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    • Day 47

      Miyajima ⛩️🌸🦌

      April 5 in Japan ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Hüt simr uf dr Wältkulturerbä Insle gsi wo schiins zu de 3 schönschte Landschafte vo Japan ghört... Näbschtem Schrein hets seeehr viiiiil wunderschöni Chirschblüeteböim ka und sehr zuertoulichi Rehli 🌸⛩️🦌Read more

    • Day 31

      Day 30-31

      March 31 in Japan ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Day 30

      We packed our bags and headed towards the bus station today to get on the bus bound for Hiroshima! After gobbling down a quick snack we were quickly rushed onto the bus and set off. The highway buses in Japan are absolutely silent! They ask you not to use your mobile phones in order to not disturb other passengers, so I got my book out and settled in for our 3 1/2 hour bus.

      After 3 long and painful hours we arrived at Hiroshima bus terminal where we grabbed our backpacks and headed off to our hotel. The best way to describe our hotel is like staying inside a cigar, the whole hotel stinks of cigarettes and smoke so not the most welcoming smell after being on a stuffy bus! We were also booked into a smoking room so we left the windows open for a few hours and the smell dissipated.

      We are in a great location right next to the peace park so we thought we’d wonder through the peace park for the rest of the afternoon. For those who don’t know, the peace park is MASSIVE and is full of monuments. Wondering around looking at the monuments and seeing the famous dome we found our way to the “peace pond” which was also very close to the centre of the bomb dropping point. I hadn’t felt overwhelmed with emotion until this point when I saw the flowers people had laid out and the eternal fire burning in remembrance of the victims but to also honour the survivors. It was very heavy and a few tears were shed! It’s just unimaginable the horror that Hiroshima faced when the bomb was dropped, we also went to the memorial hall which is full of rotating pictures of the casualties some of which were just children. It’s really heartbreaking and really difficult to see. I’ve been slightly putting off writing about this in my blog as it’s hard to describe how devastating and tragic this event is and how it made me feel, it’s hard to put into words.

      We looked at going into the museum but the queues were insane so we decided we’d get up early to go to beat the crowds a little.

      Day 31

      Alarm blaring we quickly got up and out the door to make it to the memorial museum shortly after it had opened and even so there were still a lot of people! But I’m sure less than if we had gone later in the day. The museum starts with a display of what Hiroshima was like before and then after the bomb. After the bomb literally all that was standing was the famous dome everything was just in complete wreck and ruin with the landscape being purely rubble.

      I think the core facts that stood out to me from the history section of the museum were…

      •the bomb released the equivalent of 16 kilotonnes of TNT, that’s not even a figure I can get my head around.

      •the west disgustingly nicknamed the a bomb used on Hiroshima “little boy” due to its shape and size.

      • ground temperatures near the hypo centre of the bomb reached 4,000 degrees Celsius.

      •the bomb killed an estimated 140,000 people but also causing long term illnesses and suspected genetic cancer so the casualties from the bomb is actually still rising.

      Just those facts alone quite frankly made me feel sick to my stomach, but the exhibition that tipped me over the edge was the children’s exhibition. A tricycle, a pair of shoes, a lunch box, a text book all belonging to children killed in the blast and more distressingly many were not killed instantly and suffered a brutal few days before their bodies eventually gave up. I was in absolute floods and I just can’t comprehend how terrifying it is that we have created weapons like this and have used them. It was a really really hard museum to visit but absolutely the right thing to do.

      I think that’s all I’ll say on the museum but I’m sure you can all imagine that emotions were running very high today.

      We decided in order to lift the mood we should go and do something fun! So we took the boat from the peace park out to Miyajima island! We were hoping to stand outside but we had to sit inside which was a shame, as we cruised the sea we saw the island coming clearer and clearer until we docked and clambered off. It was nice to get the fresh air as we have found Hiroshima has been very smoggy and the island was definitely a breath of fresh air!

      The first thing that took us by surprise was that there were deer everywhere just wondering around and completely unbothered by people which was quite lovely! Trying to leave a decent distance between us and the deer we took a few snaps and then headed around the island to see the Torii gate that was in the sea! Very similar to the one we kayaked to but obviously this one is much more popular. We climbed onto a small rickety boat with no other forgien tourists and were passed the large and rather comical on us bamboo hats! Before heading out for a better view of the torii gate, this time we were actually taken through the gate which I was surprised by as we weren’t allowed to kayak through the last one! But it did mean we got a very close up view of the rustic red gate whilst our guide gave us what I’m sure was a very interesting and in depth description in Japanese!

      Having rockingly returned to the beach we walked by the large shrine which at high tide appears to float as it is on stilts! It’s a brillaint red that really shines! Walking around the back of it I yelped in delight when we saw FULLY BLOSSOMED CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!! FINALLY!!! They were absolutely beautiful! It was a great little taster of hopefully what is still to come! They are incredibly delicate little flowers and are actually more white than pink! There are different types and some are more pink than others but a few are very white! I was so over the moon that we finally saw some cherry blossoms as we have been crossing our fingers and toes to see them as the forecast was so wrong! This honestly made my entire day and I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

      After catching the boat back we wondered through the peace park to enjoy it at night in the peace and quiet and then headed back to chill in our room.
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    • Day 87

      Hiroshima & Miyajima

      November 26, 2022 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Hiroshima ist für uns in vielerlei Hinsicht eindrucksvoll. Es ist eine wunderschöne Stadt in der es viel zu entdecken gibt. Besonders verliebt haben wir uns in die benachbarte Insel namens Miyajima. Schon bei der Überfahrt mit der Fähre genießen wir einen malerischen Blick auf das leuchtend rote Torii-Tor mitten im Wasser. Der Anblick auf das Tor wird in Japan übrigens als einer der drei besten Motive des Landes eingestuft. Da stimmen wir doch glatt zu. Wir genießen den Tag auf der Insel und die schönen Ausblicke auf Berge und Wälder sowie das Seto-Binnenmeer. Hier fühlen sich neben uns auch wieder die Bambis wohl. Zudem gibt es viele Naschbuden und Souvenirläden. Alles was das Herz begehrt. Ist wie Urlaub hier ;)
      Und dann gibt es da noch ein 'Tooor'. Genauer gesagt 3 Tore bei der diesjährigen "Fußball WM". Am 23.11.22 erleben wir das historische Ereignis live im japanischen Irish Pub. Beim ersten Tor für Japan sind wir uns noch nicht so sicher, ob wir das jetzt gut finden. Aber als das 2:1 für Japan fällt und die Masse im Pub zu eskalieren beginnt, finden wir das richtig cool. Es tat so gut die sonst so kontrollierten, ruhigen, sich stets im Griff habenden Japaner so in Ekstase zu erleben. Wie die sich gefreut haben. Das war richtig niedlich. Was für ein historischer Moment für uns drei bei diesem Sieg für Japan in Japan gewesen zu sein!
      Aber auch der schönste Ausflug endet einmal. Und für manche sogar der Urlaub. Schweren Herzens verabschieden wir uns von Henning, der den ersten Advent in Leipzig verbringen möchte und dann wieder auf Arbeit muss. Wir sind Dankbar für zwei tolle, unvergessliche Wochen und den Spaß mit Dir. Schön, dass du da warst.
      "Darum sagen wir, auf Wiedersehen. Die Zeit mit Dir, war wunderschön. Es ist wohl besser jetzt zu gehen, wir können keine Tränen sehen. Schönen Gruß und Aufwiedersehen." Mit einer Hommage an meine Lieblingsband...

      Hiroshima und die Reise mit Henning werden wir nie vergessen!
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    • Day 6

      Miyajima Island

      May 16, 2023 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      What a lovely day we’ve had today. I was worried about the school children so we are on the first boat over to Miyajima Island today. I figured they’d never be able to get that many teenagers organised for an early start.
      We took the direct boat from the Peace Park which takes about 40 minutes. Nice trip except for the extremely loud Americans who laughed and talked at the highest possible volume all the way. We made sure we went the opposite way to them once we got off.

      Miyajima Island is most famous for its giant torii gate, which at high tide seems to float on the water. It’s just a lovely scenic place, with great views of the sea and islands, traditional buildings, a pleasure to walk around and explore.
      We rode the rope way up to the top of Mt Misen, climbed up to the five story pagoda, explored the lovely back streets and shopping district saw the Itsukushima Shrine in both full tide and low tide.
      We’d booked to go back on the boat at 2.30 and just when we were walking back all the school kids were coming off the ferry. Perfect!
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    • Day 4

      Isola di Miyajima

      July 21, 2023 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Dopo solo 10 minuti di navigazione arriviamo sull'isola di Itsukushima, meglio nota come isola di Miyajima, che in giapponese significa “santuario-isola”.

      Ci danno il benvenuto dei simpatici cerbiatti, per nulla spaventati dalla presenza delle persone, anzi si lasciano accarezzare mentre provano a rubarti il cibo o qualunque altra cosa tu abbia in mano o in tasca.
      Trascorriamo il resto della giornata visitando l'isola per cogliere tutti i suoi lati: quello spirituale e quello naturale.

      Il basso livello del mare ci permette di vedere il grande Torii rosso in tutta la sua imponenza. Il portale in mare fa parte del santuario di Itsukushima, uno tra i più antichi della regione, considerato patrimonio dell’umanità dall’Unesco: lo percorriamo tutto affidando al destino (e ad appena 400 yen) la nostra fortuna.

      Proseguiamo la visita addentrandoci nel parco di Momijidani (parco degli aceri): il parco è attraversato dalle rive dell’omonimo fiume, è popolato da oltre 200 aceri e può capitare di imbattersi in qualche antico tempio.

      Ultima tappa della giornata è la pagoda a 5 piani: una costruzione immensa del 1407 che fonde elementi della tradizione buddista zen e quelli della tipica architettura giapponese.

      L'isola avrebbe meritato una visita di due giorni per goderla a pieno, con la luce del tramonto e con molti meno turisti. Abbiamo già iniziato a trovare delle scuse per tornare in Giappone.
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    • Day 44

      Dagtripje van Hiroshima naar Miyajima

      September 13, 2023 in Japan ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Vlakbij Hiroshima ligt het eiland Miyajima, wat vertaald ‘tempeleiland’ betekent. 🏯Nou, dat hebben wij geweten. De mooiste tempel ligt direct aan het water met een mega Torii voor de kust. Deze Torii weegt 60 ton en wanneer het hoog water is lijkt het alsof deze poort zweeft boven het water. ⛩️ 🌊

      Over het eiland lopen weer hertjes rond. Deze hertjes zijn alleen iets agressiever dan eerder in Nara. Helaas hebben wij af en toe even een veilig plekje moeten zoeken om iets te snacken. En ook is onze kaart van het eiland opgegeten voor een hertje, dom beest 🦌

      Naast verschillende tempels zijn wij ook met 2 verschillende kabelbaantjes naar boven gegaan, richting Mount Misen. 🚠 Eenmaal uit de kabelbaan bleek dat wij nog 30 minuten moesten klimmen naar de top. Met deze heerlijke hitte hebben wij daar deze keer van af gezien. Want de uitzichten vanaf de top van de kabelbaan waren ook al genieten! ⛰️

      Eten, dat hebben wij vandaag ook goed gedaan. Van lekkere (spetterende) ramen 🍜 (sorry t-shirt) tot een heerlijk smeltend softijsje 🍦. Maar ook de lokale citroenen in een drankje werden geproefd 🍋
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    • Day 38

      Ausflug auf die Schrein-Insel (Miyajima)

      October 16, 2022 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Um unseren JR-Pass möglichst gut auszunutzen, ging es heute mit dem Zug nach Miyajimaguchi, von wo uns eine Fähre auf die Insel Miyajima brachte. Tatsächlich ist diese Fähre sogar auch im Bahnpass inkludiert. Auf der, wortwörtlich übersetzt (gemäss Wikipedia…), Schrein-Insel wurden wir dann sehr schnell einerseits von vielen Leuten, andererseits aber auch von vielen Bambis aka Rehen „begrüsst“. Diese sind so etwas wie die heimliche Attraktion. Obwohl auf den Schildern überall erwähnt wird, dass das Wild wild sei, kann dies so natürlich nicht bestätigt werden. Die Tiere zeigen überhaupt keine Scheu vor den Menschen. Leider mussten wir auch mitansehen, wie ein Tier versucht hat, eine liegengebliebene Atemschutzmaske zu essen. Rocio konnte diese zum Glück noch rechtzeitig dem Reh aus dem Mund ziehen. Die tatsächliche Hauptattraktion der Insel ist jedoch der Itsukushima-Schrein mit seinem im Wasser liegenden (je nach Wasserstand) Torii. Nach dem Besuch des Schreins liefen wir noch ein wenig um die Insel, bevor es zurück nach Hiroshima ging. Dort angekommen waren wir ziemlich hungrig und fanden zum Glück schnell ein Restaurant, das im Kantinenstil wirklich sehr feine Udon Noodles anbot.

      «Viaje a la Isla del Santuario (Miyajima)»

      Para aprovechar al máximo nuestro Japan Rail Pass, hoy tomamos el tren a Miyajimaguchi, desde donde un ferry nos llevó a la isla de Miyajima. De hecho, este ferry también está incluido en el pase de tren. En la isla de los santuarios, traducida literalmente (según Wikipedia...), fuimos muy rápidamente "saludados" por mucha gente, por un lado, pero también por muchos Bambis, o también conocidos como ciervos, por el otro. Son algo así como la atracción secreta. Aunque los carteles en todas partes mencionan que los ciervos son salvajes, por supuesto, esto no se puede confirmar. Los animales no muestran ninguna timidez hacia los humanos. Por desgracia, también tuvimos que ver cómo un ciervo intentaba comerse una máscara que se había dejado tirada. Por suerte, Rocio pudo sacarlo de la boca del ciervo a tiempo. Sin embargo, la verdadera atracción principal de la isla es el Santuario Itsukushima con su Torii en el agua (según el nivel del agua). Después de visitar el santuario, paseamos un poco por la isla antes de volver a Hiroshima. Una vez allí, estábamos bastante hambrientos y, por suerte, encontramos rápidamente un restaurante que ofrecía (a un estilo cantina) fideos udon muy buenos.
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    • Day 12

      Miyajima Is. & Hiroshima Peace Memorial

      April 13 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      After an hour on the bus we arrived at a harbour where we boarded a ferry for the short trip to
      Miyajima, an island known for its forests and ancient temples.

      We all sat on the starboard side to get a good picture of a 'floating' torii, which becomes
      partially submerged at high tide. It marks the entrance to the Itsukushima Shrine, which was first built in the 12th century.

      We got our bearings and made our way up into the hillside to the Daishoin temple. It was well worth finding the Buddha statues with all their cure knitted caps. The gardens were amazing too.

      To get back to the ferry you must transverse Omotesando Street which is brim full of local foods and souvenir shops. I tried the grilled oysters which are cultivated here. They are triple the size of our ones back home. The girls found a cocktail stand so they indulged at $A7 drink only to find a refill opportunity 50 meters further on and they only charge $A2! All good fun.

      Now we are back Hiroshima where we will pay our respects to the Atomic Bomb Dome, otherwise in Japan known as the Genbaku Dome, or the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

      A shell of a building that was one of very few left standing after the USA
      bombed Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. The bomb detonated 600 metres off the ground and destroyed everything for over 5 kilometers. Unlike the other majors cities in Japan Hiroshima had not been bombed up until that day.

      In Hiroshima today, locals have mixed feelings about the UNESCO World Heritage-listed structure. Some see it as a reminder of war whilst others consider it a tribute to remind the rest of the world that this kind of carnage should never happen again.

      The most daunting part of the day was walking through the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. As you would expect there are the images, artifacts and exhibits that are confronting and shocking.

      There is a flame outside the museum in the cenotaph which is intended to burn until the last nuclear weapon has been destroyed.

      Hiroshima should be very proud of what their city has become today.
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    • Day 12


      January 31, 2023 in Japan ⋅ 🌙 2 °C

      Today we went to the Hiroshima museum, where we learnt about the A-bomb. We walked through the peace park feeling a bit sad. We went to a temple and then caught the ferry to Miajima Island where there were cute deers lots of cute shops and lots of yummy food. We got the high ropes up the mountain for a photo shoot. We rushed back to catch the last shinkansen to kyoto. We had a yummy sushi dinner on the train.Read more

    • Day 77

      Miyajima island

      December 16, 2023 in Japan ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

      היום נסענו ליום טיול באי מייאגימה.
      ישר כשירדנו מהפארי ראינו איילים והתרגשנו מהם מאוד אפילו טל הספיקה ללטף אחד.
      הגענו לרחוב החנויות וקנינו שנינו מאצ'ה לאטה חמה להתחיל את היום.
      ראינו את הטורי המפורסם במים (נראה כמו שער אדום במים).
      המשכנו למסלול הליכה למעלה התצפית לפסגה של 535 של האי והיה מסלול של 5 ק"מ מספק ומאוד יפה מלא במקדשים יפנים.
      במקדש האחרון החלטנו לקנות ספר חותמות שבו יחתמו לנו בכל מקדש שנהיה בו ביפן. אז מקווים שהספר יתמלא בקרוב:)
      חזרנו לאכול ארוחת צהריים שחיממה אותנו והיתה בדיוק מה שרצינו, מרק אודון עם טמפורה שרימפס.
      אבא קינח בגריל אוייסטר שמסתבר שמגדלים פה ומפורסם כאן מאוד.
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