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  • Day69


    December 7, 2016 in Mexico

    Heute Abend haben wir was richtig cooles gemacht 😊 wir sind ins Zine gegangen. Das Konzept: Die Verbindung zwischen Restaurant und Kino 😁 Zuerst sucht man sich einen Film aus und ein Menü. Dann wird ein privater Kinoraum vorbereitet mit Getränken und Popcorn. Während des Films wird dann das Menü serviert. Ein wirklich einmaliges Erlebnis 😀

  • Day30


    May 26, 2017 in Mexico

    Tulum (Teil 1/3)

    Vom traumhaften Bacalar aus ging es dann also (leider nicht ganz gesund) zurück nach Tulum.
    Freitagabend sind wir in unserem Airbnb am Strand angekommen, das wir uns mit Sofia, Dusty und Anamaria geteilt haben.
    Sofia und Dusty sind das Pärchen, das wir zufällig in Valladolid getroffen haben und Anamaria ist eine ältere Frau, die zusammen mit den beiden in einem anderen Freiwilligenprojekt war. Mit allen dreien haben wir uns super verstanden, was wohl auch dazu beigetragen hat, dass uns die letzten Tage in Tulum deutlich besser gefallen haben.
    Grund dafür war aber auch die Unterkunft an sich. Wir haben in einer kleinen Hütte mit einem schönen Balkon und einer Hängematte mitten im Dschungel geschlafen. Hinter der Hütte lag eine Cenote, die zwar nicht unterirdisch und somit praktisch ein See war, aber die Krokodile beherbergte (Anamaria hat beim Kayaken eines entdeckt, wir leider nicht).
    Auf der anderen Straßenseite war dann direkt der Strand, auch wenn wir zu dem Stück Strand, das wir benutzen durften, noch ein wenig laufen mussten. Generell war die Gegend aber deutlich ruhiger und angenehmer als der Anfang der Hotelzone.
    Freitagabends haben wir es ruhig angehen lassen und sind früh schlafen gegangen, weil wir Samstag früh aufstehen mussten.
    Darüber gehts dann im nächsten Footprint. 👣

    Sonntag war unser letzter Tag mit Sofia, Dusty und Anamaria. Morgens sind wir nochmal zum Strand gegangen, damit wir dort nochmal das wunderschöne Wasser genießen konnten. Nachdem wir den ganzen Morgen in Strandliegen vertrödelt haben, sind wir in die Stadtgefahren, um zusammen zu Mittag zu essen, bevor wir uns von unseren neuen Freunden verabschieden mussten.
    Bei unserem späteren Bummel durch Tulum haben wir dann ein kleines Café namens Campanella entdeckt, das nicht nur super Eis hat, sondern auch belgische Waffeln, Obstsalate, frische Säfte, Croissants und Sandwiches. Schlichtweg also alles was unser Herz begehrt 😍! Dementsprechend oft waren wir dann auch noch dort: abends gab es drei Kugeln Eis und eine Waffel Patagónico. Am nächsten Morgen haben wir uns dort einen Obstsalat geholt und nachmittags, nach unserem Ausflug, über den es auch einen extra Footprint 👣 geben wird, gab es ein Croissant, eine Waffel mit Bananen und Blaubeeren, ein Toast, ein Baguette und zwei Kugeln Eis 😅!
    Jetzt machen wir uns bald auf den Weg zu unserem nächsten Ziel und melden uns bald nochmal!
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  • Day14


    May 8 in Mexico

    This is a bit of a culture shock! So touristy and the ‘party hostel’ we are in is full of dickheads. Shame. The sort that I’ve taken a lot of effort to avoid. Ah well, I guess I have to encounter them at some point, I don’t think they will male it further south than Tulum as you have to think for yourself to get there, anywhere.
    Went to the ruins here today and it was cool, but massively busy. We hired bikes and rode there, peddle came off mine on the way down the coast to find a beach, so had to turn back. Hopefully tonight isn’t going to annoy me too much!
    Manage to get some sleep and left that shithole hostel. Went to Bacala a day early
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  • Day5

    Cenote heaven!

    January 7, 2017 in Mexico

    I am obsessed with the cenotes (limestone sinkholes where you can swim)!

    After the turtle swimming I visited three - Cristalino, Eden and Azul.

    Cristalino was the best. Very pretty setting with mainly families setting up base for the day. It was very relaxing and just fasinating snorkeling looking at all the rock formations and watching the fish.

    Then you can sit on the side and dangle your feet in watching the fish swim around them.

    Next was Eden which is very deep in parts and so diving is popular. Its amazing staring down unable to see the bottom in parts. This one had the best rock formations.

    Last one was Azul which was abit disappointing as its mostly quite shallow with the deep part reserved for jumpers. And the jumping is the main thing at this cenote so its loud as the crowd clap and cheer the jumpers and if a young child jumps off the crowd goes wild! Aby I bet MM would jump with a life jacket on! So this one had alot of families with young kids and then the young crowd who are there to jump.

    But it has nice paths where you can wander through the jungle and find a few quiet spots so it grew on me.

    The photos are all from the Azul cenote.
    1- the jumping spot
    2 - the cheering crowd
    3-4 pretty
    5 - the fish nibble my feet!
    6 - you can stand in the water and watch the catfish swim around you!
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  • Day7

    Tulum Mexico and my first mayan ruins

    January 9, 2017 in Mexico

    Today we set off for Tulum. We had the morning in Playa del Carmen and my good intentions of getting up early and going for breakfast in a beach cafe didn’t eventuate as a sleep in was too tempting.

    Tulum as a town is nothing much and is set along the highway. Our hotel was near the town centre which is handy for the cheaper restaurants, atms, car and bike hire etc.

    The beach is about a five minute drive and is quite nice (as an Australian I am a tough marker!).

    So after we arrived I was quick to hire a bike and set off for the Tulum ruins which have a spectacular ocean setting. The rest of the photos are taken at the ruins and you can see my bike straight from the 1950s! The turquoise waters were stunning. I think the Maya occupants would have felt pretty good waking up there every day!
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  • Day111

    Tulum, Mexico

    February 5, 2017 in Mexico

    Ceynotes, Tacos and Superbowl Sunday!

    Tulum is famous for it's numerous ceynotes (caves) and that was right at the top of our list. All around the town these geological wonders have been commercialised with compulsory guided tours on land and by snorkel and SCUBA. Fair enough, you wouldn't last long lost in an underwater cave. Of course, with that comes the tourist hustle which we are becoming evermore used to.

    We chose Cenotes Dos Ojos for our exploration of the underworld, based on a friend's recommendation and I will back it up with my own - this was a big highlight of the trip so far! Foolishly, we decided to cycle the 20 odd km from our hostel to the entrance in the heat of the day (our hostel came with the free use of beach cruisers). After an early morning food poisoning scare, and a few cookies in the toilet, Mike rose to the challenge and led the peleton in. We arrived in a bit of a state, but grateful not to be road kill and for the pennies saved on transport.

    The Dos Ojos (literally: two eyes) is a series of partially submerged limestone caverns. We donned masks, snorkels, fins and torches (and wetsuits for the ladies) and plunged into 24 degree water at the mouth of the cave. It was crystal clear. From underwater the natural backlight created black silhouettes on an awesome crystal blue backdrop. Rays of sunlight too, beamed through from the surface to create some truely remarkable lighting.

    We spent just under an hour following our tour guide over, under and around the stalagmites and stalagtites, sneaking off to dip down through swim throughs and the like. He led us to a chamber called the Bat Cave, where we emerged to witness hundreds of bats, unflustered by our presence.

    It was a hurried tour, I would have liked to stay longer but my body was grateful to return to the warm of the sunlight. On our way out of the park we stopped by another open ceynote for some phat mangeres and some more cool swim throughs. On reviewing our camera work, we were gutted to find the go pros had been battling with the dark light and all of our footage and photos are really bad quality. Noooo!

    We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out at our hostel and having some refreshing beverages. Casa dol Sol is an unusual hostel. It's run by a tiny mexican man and his wife (I think) and their young son, who had a habit of confusing me with his spanish. It was a partially complete, three storey concrete building. It had absolutely no soundproofing and wall mounted fans that put Boeing to shame. The second level was for camping (on a bare concrete floor) or you could opt for just a bed (no walls - internal or external) and the top floor was a construction site which appeared abandoned. The beds however, were the comfiest in a long time. Ahhh for a good nights sleep!

    Strolling the main drag in search of dinner, we stumbled across Antojitos La Chiapaneta, an open kitchen tacqueria. It was unanimously absolutely delicious! Service was prompt and the staff knew how to keep the food coming. At seven pesos per taco (under 50c) we couldn't help but dine there three nights in a row, and if you asked me what I wanted for dinner tonight, I'd still go back. We'll be using some special words in our reviews for this one, that's for sure.

    Sunday, lazy Sunday, was exactly that until an earlier suggestion of reigniting MERC sprung into action. The Mt Eden Running Club has a long and dyer history. Built for drinkers with a running habit, the core foundations of the club are rife with problem. Many men have suffered in its days, and completing a run is always far from a sure bet. Nonetheless, inaugurating two new ladies to the club (Cat and Char) was an inticing prospect. So the team geared up and set off to the beach in the beating heat of the day.

    First to be dropped was Char, easing off to a brisk walk under the inhibiting pain of a tight ITB. Shortly after, Cat tripped on what she claims to be a twig (MERC Fall Investigations later proved no such twig existed) and gracefully grazed ankle, hip and palm on the asphalt. Eventually the heat got to all of us and we regrouped to walk the final kilometer to the beach. Such a good swim! Another of many in the Caribbean Sea. After re breaking Mikes rib, Scott and Mike ran home again under duress while us ladies caught a cab and bought a well deserved lunch for the team. Let's hope the next one goes a little better...

    Lazy Sunday continued that afternoon, as we spent our time blogging, reading, researching and learning spanish. We headed to a bar in the early evening to watch the Superbowl which turned out to be another great game of sport - the Patriots coming back from over 20 points down to beat the Falcons in overtime! Only one drunken Mexican interrupted our viewing, spitting on the floor and creepily ogling Char before being removed by security and sneaking back in three or four times. Such fun!

    It's been too short, Mexico. I've barely touched the east coast, and certainly haven't begun to see the rest, but the country is so big and diverse it might just have to be done by itself. Another time. In the meanwhile, we're on a bus to Chetumal before a boat to Caye Caulker, Belize. It smells worse than a portaloo and we've been holding cloth over our faces for the last three hours. The joys of travel, am I right?
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  • Day8

    Dan 9 - Mérida - Tulum

    April 29 in Mexico

    Adios Mérida in po kopanju v bazenu na avtobusno postajo. Taxi poceni, 50 pesotov do postaje, tam pa nam povedo, da je avtobus ob 10.40 poln in moramo čakati na naslednjega, ob 12.40. Prestavimo se v lokal preko ceste, pa malo pred postajo, pa malo v postajo...nekako minejo dve uri in končno smo na poti v Tulum.

    Štiri ure traja vožnja, vmes še postanek v Valladolidu, vmes še naliv in malo drugačen obraz Mehike po poti, kot ga kaže Cancun ali Isla Mujeres. Ljudje res živijo skromno, revno. Prispemo v obmorski Tulum, malo mesto, ki pa kaže znake življenja. Hotel Central Station imamo dobesedno dva koraka na desno ko stopimo iz avtobusne postaje, soba je prostorna, velika, imamo celo teraso s pogledom na glavno ne, ni preglasno...zaenkrat ne.

    Ker smo bili pozni se odpravimo samo na potep po mestu, malo se razgledamo in obredemo, dve simpatični gostilni s super hrano. Druga, cenejša, mnogo cenejša je očitno lokalna scena, saj je hrana poceni, pa še ljudje plešejo na ulicah poleg, glasba, fiesta :)

    Torej, tequile s črvom še nisem videl nikjer, prav tako še nikjer nismo našli “chilli con carne”, povsod pa imajo testenine in lasagne...

    Do sedaj več ali manj, kjerkoli smo bili dela internet povsod dobro in hitro, kar je zelo pohvalno in Mehika ima tak nek sproščen pridih, upam, da tako ostane do konca našega potovanja. Jutri raziskujemo naprej, ostanke piramid, plaže, morje...
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  • Day9

    Dan 10 - Tulum

    April 30 in Mexico

    Kako nam letijo dnevi...spimo dalje, saj imamo življenje v mestu Tulum bolj na “easy”. Preko ceste gremo na odličen zajtrk, jajca “rancheros” probam še jutri. Takoj po zajtrku pa s taksijem (100 pesotov) do plaže in majanskih ruševin. Prvo si ogledamo ruševine (vstop 70 pesotov), sicer ne tako impresivno in veliko kot Uxmal, kljub vsemu pa zaradi bližine morja krasno. Cel čas lepo pihlja iz morja, “kulisa” iz nekih davnih časov pa je impresivna. Povsod okoli nas leguani, nosati medvedki in truma turistov :). Dobri dve uri porabimo da se sprehodimo skozi vse in poiščemo najboljše kadre, nakar se peš odpravimo na cca 300 m oddaljeno plažo.

    Palme, beli pesek, sinje morje...res lepo. Malo preveč je sicer morske trave in alg nanosilo na obalo, kljub vsemu je pa prizor božanski. Kar ne morem reči za cene kjerkoli vzdolž plaže. Noro. Tulum je sicer ena izmed najljubših destinacij zvezdnikov iz Hollywooda, najboljši resorti seveda, ampak očitno več ali manj vsi lokalo ob plaži mislijo, da imamo vsi neomejen budget :) Navadne testenine cca 250 pesotov, cocktail za 200 pesotov, enchillada za 360 pesotov...samo par primerov norih cen in ko nam postane najbolj vroče, se odpravimo nazaj ohladit. Potem pa na kosilo in sicer najdemo lokal “Burrito Amor”, kjer lahko mirno rečem, da smo jedli najboljši burrito do danes. Burrito z svinjino in ananasom, burrito s škampi, z govedino, kurjimi prsi, vsi zaviti v palmin list, da ostanejo topli in sočni....cena med 95 in 120 pesotov. Vrhunsko res.

    Ne čudimo se, da je 80% ljudi tukaj okroglih, pri vsej tej hrani, siru itd, ne more biti drugače :)

    Zvečer še mali sprehod, koruza na palčki, tudi super, namazana z limeto in soljo. Lažja večerjica in spati, jutri imamo v planu plavanje v Gran Cenote. Piramido Coba bomo spustili, cena, ki jo hočejo za izlet je praktično ista ali večja kot za Chichen Itzo, ki nas še čaka, tako da bomo raje to spustili.
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  • Day10

    Še en sončen, vroč dan v Mehiki. Za zajtrk končno dobim “huevos rancheros”, odkrito nisem navdušen, jajca na oko na tortilji, s fižol pirejem in rižem, preko pa paradižnikova salsa....sem prepričan, da se da to bolje nardit :) Vmes smo še kupili karte za avtobus jutri iz Tuluma do Playa del Carmen, za nas tri skupaj 130 pesotov, cca 6 EUR, smešno poceni.

    Taxij imajo tukaj kar fiksno ceno, vsepovsod kamor greš je 100 pesotov in danes gremo na osvežitev, v 4 km iz mesta oddaljeno Gran Cenote. Cenote so naravni bazeni, ali luknje, ko se je udrl apnenec in je nastal naravni bazen, s kristalno čisto vodo. In res je zakon, voda osvežujoča ampak ne ledena, plavaš med stalaktiti in stalagniti, med ribami in želvami, odlično doživetje in tukaj preživimo kar dobre tri ure, ko se res nabije turistov, pa se počasi odpravimo nazaj v mesto. Super je, da smo šli sami, saj tako nismo bili vezani na čas in smo se res lahko malo kopali, malo sončili, pa spet kopali.

    Vrnitev v mesto, hlajenje, ob kosilu še malo liga prvakov, sprehod skozi tržnico in ulice Tuluma. Zaenkrat nič ne kaže na kako prvomajsko fešto, zato izgleda, da bomo po večerji šli spat, jutri še zadnji premik, čaka nas mehiški LA kot pravijo, Playa del Carmen.

    VIVA 1. Mayo !
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  • Day21


    April 20 in Mexico

    Ein Weltwunder!

    Früh geht es los, denn ich will an die Karibikküste nach Tulum und auf dem Weg noch eines der neuen 7 Weltwunder sehen: Chichén Itzá.
    Diese Stadt war lange Zeit das Zentrum der Mayakultur mit großer Pyramide, vielen Bauten und einem Observatorium.
    Vor ein paar Jahren dann wurde die Stätte zum neuen Weltwunder gewählt und das merkt man auch sehr... ich habe Machu Picchu vor drei Jahren auch als voll in Erinnerung, aber das hat sich dann verlaufen. Hier geht fast jeder mit einem Guide (wovon es auch wahnsinnig viele gibt) in kleinen und größeren Gruppen durch die Ruinen und es ist schwierig irgendwo mal ein ruhiges Eckchen zu finden. Bei den Massen müssen sie natürlich auch alles soweit absperren, dass man an die Ruinen kaum rankommt, alles beruht nur auf den Erklärungen der Guides und was das Tele so hergibt. Hinzu kommt, dass hier die Souvenirverkäufer aufs Gelände dürfen... man kann also nicht entspannt von a nach b laufen, sondern wird immer mit: „one Dollar, only one Dollar“ angesprochen... Ich erahne die Größe der ganzen Stadt und finde immer wieder schönen Ecken und Perspektiven, aber es zehrt doch schon an meinen Nerven in diesen Massen unterwegs zu sein, nachdem die letzten drei Wochen wirklich naturbezogen waren.
    Aber: ich kann jetzt behaupten mehr als die Hälfte der neuen Weltwunder gesehen zu haben: 4 von 7

    Deshalb geht’s mittags weiter Richtung Karibik, Tulum ist mein nächstes Ziel in dem ich wenigstens einen Abend und die Nacht verbringen möchte trotz der kurzen Zeit hier. Mein Hotel ist klein aber total süß mit grünem Innenhof und sehr netten Betreiber, der mir gleich noch fürs Abendessen einen Tipp gibt.
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