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  • Day14

    Naar Kalambaka!

    July 4 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Vanmorgen nog lekker ontbeten en weer onderweg naar onze volgende stop Kalambaka. Onderweg nog een heel mooie oude brug gezien en nog naar een dorpje geweest. Nog met de bewoners gezellig gekletst. Mooie omgeving en weer totaal anders dan bij de kloof. Eind van de middag bij ons hotel aangekomen. Prachtig uitzicht op de hoge rotsen. Wel een beetje ver van het centrum.Read more

  • Day15

    Meteora kloosters!

    July 5 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Vandaag zijn we naar de Great Meteora gegaan. Wat lijkt het hoog te liggen. Als je daar aankomt dan is het niet zo hoog alleen ga je eerst naar beneden om vervolgens meer dan 300 treden te beklimmen om daar te komen. Wat een prachtig uitzicht. Een geweldig mooi klooster waar alleen de monniken wonen. Binnen mochten we helaas geen foto’s maken. Alle beschilderingen waren nog zeer goed in tact. De rotsen waar ze opstaan zijn overweldigend. Prachtig om te zien. Na dit klooster zijn we verder gereden en het is echt geweldig wat je ziet. Het volgende klooster is Agios Stefanos. Even wachten voordat het weer open gaat. Eenmaal binnen mocht ik niet in een broek binnenkomen en Jan niet met korte broek. Ze hadden daar rokken voor de vrouwen en de mannen die geen lange broek aan hadden mochten ook. Iet binnen komen. Het is echt een aanrader om dit te mogen zien. Prachtig. Hier leven alleen nonnen. Helemaal in het zwart met hoofddoek. Weer geweldig uitzicht over de stad Kalambaka en zien we ook nog ons hotel liggen. En nog een kaarsje aangestoken voor onze ouders. Wij kijken uit op deze berg vanaf ons hotel. Weer een geweldige mooie dag achter de rug. Lekker gegeten in het dorp en toen begon het ook nog donderen en te bliksemen. Even wat geregend.Read more

  • Day16

    Ypapanti en Varlaam klooster!

    July 6 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Vanmorgen weer heerlijk ontbeten. De regen heeft even voor verkoeling gezorgd. Het is 28 gr. We gaan naar Ypanpanti klooster dat tegen een bergwand is gebouwd. Dit doen we wandelend. Met de auto naar een parkeerplaats onder de bomen en het pad zoeken. Een mooie wandeling door de natuur naar het klooster Ypapanti. Dit weten schijnbaar niet veel mensen want we zien er maar 2. Het blijkt volgens het bord zaterdag en zondag gesloten te zijn. De man riep dat het open was. Hebben wij geluk. We werden hartelijk ontvangen en kregen nog lekkere snoepjes aangeboden. De jongeman was blij dat wij er waren. Het koste geen entree maar konden doneren. Dit hebben we zeker gedaan. Een heel mooi klein klooster. Weer terug wandelen en even wat gaan eten. Een sandwich. De lunch was heerlijk. Daarna naar het klooster van Varlaam. Ook weer prachtig met hele mooi uitzichten. Je kijkt je ogen uit. Er is zoveel te zien. Weer terug naar het plaatsje en het is weer 39 gr en erg warm. Een lekker koud biertje en weer terug naar hotel om af te koelen. We hebben 2 prachtige dagen achter de rug en er zeker van genoten.Read more

  • Day13

    Loving the monasteries

    October 14 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Meteora has six medieval monasteries all within an 11 km circuit from our base of Kalambaka. Bus groups leave early, forge ahead and get their visits done in time for lunch at a big taverna. We are lucky to have two days, and also to have brought snacks along for eating up there, so we had no rush to finish it all in one day before lunch. Not very efficient, I guess, but really lovely. Between 10 and 4 today, we visited three monasteries, climbed 60 floors according to my phone, and just pulled off to walk and enjoy the views wherever we were. All have chapels covered with murals, many of which could use a benefactor for restoration, but all of which just ooze with humanity and devotion.

    Just a totally great day, except for witnessing one uncomfortable nasty exchange between a French tourist and a nun who was insisting she put on a wrap around skirt before going into one monastery. I also think that it’s silly that men can wear pants but women have to cover their pants with a skirt they give you. But IMHO the monastery is the one that gets to call the shots and I was kind of amazed at this woman’s rudeness. Aside from that, the rest of the day was filled with a lot of peace, I even got to light some real (not electric) candles to think about my mom, the rest of my family, and my many friends with all sorts of health struggles.
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  • Day12

    Travel day

    October 13 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    We slept in a bit, since today was a travel day. We were headed north about 300 kms, to an area called Meteora, where there are six monasteries dating as far back as far as the 11th century, all of which are perched on rocks, high above.

    All started well, till our phone couldn’t give any directions. Turns out I hadn’t downloaded a map that went far enough north to get us to Meteora. As google maps gave out, and things were looking very complicated, I decided to go to a Shell station to ask for directions. The very wonderful Marieta from Bulgaria, who spoke perfect English, was working there. She couldn’t give me directions but offered me something better — Wifi!!! So I downloaded more Greece maps, and off we went.

    Our hotel has a “fitness center”, but I bet no one has used it in years or ever. Nothing was working, but after a lot of help from one of the maintenance people, the bicycle was sort of working. The elliptical, no way. Oh well, since I was in the same room as the indoor pool, I was sweating in no time!

    We have two full days here, and we will take it at a relaxed pace. It is an amazing site.
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  • Day14

    More monasteries in Meteora

    October 15 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Since we hadn’t crammed all of the monasteries into one day, we still had two we wanted to visit. We asked at the desk for suggestions to round out the day, and presto, we had another great day. First, Nikolas suggested we walk, not drive, to the first monastery. We took the original centuries old stone walking path from about a mile away and hiked up through shady forests — a much nicer arrival than just pulling up in a rented car and parking!

    After visiting the two monasteries, we then took his tip to take a detour that would bring us to a place where we could see several more monasteries in ruins, as well as many hermit caves (occupied till the 1950s!). It was quiet, and kind of surreal — the caves still had wooden ladders dangling down outside of them, but no human habitation anywhere. A really nice way to end the day. We ran into one German family there, and we all remarked on how nice it was to get away from the tourist destinations for a bit.

    We have had excellent meals here — just going to TripAdvisor’s top rated places has served us well everywhere we have been so far. Here in Kalambaka we have been to numbers 3 and 5, and tonight we will drive to number 1! Lots of good vegetables, salads, yoghurt dips, grape leaves, we are eating very well.
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  • Day84

    Land of Surprises

    November 18, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    German Version on

    The rainy weather in Albania and Macedonia had been bad on my mood. It was time to enjoy a few sunrays. Greece is known as an autumn domicile and so I went on with my trip to the Greek border with full euphoria. In Macedonia, I had thought about my further route through Greece. My dad suggested that we meet in Antalya, enjoy the sun and spend some relaxing days together. This sounded great and so the approximate direction was fixed, south to Athens.

    On the way to the border to Greece I met Keith from Canada on the roadside. He has been riding a singlespeed bike (only one gear) for several years. He was just assembling a smaller chainring to the crank because several climbs followed. The effort would be too way too much for me, but he probably belongs to a handful of people who are cycletouring like this. After it was raining again, we decided to look for a suitable place to stay. We found an abandoned house on a resting place, exchanged our travel experiences and let the evening end with good food. The next day, our paths separated. I cycled further south to Greece, Keith to the north.

    The following days in Greece were very rainy. At first I was still on gravel roads, but I remained stuck in the mud, so I switched to paved roads. In the evening, I fortunately found in a canopy, under which I could sleep. I just arrived at the new sleeping place, two small dog-puppies ran out of the abandoned side building. There was no trace of the mom.
    Both dogs, who I dubbed Blacky and Whitey, spent the whole night with me. I would have loved to take both with me.

    In the morning the sun finally came out and the landscape became greener and more mountainous. In the late evening I arrived in the small village of Meteora. The name sounds very special and so is the landscape surrounding the small village. Huge ridge towers rising in the air as if they had fallen from the sky. I stayed couple days to go hiking and enjoying the views.

    After three days I set off again. I stopped at the supermarket and to my surprise I met two other cyclists. Ruggero from Italy and Brian from the USA. Both of them met in South America and went cycling together for a month. Meanwhile, Ruggero has been on the bike for two years and is about to end his trip. Both had arranged for a trip to Greece and were also on the road to Athens. We decided to go to Athens together, which was a great pleasure to me. We three were immediately on a wavelength.
    We cycled through lonely mountain roads, fought rain, found shelters in churches, were invited by local people to have breakfast and a Ouzo (which usually amounted to three / four). The people were incredibly friendly and helpful.
    Arriving at the sea, we took a bus to Athens, where we spent two days together and walked through the city. Then our paths separated. Meanwhile, Ruggero has returned to Italy. Brian is now biking in Central Asia.

    My path now led to Turkey. There was the possibility to take either a fly or a ferry. I chose the ferry, which is much more relaxed with the bike. The ferry drove over night to the Greek island of Rhodes. I arrived at noon, but on the same day no ferry left for Turkey. I checked on the mobile phone the size of the island, which is with a length of about 100 km is not too big and decided to circumnavigate the island in two days. The sun burned down and the 32 degrees caused my first defect on the trip. My tires had too much pressure, whereupon the front tube burst. In the parking lot, where I just changed the tube, a couple tried to get their scooter to run. A tube on the engine was torn and my broken tube was quickly misused. A few minutes later the scooter ran again. Apparently, it was no coincidence that this should happen at this parking lot.
    After 220 km in the legs I arrived the next day on time at the port and took the ferry to Turkey.

    Greece was full of surprises and everything came out quite differently than I had planned and expected. These are the moments that make such a trip so special.
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  • Day46

    Meteora-Klöster und Wiedersehensfreude!

    October 11 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Nach dem Moment des Schreckens (kein Öldruck mehr und Gerrits Worten „wenn wir das nicht in den Griff kriegen, ist der Urlaub jetzt vorbei“) folgte ein Moment des Glücks: der Besuch im Waschsalon in Athen. Er war leer. Es war sauber. Günstig. Es gab eine Toilette. WiFi. Und einen Fernseh. Gerrits Paradies! 😂
    Wir wuschen einmal die meisten Sachen inkl unserer Schlafsäcke, telefonieren über WLAN, schauten TV während die Wäsche gewaschen und getrocknet wurde. Der Tag lief also wieder gut! Weiter ging’s für uns Richtung Kalambaka zu den Meteora-Klöstern, wieder eine mehrstündige Fahrt. Wir machten einen Übernachtungsstopp bei den heißen Quellen in in der Nähe von Lamia. In der Abenddämmerung haben wir noch das warme Quellwasser “mit vielen Partikeln“ (Beschreibung der Lauffener WoMo-Nachbarn 😄) genossen, aber dank Gerrits selbstgebauter Dusche danach, kein Problem 😉. Nach einer ruhigen nacht also die Weiterfahrt an die meteora-Klöster. Tollerweise waren Jojo und Korbi schon vor Ort beim klettern und so verabredeten wir uns auf einem freistehplatz in der Pampa mit gigantischer Aussicht zum wildcampen!👍🏻 Die felsformationen gehören definitiv zu den landschaftlichen highlights dieser reise☝🏼! Den Abend haben wir mit viel schnattern und grappatrinken bei uns im wohnzimmer (unten im Bus) ausklingen lassen. Am nächsten morgen mit ausschlafen und ausgiebigem Frühstück haben wir eine wanderung zu 3 der Klöster unternommen, was sehr beeindruckend war. Den Rückweg mussten wir gar nicht antreten, da ein nettes ingolstädter Ehepaar uns zu unserem Stellplatz mitnahm. Faul aber toll👍🏻. Wir kochten gemeinsam, saßen lange zusammen und blieben eine weitere nacht. Nach dem Frühstück verabschiedet wir uns und brachen in richtung vikos-schlucht auf. Wir planen dort, eine Wanderung zu machen und sind schon sehr gespannt auf die landschaft. Unser wildcampplatz ist sehr idyllisch mitten auf der kuhweide, mit tollem Ausblick☺️
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  • Day24

    "wild camping" am Fluß Pinios

    June 14 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    Wir sind kurz vor den Meteora-Klöstern und überlegen: Campingplatz - wahrscheinlich überteuert, touristisch und möglicherweise voll oder "ab in die Wildnis". Zweiteres gewinnt eindeutig. So machen wir uns auf die Suche nach einem gemütlichen Plätzchen für die Nacht. Zuerst folgen wir einem Hinweis der iOverlander, der uns zu einer Taverne führt - dort könnte man natürlich auch stehen. Uns zieht es aber weiter ... da hinten schaut es grün, waldig, hügelig, einfach einladend aus!
    Und schon haben wir unser Ziel vor Augen. Der Fluß, eine neue Brücke führt darüber, eine alte ist unbefahrbar und eingebrochen.
    Wir finden einen Weg ins Flußbett, die Steine sind fest. Da - hinter diesem großen Gesteinsbrocken ist es ideal! Ein Gewitter zieht herum, wir sind aber guter Dinge - ist ja nur ein "Übergangerl". Und wir behalten recht.
    Es ist ein wunderschöner, ruhiger und einsamer Platz. Wir machen uns ein kleines, feines Abendessen und genießen den Ausblick rundum.

    Es gibt nichts schöneres, als auf der Welt herumzufahren. Und mit unserem Fernweh sind wir jetzt herrlich autark - auch hier genießen wir wieder unsere tolle Outdoordusche.
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  • Day33

    Amazing churches and a rest day

    July 26 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Had a guided tour of Grand Meteora Monastery and St Stephens Nunnery built on top of the massive monoliths. There were originally about 30 built who knows how!! Now there's only a few left but still used by monks and nuns as in the 1600's.
    After this amazing experience we got to have a free afternoon. It's still mid 30 degrees so we hang out in the pool. After a big 3 days, everyone is enjoying it.Read more

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