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  • Day289

    Pavullo nel Frignano woodland park

    April 11, 2017 in Italy

    We said goodbye to the region of Tuscany and re-entered Emilia Romagna, a region we'd passed through a couple of months previously when making our way down the East side of Italy. The SS12 road treated us to an amazing drive. There was never time to relax as the road was constantly turning this way and that, up and down mountainsides. We were relieved that the surface wasn't too rough and it stayed wide enough to pass other vehicles without needing passing places. Around us, mountains rose up as a young child might draw them, their spiky peaks unbelievably steep. A bright sun shone from behind tree lined ridges that curved smoothly between and joined these feats of nature. Some slopes were highlighted, others were in darkness, having turned their backs to the sun.

    Although wild camping is accepted in Italy, we like to use stopovers if places go to the effort of providing them. A disadvantage of doing this is that we often find ourselves in the outskirts of a town, surrounded by concrete. It was therefore with glee that we pulled in to the Pavullo nel Frignano free stopover. It was a woodland picnic area with a gravel car park big enough for roughly 8 vans. It was just the sort of place we like and even provided free electricity! Within the woods there were wild strawberries in flower, primrose, buttercup and cyclamen to name but a few. Jays and Jackdaws flew between the trees and Will spotted a Nuthatch with the binoculars. We even got to observe an Italian Wall Lizard rearing up to divert our attention from its baby, while it scuttled away into the nearest hole.

    We stayed two nights and took a wander through the managed forest to the town, where there were more formal gardens planted with patches of blooming tulips. It was a fantasticly refreshing stay.
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  • Day322

    Day 323: Modena and Bologna

    January 3 in Italy

    First of our day trips today, this time north-west to the town of Modena. Our first World Heritage site in a couple of weeks awaited - it felt a bit strange to have gone so long without visiting one! The train took about 45 minutes, then we walked the 10 minutes into the old centre of town.

    The site itself was the Cathedral, the bell-tower and the piazza adjacent to both. The cathedral was interesting, with a mix of Romanesque and Gothic touches, plus it was quite old. The tower had a pronounced lean, but still very impressive and tall. It was meant to compete with the two towers in Bologna which we were yet to see. The piazza was OK, nothing too special really - just a large square adjacent to the two important buildings. We had a look around and did the filming we needed, but after that just had a look around.

    It seemed like quite a nice town, probably wealthier than Bologna. It's the spiritual home to Italy's car industry - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and several other smaller makers were founded here. Briefly considered going to the Ferrari museum on the edge of town at Enzo Ferrari's birthplace, but in the end decided we didn't have time.

    Headed back to Bologna around 1pm and spent the rest of the day wandering around the city. Bologna is famous for its porticoes, and indeed there were hundreds of them. Basically every street in the city is lined with columned porticoes, keeping the traffic at bay and the pedestrians dry. A couple of impressive monuments to see including the town hall, the main cathedral, and then the two towers.

    These towers are huge, and both have a very pronounced lean though are still apparently quite stable. Had a seat at nearby cafe for a while and relaxed, and struck up a conversation with an Australian girl/Italian guy couple at the next table - I heard them discussing our Australian accents and puzzlement that we had a dog with us. They were based in Turin and visiting for the weekend to see an art exhibition, so we traded contact details and will meet up next week when we make it to Turin.

    Back to the Airbnb where we relaxed for a bit, then headed out in the evening. Walked to a typical local marketplace out of the tourist area, where in the evening the typical produce market gave way to restaurants and bars. I had a lasagne (another local specialty!) while Shandos had seafood cous-cous. We also shared a plate of bruschetta and some arancini balls which were delicious. Exhausting day - almost 25,000 steps all up! More to come tomorrow!
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  • Day16


    November 28, 2017 in Italy

    Modena. The town that gave us Ferrari cars and balsamic vinegar. It also lays claim to Luciano Pavarotti whose funeral was held in its Duomo. It's a lovely sweet little town with not much in terms of spectacular monuments. "The charm of Modena is Modena. It's little shops, it's bicycles..." said a man from Seattle who has been living in Modena for many years. In Modena, bicycles rule. Every cyclist must think they are behind the wheel of a Ferrari in a demolition derby. Fast, and if you’re in their way, they'll run you over. We have learnt to approach streets, alleys, junctions and corners with great care least a cyclist appears with intent to kill.

    Like all great Italian destinations, Modena is about food. Great food like nonna would cook. Giant raviolis filled with tasty pumpkin, tasty meats that are just boiled or grilled and with no fuss preparation. Just their yummy pesto, all served up with great service, smiles and grace; even to grubby, bedraggled travelers like us.

    Oh dear. News flash. I'm writing this whilst on the train. A cap from a spray can that I uncapped flew across the train, ricochet and landed amidst 4 very serious looking men in suits, with laptops, pens and paper, having what looked like a business meeting on the train. I cracked up laughing as 2 of the men very chivalrously went on their hands and knees to help retrieve the cap that is now sliding all over the floor. Grace insist that I also mention that passengers all around us were politely laughing. Anyway, capped retrieved, I apologised profusely as the men resumed their serious men's business.
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  • Day18

    Weiter in Richtung Süden

    October 22, 2017 in Italy

    Auf der Landstraße ging es vom Gardasee in die Toskana, da wir uns die Autobahngebühren sparen und auch etwas von der Landschaft sehen wollten. Wir hatten auf dem Weg wieder einmal einen schönen Übernachtungsplatz direkt an einen angrenzenden Fluß und wurden bei der Fahrt über die Berge mit einen Wetterwechsel überrascht (das erste Mal dass wir bisher Regen hatten).

  • Day21

    Ferrari Factory Tour & Museum

    October 21, 2016 in Italy

    Sadly we weren't allowed to take pictures in the Factory but I made up for that in that museum 😊

    The factory was interesting though.... Employees used to sign the engines they built up until a few yesrs ago, when they replaced that process with a barcode.

    Now we know where the last piece of Ferrari soul went 😥

  • Day23

    Salut Gilles!

    August 21, 2017 in Italy

    Dimanche, nous (je) avons passé la journée à satisfaire notre (ma) passion pour la course automobile et plus particulièrement Ferrari. En matinée, visite du musée Ferrari de Maranello. Pour le diner on a choisi au hasard un petit resto jumelé à un hôtel familial. Quand le proprio a compris qu'on était Canadien, (son ami d'enfance travail à Toronto depuis quelques années) il fut très heureux de nous proposer un menu dégustation. Le mot exceptionnel ne rend pas justice à ce que nous avons mangé.
    Après cette expérience culinaire, quoi de mieux que de vivre sa passion jusqu'au bout. Pour ceux qui se pose la question, c'était un V12... si vous imaginé que ça va vite, dites-vous que mon imagination n'avait pas prévu cette vitesse. Ça pris plus de 30 minutes pour arrêter de trembler et de me ramener sur terre.
    Après cette expérience, en route vers Modène pour le musée Enzo Ferrari. Encore une fois beaucoup d'émotions.
    La journée s'est terminée sur une terrasse à côté de l'appartement avec un bon Proséco et un échantillon de chaque entrée du resto (une erreur de communication entre moi et notre serveur. Je voulais juste une entrée quelconque, il a compris une de chaque...) mais quelle belle soirée qui complète une journée folle que je n'oublierai pas de sitôt.
    P.S. Est-ce que je vous ai dit que c'était un V12?
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  • Day35


    July 3 in Italy

    We started the day by touring the balsamic vinegar production at Acetaia di Giorgio. This is a family owned company and has been in the family for generations. We learned how traditionally a new batch of balsamic vinegar would begin at the birth of a girl in the family. The vinegar starts in a large barrel and over the years moves to smaller and smaller barrels. About 10% of vinegar in each barrel evaporates every year so vinegar from the larger barrels are added to the next smallest barrel in succession, and new vinegar is only ever added to the largest barrel. Traditionally, when the girl came of marrying age the vinegar from the smallest barely would be used as her dowry. While the use of vinegar as a dowry no longer occurs, the same barreling process occurs to this day. There are two classifications of balsamic vinegar in Modena. A traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena which must be aged for at least 12 years, and a vintage traditional Balsamic vinegar of Modena which must be aged for at least 25 years. We sampled 5 of their vinegars with variations of them being 12 vs 25 years as being aged in uniform oak barrels vs different types of wood for each barrel the vinegar moves between. My favorite types were of the vintage variety and mixed wood. I decided to splurge and ship one of these bottles to the US with the intention of opening it on my 25th birthday when I will be as old S. Vintage traditional balsamic vinegar of modena! It was impressive to see how much patience goes into the production of balsamic vinegar. It makes sense for it to be a family business, it has to be since there can only be a few batches of vinegar made in a lifetime! We then drove to the city to have lunch. Modena is the city where the first two episodes of season 2 of Master if None take place so we decided to stop by some of the places in the show! We walked around Mercato Albinelli, the market the Dev and Arny walked around and tried different cheeses. We then had lunch at bar M.Schiavdni which is the sandwich shop that Dev and Arny are at and took kiss and wave videos of themselves at. I made a video of myself doing the same thing there! The sausage sandwiches there were delicious! After lunch we drove out of Modena to make our way to Carpigiani Gelato Univeristy and museum! We started our trip with a cup of gelato each which was absolutely amazing. We later realized this was unnecessary since we had 3 more cups of gelato on our tour, but hey the more the merrier! This was the best gelato we have had in Italy so it was essential to enjoy it as much as possible! Our tour began with a tour of the museum were we learned about the history of gelato starting from simple ice desserts for the elite to hand spun machines to modern day technologies that do the difficult spinning for you! After the tour we went into this shop where we took the gelato master class and learned how to make gelato! In the class we actually made a sorbet instead of gelato since it is easier for a beginner as it doesn’t involve cream and milk, just water. At first they planned on having us make a banana flavor which we were luckily able to switch to apricot. I would say we did a great job making our sorbet and are on our way to becoming gelato experts! Who knows Dad may even take their 4 week long course at some point! After we were done with gelato university we went back to modena and walked around for a bit before dinner. We had dinner at the sister restaurant of the best restaurant in the world, Osteria Francesca. The sister restaurant was called Franceschetta 58 and it was amazing! We had a delicious cheese welcoming dish, a fancy burger appetizer, and then I had a squid ink pasta for my man course. Throughout my day in Modena and Gelato University I’ve realized that I agree with Devs jingle in Master of None. Eating in Italy is my favorite thing, eating in Italy is my favorite thing!Read more

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