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  • Day114

    Kobe - Nunobiki Falls

    March 28, 2018 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    The first thing we wanted to do today was a short walk to the Nunobiki Falls. They are located only 450 meters away from Shin-Kobe station, so we thought we will be back in the city soon. At the end there were several water falls and we did a half day hike. We had a great view over the city from the hills.

    Das erste was wir heute machen wollten war ein kurzer Spaziergang zu den Nunobiki Falls. Sie sind nur ca. 450 Meter vom Bahnhof Shin-Kobe entfernt, weshalb wir dachten es wäre ein kurzer Ausflug iin die Berge. Am Ende stellten wir dann aber fest, dass es viele verschiedene Wasserfälle sind unser Ausflug dauerte einen halben Tag. Dennoch war es richtig cool und wir hatten zwischendurch einen super Blick über Kobe.
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  • Day12

    Afrique du Sud - Canada

    October 8, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Match sans beaucoup de suspens resultat : 66-7

  • Day4


    December 4, 2016 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    BEEF! Enough said.

    I know I have a tendency to watch where I spend, and what I spend on, but stopping in Kobe was a treat for me. As much as you'd think I would have to convince Jack to come along, she did so without any objection, knowing how excited I was about it. Sounds silly to be this excited about beef, but for me it was more than just beef, but rather about what it meant - I have traveled a lot this year, I've been to many incredible places, and now I'm in Japan, I'm in the area that produces Kobe Beef, beef that I've heard of and wanted to try ever since I was in South East Asia but did not have the chance. I'm half way across the world and I'm going to enjoy a really good steak!

    Arriving in the afternoon, we took our time getting to our hotel because we happened to be near the sake breweries. Like, an entire quarter of them! We were hoping for a tour but apparently it's busy season so no tours were given (I also don't think there would have been any in English...) Instead we stopped by a sake brewery for a quick tasting and informational video. Sake wasn't too bad! Basically tasted like hard liquor without the throat burn.

    Our hotel was in this same area - just to set the mood, this area was purely industrial, basically breweries. As you walk through the sliding doors, there's a poster of different "interesting" outfits one could rent. It was basically all characters or Christmas outfits that left little to the imagination. There was a free pop machine, free popcorn machine, free candy, we scored! There's even this touchscreen reservation thing - we assumed it was to keep all anonymity when checking into this obvious love hotel. Love hotels are famous in Japan where people commonly rent rooms by the hour for obvious reasons... We had to pick up the "help" phone since non of the touchscreen check in options were written in English. A minute later down comes this lady running from upstairs, apologizes 10 times for keeping us waiting, confirms our reservation, then looks very confused as if to say "I wonder if they know what they're walking into", and gives us our room key. Our room was absolutely amazing! Huge TV, fluffy queen bed, huge tub and shower room (toilets are often in separate rooms here), even a massage chair! Thankfully the massage chair was made of leather, we assumed it had been disinfected, the lounging chair on the other hand was made of suede and we avoided sitting on that... Parents and grandparents stop here - but to top it all off, they even had one of those massive plug-in vibrators! It had a plastic bag over it, just like the drinking glasses, as if to say "I've been cleaned". Amazing.

    After spending an hour being amazed by our room, which was a free upgrade from the standard room I had actually paid for fyi, we made our way to Chinatown - a friend told me that's where you go for the beef! On our way we spotted these signs showing off some "illumination" route, and along the street are these white barriers with a huge crowd walking along, following the instructions of our famous "people traffic" controllers. Literally thousands of people walking in a line, following instructions... I've never seen such order. We joined of course, this many people going somewhere must mean good things! Along the way, Jack found the lack of illuminated buildings boring and was struggling with the idea of following a group blindly. She's more of an improviser, not a rule follower. So we bicker a bit, since I'm convinced following what I'm told is always the right way, and we found a middle ground. We followed the same route from outside the barricades, ha! Shows them! And our plan eventually failed of course, hitting a dead end where one must be in the barricades to continue. Only now, we could see the amazing point it was taking you to! This huge structure all covered in a ridiculous amount of Christmas lights. I had to get closer, but the japanese and their rules... The security guard, or people traffic controller, wouldn't let us through the barricades, even though this was an open point with people exiting, because we had to start from the begining. Yep, rule followers, you can't go in through this open space because you have to follow the line from the beginning... So we acted confused, said we were in the line up but had to exit momentarily, came up with different excuses, and finally I think he just gave up, let us through. Score 1 for the annoying white girls. Only the pictures can really describe what we saw - a ridiculous display of beautiful Christmas lights, and I love me some Christmas!

    Now back to Chinatown, beef! Finally! We start walking around, we end up repeating some streets over again, I couldn't make up my mind on where to go... There were cheap street options that I thought wouldn't allow me to fully enjoy the beef while standing, and probably not the most authentic. There were restaurants that charged up to 8,000yen depending on the size and quality you wanted... I didn't expect the cheapest option to 2,500yen for 80g, I assumed that would be a sliver of beef for a lot of money... All these options and thoughts started racing in my mind and I was getting overwhelmed. This brought me back to Nairobi when I ran to the hotel and burst into tears... I couldn't think clearly, I wanted to cry, I wanted scream, all because of silly beef. Jack, who knows me a little too well, and who is amazing at reading me, brought me back to earth. I really don't give her enough credit for how she treats me in my less logical moments. As much as she couldn't care less about beef, she calmed me down, found a place that looked busy - which meant known for good food, and got us a table. Turned out to be the best choice! Tepanyaki, I got to look at my steak before they cooked it, take photos because everything in Japan is made for more photo taking... It was perfect. Once seated and with a clear mind, I decided fuck it - let's go all out. We made it into a 4 course meal, had some wine, enjoyed ourselves! Jack made fun of me because of my amazement of being able to cut through the beef in our stew with my front teeth in one chomp. The "medium rare, on the rare side" steak was mind blowing. Again to think, me, in Japan, currently eating, having Kobe Beef, in Kobe, Japan. Crazy.
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  • Day12

    Kobe, jardin aux herbes

    October 8, 2019 in Japan ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Un peu de calme après une promenade dans la gare de Osaka. Je pense qu'il faut 10 ans pour s'y retrouver et la gare pour le Shinkansen est à 5.km. 1 gare JR trafic local (voie étroite) 1 gare JR banlieue a (voie normale), 2 gares compagnie privée, et 3 gares de metro.
    Alors quand vous.monte en dessus de Kobe ca vous calme.d'un coup.
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  • Day11


    February 18 in Japan ⋅ ☀️ 8 °C

    Well intentioned, we headed off early at 8:30am to head to Kobe for the day. When we got to the metro there seemed to be an issue and the trains weren't arriving. After a long delay, a train turned up with no one on it and then firemen were inspecting the train. There were many announcements in Japanese and some people left but some were still waiting. Eventually we decided to try another way and got to Shin-Osaka to get the Shinkansen to Shin-Kobe station. When we finally arrived (10:30am - it should have been about a 30 min total trip) we realised the Herb Garden and Ropeway were shut for maintenance 😭 we instead headed to the Earthquake Museum. We had a fantastic time here, made better by a wonderful guide who offered to tour us around a section of the museum and explain the practical activities where the instructions were written in Japanese. She made our visit so much better! The other exhibits had been translated and we could use an audio guide and tablet guide combo. We also got to experience what walking in tsunami waters is like. The museum was really quiet, despite being a free entry day that I had no idea about! Tickets are usually ¥600 per person. We then made our way to Steakland for a late lunch. We had tender beef and Kobe tender beef cooked in front of us and served with rice and grilled veggies. Yum! We could tell the difference between the steaks and the quality of the meat was outstanding, really glad we made the trip here. Total was just over ¥10,000 but worth it in our opinions! We then headed out to the Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum. This was an extremely pictorial museum with videos explaining the process of making sake, I was quite impressed given that it was free. At the end we got to taste some sake! The Yuzu and plum were out favourites. We also paid to sample some premium sakes and also had an amazake (fermented rice drink) soft serve icecream which was yummy! With tired feet, we headed back to the main station and got a JR express train back to Osaka, getting back at about 6:30pm. A huge but really enjoyable day!Read more

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