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  • Day7

    Tag 8

    May 12, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Di letstä Täg het z Wätter chli gwächslet. Ir Nacht rägnets nümm geng und dr Himmu isch blau u nümm grau☀️, derfür heimr mega starke Gägewind... Am Rhii entlang gseh mr mega viu Gäns, Änte, Störch und Bisamratte. Hüt hei mir ä Ruhetag in Speyer u gniesse d Sunne u z Bier😊Read more


    Jönu Murgsi

    T bisamratte die sieche... keep on pumping kilometres <3


    Schon fast in Mannheim trotz gegenwind? Wow! Aber mit euren strammen wädli wundert mich nichts! 💪💪 Weiterhin proscht! 🍻

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  • Day10

    Speyer (DE)

    July 17, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Not much happening on the route toady. Still a few barges carrying cargo but not nearly as many on the lower section of the Rhine. You can see now why the Rhine is considered Germany's economic transport vein, and one of the world's busiest waterways.

    The route largely runs through nature-reserves and wine-growing regions. Some of the best Riesling wines are produced in this region.
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  • Day59

    Day 59 - Strasbourg to Speyer, 77 miles

    June 13, 2016 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    OK so it must be even further north that the Rhine route gets interesting!

    Weather hasn't helped as more rain today but it was flat and that tail wind was still there. Despite having dipped in and out of Germany tonight is the first time I've stayed. Similarly to yesterday I thought I'd see how far I'd get. Didn't leave until about 11.30 to let the worse of the weather clear then hit the road in drizzle north towards Germany. Once in Germany the EuroVelo 15 has long stretches on cyclepaths through the woods next to the Rhine. Nice and quiet but with all the rain the Rhine was very high which led to a few interesting flooded points.

    If it wasn't woods it was industrial areas and I guess when cycling round Europe other ever day is going to be picture postcard scenery!

    Despite the late start another good day on the miles side. Fingers crossed for a bit of sun tomorrow but looking at the forecast it's not looking good!
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  • Day301

    Day 302: Speyer Cathedral

    December 13, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Although Heidelberg is actually quite a touristed city, we're mainly using it as a base for day-trips to nearby World Heritage sites. Today we set out on our first one, to Speyer Cathedral. This is a large Romanesque cathedral, one of the largest Romanesque buildings still remaining in the world. It was about 45 minutes away to the south-west, so off we went!

    Caught the train around 9:15, arrived at around 10am and then walked the 10 minutes to the cathedral. Did some filming of exteriors, then since we had Schnitzel we needed to alternate our visits. Shandos went in first, while I filmed a bit more, rehearsed my thoughts, and had a poke around the Christmas market too.

    Eventually it was my turn to visit inside. It was nice but quite austere. What's fascinating about it though is that it was built as the centre of a power struggle between the Holy Roman Emperor and the Pope. Known as the Investiture Controversy of the 11th century, the Emperor had decided that he should be appointing his own bishops and other religious figures. The pope disagreed, because as God's sole representative on earth he alone should be deciding that stuff. Religious warfare ensued, as it typically did, and though the pope largely emerged the victor, Speyer Cathedral was one of the key sticking points - the emperor had it built specifically to showcase his power and wealth. The town had only around 500 residents, and definitely no need for a cathedral that size.

    Also some further controversies, in the 17th century when the interior was covered in baroque decorations, and then again in the 20th century when said decorations were largely removed to a museum, leaving the interior in its current, spartan state. Also interesting to see the crypt, where 8 German kings were buried. Their bones were long gone, after the place was ransacked by French soldiers in the 18th century, but their tombs had been preserved.

    Back outside, where we finished up and grabbed a quick bite at the Christmas markets before heading home. We'd noticed that morning there was a bus direct from Heidelberg station to Speyer Cathedral, and since the next train wasn't for 45 minutes and the bus was in 10 minutes, we'd do the bus instead. Our tickets were valid for both.

    Turned out to be a very bad decision - it was a local bus and took about an hour and forty minutes to cover about 10 kilometres. Once we accounted for getting to the station, waiting for the train and riding the train, the bus was probably only 15 minutes slower, but sitting there for that long was a bit depressing. The only upside was that we went through the village of Hockenheim, home of the German Formula 1 grand prix. I'd never known where it was (though admittedly I'd never cared to look), but that was sort of cool to see.

    Back home where we relaxed for a couple of hours then headed into the old part of Heidelberg on the tram. We're staying away from the tourist areas, so after a 10 minute tram ride and a little walk, we arrived. Lots of shops open and Christmas lights everywhere, though we couldn't see the famous castle. I didn't particularly feel like Christmas market food again, so we opted for a small hidden place called Schnitzelbank. Small little room essentially, in the basement of a side-street building, but packed inside and we had to share a table with others. I had a turkey schnitzel with Dijon mustard sauce, noodles on the side and a big salad to accompany. Way too much food to finish, but the schnitzel was incredible - close to the tastiest one I've ever had!

    No room for dessert, sadly, so absolutely stuffed we made our way home. More busy days ahead!
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  • Day9

    Exploring Speyer

    August 28, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    After an early start to do my exercises on a cool morning with a lovely sunrise and then breakfast we were ready for our briefing at 8.45 – more “bad” news. We were unable to get mooring at Sonderheim or Pitterdorf so there was a reduction in the ride – 20km (turned out to be a 31km day in the end with some extra meandering that we did) – and we had to be at Germeheim by 2pm to load the boat and be away from the mooring by 3pm. Again – suck it up and peddle on.
    We “saddled up” and headed out – first stop the Cathedral of St Mary and St Stephen – this time we could go inside however. As I said it is built in the Romanesque style and is the largest of this type in the world. The interior is very plain, but in its way very beautiful in its simplicity. I visited the crypt also, again this is the largest Romanesque crypt in the world. It consists of 4 rooms and includes a chapel as well as the tombs of a number of the Holy Roman Emperors and their wives. It is still used for services today. After that I went and climbed the tower – first there was 200 steps to the Kaisersalle (Kings Hall) here they had a display of murals which had been painted on the ceilings in the 19th Century – however in the 1950’s these were deemed not to be in harmony with the simple Romanesque nature of the Cathedral and many were destroyed although a number were saved and are now housed in this special room. From here it was another 190 steps up to the top of the tower and so very well worth it was as the view was amazing!!!! Coming back down the tower I noticed that a group of Ghostriders were in a café down the square. I ducked in there and asked them to watch my bike while I nipped further down the street to look for the Spatzel maker that was the aim for my souvenir from Germany – first attempt proved fruitless but a very kind lady directed me further down the street to a homewares store where I found one – bonus – on sale for 14.99 euro’s. I re-joined the Ghostriders and we headed off down the river towards Germeheim.
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  • Day100

    Mittagspause mit Domblick

    June 28, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Unsere wohlverdiente Mittagspause verbringen wir mit Domblick im Außenbetrieb des Gasthauses zum Domnapf, trotz seines urdeutschen Namens ein griechisches Restaurant. Keine Ahnung, ob die Vorschriften in Rheinland-Pfalz andere sind oder ob man uns einfach für nicht erhebenswert hält: wir genießen zu zweit eine ausgezeichnete griechische Vorspeisenplatte ohne unsere Daten angeben zu müssen. Gut gesättigt bekommt der Hase zum Nachtisch noch einen Ouzo - der Ritter muss ja fahren - und dann machen wir uns auch schon am stilisierten Ölberg und Konrad II. vorbei auf den Rückweg zum Auto. Speyer scheint jedenfalls eine schnuckelige Kleinstadt zu sein.Read more

    Tina Herking

    Upps, das finde ich ja merkwürdig, dass ihr eure Kontaktdaten nicht hinterlassen musstet. Ich habe schon überlegt uns einen Stempel anfertigen zu lassen, da ich es leid bin, ewig diese Zettel auszufüllen ... Ich dachte eher, dass im Süden der Republik die Regeln noch strenger sind als in Niedersachsen oder neulich auf unserem Kurztrip nach McPom.

    Hase und Ritter on tour

    Ja, wir fanden das auch merkwürdig, nehmen aber an, dass wir einfach vergessen wurden und die Gastronomen jeden Abend ihre Diskrepanz dazu erfinden...

    Hase und Ritter on tour

    Andererseits ist z. Bsp. ab heute im Saarland die Maskenpflicht für Gäste in Hotel und Restaurant abgeschafft. Und bei unserem Ausflug nach Luxemburg heute mussten wir auch nix angeben.

  • Day5


    May 20 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute ging es erst zum Bohrerhof, ein Spargelbauer mit sehr schönen Bauernladen.

    Danach sind wir nach Speyer.
    Dort wollten wir auf dem Festplatz einen Schnelltest machen, der findet aber nur am Wochenende statt.

    Also sind wir zum Dom und dann in die Stadt.
    Da haben wir auch eine Apotheke gefunden, wo wir einen Schnelltest machen konnten.
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    Martina und Roland

    Hihi das Bild hab ich auch bei findpenguins 😀

  • Day46

    Speyer. Lohnt sichs?

    July 15, 2017 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    An diesem Punkt ist es schon langsam sehr schwierig zu entscheiden "was ist gut und was nicht". Da ich auf dieser Reise schon sehr viel gesehen habe. Den Dom fand ich sehr unspannend, bot halt nichts neues. Der Altpörtel, ein Turm der alten Stadtmauer, bietet einen schönen Ausblick über Speyer. Ansonsten ist diese Stadt klein und übersichtlich. Das ist die richtige Stadt zum Regenerieren der Kräfte für das was noch folgt. Morgen gehts nach Karlsruhe und damit nach Baden-Württemberg. Die Reise setze ich ab hier Linksrheinisch fort.Read more

    Daniel Pyttlik

    Sieht nicht soooo spannend aus, aber das muss es ja auch nicht immer :)

  • Day39


    May 30, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Voll gepackt geht es nun endlich richtig los.
    Erster Stop ist Speyer.
    Die süße Kleinstadt am Rhein glänzt mit seinem gewaltigen Dom, welcher von innen erstaunlich hell ist und mit der bezaubernden Gedächtniskirche im neugotischen Stil.
    Einen schönen Ausklang hatten wir bei Gabi und Edwin.
    Leider war unser auserkorener Schlafplatz Nachts schon besetzt von halbstarken Jugendlichen, so dass wir uns auf die Suche nach einem neuen Plätzchen machen mussten...
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    Doriana Hug

    Gute Reise 😘

    Martina Bösch

    Ups, wo ist das Dachzelt nur hin. 😆


    Trochę małe auto 😏 [Ciocia Usia]


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