ganz besonderen Eindruck von seiner Umgebung zu bekommen ;) ich aber bleibe lieber bei frisch gepressten Smoothies und Fried Rice - wenn man sich etwas abseits vom Flussufer bewegt, findet man auch günstigere Alternativen ;)
    Die Flusspromenade entlang bin ich zu einer gemütlichen Bar, als ich wieder im Begriff war zu gehen, zogen große schwarze Wolken auf. Keine zwei Meter später platschte es nur so runter. Ich konnte mich unter ein Zelt von einem Essensstand retten. 20 Minuten später, schien das gröbste vorbei zu sein, ich lief weiter, dann fing es aber wieder an. Nirgends konnte man sich unter stellen, ein paar Meter weiter, fand ich dann aber Zuflucht in einem Restaurant, patschnass und hungrig 😶🍲😍
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  • Day9


    March 14, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅

    Salt and pepper being what Kampot is known for (especially pepper) we headed straight to the salt farm as our first stop of the day. It was strange to see where the salt came from but also the vast quantity they had. I've never seen so much salt in one place. The dry season, which is now (March to May), is the prime time for the salt farming therefore it is very hard work for these select few months.

    Next we went up to a cave in the hills, an area which Pol Pot fled to after the genocide to hide.The cave was impressive, with a little brick structure still remaining inside from the 7th century, all in tact. The views from the top of the cave were vast, allowing you to see for miles.

    Following on from the caves was the pepper plantation, in which I learnt that not only is there black pepper but also green, red and white pepper. All these have a different use and taste, completing foods in different ways. It was fascinating learning where the pepper comes from but also that it's quite a lengthy process between the growth on the plant to the finished peppercorn.

    After a busy morning food was welcomed with open arms, our lunch spot being located at this authentic beach hut on the water. Before heading back to the hotel, a stroll along the beach was mandatory. The next activity carried on this relaxed vibe; a sunset cruise. This lasted an hour and a half and was beautiful. Kampot being one of the only hilly areas in Cambodia provided the perfect back drop for an unforgettable sunset. The boat dropped us off outside our restaurant and being happy hour it was destined to bare great things.

    With full bellies and happy company, we left and headed towards the night market for a 'quick' snoop around. I ended the evening back at the hotel $20 poorer but having gained a new piece of clothing and as well as a few pounds.
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  • Day8

    En Route Kampot

    March 13, 2017 in Cambodia ⋅

    To finish off the homestay it was an early rise with a tour around the village to gain a better insight of how the locals led their lives and what went on day to day. At one of the homes there were the cutest puppies which were the centre of attention for a good 5 minutes.

    We didn't hang around however, as there was a lot of distance to be covered in order to get to our next stop, Kampot, home of the best pepper in the world. On the way we stopped at a market where they sold the usual fruits and then insects. Pushing myself out my comfort zone I tried a tarantula. Not being a spider lover I was surprised when it didn't taste half as bad as I thought it would but I can't hide the fact I couldn't bare to look at it when I ate it.

    Stopping half way for lunch at Phnom Penh, we finally arrived at our hotel in Kampot at 5.30pm, just in time for the sunset. The hotel is in a beautiful location along the river and provided the perfect spot to watch the sun go down with a cocktail.

    The day was finished with a well deserved dinner on the river at the hotel coupled with a long shower after being deprived of one at our homestay.
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  • Day70


    January 28, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅

    Een gezellig stadje in Frans koloniale stijl met groene rijstvelden en gebergtes die uitsteken boven de kolossale rivier waarrond het leven in Kampot is opgebouwd. Kampot is oneindig mooi en voor het eerst op deze reis heb ik het gevoel dat ik hier wel een tijdje zou kunnen wonen. De stad heeft zoveel te bieden en is toch klein en bescheiden. Kampot heeft iets Europees, met zijn brede boulevard en restaurantjes en bars langs de rivier. Misschien is het ook net daarom dat ik me hier zo goed thuis voel...
    Op dag 1 verkennen we de stad met de fiets. Ons hostel ligt net buiten de stad op 15 minuten fietsen van het centrum. We rijden over de oude brug die nu uitsluitend gebruikt wordt door fietsers en brommertjes. Het voelt heerlijk aan om nog eens te fietsen. Op de terugweg kiezen we een weg door de velden, het tafereel dat zich daar af speelt is dat van het dagelijkse leven op het platteland in Cambodja. De mensen hier leven van de zon, daarbuiten moeten ze het met weinig middelen stellen.
    De tweede dag bezoeken we een peperplantage, één van de bekendste in Kampot. Peper is een belangrijk exportproduct voor Cambodja en behoort tot de beste peper in de wereld. De eigenaars zijn een Frans-Belgisch koppel die veel belang hechten aan de kwaliteit van het product en deze peper de nummer één willen maken in de wereld. Een groot deel van de winst gaat naar opleidingen en andere goede doelen. Hun vooruitstrevende visie blijkt uit de goede uitwerking van dit project. We betalen geen inkom en krijgen toch een zeer duidelijke, met afbeeldingen ondersteunde uitleg over de plantage in vlot Engels van een Cambodjaanse medewerker. De plantage is zo goed onderhouden, dat het een echt plezier is om hier rond te lopen.
    Dag 3. Yes, nog een volledige dag in Kampot. We huren scooters en rijden het nationale park in, 40 km naar boven op berg Bokor. De uitzichten zijn fenomenaal, zelfs al hangt er een pak mist in de lucht op sommige plaatsen. De wegen zijn zeer goed aangelegd en het is hier perfect rijden uit de drukte van de stad. Wat een ervaring! Een gevoel van volledige vrijheid en ultiem geluk overvalt mij. Ik kan het niet laten om “Born to be wild” van Steppenwolf te zingen terwijl ik door de bergen vlieg op mijn scooter. Ja ja, ik ga niet uit de weg voor een goed cliché zo nu en dan. 🤟
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  • Day82

    Another Day in Kampot

    August 24, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 88 °F

    So, I've decided to spend the whole week here since I really didn't do anything the first couple of days I was here.

    I've just dropped off almost all of my clothes at the laundry. At just less than 50¢ per pound, I should probably do it more often, but whatever. I went for a jog today, a real one with no beer. I still suck at it, but would've passed my AF PT test 😀. When I finish my lunch, I'm going upstairs in the air con to sort out my photos again. Or maybe read a book. Or take a nap. So many choices. 😂😂😂

    Last night, I ran into fellow travelers from Siem Reap and we're supposed to meet up this evening. Althouh some of you may disagree, I'm not really an extrovert, but it does my soul well to see familiar faces now and again.

    There's a huge difference between traveling alone, being alone, and being lonely. I absolutely love the first. Go or stay where and when you want with no one to discuss it or argue about it. As for the second, it's very rare to find yourself alone. If there's not someone at the next table or in the next bed, then there's always someone on social media. About the only time I can really be by myself is if I get a private hotel room and stay in it without letting in the cleaners, answering the phone, or picking up my smart phone. But the third, it occasionally rears its ugly head. That's when I usually send wet sloppy messages to my friends and family. The travelers I meet along the way, though, really keep the loneliness in check. So don't worry about me.

    Out for now. ✌️
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  • Day9

    A view at the mountain

    October 20, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ 🌧 29 °C

    Just returned from a moto ride up the mountain here at kampot had rained most of the afternoon yesterday and most of the night, stopped this morning after breaky so off we go! Very cloudy yes cloudy, road very good up the mountain couldn't see much because of the cloud, turned around and came back down, rained on the way down, we got a little wet so back to mea culpa to change our clothes, time for lunch and a beer yep another and cheaper than water !!!Read more

  • Day79


    August 21, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 82 °F

    Today is a nope day. Nope, I'm not leaving the hostel unless it's on fire. Nope, I'm not getting out of bed except for the bathroom (down the hall) and food (downstairs). I booked an extra night here just so I could stay in. Feeling worse than yesterday, but I'm not alone. There must be a bug going around, all of us with chesty coughs and stuffy noses. I hate being sick. At least I don't have to go to work. 😀

    Out for now. ✌️
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  • Day84

    Near death by bridge

    August 26, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    I had soooo much fun last night. Two fellow guests at the hostel and I went on a river cruise. The water is very high, so when they say duck, they mean it. Lol. Then we took a tuktuk upriver to a bar/club and hung out with another fellow guest on the top of a river boat. Really nice.

    I'm having lunch at Rikitikitavi again because the food is great. After this, I'm taking a nap. Because I can.

    Out for now. ✌️
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  • Day9

    Ron locked out of his email

    October 20, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ 🌧 24 °C

    I am guessing that thinks that Ron should not be accessing his email from Cambodia and has locked him out, easy fix, just enter his password and they will send details to his recovery email address. If you know Ron then both of these requests may pose a challenge as he was never the gate keeper of such things.

    I have set up a new gmail account for him while we try and recover the hotmail details.
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  • Day81

    Up and at 'em!

    August 23, 2018 in Cambodia ⋅ 🌧 86 °F

    I'm back to the tourist bit today. I could've stayed in bed all day again--no, Mom, I never grew out of that--but forced myself up, got some breakfast, and hit the road on the motorbike around 9 am.

    The first half of the day was down at Kep Beach. Yet again, what would've been a beautiful beach was ruined by trash both in the sand in the water. Sad.

    Oh man! I had the best burrito last night from a place called Gringos Locos. They even had real sour cream!

    Right now I'm having a black bean burger at Rikitikitavi. The restaurant/bar/guest house is run by Dom, an expat Aussie. One of the Hashers in Saigon is good friends with him and his family, so she recommended I stop in for food and tell him hi for her. Mission accomplished.

    When I finish lunch, I'm off to the mountain. It's only 86°F and the humidity isn't too bad, but it's still nice to be on the bike and in the breeze during the heat of the day.

    Out for now. ✌️
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