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  • Day562


    October 29, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Well here we are just south of Athens, on the north coast of Aigina. The winds in Sifnos were strong Wednesday night into Thursday morning and during the day and initially were blowing us onto the quay but we winched up on the anchor and things were OK, the wind then changed direction so all was good, though still gusting strongly. Met a crowd of youngsters on boat next door, 2 of the 6 had experience but one of them had had to return to Athens for a few days and the remaining experienced guy was getting worried about getting the others back to Athens for their flights on Saturday. He wanted to leave on Thursday afternoon but it was still gusting force 8. We expected them to leave early Friday but they were still there when we left about 9 and we kept looking back but think they may have decided that a ferry from Sifnos would be easier than a very long day at sea.
    We travelled from Sifnos up the east coast of Serifos to end up on the NW corner of Kythnos just above the harbour it was a beautiful sheltered quiet anchorage on the east side of a sand bar. I have just looked for photo but can’t find it, very irritating. On Friday we were amazed at how clear the air was, the visibility was incredible. On the way to Sifnos we had been unable to see the island until we were a couple of miles off but when we left we could see East to Syros and Paros and west to the mainland of the Peloponnese.
    From Kythnos we headed back towards Olympic Marina on the mainland via the southern tip of Kea and Makronisis, to get fuel. We stopped off on the west coast of Makronisis, for what John says will be his last swim of the year, and to look more closely at some of the abandoned buildings. We had a good look around but have no more idea why the island is now next to uninhabited than we did before.
    During our stay at Lavrion anchored in our usual bay just North of town we managed to find some Johnnie bread, white but apparently OK, and a few other GF treats and just for good measure I baked some more carrot cupcakes.
    On leaving our anchorage we saw the container ship CSL Virginia, the one that was rammed by the Turkish ship back on the 10 th near Corsica. The whole is seriously impressive, we hadn’t heard about the crash and at first couldn’t believe we were seeing a hole!
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  • Day565

    Egina town on Aigina island

    November 1, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We enjoyed our time at Souvala on the North coast but felt a little bad about abusing their hospitality so have moved to the main town and harbour on the NW coast for a night before we head onwards. On our first full day on the island we used our push bikes and visited the Paleochora (ancient town) this is where the Aegean’s moved to when the pirate raids were too prolific on the coast. Now all that’s left here are the churches, the houses have been destroyed for the building material. There are an awful lot of churches/chapels and almost all contained icons candles etc, apparently there is a saint for everyday and its a sign of status for a family to build a church/chapel and they are all dedicated to a saint or two. Nowadays these family churches/ chapels are private but historically they were for everyone, and the higher and more obscure the location the greater the prestige. The photos show one side of the hill and a map showing the locations.
    After here we cycled first to the Monastery of Nektarios only to be greeted by a sign saying women in trousers and men in shorts were not allowed in! Really we are in the 21 century, we were going to go in anyway but had already visited 15 churches so decided to go for lunch instead. After some restorative food we rode to the Temple of Aria more up. This, the temple at Sounion and the Parthenon form a triangle apparently and on clear days you can see each from each, it wasn’t clear enough when we were there however.
    Yesterday we met up with Ashley and Kathy, Australian’s that we had met in Almerimar, their boat Windjammer was in one of the yards here for repairs after an incident in Poros. We were able to return Ashley’s beanie hat to him, he had forgotten it after one of the Sunday walks and Nev had given it to us as Windjammer had left Almerimar before us and we were both going to Greece! I must email him to let him know we did manage to deliver it eventually. We spent a lovely morning and evening with them hearing about their trip and experiences.
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  • Day2

    Aigina - Ankerbier...

    October 22, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    und unsere heutige Übernachtungsbucht.
    Die Überfahrt nach Aigina - unter Segeln - verlief chillig, mit Sonnenbaden an Deck. Nach Ankunft waren wir Schnorcheln und Supn. Die ortsansässige Taverne wird geentert, die scheinbar nur für uns geöffnet hat. Sehr lecker und günstig. 😋

  • Day14

    Athens to Aegina

    September 5, 2015 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Another day of travel and sorting out began again hot and dry. We descended the streets down to Dmitris for a coffee and some more friendly discussion, mostly political, with one of our friends from the previous day.
    From Dmitris, a quick tube ride with and interchange followed by another tube ride arrived us at Pireaus, the port town of Athens. Pireaus is a bustling port full of cargo, passenger and fast ships and ferries. We stopped for a cold drink as the temperature rose and I explored the various maritime shops that lined the streets. I managed to pick up a small folding knife both because it's handy to carry one round and also because one cannot have too many knives!
    From our coffees we went in search of the ferry office; a 15 minute walk left us sitting in the shade with homeless immigrants - we assume recently arrived from North Africa - begging around us. The first real sign of the huge social issues surrounding Greece and the immigrant problems of Europe.

    We boarded the ferry to take us to Aegina: a hydrofoiling high speed "flying dolphin" which was a fun, if a little bumpy, quick ride to the island. We disembarked and waited in whatever shade we could find for George to drop our hire care off to us. George was friendly and certainly perked up once learning that we were not from the UK but rather New Zealand "ahh good place!". George had seen much of NZ from his time as an engineer on big ocean going cargo ships.
    We drove (on the right) along the coastline to our little apartment motel in Perdika, a small town on the Western end of Island full of restaurants and fishing boats. We lunched on the waterfront in a small taverna. We had excellent baked mushrooms, baked peppers, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, souvalaki, and fried little fish. The baked mushrooms and peppers were roasted in a dish with heaps of different cheese, both halloumi and melty delicious stringy tangy cheese. The stuffed toms and peppers looked good but I didn't taste them, with the souvalaki nice and highlighted with an excellent garlicy tzatziki. My little fried fish were just what the menu said: fried little fish. To be eaten heads and all, slightly crispy and fried with just a dusting of flour, very nice. All washed down with beer, Coke and Fanta.
    From our restaurant we meandered along the waterfront gazing at the water, rocks, distant islands, churches and general passers by. I got once again more and more frustrated at the argumentative, put downy, arrogant manner in which conversation is often had these days so I decided to walk ahead of the others and sit on the waterfront by our car for 10 minutes while I waited for them to catch up. We went from there to a supermarket to quickly pick up some general groceries and returned home. The night was spent relaxing, eating melon and drinking pomegranate juice in my room. Another grumpy and not all together happy end to what should've been a lovely day.
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  • Day14

    Day 1 Aegina

    September 5, 2015 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Our first full day on Aegina started with our first in home breakfast of muesli, yoghurt, figs and fruit juice, followed by a coffee after our drive from Perdika to Aegina town. In Aegina we took in the Greek people and culture by exploring backstreets and shopping. We bought new shoes and light weight hot Greek weather shirts from a crazy Greek shop owner who greeted us with "hello there! Thank you for coming and saving my country!!" And old but effective means of luring unsuspecting tourists into his shop. The clothes and shoes we bought were nice and comfy, perfect for the 35-40 degree sweltering temperatures. From the clothes shop we found a bakery and bought some lovely bread, sesame bagel type buns and Baklava... sold by the kilogram. After the bakery came delicious figs, fresh feta cheese - firmer and less salty sharp than we are used to in New Zealand - and gelaato to sustain us for our walk back to the car.
    As we,  as food we bought some local newspapers and small presents to take back home. We returned home and ate the food we had bought, along with some wonderful honey from the day before, and had a swim in our motel's pool; a welcome event during the brightest and hottest part of the day.

    After our swim and siesta time we went for a drive along the hill tops to try and find a so-called picturesque mountain side village. The "village" of a few houses and not even a taverna turned out to be a bit of a let down, accompanied with the supposedly wonderful beach at the bottom of the steeply sloping hills and valley... also a let down.
    Dinner was had at one of the little restarts on the quay in Perdika. We had taramasalata, boiled greens, bread, little grilled sardines, grilled swordfish and moussaka, with Mythos beer and a little cake and watermelon complimentary. It was all nice but nothing spectacular. Again my phone died for some of this day so I may have to steal a few photos from someone else. Also generally feeling pretty down, tired and grumpy hasn't inspired me to take many photos but this will hopefully change (or like I say, steal someone else's photos). In fact it seems as if I took none this day.. oh well tomorrow will be more!!
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  • Day15

    Day 2 Aegina

    September 6, 2015 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 36 °C

    The second day day here on Aegina followed similarly to the first. We had breakfast at the motel and went out for a couple of coffees. Our day was spent winding our way around the island and looking at the sights to see.
    We stopped in a small town on the north end of the island for some cheese and calamari for a snack before continues on trying to find our way up to the top of the island. After half an hour or so we realised we were very lost and very low on petrol. The next hour was of course spent trying to find  an open petrol station in a Sunday on a Greek island.. not easy but we did it in time.
    Upmwe drove to the top of Aegina, past ancient churchs, monasteries,  olive trees, fig trees and pistachio plantations for which the island is famous.
    At the top of our drive was an ancient stone temple like a baby Parthenon.  Apparently built prior to and the inspiration for the afore mentioned monument. However this one was in far better condition and virtually empty of tourists and sightseers, so a marked improvement. Accompanying it was an excellent museum full of artifacts and reconstruction. A real hidden secret of Aegina.
    Of course there was an accompanying cafe where we had cold drinks and ice cream - again much needed as for the mid-late 30s degree heat with little shade.
    Our descent back towards the comparitive civilization was quick and easy and didn't stop until back in Perdika. We did a supermarket and afternoon tea run, just some bread and tzatziki with some Greek pine needle wine, not as nice as it sounds.
    Dinner was just simple bread, cheese, figs, jam, honey and fruit juice. A late night game of 500 and a quick swim finished off the evening nicely. All in all an OK day.. full,  of the same, frustration but managed to get away from the antagonist enough for it to be bearable.
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  • Day16

    Day 3 Aegina

    September 7, 2015 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Our third and final full day o  the Island was very chilled. I had a late night Skype session the night before so slept in till 10 or so before walking by myself down to the cafes and taverns in Perdika. I had a cheese, bacon and tomato crepe which was a little thick and filling, but nice nonetheless. Accompanied of course by a few short espressos. A short wander around the town led to some good sanity reclamation in the growing heat before going back to the Antzi Studios (our lodgings). I chose to lay around and not do much for most of the afternoon before facing the parents again. A quiet afternoon tea of melon, pistachios and Baklava followed by copious 500 games was very enjoyable. Also a drink by the pool was nice, despite the overwhelming heat.
    The olds have gone down to the beach for one last swim in the Aegean before our final dinner on Aegina.  .ate than I would like but oh well.
    Tonight will be packing and sorting out what our plans tomorrow are. Boat, train and aeroplane from Aegina, through Athens and ending up in ... LONDON. Familiar languages and culture will be nice, but Greece has been an excellent country

    A late night dinner turned out to be the best Greek food we have had: boiled octopus, boiled greens, bread with a creamy chese dip + tapenade, lamb souvlaki, slow roasted lemon lamb, grilled red mullet, stuffed vine leave (brown rice made a welcome change and nuttiness), beer, and more French pastries for dessert.. all, for 30 euros.. the waiter undercharged us but when we tried to pay more he just kept saying "THANKYOUUUU" and shooed us away.. he must've like us.
    Straight to bed with a little packing and off to sleep.

    P.s. oh and I found a pomegranate tree!!
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