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  • Day29


    June 6 in Spain

    Heute sind wir mit dem Fahrrad nach Valencia gefahren. In der gesamten Stadt gibt es gute Fahrradwege. Zuerst haben wir die Kathedrale besichtigt. Danach ging es zum "Plaza Redonda". Im Reiseführer wurde beschrieben, dass man hier Stände findet die kachelverkleidet sind und beispielsweise Nähzeug verkaufen, allerdings wurde der Platz renoviert und wir waren eher enttäuscht von der neuen Optik. Dann ging es weiter zum "Mercado Central", dem Hauptmarkt Valencias. Er ist der größte überdachte Markt Europas. Danach sind wir noch zum "Torres de Quart", ein Tor und kleines Stück der alten Stadtmauer. Dann sind wir noch durch das älteste Viertel Valncias "Barrio del Carmen". Wir finden Valncia ist eine schöne Stadt, die Sehenswürdigkeiten sind aber nichts besonderes.Read more

  • Day7

    Interesting post bike packing breakfast - lots of local toast toppings & not much else. Some I got marmalade & peach jam, there was the usual Spanish tomato thing, a honey & something else spread that clearly was less than the sum of the parts & the climax - a soft cheese with truffle shavings in - surprisingly good. Packed up & set out the next leg of the castle trail. Tried to get up to the local watchtowers but parking was limited, the road was narrow & I was jittery about the car getting scratches - '€300' they said. Pushed on & not 10km had passed & another castle. Managed to get a bit closer with aircon ie the car. As before nice views, striking location & closed. Take the hint. Next 2, decided to admire from a distance - namely the motorway. Thankfully, the first burst of Valencia in the car would be Sunday morning & even more thankfully I found a spot near the hotel. Some kind gent made sure I didn't pay - apparently Mon - Sat 9am - 4pm. Just means I need to head off somewhere before 9 - doable. Decided to try & see as much of the city today & do the beach tomorrow morning. First stop - The Mestalla Stadium - Valencia FC & site of a certain Mr R Benitez's first great successes. Had to go a pay homage. Bit of a battle getting there in that it was just so hot - still. Tried to take it easy but sweat was pouring off. Took a strategic aircon break & evetually made it. Quiet a striking stadium. Found the stadium tour window & eventually figured out that they'd stopped the tours 30 mins earlier. Ho-hum. Back to the madly weird views of the Science & Arts district where I was staying. In this heat indoor exhibitions were the way to go. Couldn't find the entrance to the Palais Artes - which was something of a relief. Next the Hemispheric which turns out was a big Imax cinema & they were showing a NASA film on the journey to Mars. Originally I'd planned to go to the science museum but this was too tempting. On returning at the set time of 4 & finding an epic queue with more than the requisite quota of noisy children I was less sure. Eventually settled in to my seat with my stupid headset on. To be fair, while it was clearly just a NASA puff piece biggibg themselves up, it was still impressive.Read more

  • Day8

    Car parking charges starting at 9am necesitated an early start. On packing up it dawned that I'd left my razor at the last place - this cheating has robbed me of my routines - what else will I forget because of this laziness. Had a last little walk amongst the puddles, for there was a thunderstorm last night - hadn't made it any cooler. Headed down towards the beach and got a free parking space so was happy. Off for a swim so a bit of repacking was due. Amazingly at just after 9 things were fairly busy. Found a quietish spot and had my dip. Nice and cooling. By the time I was back at the car all benefit had gone. More repacking & just a little worrying - while I'd booked the car from 12, the actual time I'd received the first car at was on the agreement & hadn't been amended in light if the fact I'd had to hang around for what I'd actually booked. Didn't really need to panic - 15 mins to the petrol station & a couple of mins beyond for the car hire. Copious photos & a bit of tidying. The guy had a cursory glance & all was good - possibly. Checked the card at the airport - the deposit had been refunded but the fuel hadn't yet. Hmmmm! Checked bike in easily enough aside from it not being on the boarding pass unless you scrolled down - cue panic. Had to take it airside with her, which meant closing down check in just for me. Expecting vicious looks when boarding. Finished off with an airpory paellla - not bad. Oh yes Manchester could learn a thing or two - trolleys free, wifi free & unlimited. Ah well Manchester is shit & lives upto it.Read more

  • Day73


    July 31, 2016 in Spain

    Arrivés à Valence à 19:30, nous sommes sortis de la ville pour rejoindre la plage. Nous avons diné dans un restaurant, puis, la nuit tombante nous avons longé la plage pour trouver un endroit ou dormir.
    On a rejoint la route pour trouvé une maison. On a sonné chez quelqu'un, le monsieur très gentil nous a conseillé de faire demi tour et dormir sur la plage 😑
    C'est samedi soir la plage d'où l'on venait était pleine de fêtards! On l'a remercié et continué notre chemin.
    Plus loin il y avait un cinéma parking (à l'américaine) Xavier voulait s'installer juste à coté mais Géraldine était contre!
    On s'est, finalement, installé à la plage à l'écart des parking, restaurants, cinéma... Quelque cyclistes passaient de temps en temps! Mais c'était calme! Et le matin la vue était très jolie!

    PS: Yes! Je suis à jour sur le blog!!!! 👯👯
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  • Day154

    Valencia & the amazing architecture

    February 4, 2017 in Spain

    WOW! In all the cities I have seen I have never seen such incredible contemporary and ancient architecture. The arts plaza, the iMax theatre, the science centre and the aquarium are so incredible. They look like they are from the planet of the apes or from Star Wars (darth vader). The buildings, walls and seats are all made from small pieces of tile. It's is do beautiful. I talked to Jose at the hostel tonight who is an architect student and he said he would take me around tomorrow and tell me all about it. This is also the first place where there is actually some green space and a beautiful park runs through the city. I got here at two today and immediately toured around until 6pm. So much to see! Can't wait for tomorrow and may have to stay an extra day!Read more

  • Day361


    April 11 in Spain

    Today we drove up to València via Alicante, didn’t see anything in Alicante except high-rise buildings and beaches, but as windy beaches not looking good. València is lovely and the people are very understanding especially the commercial port police. While following the iPod GPS directions we managed to get ourselves to the entrance of the commercial port with all the container trucks, the guy manning the entrance was really sweet he showed us where to u-turn and told us how to get back to town. After we managed to find the apartment and car park we went for a walk around the old town here are some photos. We saw a cute little red squirrel in the gardens that now grow in what was the old river route, the cathedral and basilica. We also visited the Plaza Rotunda (the round square), the Centre Del Carme Cultura Contemporania, an old monastery which was interesting for the architecture and the display of work by Okuda San Miguel very colourful. Photo of type of thing attached. Will be more info and photos tomorrow.Read more

  • Day362

    Valencia update

    April 12 in Spain

    So a full day wandering aimlessly around the city and here are some more photos, we visited the market, the post office, the science museum hemisphere and loads more, can only attach 6 photos so rest to go to Facebook. Had a lovely lunch set menu down near the marina and now having a rest before popping out for tea. Tomorrow we drive back to Almerimar to have my dental work finished do last minute shopping and washing before we continue the trip can’t wait!Read more

  • Day155

    Sunday in Valencia

    February 5, 2017 in Spain

    Started off on a walk in the park this morning in the opposite direction of yesterday. Ten minutes I was caught in a storm and had to stand under a bridge until it blew over. It was so windy that the trees were bending over. I finally managed to make it to the art gallery in the hopes when I was done it would be nice. Hurray it did! The gallery was great too with both Spanish and Italian artists who studied in Spain on exhibit. Once I got back on track with sightseeing I caught a bike race as it was finishing. It must have been a big deal because three different police departments and helicopters were following and leading the race. Then I came across a plaza where there was swing music playing and people were dancing in the sunshine in the square. It brought such a huge smile to my face and made me so happy to see people just enjoying themselves dancing. I was famished from walking and found a little restaurant close to my hostel and had the menu del dia for 10.50 euros. I had to walk after I was done because it was so huge. Paella, grilled tuna with fries and hot pepper salad, beer and finally a nut custard with burnt caramel sauce. So good! I have decided to stay one more day because there is so much more to see.Read more

  • Day400

    Up and out early to check out the world heritage site here in town, about 15 minutes walk from our apartment. It's known as La Lonja de La Sal and it's an old merchant exchange dating from the 14th century. Notable as it's a rare secular Gothic-style building!

    We filmed in and around the exterior and interior, which were both quite impressive. Was a bit difficult at times since there were large tour groups constantly tramping through, but in between those it was completely empty so you could pick your spots. It was definitely a bit frustrating at times though.

    Finishing up the video and filming, we wandered a bit around the centre of Valencia. It's nice, though doesn't particularly feel that old aside from a few buildings. Walked through a huge marketplace which was quite cool with lots of locals doing their shopping. Figured it was time now for paella, and so we picked one out on Google that was considered one of the best in town.

    Paella is a local dish (most places elsewhere in Spain will serve you frozen paella), and is typically eaten at lunchtime which I found surprising. Our chosen place didn't open until two, and looked quite fancy with white linen on the tables, but the prices were surprisingly reasonable and we waited out the 15 minutes until opening.

    Happy to report that the paella was delicious, as was the fried camembert with blueberry sauce we had as an entree!

    Very full, we headed back home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening indoors!
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