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  • Day6


    October 12, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Got to boracay last night, it's so nice!!! Ian wakened me at 6 to get the most oot o the day since we're only here two days. Walked alang the beach dis morning and went in the sea for a peerie dip. Then sunbathed at wir hotel and had a drink at the pool bar.Read more

  • Day60

    Philippines - Boracay

    November 5, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Les plages paradisiaques comme on les imagine. Boracay est une île qui a été totalement fermée au tourisme pendant 6 mois. Le tourisme et les fêtes sur la plage risquaient de condamner définitivement cet endroit magique. L'ile est reouverte désormais avec un nombre de touriste limité et des règles de préservation strictes.Read more

  • Day61

    Philippines - Boracay - White Beach

    November 6, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    Petit air de Californie Asiatique avec tatouages, musique et minishorts. Les Philippins ont vraiment un côté Rock très cool ! Cerise sur le gâteau (d'anniversaire), une session de Kite Surf sur fond turquoise 🤙😎Read more

  • Day38


    March 9, 2019 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Wir flogen um 02:00 morgens von Kuala Lumpur nach Manila und von dort aus nach Caticlan. Wir kamen um 10:00 an, unser Gepäck war leider spurlos verschwunden. Wir meldeten es der Airline, welche uns sagte, dass sie es suchen würden und wir in die Unterkunft gehen sollen. So gingen wir mit unserem Handgepäck in ein Taxi, fuhren kurz mit der Fähre nach Boracay und fuhren mit einem Tricyle zum Hostel. Wir liefen zum wunderschönen Strand, tranken Bier und assen Pizza. Im nächsten Shop kauften wir eine Badehose und einen Bikini und gingen schwimmen.
    Da wir kein Badetuch hatten, lagen wir einfach ohne unter eine Palme in den Sand und schliefen eine Weile. Da wir keine Sonnencreme dabei hatten verbrannten wir uns natürlich knallrot.
    Zurück im Hostel standen unsere Rucksäcke an der Reception, da war uns der Sonnenbrand schon wieder egal. :)
    Die folgenden Tage verbrachten wir mit Insel erkunden, schnorcheln, Schach spielen, essen und trinken.
    Die Einheimischen sind sehr offen und freundlich.
    Es gefällt uns sehr, obwohl unsere geliebte GoPro nun am Grund der Sulusee liegt.
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  • Day9


    April 22, 2018 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    Spent one day more than planned on Boracay Island. To much fun !

    Mangaged to get in some scuba dives which was really great. The reefs here are in pretty good condition, and the dive centers are really good. Also the Dive Masters seem well trained and were really helpful.

    Now how's this, in four days time the complete island will be shut down for tourism for six months, effecting 35,000 employees ! Can you imagine also the loss of income ? Already my last night there the island was noticeably quieter. The main street is to be widened, proper storm water drainage and waste water system to be installed, illegal buildings (including hotels) are going to be demolished.
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  • Day112

    Day 112: The Perils of Tropical Travel

    October 5, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    First proper day in Boracay. We were pretty keen to hit the beach, but unfortunately the weather wasn't looking great. Very overcast, low clouds and dark clouds on the horizon, though it wasn't actually raining. Shandos had a short swim while I lazed on the beach, then we had a wander over to the nearby outdoor shopping mall.

    We'd hardly gone anywhere before it started sprinkling. First stop was an ATM followed by a bakery where we bought lunch pastries, followed by a trip to the convenience store for beers and some snacks.

    By the time we'd finished it was raining moderately, so we retreated to our bungalow and spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing. It's a nice enough spot, though our room is much shabbier than we'd expected from the photos.

    By evening the rain still hadn't let up, and if anything had actually gotten heavier. We ducked out in the early evening to grab a burrito at a decent looking place we'd seen earlier in the day, but that was basically the end of our adventures for the day.

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  • Day113

    Day 113: It Gets Worse

    October 6, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Rain rain go away. It rained almost the entire day today, so we spent pretty much the entire day on our bungalow balcony reading and relaxing.

    Ducked out around lunchtime to grab some more bakery fodder for lunch. I had a brief swim in the rain after lunch, but the water was pretty choppy and had lots of seaweed crap floating in it, so I didn't stay long.

    Late afternoon the rain stopped so we went for a walk northwards along the beach to the rocky outcrop at the end. There's a large cross up on the bluff (you can't get up there), and there's also a small grotto with a shrine to the Virgin Mary. More reminders that we're in a Catholic country now, first one of our trip (and first Christian country too!).

    Our walk was quite nice, and on the way back we stopped for a chorizo burger from a beach vendor. Each burger was literally just two large slices of chorizo, barbecued and served on a toasted bun with sauce. Very simple, but tasty! Afterwards we had our main dinner at the same restaurant from our first night, as they were doing half-priced crepes. I had a minced beef crepe with tomato, onion, garlic and cheese, while Shandos had one with chicken and spinach. And of course we finished off with a sweet crepe - apple and cinnamon with vanilla ice cream.

    We ate this on beanbags on the beach, as it wasn't raining and seemed to have cleared up. But as we went inside to pay the bill, the rain came lashing down, sending everyone scurrying for cover. Although we had an umbrella between us, we both got semi-drenched on the 10 metre walk back to our hotel entrance!

    Spent the rest of the evening relaxing, not much to report other than a huge thunderstorm passing overhead late at night. Boracay is a nice enough place, but I'm not really feeling the love at the moment, sadly. October is just on the cusp of the end of the rainy season, so we weren't expecting perfect weather, but we weren't expecting this either.
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  • Day114

    Day 114: It Gets Better

    October 7, 2016 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    After last night's big storm, we woke up today to mostly clear skies! Hurried breakfast and time to hit the beach, which we did at 9am.

    A good long swim followed by a long lounge in a beach lounger. This place is so much different when the sun's out, it's actually startling. The sand is very white (though not quite as pristine white as southern NSW beaches), the ocean turns a beautiful shade of green and blue, the palm trees sway, and the little sailboats all line up along the shore. Given the difficulty of getting here and the issues we've had, it's not my favourite place in the world, but today I'm definitely feeling glad we came here.

    Spent the day reading and hopping in and out of the water, as well as doing a bit of people watching. It's still National Week in China so there's more Chinese tourists than usual, but they aren't in big bus groups and seem to be wealthier than average, so have much better standards of behaviour and etiquette. I haven't seen any brazen displays of shouting or spitting, anyway. Just people having fun on a holiday (and taking a LOT of selfies).

    I had a sandwich from a shop in the outdoor mall for lunch, then resumed my spot in the beach chair. Listened to music, finished Book 10 of War & Peace, had a few swims. And best of all - we saw our first dachshund of the trip!! A Japanese lady was walking him just in front of us, so we of course made a big fuss over him and gave him a few cuddles. Didn't quite catch his name since it was Japanese, and he was an overweight Standard dachshund, so much larger than Schnitzel's slim Miniature size. But still great to see and cuddle!

    Evening rolled around and we realised we were both quite sunburnt, despite putting on a decent amount of sunscreen during the day. Headed a few doors away to a Greek restaurant for dinner, where I had an enormous lamb gyro (kebab) with capsicum rice as a side. The rice "side dish" was also enormous, and would've easily sufficed for a main on its own! Out the front of the restaurant they had fire-twirler dancers who were quite good, though we only had an intermittent view as people would stop in the walkway to watch. Entertaining, though I started to get a bit lightheaded from the kerosene fumes!

    Back to the room around 9pm, where we wound down for bed. And to cap off a great all-round day - a massive rainstorm started at about 9:30pm, by which time we were both safely ensconced in our bungalow for our last night on Boracay. Flight to Manila tomorrow!
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  • Day18


    June 12, 2017 on the Philippines ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Sometimes the best plans go awry and figuring the two flights to Boracay would be about the same as ferry and bus we opted for the later. This turned out to be one of our longest ever journeys 😫 made only slightly easier by the rum and gin we purchased before setting off. No rest for the wicked though, as soon as we arrived it was a quick shower and back out to make the most of the first night. Boracay was really busy and is definitely a party island!

    The rest is a blur and I don't remember how we got back to the hotel just that I woke up in the dreamiest bed. Boracay is divided in to stations and our hotel (Fairways and Bluewater) was in station 3 in the north east of the island. It was HUGE so big you had to get a shuttle bus around it, 6 pools, private beach and is built around a golf course. The Ventana pool was our favourite, an infinity pool looking out at crystal clear waters and boats zipping back and forth. We spent the day recuperating there before joining the Irish for a meal in the evening. Bailey decided he couldn't pass up on a chance of playing on the golf course so went off at 7am the next day.

    Our final day we spent by the pool before going to Villa Camila where Rosie had organised some surprise birthday celebrations for Graham and his mum 🎂
    I couldn't leave the Philippines without having a go on karaoke and got up to sing a duet with Jamie to back for good by take that. Everyone was stunned when the host performed a duet independently (male and female vocals) switching between the two seamlessly 😳 we loved our time in Boracay and only wish it was for longer 😍
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