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  • Day15

    Tanger in Morocco

    July 12, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    From the time we stepped off the boat Sam and I fell victim to the Morocco con. We didn’t know it, but as soon as we stepped into a taxi at the port we were being set up for the evening.

    The taxi driver tried first to charge us too much so we were proud we put our foot down and bargained him down to 20 euros. But he couldn’t speak English well so he organised his English speaking friend to meet us near the hotel to assist us. He took us on a circuitous route to our hotel and provided us with a friend to show us the sights of Tangier (you can see where this is going).

    His friend took us to some sights and then to a rug factory and then to a spice and perfume factory. Yes, I bought a rug much to Sam’s chagrin. But I only paid $80 euro for it so you can see they weren’t overjoyed with our price. Nevertheless it was Sam who first lost his patience with them. After I bought the rug and then we were being shown the spices and perfumes Sam proclaimed very loudly that he had had enough and we were not buying anything.

    Mohammed our guide them took us to his friends special restaurant for dinner. It was traditional Moroccan food which I enjoyed but Sam just knew we were being conned.

    After dinner our guide returned us to our hotel and then demanded 20 euro each for his time. I paid him 5 for each of us and said goodnight. Sam couldn’t believe I paid him anything.

    Sam was most indignant about the whole proceeding and is looking forward to getting out of Morocco and back to Spain. I just see the sport in it. I have been through this many times - in Egypt, in Turkey, in parts of Europe, in Bangkok and now Morocco. It is all part of the sport the tourism game leads to. I actually think we did okay today. Sam just felt we were pawns in their game and that made him very agitated.

    I love Morocco. The sounds, colours, smells, sights are so different to Spain. Or anywhere I have been for that matter. It is certainly a third world country, but if you are keen to get a bit off the beaten track, it is fantastic. Quite beautiful. I don’t think Sam will hurry back, but I could spend more time here for sure. Just don’t expect the refined tourist experience that is usual in Europe.

    We are staying in a hotel in the Medina (old city of Tanger) where the market is located. The souk. It is very characteristic of old Morocco. Most of the buildings are 800 years old and the fortress is over 1000 years old. An amazing place.
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  • Day15

    More about Tangier

    July 12, 2018 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Tangier overlooks the Straight of Gibraltar. It is where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet. The city has a long history of many cultures. Many of the signs are in French, Arabic and Berber. Berber is the language of the nomadic people that have been resident in this area of Northern Africa for centuries. The design of the rug I bought (for a very good price) is Berber (or at least that is what they said, I wouldn’t really know).

    The dinner we had included Tagines of chicken and lamb, couscous, Moroccon pasties, soup, Moroccan bread, mint tea and cookies. Very tasty. Sam was agitated the whole meal knowing we were being ripped off. I was enjoying my Tagline and couscous.
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  • Day4

    Eine Nacht im Riad

    September 2 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Kurzentschlossen haben wir uns eine Übernachtung im marokkanischem Riad gegönnt.

    Abends konnten wir von unserer Unterkunft über die Dächer der Stadt bis zum Meer sehen und die Rufe der Muezzins zum Gebet aus allen Türmen der Moscheen 🕌 hören.

  • Day69

    Here we go Marokko - Tanger!

    September 14 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Zur Mittagszeit betraten wir - mit dem Ziel Tanger - die Fähre nach Marokko. Zugegeben ein besonderer Moment für mich, schließlich reist nicht jeder mit dem Auto von Deutschland nach Afrika.
    Wahrlich geflasht von Menschen, Kultur, Architektur, dem Trubel und unendlich vielen neuen Eindrücken kamen wir aus dem Stauen nicht mehr heraus. Standesgemäß verliefen wir uns in den vielen kleinen Gassen der Medina und gewannen einen tollen ersten Eindruck der nordafrikanischen Kultur. Anschließend ließen wir uns einen kurzen Besuch der Herkules-Grotte nicht nehmen.Read more

  • Day8

    Day 4 -Tangier Morocco

    April 16, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    This was a good day.

    Got off to a bit of a Rocky start. We were told to meet our guide on the pier as we got off the ship. He was to be carrying a sign with your name on it. When he got off, there was no one there from our tour company.

    In general, we try to get a consensus of at least 3 people when getting directions or finding out information. Two of the people we spoke to said that we were at the only place the tour buses came. So we waited patiently. When we talked to the third person he said, of course Said tours are not here, he meets his groups outside of the port entrance. So off we headed. There we saw our group guide with our sign. In the end they were only half an hour late getting started.

    Our tour started off in the Medina or Old City. We walked in small streets that were more like alleys and small alleys that were more like pathways. We also saw the Casbah or Citadel, and the souk or Marketplace. We probably only covered about 3 city blocks, but on our own it would have been a challenge to know where we were. We then had lunch at a restaurant owned by the tour company owner. Was quite delicious consisting of a vegetable soup/stew and chicken served in a tajine.

    We then drove out of the city and stopped to have a short little camel ride and then on to the Hercules cave. The legend said that this was where Hercules divided Europe and Africa from each other. The channel at that point - where the Atlantic is to the West and the Mediterranean is to the right, is about 18 kilometres wide. The historical explanation is that the caves were carved by the Romans 1000-2000 CE. In the cave there is small niche in the rock where spring water is collecting. The local Legend says that if a woman looks like she is becoming an Old Maid she goes to that spring, washes in the water, and soon will get married.

    Then back into the city and we did a little shopping. The first stop was the top floor of the handy Co-op. We were given a sales show about carpets. No one was interested, and to give credit where due, the salesman did not push. (Much better than the stop in North Africa - Egypt - where the sales people were very pushy and very rude when we were not buying) The Moroccan salesman were very polite and nice. After the first one, we went to one other shop where Troi was able to get new jellaba and the others were able to buy some other trinkets.

    Back to the ship well in advance of sailaway at 5.
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  • Day2

    Tânger e Assilah

    April 11 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Tânger é uma cidade enorme com uma Medina compacta e cheia de diversidade. É aqui que fazemos as nossas compras para o jantar e os nossos cartões de telefone com internet marroquina a 1€ por cada giga adquirido. Parece-nos bem!
    À tardinha Asilah acolhe-nos para passarmos a noite. É um vila piscatória em que a muralha foi construída por portugueses. É ainda esta muralha que contém a Medina e a cidade antiga. É um sítio muito bonito, com o encanto que têm os sítios com alma, onde os habitantes locais são os guias e controlam a movimentação na cidade. Somos estrangeiros e imediatamente notados. Há um guia local que estranhamente nos diz que explica a história da cidade de graça. Normalmente pedem sempre dinheiro. Diz que é um dos nove guias credenciados da cidade que o faz desta forma e protege os turistas de logros. Se é assim ou não... não sabemos.
    Um passeio pelo paredão rente ao mar dá para esticar as pernas dos quilómetros de carro e ver o pôr-do-sol. É divertido ver os pescadores passearem as suas carretas com peixe que vendem pela noite dentro. No passeio perto da velha Medina há também vendedores de sumos naturais e aqui voltam memórias de mais de quarenta anos com o sumo de cana de açúcar. A última vez que tinha mascado cana de açúcar tinha apenas quatro anos.
    Os legumes que compramos em Tânger resultaram num bom jantar preparado na caravana, acompanhado por um copo de vinho oferecido pelo Alex - o rapaz da agência que nos vendeu os bilhetes de ferry de Algeciras para Tânger-med.
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  • Day92


    November 2, 2017 in Morocco ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Diä letschtä drei Täg heimr in Tanger vrbracht. Und die heis in sich gha! Abr dr Reihä na.
    Vo Tarifa uf Tanger simr miter Fährä ggangä. I ca. 1h heimr dr Kontinänt Afrika erreicht! Ä chle äs beklemmends Gfüuh heimr gha, womr ab derä Fährä si gstigä... Mir hei sehr viu ghört, dassmr de müessä ufpassä wägä Diebstauh u vorauem, dass mir Frouä üs nid uffäuig söuä benäh u söuä passend kleidet si. Auso simr schnuerstracks zu üsem Hotel, damit mir z' Gepäck chöi deponierä u när liecht wines Vögeli dür d' Gassä chöi schlenderä.
    Ahja, dr Alj heimr übrigens z' Tarifa ufem Camping chönnä lah – sehr gäbig gsi!
    Item, us ersts simr d' Gass vo üsem Hotel z' druuf bis mir it "Nöistadt" si cho. Dert simr öppis gah ässä, it Tourist-Info u när no paar Sachä gah iichouffä u widr is Hotel. I däm Supermarkt heisi übrigens offeni Teigwarä, womä söfu cha abpackä wiemä bruucht u Papierseck frd Frücht u frs Gmües gha – wo blibt ds ir Schwiz, heimr üs gfragt?
    Nachdäm mir z' Iikouftä si is Hotel gah tuä, simr nomau witr. Dismau heimr dr Wäg Richtig Medina, aso Autstadt, iigschlagä. Richtig wit simr nid cho u da isch ä Giu näb üs gstangä, het üs ines Gspräch verwicklet u so tah, aus wär är üse Guide. Mir hei nid gwüsst wie verhautä, äs isch üs sehr unwohl gsi. Mir hei vrsuecht sini Aahgebot abzlehnä, hei Richtig gwächslet u hei ihn nid beachtet. Aber Usduur heter gha! Schlussändlech simer inä Ladä inä u dr Bsitzer het üs erklärt, wie mit denä Lüt umgah u was sägä u het üs dür sis Hingertüürli lah entcho. So simr dä Giu loswordä u mir si itz sicherer gsi, wie umgah mit ihnä. Trotzdäm isch aues sehr frömd gsi, wie d' Händler eim aues wei ahdräihä, wie sie ufdringlech wärdä u wie d' Blickä uf üs si grichtet gsi. Aues i auem ischs ä sehr aahsträngendä Iistig gsi!
    Trotzdäm simr witrgloffä dür diä verwinkletä Gässli vor Autstadt u si schlussändlech zum Platz vom 9. Apriu cho. Ds isch ä riiiesigä Kreisu mit paar Bänkli druf u chliinem Park u rundumä Restaurants, Lädeli u Theater. Und im Kreisu isch äs riiiisä Tohuwabohu vo Outos u Fuessgänger. Amplä odr Spuurä kennesi, zmingst uf däm Platz, nid u jedä vrtrout ufä anger.
    Mir si auso i sonä Beiz gah üsä erst Marrokanisch Münzätee ha u chle verschnuufä, wüu üs het ds Gewuusel i denä Strassä mächtig dr Chopf gfüllt.
    Speter simr no ines angers Restaurant gah Marokkanisch ässä – CousCous, Tajine u Fleischspiessä. Sehr, sehr fein gsi u mega grosszügigi Portionä! So het üsä erst Tag mit vouä Büüch, müedä Ougä, vouä Chöpf u (ah-)gspanntä Härzä ggändet u mir si erschöpft is Bett.
    Aber – scho am 5.30 simr widr erwachet! Dr Muezzin het zum erstä Gebät grüeft. Fr üs isch ds ganz äs nöis Grüüsch gsi u so simr gspannt u wach daglägä u hei glost. Sehr imposant wie diä Stimmä so über diä ganz Stadt u übers ganzä Land ertönä.
    Mir hei de nomau ä Nuck gno u si am Vormittag los. Hüt heimr wöuä miteme Taxi zur Herkules Grottä fahrä. Bidä Taxis isch üs ahbbotä wordä, grad ä ganzi Tour z' machä, fr aui Touristä-Sachä z' gseh. Mir hei iigwiuigt u si los. Mir hei ä super Chauffeur gha, dr Mohamed u ä auwüssendä Guide, dr Ahmed. S' het mega gfägt u mir hei viu glachet!
    Sie si mit üs usdr Stadt usegfahrä, hei üs verschiedeni Ussichtspünkt zeigt, womä übers Meer cha blickä, si zumnä Lüüchtturm u när no gah Kameuritä. Äs mega tolls Erläbnis uf denä schönä u interessantä Tier am Meer entlang z' ritä.
    Nach derä tierischä Begägnig simr zur Herkules Grottä. Ä mega schönä Ort!
    Nach däm simr zurä Moschee u vo dert us isch dr Ahmed, üsä Guide, mit üs dür d' Medina gloffä u het üs inä Bazar bracht. U dert simr z' erst Mau am Driss begägnet. Ganz härzlech heter üs empfangä u üs i sim Teppich-Riich umägfüehrt. Mir hei chönnä Platz näh, hei äs feins Marokkanischs Münzätee serviert bcho u dr Driss het üs au sini Teppich-Artä zeigt u erklärt. Sehr spannend gsi! Im Ärdgschoss si de ono die traditionellä Chleider gsi, woner üs het iikleidet. Lustig u sehr ungwohnt üs i denä Chleider gseh z' ha! Diä ersti Begägnig mitem "Bazar Naciria" u mitem Driss het üs aunä ä handgmachtä Teppich beschert u äs traditionells Chleid frä Dave u frd Dana. Zfridä simr mitem Ahmed witr u är het üs no ines marokkanischs Restaurant bracht. Hie heimr üs vo ihm verabschidet u hei när mega feins CousCous ggässä. Nach däm feinä Ässä simr üsi Iichöif is Hotel gah tue u si när nomau dür d' Medina gschlenderet u chle gah lädelä. Mitemä Münzätee heimr dä toll u erläbnisriich Tag när beändet.
    So, hüt isch auso scho dr letscht Tag i derä ungloublechä Stadt – und am Dave si Geburtstag!
    Mir si los u hei eigentlech zumnä spezieuä Märit wöuä, wo uf üsem Stadtplan isch gsi, s' het abr niemer öppis vo däm gwüsst u aui hei gseit, dass ir Medina spezieuä Märit sig. Auso simr da blibä u us ersts grad zumnä erhöhtä Teil vor Medina. Vo dert heimr wöuä ufd Stadt abä luegä, aber irgendwie het ds nid so häräghouä... Trotzdäm isches guet gsi. Dä Teil isch nämlech ungloublech schön gsi, mit ganz viu chliinä, farbigä Gassä. Ds isch ir ganzä Medina ufgfauä: überau hetmä geng widr Gässli gseh, wo Husmuurä, Bodä, Stägätrittä u Bluemächistä bemaut si gsi – absolut bezoubernd!
    Item. Nachdäm mir widr dunger si gsi, simr per Zuefau widr am Bazar Naciria dürägloffä u dr Driss isch grad duss si. Mir heinä grüesst u är het üs nomau iigladä ufnes Tee. Nachdäm mir äs Zitli hei zämä gret, ischer mit üs i sini Wäberei/Näherei u het üs sim Neffä übergäh. Dä het aues zeigt, wie was funktioniert u was sie aues härsteuä. Nach lustigä Stundä simr o hie widr mit gueter War u zfridenem Härzä usä – dr Driss isch ä gschicktä Gschäftsmaa!
    Zur Feier vo Dave sim Geburi simr no fein gah ässä u hei när aui Sachä zämäpackt u si ufd Fährä.
    Tanger het üs ungloublech positiv überrascht u mir hei i denä 3 Täg unändlech viu tolli Erläbnis gha u Gott het üs mega viu härzlechi Lüt gschickt. Trotz däm happigä Iistig, heimr üs jedä Tag wohler gfüuht. Mir hei die härzlechi Kultur chönnä kennälehrä u hei i offenä Gspräch mega viu erfahrä übers Läbä i derä lebändigä Stadt.
    Mit viu tollä Iidrück, wunderbarä Erläbnis u ärä Fröid im Härz heimr die wahnsinns Stadt verlah u si widr ufs europäischä Festland, uf Tarifa.
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