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  • Day12


    July 10, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Vor fast einem halben Jahrhundert war ich schon einmal in Pizzo, unglaublich 🙈

    Heute war das Wetter bewölkt, trotzdem gingen wir schwitzend an den Strand. Kaum sagte ich etwas von zurück gehen, drehte der Wind Sandra den Sonnenschirm in den Händen herum.

    Frisch gelaunt fuhr Sandra (Privatchauffeur) mich zur berühmten Felsenkirche Piedigrotta, direkt am Meer. Ein Fischerboot kam in einem Sturm in Seenot, alle Matrosen konnten sich schwimmend ans Land retten und zum Dank bauten sie im Kalksteinfelsen diese Skulpturen. Die kleine Kirche ist wehendes Spiels von Licht und Schatten ein mystischer Ort.

    Danach assen wir an der Piazzetta, die wie ein Wohnzimmer mit Meerblick wirkt, zwei
    Tartufo, eines mit dunkler Schokolade, das Andere mit Pistazien. Das ist ein typisches Erzeugnis der Stadt, wofür sie in der ganzen Welt bekannt geworden ist.
    Zuerst sass ein kleines Mädchen nicht mehr auf seinem Stuhl, sondern entsetzt auf dem Boden, dann reagierte ein kleiner Jagdhund wollte den Quitschball des Mädchens schnappen, als er das nicht durfte, jagte er der Katze nach. Kurze Zeit später, klirrte ein Teller auf den Boden und der krönende Abschluss war ein Stromausfall und wir sassen im Dunkeln.
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  • Day17

    Pentidattilo, von Griechen verlassen

    October 18 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Pentidattilo war ein von Griechen bewohntes Bergdorf, welches wegen Felseinsturzgefahr von den Bewohnern 1964 verlassen wurde.
    Eine Besichtigung ist absolut lohnenswert. Die Mehrzahl der Häuser ist unbewohnt und dem Zerfall preisgegeben, einige sind bewohnt und in einigen sind kleine Geschäfte. Die Kirche ist noch intakt. Es gibt einen sehr schönen ein stündigen Rundwanderweg um den Ort und die Felsen, dabei sieht man auch die noch weiter in den Bergen liegenden Nachbarorten mit Schluchten, Olivenhainen und Flußtälern.
    An dem kleinen Parkplatz haben wir in außergewöhnlichlicher Ruhe übernachtet.
    Kilometerstand: 1900
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  • Day25

    Ciro marina. Italian South Coast

    June 5, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Lovely weather and a nice ride through the rolling countryside. In the four hour ride I don't think I saw one motorcycle which I thought very unusual for this trip. I did see a few more of those girls standing by the road, a bit more modestly dressed than those of yesterday but I don't think they were waiting for a bus.
    I chose this place as it is half way to Sicily from Matera and it is a small town with a beach front hotel which happens to be four star. So as I write this I'm being waited on in the restaurant by more staff than there are customers.
    The food is some of the best I've had. I love it.
    The photos are of the ride plus several from the hotel and it's surroundings as it is so nice.
    I needed to do a bit of work to the bike when I arrived as the chain needed cleaning and new grease after all the rain. So I sprayed it with a cleaner then wiped it with several rags during which my hands became very black. As I entered this posh hotel I tried to hide my black hands and smiled at the concierge who said Mr Sprot here is your passport.
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  • Day42

    Footprints of Saint Paul

    June 26, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Well our trip had taken us to Thessalonika, Crete, Athens and now Corinth! We have been in search of Saint Paul's footprint. Finally we arrived a couple of days ago in Corinth and we think we have discovered it! There on the pebbly Corinth beach it was! Downtown Corinth is a bustling seaport, but we had a great lunch by the beach and look what we found! Did you know Paul wore hush puppies sandals?Read more

  • Day44

    Scilla Italy

    June 28, 2019 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 25 °C

    We took the overnight ferry from Patras on Greece to Bari in Italy. Then we drove 450 kms to Scilla which is a gorgeous fishing village just 22km from the end of Italy before the Messina straits. We have a small apartment right on waterfront with water lapping our bedroom. Went for swim which was refreshing too! Parking here is problem for visitors but not locals who ride scooters in the narrow alleyways at great speed. Ate pasta for tea followed by ice cream. High above the village is the old fort which dates back to 400BC. Ancient fishing legends tell of a beautiful nymph who turned into a monster with six heads and twelve tentacles and who lived in the Messina straits and terrorised sailors and fisherman.Read more

  • Day69

    Ciro Marina

    June 1, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After a slow start we are now making swifter progress west. We spent another night in Taranto and used the day to visit Martina Franca photos attached, this is where we changed buses to go to Alberobello. The old town on top of the hill was beautiful, lots of tiny winding streets opening to Piazzas. From Taranto to Policoro Marina it’s about 5km from the town but so sheltered, clean, cheap and with good facilities. Then a night in Cariati Marina, old, expensive, no facilities but old town, again up the hill, was pretty and latte’s cost €1 each! We are now back in Ciro Marina, we stopped here about the same time last year, but this time we might have to pay as have been asked to visit an office later, not sure where, the wave from the guy who helped us moor was fairly vague.Read more

  • Day73

    Ciro - La Castella - Rocella Ionica

    June 5, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    36nM calm trip yesterday from Ciro, we didn’t end up paying as no one in the office when they said or later that evening or the next morning. We watched the first half of the Champions League final Liverpool v Spurs so saw the first goal, we were watching the match with some Italian/Sicilian Canadians from Montreal apparently they do an Italian holiday every year.
    In Ciro we did a shop as we knew there were no supermarkets either here in La Castella or in Rocella Ionica our destination tomorrow. Took the day off today and did some baking more carrot cake and also some cheesecake to use some GF biscuits John decided he didn’t like. The only thing worth photographing here is the castle, but as I didn’t carry iPad here is photo from the internet, we had hoped to go for walk around the castle but it’s not open till the summer so we literally just walked around it! Over here that means July and August.
    We had another long trip to Rocella, it started off well but then 3hours of chop before a calm finish, we were underway for 8 hours. Having another couple of days off then a 10 hour trip to the Messina Straits. We have visited the castle and tower here in Rocella, wandered around town, done washing, and replaced tap washers so cleaning tomorrow. We found a random pedestrian trail up to the Castle in Rocella and only realised when we tried to leave through the main gate that it was actually closed well gates were padlocked shut. They have done a fair amount of renovation work on the old church and seaward side of castle rest still to be finished. We think that in season they have artist displays or similar.
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  • Day76


    June 8, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    From Rocella Ionica we had a 10 hour trip around the toe of Italy and up towards the Messina straits stopping the night in Reggio Calabria. We started out at 6am so were moored up around 4pm and managed a stroll through town and then back along the promenade. In this region of Italy there aren’t many old buildings the earthquakes keep destroying them, but the rebuilds in Reggio were Baroque in style and the streets were wide there were trees there that had definitely withstood many of the quakes that had toppled buildings, they were huge. We only stayed the one night then had a short 2hour hop to Scilla tomorrow we plan to go towards the Aeolian Islands but stopping at Milazzo on the way for a night.
    Scilla has a castle and lots of winding streets and two sword fish boats, they are weird most seem to do tourist trips nowadays, where you can climb to the crows nest to look for swordfish.
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  • Day83

    Vibo, Tropea and Cetraro

    June 15, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    We thenturned north again for an overnight cruise to Vibo Marina arriving at 6am we had a quick snooze before going into Marina, which is near Tropea but a lot cheaper! Would definitely recommend this family run pontoon with lovely club house and helpful staff. This is the first time a Marinero has asked to come onboard and help with lazy lines! We took a train ride south 11 miles ish to Tropea a quite cute place, it’s up on a promontory with little narrow street and lots of churches. We are now in Cetraro not particularly noteworthy just a convenient stop off as we head northRead more

  • Day85

    Isole di Dino, Sapri

    June 17, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    From Cetraro we continue NW along the coast stopping for a dip and lunch off Isola Di Dino. Island was cute with impressive caves but the mainland coast was lined with brolly and lounger concessions. Back from the thin low stretch of coast were impressive hills, On the hill above the island was a town with pastel painted houses that made me think of ‘Ballimory’ from the kids TV programme. Scario where we anchored to spend the night wasn’t really note worthy for anything other than the wide the shallow bay it was in but we had a delicious pizza, they made John’s GF base fresh, and generous GnT.Read more

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