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  • Day7

    Siena, az elkepeszto foteru varos

    July 12, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Adós vagyok a tegnapi nappal, amikor is Sienat látogattuk meg. Nem terveztünk mást erre a napra, mert Sienat eleve minden útikönyv több napi proginak javasolja, nekünk meg így is "csak" egy napunk van ra.
    Azért szerdát választottuk mert kiolvastam hogy akkor van a szokásos heti piac- naná hogy ott a helyünk!
    Na hat jól megszivtuk, mert már eleve parkolni alig birtunk, minden fullon volt. Mivel a piac csak 1h-ig volt (hivatalosan fel2, de már 1tol pakoltak), ezért végül szegeny Marcit otthagytam a kocsival helyet keresni, en meg belevetettem magam a forgatagba, ami a Fortezza Medicea (hatalmas erőd) oldalán húzódott vegig. Igazi olasz hatalmas piac mindennel! Marcus kb fel óra múlva csatlakozott és együtt szereztünk be egy ket dolgot, bár őszintén én többet vártam (megallapitas: a Porta Portesenel nincs jobb! :))).

    Piacozas után elsetaltunk a Piazza del Campohoz, ami siena kagyló alakú főtere, egyszerűen gyönyörű, tenyleg olyan mint egy amfiteátrum. Ezen a teren szoktak megrendezni kétszer egy évben a híres paliot, a kosztümös Lovasversenyt, amikor a város 10 kerülete versenyzik egymással. Egyébként a tér maga is kilenc reszre van osztva: a középkorban döntéshozó Kilencek Tanacsa miatt. A ternek szerves részét kepezi a Palazzo Publico (városháza) illetve a Torre del
    Mangia- utóbbit meg is másszuk. :) de mielőtt erre sort keritunk, kiulunk a térre és iszunk egy proseccot/birrat meg egy egy macchiatot, igazi olasz módra (egy "Fagyesz csillagos", azaz -nagymamám jo példáját követve: "hedós"- ertekelessel:)))

    Érdemes meg megnézni a fekete- feher csikos (nekem kisse tuldiszitett) gótikus székesegyházat, amit pont az orrunk előtt zártak be de azert sikerült bekukucskalni (és másnap kiderült hogy a San Gimignano duomo belül ugyanolyan csak "kicsiben").

    Marcinak vettünk egy szuper kalapot, úgyhogy most mar nem csak én feszitek a tuti kalapomban hanem Marci is velem együtt nyomja.:)

    Ebédelni egy lejtős mellékutca borbarjat választottuk, és nem bántuk meg: Marci isteni tengeri herkentyuket, én ég gazpachot és Carbonarat ettem miközben pazar kilatasban volt részünk!

    Ja és meg egy dolog: minden tele van anyafarkas-szoborral, ami Siena szimbóluma (Romulus és Remus miatt, Remus fia, Senia alapította legenda szerint Sienat.)
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  • Day22

    Tuscany for the day

    January 5, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    I did the bakery run on my own this morning. One by one, we've had a head cold. It's Dave's turn so I let him stay in bed. Today we had a private tour guide (Graziano) pick us up and take us out of Florence for the day. Our first stop was Siena which was about an hour away. The places we visited today were towns inside walls and only local traffic was allowed in. The wind was a bit chilly today and all these places have narrow streets and tall buildings so the warmth of the sun is a bit scarce. We meandered through the streets for an hour or so. Then we headed to a very small village Monte Riggioni where we climbed up on the walls. It was very picturesque and a quaint village. Graziano had asked us earlier if we would like lunch at a winery so of course we said yes. We went to a small family run winery, which is what most of them are. We were greeted by Jessica who looked after us. We went upstairs to a private room and the view was spectacular.
    1: We started off with a light white wine with bruschetta. Toppings: artichoke, olive paste, chicken liver pate, a smoother chicken liver pate, tomato, olive oil. By the way, Brodie was included in the wine tasting as it's legal for him to drink beer and wine. Kellie doesn't like wine but had a taste. Dave usually finished their's off.
    2: Then we had a light red wine with a fresh tomato sauce pasta dish.
    3: An intense red wine with sliced meat and cheeses.
    4: Another red wine, by now I'm confused about all the red wines I have lined up because I'm still on the first. With this wine we had bread and about six different flavoured olive oils to taste.
    5: A dessert wine serve with biscotti. You dip the biscuit into the wine. With this one it was served in a shot glass. Brodie drank it like a shot and turned the glass upside down. It was so funny. By the way this wine 15% alcohol. Hence a little bit giggly. Well it was something we wouldn't really do, but it turned out to be a good experience and will be a highlight. We walked out with 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of olive oil.
    Then we went into the town of San Giminiano for a quick look. The sun was just setting; a beautiful sight. We arrived back in Florence about 6.30pm.
    All in all, a lovely day in the country.

    Photo 1: Siena
    Photo 2 & 3 Monte Riggioni
    Photo 4: Wine tasting
    Photo 5: A picture with Jessica, San Giminiano in background
    Photo 6: Streets of San Giminiano
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  • Day342

    Day 343: Siena

    January 23, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Up and out around 10am after our first hotel breakfast in quite a while! Indulged a little bit and felt quite full afterwards, though it was definitely nicer than the usual muesli & yoghurt fare we have in the mornings! Only a short drive to Siena of around 20 minutes, where we parked at the front of another large and largely empty carpark.

    The car parks are underneath the cliffs which the city is built on, but thankfully our car park had escalators installed so you weren't trudging up hundreds of steps! Still quite a long way up though. Siena is a much larger city than San Gimignano, a population of around 50,000 or so. Quite a few more tourists around again, though it wasn't exactly what I'd call busy.

    The main feature here is the large fan-shaped square in the centre, where every year a horse race known as the Palio takes place. The jockeys ride bareback and do three laps at breakneck speed in what's not a very large area - apparently crashes are quite common, as are horses finishing riderless, and the whole thing only takes 90 seconds! Sounds exciting though.

    Enjoyed the square, filmed a few things, and had a wander around the alleyways and streets to soak up the atmosphere. Schnitzel decided that today he was going to be a jerk and just kept barking at everything - kids, adults, pigeons, other dogs, wheely suitcases. Pretty much anything. Since we wanted to go inside some of the buildings and he was just being annoying, we went and put him back in the car! It was underground so no chance of him overheating or anything.

    Bought a combined ticket for the cathedral and a couple of other spots. The cathedral was absolutely incredible inside, made out of striped black and white marble for an incredible effect. Lots of great paintings too, and a couple of sculptures by Michelangelo and Donatello. The library off to the side of the main church had some hymn sheets from the 12th century, and an incredible series of frescoes about the life of Pope Pius II who hailed from nearby Pienza.

    Definitely glad we went inside here, though we rather skimmed the museum since it was mostly the original versions of sculptures and statues that we'd already seen the replicas of. Lastly we visited the "facade". This is a large facade wall for the cathedral, because during a particularly wealthy and prosperous period of the town's existence, the locals decided to expand the cathedral into the world's largest basilica. They got as far as building one tall facade wall to re-orient the building before the plague arrived in town, lots of people died and of course the money dried up.

    It's a strange feeling being out on a narrow wall towering over the city, but it had fantastic views in both directions as you'd expect! Lots of steps to get up, but definitely worth it. Finished off our filming here, then grabbed a gelato and sat in the sun of the main piazza for a while. As late afternoon approached we went back to the car and drove home.

    Ate at the hotel restaurant again (it's probably 15 minutes drive from anywhere of note and we didn't have a kitchen), but just had a pasta dish each this time - much more manageable bill!
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  • Day4

    Siena. Been there. Old, and not.

    April 22, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Do you remember the 13th to 15th century? The Sienese sure do. They rocked the world back then, with supersize cathedral attempts and supercivil government. Now it's dukeing it out 21c style with astounding art and aravicious retail outlets. 13c; bring it back....

    We parked the camper on the edge of town and caught a bus in. We visited the city square, the Duomo, a traditional cafe, and walked back through the city to the bus stop. Couldn't find the right bus back - and rode for over an hour through very working class areas of Siena.Read more

  • Day27


    December 9, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Siena is a very beautiful and ancient city. We are staying in the attic of a 15th century old building. We were hungry when we arrived. Fortunately, good friends of ours brought us instant laksa that had travelled from Singapore to Perth then onto Italy. Yummy warming and comfort food!!!
    It was cold and windy when we arrived with temperatures dipping down to -5*.
    We were quite awe struck to find old mediaeval streets all culminating onto Piazza del Campo.
    It is probably the biggest Campo we have come across yet.
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  • Day38

    Siena, Italy

    September 2, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    Well this is the first bigger town in Tuscany and we are already convinced. You can really feel the renesanse in the air. The architecture is stunning and so are the streets inside the wall with all that cute shops. It was hard not to spend everything here. Thor was once again in the center of attention as kids and random couples wanted to pet him. I bet he felt like a star :)

    It's funny, that Siena with big Duomo and Piazza is so large, contrary to small villages we passed by today, but somehow has this Tuscany vibe. You can spot this town miles away, as orange-brown color gives it away. Impressive.
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  • Day29


    December 11, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Siena, is a city in central Italy’s Tuscany region, it is surrounded by medieval brick buildings.

    The fan-shaped central square, Piazza del Campo, is the site of the Palazzo Pubblico, the Gothic town hall, and Torre del Mangia, a slender 14th-century tower with sweeping views from its distinctive white crown.

    We went on our own guided walking tour through the city of Siena and the little quant alley ways.

    We looked at shop windows of small little boutique shops , we also love looking inside some churches which we came across on our travels.
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  • Day31


    December 13, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Today we must have been hungry, cold and dateless tourists. Here are the reasons.

    We went to the locals market this morning that sold mainly clothes and homeware but also some food. We quickly walked through the clothes and homeware to find the food. The food was mostly fruits and vegetables and fish but there were a few stalls that sold hot food. Hot whole chicken, Pork shanks and various deep fried goods. We bought fruits and vegetables for dinner and got given free lemon and parsley. Then we got breakfast. We were given extra meat in our delicious Suckling Pig roll and got many free tastings. The store holder handed us an Italian calendar saying it was a souvenir. We must have needed dates for 2018. A whole calendar full of dates.

    We found a sock lady at the market selling socks designed with bugs, cows, pigs and many other interesting designs. We bought 6 pairs of fun socks and got given 4 free frightfully ugly yellow socks - “[pointing to four of us] uni, dos, tres, quattro, [1,2,3,4] present!”. We were freezing but didn’t think we showed it enough to be given free socks and I thought 5 layers rugged me up enough. Apparently not.

    Later that morning we stumbled upon another food market for the celebration of Santa Lucia. It was like the Sideshow alley lolly vans at the Perth royal show but Italian. Filled with Italian sweets from nougat to fudges to cakes to lollies. As we made our way through the markets, we got handed free tasters from almost every store.

    So, super full and almost rolling from all the free food, we made our way to the Duomo (Siena Cathedral) art galleries for a quiet afternoon.

    After Swee and I finished at the galleries, we proceeded on an accidental 4km walk around Siena. Accidental because we just kept getting lost through the beautiful side streets and alleys that Siena has to offer.
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  • Day13

    1/2: Siena

    July 1, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    6:45 Uhr - dritter Versuch. Das Wetter sah gar nicht schlecht aus - aber das Boot fuhr nicht- zu gefährlich wegen Wind. Aber wir waren ja vorbereitet - ab nach Siena 🤗
    Nach 2 Std. Fahrzeit waren wir halb 11 da. Mit besserer Vorbereitung hätte ich gewußt, das der Piazza del Campo genau der Platz war, wo wir hin wollen.... Aber Sören meisterte die Parkplatzsuche hervorragend 👌
    Piazza del Campo - der berühmte Platz in Siena! Und da war heute mächtig was los, denn morgen am 2. Juli findet der Palio - das berühmte Pferderennen statt. Alles wurde vorbereitet dafür.
    Zunächst aber ging es über den Domplatz. Ich war einfach nur fasziniert von der Architektur des Doms.
    Auf dem Campo dann spürte man schon die Aufregung.. Alles war in Bewegung, Sand wurde aufgebracht, Tribünen hergerichtet, Fernsehsender richteten sich ein ... Der Platz an sich ist schon sehenswert. Und was soll ich sagen? Da gibt's auch einen Turm, der bestiegen werden will 😅.Puh.......Bis ganz hinauf überließ ich Sören, aber die 10 Meter machten auch nichts... Grandioser Ausblick 👌. Siena muss man gesehen haben - uns hats gefallen 😍
    Etwas abseits des Campo stärkten wir uns und dann suchten wir unser Parkhaus.
    Zeit war genug und wir wollten unbedingt die Postkarten-Ansichten aus der Toskana haben, welche so schön in den Hochglanz-Prospekten abgebildet sind.....
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