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  • Day8


    September 29, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    First stop today was the Windmills of Kato Myloi. A feature of the island since the 16th century and remnant of time when the island prospered from being a port along the Europe/Asia shipping line. Now only a few remain and are scenery. I'm not sure if any of them are in working order as they are now tied down. It's a pity... We had a steady wind blowing of 25-30km/h and gusts up to 42km/h. Probably would of been enough to get these bad boys turning.

    One of the windmills was open and we able to look inside, it was pretty basic. On the lower level you have what I'm assuming was a storage area. On the upper level you have a wooden floor and the inner mechanisms of the windmill which I'm again I am guessing was once used for the production of grain.

    A little kitsch for my taste, but given it was free and easy to get to worth a look.
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  • Day8

    Hidden Gems of Little Venice

    September 29, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Next stop was exploring the streets of Little Venice. You could spend days in here. The streets are filled with clothing shops, hidden cafes, restaurants, bars, houses and Greek churches. It has an electric atmosphere, filled with hustle and bustle. The streets themselves are narrow cobblestone pathways running between whitewashed buildings, with colourful trims to break up the stark white. It's beautiful.

    Some of our favourites were Mathoura, a speciality store that sold its own roasted nuts, an amazing collection of dried fruit, baklava, and home-made chocolate delights. We tried and loved the pistachio baklava, the candied orange in dark chocolate and sesame roasted almonds.
    Ntoukas Kitchen Lab, a cafe that made the best spanakopita I have ever tasted. It's coffee was delicious and all its pies and tarts were home-made and looked divine.
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  • Day10

    Mykonos, Greece

    October 11, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    After a very restful sea day yesterday we were looking forward to walking through the many little alleyways of Mykonos, Greece today. We were tendered ashore to the seaside port of Chora where the 16th Century windmills overlook the harbour. Mykonos was quite windy today but the blue sky reflected the blue of the water and the blue trim on the stark white houses. There were lots of well fed cats in Chora lazing on doorsteps or under bushes happy for the tourists to give them a pat. We tried the Greek spanakopita, baklava and almonds covered in toasted sesame seeds and the Greek version of Turkish delight - delicious.Read more

  • Day6


    November 10, 2013 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Mykonos is an absolutely charming island that boasts a little town with ancient Greek windmills, and a black basalt beach. There are lots of places for eating, shopping and drinking, and for just hanging out and enjoying La Dolce Vita.Read more

  • Day577

    Day 578: Mykonos Old Town

    September 15, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Although we're not that close to the old town of Mykonos, there's a "sea bus" leaving from the marina just near us every 30 minutes. Only 2 euros each per trip! So we headed down around 10am and headed over into the old town.

    Spent a great few hours wandering around the tiny little streets, enjoying the white-washed houses with blue trim in that classic Greek style. So many tiny little alleyways, it was really great. Had a look at the windmills too, though neither of us were that taken with them - they were situated basically in a carpark after all!

    Had a nice long lunch at a restaurant in the old town, we opted for the lunch special where I had tzatziki followed by a pork skewer, while Shandos had a Greek salad and fried calamari. It came with a drink each, and they gave us a complimentary dessert platter of fruits and little cakes, along with a shot each of some liqueur - not ouzo, fruity tasting and not very strong. But nice enough! In the end it was about 40 euros, same as our lunch yesterday, but definitely better value.

    Back home on the sea bus mid afternoon; Shandos had a snooze while I went for a swim. The beach is quite nice - a little rocky for my tastes and I could do without the port being Right There, but the water seemed pretty clear and nice. After that, not much left to do but watch the sunset with a couple of beverages in hand!
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  • Day576

    Day 577: Ferry to Mykonos

    September 14, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Another super early start, getting up at 6am. Hurried down to the port by 6:30am, well in time for our 7:30 sailing. Ferry was quite large, plenty of people on board but not sold out I don't think. Managed to find some seats near the cafe, sharing with a couple of other people. Spent the five hours of sailing time listening to podcasts and the occasional wander around the ship. Bought an expensive coffee from the cafe and regretted it almost immediately because it was overpriced dishwater!

    Docked in Mykonos around 12:30pm, and walked around the bay to our hotel. We're staying just near the new port which is a fair way from the town, but we've got a nice little spot here. Our room is great, with a big balcony overlooking the clear blue water and prime position for sunsets.

    Dropped our bags off and went up the street to a taverna for a late lunch. Food was great, but the prices are very high - probably the most expensive meal we've eaten since Norway! I had a moussaka while Shandos had an enormous salad. Picked up some supplies at the convenience store/supermarket and headed home to relax for the afternoon. Briefly considered going into the town but will save that for another day - we've got plenty of time here!
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  • Day32

    Mykonos to Heraklion

    June 8, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Today we sad a sad farewell to John and Helen, as they set forth on the next 3 months and 3 weeks of their Odyssey. The winds were up, so getting us back to the new port of Mykonos so we could disembark was always going to be a challenge. However, the gods were smiling then, as the Harbour master allowed us to berth on the good side of the harbour, in calm waters, and John and Helen executed a perfect parallel mooring, complete with perfectly placed (old tyre) step, allowing clumsy Beth to get off with dignity (unlike her usual method of hands and knees!). As the sailed away into the sun, Paul and I made the short walk to our ferry site, and proceeded to wait. We were supposed to board the super fast catamaran ferry at 13.15 hours, arriving in Heraklion at 19.30, with quick stops in Eos and Santorini. When we checked in, they told us our direct ferry was cancelled, but we were to change at Santorini. No probs, we said. However, that time came and went, with no ferry. They assured us all would be fine and we’d make the connection. Then, at 3pm, they announced all the tickets would have to be reissued,and those going to Eos & Santorini would go at 4pm. However, no good for us, as that means we would miss the onlyconnection to Heraklion til the next day. They’d put us upon a hotel. Nope, we said, not good enough. So, they said they’d pay for flights there. Ok we said. Only problem, was that we had to go back to Athens first, then Heraklion. Then they said we could catch the town bus to the airport. Nope, we said. So they sent a car for us. Then,had to sit around airport til 21.30. That plane was late! Ugh, we were then worried we’d miss the connection in Athens, but fortunately, got there with minutes to spare. We hailed a cab at Heraklion airport, taking us to our lovely hotel, who were waiting with welcome drinks, and a lovely room. Finally in bed by 1.30am!Read more

  • Day4

    Mykonos, Griechenland

    September 26, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Irgendwann stößt man bei einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt auf den berühmten Pelikan - das Maskottchen von Mykonos Stadt. Allerdings ist das Tier, das man heute sieht, nicht das ursprüngliche. Das ist längst verstorben.

    Die Geschichte des ersten Pelikans von Mykonos ist eine "herrliche":
    Es begann, als ein Fischer - in den 50er Jahren - einen erschöpften Pelikan fand, ihn aufpäppelte und gesund pflegte. Der Pelikan - der Fischer nannte ihn Pétros - schien sich bei seinem Pfleger wohl zu fühlen und beschloss, auf Mykonos zu bleiben. Aber eines Tages packte ihn die Abenteuerlust und er flog rüber zur Insel Tinos.

    Die Bewohner von Tinos, die schon seit Längerem neidisch auf die tierische Touristenattraktion von Mykonos schauten, beschlossen, sich den Pelikan anzueignen. Sie stutzten ihm die Flüger, so dass er nicht wegfliegen konnte und verweigerten die Herausgabe des Tieres. Da den Mykonioten weder Bitten noch Flehen nutzten, zogen sie schließlich empört und wütend vor Gericht. Ein Athener Gericht verfügte letztendlich, dass die Tinioten Pétros den Mykonioten zurückzugeben hatten... eine Gechichte, die einen tierischen Mediumrummel verursacht haben soll.

    Tierisch erfreut über ihren Sieg über die Tinioten spendierten die Mykonioten dem heimgekehrten Pétros ein Frauchen. Leider blieb die Beziehung kinder- / eierlos. Somit starb Pétros eines Tages ohne Nachkommen und Mykonos Stadt war pelikanlos. 

    Was tun ? Vor Mitleid mit den Mykonioten gerührt, wurde (es soll ein deutsch-griechischer Reiseveranstalter gewesen sein) ein - zwar Pétros-familienfremder aber eben doch - Pelikan gestiftet. Somit Ende gut, Pelikan gut - zur großen Freude der Mykonioten und Touristen.
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  • Day4

    Mykonos, Griechenland

    September 26, 2017 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Auf dem Kato Mili (unteren Mühlenberg )befinden sich die berühmten Windmühlen von Mykonos .Sie sind das Wahrzeichen von Mykonos Stadt .5 der ursprünglich 10 Mühlen , in denen früher das Getreide der Umgebung gemahlen wurde ,sind noch erhalten .Sie bilden aufgereiht ein wunderschönes Panorama vor strahlend blauem Himmel .Von dort hat man auch einen herrlichen Blick auf Klein Venedig .Read more

  • Day8


    July 25, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Ursprünglich wollte ich nach Mykonos und nicht nach Tinos, aber es gab auf Mykonos nichts bezahlbares mehr, sodass wir auf Tinos gelandet sind. Dennoch wollten wir uns Mykonos nicht entgehen lassen...doch es war eine Enttäuschung...die Windmühlen, die als Wahrzeichen Mykonos gelten, waren mit Touristen übersäht, eine Mülldeponie direkt daneben und ein Souvenirshop direkt davor...Mykonos City ist zudem voll mit Shoppingläden, überwiegend Souvenirs. An sich ist es eine ganz schnuckelige Stadt, die wie ein Labyrinth mit kleinen Gassen ist, aber der Tourismus macht's kaputt...zudem gilt Mykonos als Malle der Griechen...ich ergänze dazu: das Malle für Reiche. Des öfteren haben wir einen Helikopter auf Häusern landen sehen und auch die Menschen dort haben für sich gesprochen...Mykonos gilt zudem als Schwulen und Lesbenhochburg...aaaaaber ich hatte den besten Crepes meines Lebens mit Pudding, Erdbeeren, Kokos und Oreo gefüllt 😍 und auch so haben wir es genossen durch die ruhigen Gassen zu schlendern und noch eine nicht touristische Windmühle weiter oben zu finde :) empfehlen würde ich die Insel nicht, d alles 3x so teuer ist, ein Smoothie kostet 10-12€...also ratet mal was eine Nacht kostet.Read more

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