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  • Day7


    November 8 in Italy

    Amazing drive south toward the Amalfi coast leads us here. Views, views, and more views of this city built in the limestone of the mountain. Hiked down to the Bay of Salerno. Even dipped my toes in the water, which felt great. The sand is volcanic with small stones were rough.
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  • Day26

    Day 26 - Positano Arrival!

    October 5, 2017 in Italy

    Wow! Positano is stunning.

    After checking out of our bed and breakfast in Anacapri, we caught the (wrong) bus down to the Capri marina (followed by a taxi to the right place) to catch our quick 25 minute ferry to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. After we arrived at the Positano port, I saw our arrival message from our host, telling us to take a taxi or bus to the B&B. I looked the address up on Apple Maps and it said 0.3 miles, 7 minute walk...

    Tim gets a quick shot of espresso (bad idea!!) and we begin the walk (with about 30 pounds on our backs). Well...this 0.3 mile walk is essentially a hike up 400+ steep steps into a completely vertical cliff in the blazing sun. With no water. And without the phone navigation working, so I was pretty sure we were also lost. BUT...then we saw the B&B sign at our entrance...we made it!!

    Our awesome host gave us some water and let us settle in. This is the best place we have stayed by far. Our view of the cliffs and the buildings and the water is amazing. Of the 4 rooms in the B&B, ours is the only one with a private terrace. We also have a sitting area on the main terrace. The views are incredible.

    We caught our breath, changed into our bathing suits, and walked down the 400 (now easy) steps to the Fornillo beach. We had an awesome lunch on the beach, then got some chairs and an umbrella. I started a new book, Tim went for a quick swim, and we laid out in the sun for a couple of hours. We returned to our room to relax for awhile and to rinse off. Then we had some wine on our beautiful terrace and got ready for dinner. Our dinner was at a beautiful restaurant on the side of a cliff (as everything is here) - a bottle of Amalfi white wine, a pear and walnut salad to split, sea bass for Tim, and clam pumpkin ravioli for me, followed by tiramisu and decaf espresso. Amazing.

    Now, back to my book!! Goodnight!!
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  • Day27

    Day 27 - Positano Beach Day

    October 6, 2017 in Italy

    Today was a much needed relaxing beach day. After breakfast on the terrace, we climbed down to the beach. We got some chairs and laid out for about 6 hours. Tim went for a long swim, which included a small cave swim and jumping off of some rocks. I just read all day! We had an awesome lunch on the beach - mussels and clams for me and sea bass for Tim! After the beach, we hiked back up to our room for a few hours of more relaxing, this time in bed with the beautiful views of the cliffside outside our terrace. We finished the day with a wonderful dinner - prosciutto and melon to start, spaghetti with clams for Tim, spaghetti with shrimp for me, and tiramisu for dessert! Yum!Read more

  • Day11


    June 28, 2017 in Italy

    Had many many steps to walk down to the 'beach' which was rocks not sand but swam in the Mediterranean! Praiano is built on the side of a mountain with narrow steep streets and step walk ways from one level to the next. Everywhere you look the views are spectacular. Just amazing. Afternoon tea on a cafe terrace overlooking the water, lemon cake was 😋Read more

  • Day28

    Day 28 - Path of the Gods (for Tim)

    October 7, 2017 in Italy

    Today was a fairly uneventful and relaxing day for me. I woke up, had breakfast, walked the long windy road through Positano, checked out the city center and shops, then laid out on a chair at the main beach and read my book for awhile. Then I got a sandwich at a cafe overlooking the sea and headed back to the B&B for a nap.

    Tim, on the other hand, had a very long and eventful day. He woke up, had breakfast, and set off for the famous Path of the Gods hike through the Amalfi Coast. It took a few hours, lots of walking, and two crazy bus rides to get to the start in Bomerano. He met a couple of friends and they set off for the 8 km or so walk. He said it was definitely the coolest hike he has ever done and that the views were amazing. The hike ends at Nocelle, a small town at the top of Positano, and then he walked the long road back home.

    (The walk is apparently not for anyone with severe fear of heights or vertigo...that's why I didn't go. I went back and forth for months whether I was going to do it. But I'm glad I didn't. Tim said there were definitely parts where I would have panicked.)

    Even though Tim was exhausted, we went out for our last Positano dinner. We split a cheese and meat plate with jelly, lobster pasta, and grilled sea bass. Yum!
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  • Day270

    It was a change of scene for us today. Coming away from the coast we entered the realms of raw mountain territory, leaving behind the Prickly Pear cacti and Palms, for pines, Broom and bare winter trees. Following one of the many deep gorges, we took the path the River Castrocucco had forged through the rocky Alpine scenery, dotted with large individual dwellings that reminded us very much of Austria. There was even the remnants of snow on the peaks of a few prominent mountains.

    The sun was strong and it was over 20°C outside, even several hundred meters up in the hills. We are really enjoying seeing Spring unfold with white and pink blossom or fresh new leaves budding on some trees. Vibrant yellow butterflies caught the light and soaked in the warmth as they flitted across our path.

    We'd aimed to cover 170km but after 130km we saw signs telling us 'strada chiuso per frana ecceto residenti'. Vicky knew it said the road was closed for 'frana' except for residents and just as she translated the mystery word, we rounded a corner and were faced with a very impressive visual translation of what the sign meant. Concrete blocks and large red and white plastic bollards blocked our path. Beyond them, the road had split and a large section was over 40cm away down the hill. We weren't quite sure what the sign intended residents to do to avoid the landslide, but we had no alternative but to turn round and find another way through.

    Instead of staying at the town stopover we'd programmed in, Will spotted access to a grassy field next to a river. The place, like so many others in Italy had been used as a dumping ground, there was a matress, clothes bags, rubble, tyres and bottles strewn all around and even a cardboard box containing a black bin liner emitting 'L'Eau de dead animal'. We've had to learn to switch off to these sights to a certain extent and without them the place really was beautiful, so we decided to stay. Instead of looking at the rubbish, we focussed on the white lilly flower in the hedgerow, the sun shining through the new Lindon leaves and sparkling on the light blue water as it gushed over its grey stone bed. There was a sign on the ground warning of sudden large waves due to the hydro electric dam upstream. We'd seen a green pipe travelling several kilometres up a mountain on our journey here and have frequently noticed broad river beds with just a trickle of water flowing. We wonder if these are all possible courses to let out water used for power generation.

    As evening came on bats began to dart here and there near the canopy of the taller trees. It is the first time we have noticed them here in Italy and they were a welcome addition to this tranquil spot.
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  • Day42

    Amalfi Coast

    October 14, 2016 in Italy

    After spending most of our trip in major cities, it was nice to enjoy a slower paced more scenic stay on the Italian coast. We stayed in an apartment with a beautiful rooftop view where we enjoyed drinking wine and planning the rest of our trip.

    We took a 2 hour public bus along the Amalfi Coast and enjoyed visiting a beautiful quaint town called Ravello and the town of Amalfi as well. We were lucky to get a seat both ways as the buses were packed and some people had to stand for the whole ride! The bus ride along the edge of the cliffs was more exciting than most roller coasters - we were thoroughly impressed by the bus drivers' skills of navigating the roads that sometimes turn into one ways.

    Lastly we enjoyed some limoncello a liqueur drink made in this region from organic lemons! 🍋🍋🍋🍋
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  • Day42


    October 10 in Italy

    Our destination for today was Amalfi and the easiest way to get here was by ferry. Such a pleasant way to travel and with a fabulous view of the coast line to admire on the way.

    We were sad to be leaving Sorrento as we really enjoyed our time there and were hoping Amalfi would be just as good... and it was but in a totally different way. Sorrento has a bit of sophistication about it (I think that’s the best way to describe it). It is very ordered and dressed to impress, which it does. Amalfi is a maze of alleyways to explore off the main street and down the alleyways are cool shops, different to what we have seen elsewhere, and excellent restaurants to enjoy. It has a real old Italian charm about it and the alleys have been decorated with planters, artwork etc so it’s as pretty as picture.

    I do have to admit though that Amalfi does have a couple of strange water features. One is the fountain in the main square which was currently under restoration. I’m not sure what the sculptor was thinking when he positioned the water spouts. Very interesting choice.

    The other is a fountain that was La Fontana de Cape ‘e Ciucci. The fountain was built of stone and the two faces of marble in the 18th century. The name derives from the old custom of when donkeys came down from the village of Pogerola and were led there to drink. For some reason in 1974 people started placing small figurines on the rocks of the fountain with the purpose of creating a nativity scene. Over the years many of the figurines have been submerged and for some reason this fountain has become a tourist attraction. To say it isn’t attractive would be an understatement as I don’t think there is anything pretty about this fountain.
    We had a couple of days to enjoy here and as it isn’t a big town we relaxed, enjoyed browsing the shops and did lots of eating and drinking.

    On the first day we found a very cute restaurant by mistake down a small alley. It had so much charm and what we thought was just a small alleyway restaurant was in fact quite a huge establishment that had been running for 35 years. We were lucky enough to sit in the small courtyard surrounded by old buildings. Very authentic.

    After dinner we thought we had better buy a dessert from Pasticceria Pansa, which has been serving sweets since 1830.

    Opened by Andrea Pansa, a master in the art of confectionery, and managed by five generations of Pansas, the café/pastry shop has been selling its sweets, cookies, candied fruit and chocolates. Part of the enjoyment was unwrapping the beautifully wrapped package they give you when your order to go. It was like Christmas. And the “gift” inside was delicious. We could see (taste) why the shop was so successful.

    The weather wasn’t the best on our second day so after a visit to the Cathedral we decided to relax with drink before lunch and returned to a restaurant in the quieter square beneath our accommodation. I love the old Italian men trying to entice people into their restaurants. They have a sense of humour and a twinkle in their eye. It worked on us and we ended up enjoying not only a drink but a delicious lunch AND a dessert (Brad only, I was good/full), and a lot of banter. A fun way to spend the afternoon and when the owner started introducing us as his brother and sister, we asked for a family discount.

    Amalfi definitely impressed us and we have loved this part of the Italian coast.
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  • Day43

    With it being a cloudier day today we decided to scrap our plans of spending the day on the beach and instead we visited the Duomo di Amalfi; Cattedrale di Sant'Andrea, the Amalfi Cathedral. What a pleasant surprise this Cathedral was. Very pretty but not overdone on the outside and also unique to the others we have seen.

    Built between the 9th and 10th centuries on the ruins of a previous temple, it is now a conglomeration of two churches and a bell tower that have been modified and added to over several centuries. It houses a museum and the Cathedral and is definitely worth a visit.

    Someone asked if we were over seeing churches and old buildings but every one we have visited has had its own unique features that amaze us every time. And this one was no different.

    The lush garden of the Cloisters of Paradise was a pleasant surprise, surrounded by the white, almost Moroccan style arches, it made a pretty picture. And if you stood in just the right place you could capture a photo of the adjoining bell tower through an arched window.

    As with many other cathedrals a lot of the artwork that remain are not full pieces and we just get a glimpse of what it would have once looked like. This was the case for the upper floor of the museum but the crypt was another story.

    Completed in 1208, it holds the relics of the apostle, St Andrew, to whom the church is dedicated. The crypt has been very well preserved. With its stunningly decorated arches, beautiful chandeliers and amazing statues and alters, it was breathtaking!!

    The cathedral itself was also beautiful with arches of white contrasting against the highly decorated pulpit and naves. And of course there was the odd skull on display.

    This was worth the €3 admission (we overheard some people complaining about having to pay) and a great place to visit.
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